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The Monsignor performed. Throughout history, Rome tried to be recognized as the true Christian church and for two thousand years the Vatican has never succeeded and will never because it is a lie. They even wanted to move the Palace of Rome to Jerusalem.

The whitewash which the Monsignor did was, what the Scriptures calls seeking opportunity but says: “but I seek to take away opportunity.” He said that the deceased was polite, humane and someone, who was a good Catholic. On the flip side, for generations words were spoken that altered and changed circumstances to be not what they are and an image was promoted at the sacrifice of the truth and nice people covered up, lived a lie and sin turned into iniquity in our society.

We have one of the highest rates of high blood pressure and a recent brochure from the Queen Elizabeth hospital claims that no one knows what causes most cases. A lie is stressful and, like everything, can be reduced to some form of energy, which can be measured, if it is found out how to do so. A lie detector test judges a person, who talks and what is recorded is activity because lies put tension - increase action of the nervous system speeds up the heart rate. It is possible, in rare cases, to beat it by control of the breath but that is temporary; it is not possible to do that all the time. That means that body functions cannot be masked and lies overwork the body and exhaust. It is a road to hypertension, high blood pressure and negation of life.

The statement by Paul: “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

Is about Karma: “The law of unerring, never-failing justice, the workings of which stretch from the atom to the utter most and innermost cosmic paces; from the birth of a thought to that of a Universe.”Karman – The Law of ConsequencesTheosophical Manual No. III.

Man was not meant built to sin and pride, murder, greed, corruption, thieving and gambling necessitates lies.

The Goddards are very nice people. They employ many people and make our local ice cream. They went into politics but not for money and did not think of themselves as big shots. Some are good merchants, one was captain of the West Indies cricket with Frank Worrell: “Goddard admitted that it was Worrell’s moral support, guidance of the inexperienced players and bowling and batting that prevented the West Indies defeat from being a total disaster.” The Sir Frank Worrell Pictorial by Torrey Pilgrim

“Ordinarily the two [Worrell and Goddard] had respect for each other’s ability but they were never close. Goddard preferred the company of Walcott and Weeks although he saw little of any of them away from cricket at home. The races went their own ways. Miller (with an Australian team touring in the West Indies) once attended Goddard’s house and asked why none of the three W’s was present. ‘We do not mix socially’ was the reply. Where upon Miller left and did not return.” Frank Worrell by Ivor Tennant quoted in The Sir Frank Worrell Pictorial by Torrey Pilgrim

The past three generations went to school with four or five of them. Gorilla and Pine Board and his brother were at Lodge School and Sir John, while there, when white boy prefects refused to serve under black Sam Headley as head boy Goddard was asked and served - he had his own problems being Catholic and stigmatised.

We went to school with and were always friendly with two or three. Some are scholars, some went to McGill university, one amputates feet and one is about the smartest businessman. One is a CIA agent; one was a master in their grocery stores: he came out, greeted customer personally, followed little old ladies around and kept the customers satisfied but he did wrong. (Type in Senior Politicians on this website)

One worked at British West Indies Airways and dated (Sir) Gary Sobers, the next generation went to school with our sons and were friendly with them at university and one is of the most brilliant thinking young man but is unappreciated by his own and has been shipped out. The main shareholder by another name and one of the brightest business brains unloaded trolleys and packed bags at another supermarket; some of the new boys are brash, two-faced and arrogant.

Goddards knew what they did; they bred lots of children and covered the small companies they had so that if one Goddard fell, they were another thirty Goddards - one little Goddard and another little Goddard and all are Joseph Goddard’s great grandsons - even by any other names. One may look like he is another person but a hard look and his grandmother was a Goddard.

Goddards are an offshoot of the company Goddards Enterprises. They sold food and are basically grocers – people who feed the people and were not really supermarket but grocers like Harrods compared to Sainsburys. They feed a lot of people and there are a lot of people on this small island in the sea.

Supermarket living is convenient. Even in the mother country no longer is there a stop at the butcher shop on the way home in the evening to buy a lamb chop or two, some new potatoes and carrots. People have had convenience-life for many years; most supermarket goods are not top quality but it is a convenient convenience where anything wanted can be got and everything is sacrificed for that. Goddards made a lot of money out of it but quit when an offer, which could not be refused from a foreign company and the supermarkets were run into the ground by the new owners.

The company will move from any kind of grocery reluctantly. They still retain wholesale trademarks and a company that produces a range of things. Goddard’s Enterprises is a local competent business under the influence of family members, who live here and not abroad and they need no help from outside, which is good because Goddards being local they would not have allowed food to run out.

Outside should stay out.

The family’s sense of nationalism has to a certain extent, but could do more to protect us from the real chiefs, not the little middlemen. The internationalists - those with a lot of land and who make big money in tourism, some are local but most are foreigners that means born abroad not a matter, where the father and mother was born - that attack and hate them, not personally but on principle, those that hate anybody that makes money or makes a proper living because they want to corner the world market.

Fortunately it has been hell to break the company because it was put there to accommodate “Old Joseph’s” sons - many companies organized inside a main company. Each son - ten or twelve owned a business, which was basically owned by Goddard Enterprises. Some of the companies are tax dodges - this person has a piece and that person has a piece and all split so that it is not known who has the major shares but all are Goddard Enterprises and somebody knows who makes how much but certainly not the tax man.

There is nothing wrong to acknowledge these attributes. Joseph Nathaniel was thought of as a most charming man, a kind man but the portrait of just-as poor-and-oppressed-as- black-slaves is a lie:-

“ Goddards are goatherds, who became gentry in Somerset. They arrived here and bought Dunscombe, a small seventy-acre plantation. Captain Goddard, the patriarch, told his son, Nicholas, that he would leave him one shilling if he married Rettah Russell or Margaret Mawhawne. The shilling was a way around the law that said that children could not be completely disinherited by their parents. Nicholas, encouraged by his brother-in-law from Devon, married Margaret; was disinherited; the brother-in-law scooped up the plantation and poor Nicholas became poor. By the later half of the nineteenth century the Goddards ended up with other poor whites in a village of very poor people on the rugged Atlantic Coast.”… REFLECTIONS – Modern Politics – The Caribbean, Africaand Asia Minor by Angela Cole and Gary Cole

A columnist in the Nation Newspaper wrote:

“Old Joe Goddard, the butcher, led his cow from the country to slaughtering house in Bridgetown. The man whose family proved that a family working together and working diligently, whose motto was service could build an empire.” He poses the question, why have not there been any black butchers to build an empire? “I would like to see the work done by our university historians to show why they failed or did not try.”

The lie was and is used in a racist way: to negate blacks’ ability, to make them feel inferior. Some things, which are called history in recent history are fables:

“With this beginning, and the intricate knowledge in the purchase and sale of animals he would have gleamed from his father, Goddard also ventured into speculating and was well know for leading his one cow into Bridgetown, which he sold for a profit. … It is little wonder that when he opened his shop in 1921 in Bridgetown; he would specialize in meat, groceries and ice. .. That Joe Goddard was able to purchase he Ice House after only three years in business is a remarkable feat.” … Business in Bim – A Business History of Barbados 1900-2000 by Henderson Carter.

When compared to their black and mulatto brigands of the mid 1870s they kept their money, conserved it and looked after it. There is too much secrecy; for some people want to forget ugly truths and believe instead family fables and this social history is convenient to the current descendents of politicians, neophyte-Cave Hill lecturers and their leaders that earn their laurels from past night-walkers. It is necessary to dig deep for there are not many alive that hold these memories.

There is cynicism as regards money: some stick to the belief and do not care how money is got if it never went into court and some are jealous. Very few local families were wealthy. Some like the British royal family, Lascelles was an Earl and the queen’s great uncles. They were absentee owners, who allowed their property to be run by local mangers, who found competent black people to run them. They were quite content with what ever money was sent to them and did not care how much was taken as long as they got some. The sociology of landownership has been barely touched because there are many families that will be tainted and they do not want to admit that they did not get riches by just means.

When judgment comes Satan is there to shouts: “Look! He sin! He sin!

“John Goddard repaired and built fishing boats. He married Elizabeth Brathwaithe. Another Goddard brother Thomas married Margaret Davis and had one daughter Helena Augusta and a son Thomas. John spent two years in the main town where he built a two-masted schooner because it was too big to launch in the Bay where he lived. The boat was named Helena after Thomas’ new baby.

“The Helena’s cargo was never cost effective because the brothers designed and constructed her to smuggle wine and goods from Martinique. The bow spit was low and hollow, so hollow it kept breaking off and low enough that guns could shoot over it. She was doubled hulled and the slap boards were made in such a way that it left a cupboard space all the way around for about a foot and a half. The double decking was so good that the customs men did not ever find the concealed cargo. She landed her contraband in the three bays on the East Coast, which were very difficult to steer – Martin’s Bay, Consett Bay and Tent Bay. She was so fast that a big racing yacht from Canada raced against her and she won.” … The last of the Bajan Pirates in REFLECTIONS – Modern Politics The Caribbean, Africa and Asia Minor by Angela Cole and Gary Cole.

Wealth gained in darkness brings bondage and Edgar Mittlezholzer wrote that in order to be a more Christian-like society the past must be dug up, scrutinized, learnt from and given a Christian burial.

To entertain evil is to have no control, to control is not to entertain evil for evil seeks opportunity and good takes away opportunity. There is a lot of ignorance and not in terms of no knowledge; people are education but they do not know the system that governs their behaviour, they do not recognize what happens to them or why they feel the way they feel. They are trapped by schemes from which they are unable to abstract themselves so they cannot see what destroys the very thing that they look to gain. But always there will rise up a standard against wicked – “when the wicked shall come in with a flood a standard will rise up against it.”

An historian has to have a feel for the times. To live history and to be with personal experience becomes a matter to connect dots and no matter how the situation is approached, no matter what angle anything other than what is to be done can be done. There is no positive without a negative and maybe one has to know evil to appreciate good. The only way through is to stay fast to truth. It is not about money and joining the band. The controlling spirit at the top of our society runs and control our cultural system and that spirit controls every aspect of society.

Our moral codes degenerated. The objective views of the leaders of China have made it possible through dictatorship – say what to do and if it is not done then you are shot - to focus on work and that keeps each Chinese in that subjective view. Another form of subversion was used to gain control of our space that people operate and live in. The main thing was “liberate the masses” from the subjugation of a sort of aristocracy, which had no purpose except to keep a certain class of people in power. There were ideas and things did not happen in one turn around or one epiphany but then one turn around went wrong and while something good came out of it – we got our independence we still have to come to terms with what democracy is about.

To change must come from within. We must know how to establish good, not with a gun but in our hearts and with reason, influence, some political fortune hopefully things will not go wrong. It a tremendous task; it is complicated, requires fortitude but there is hope although many cannot see. It is like teaching somebody how to fall without hurting themselves.

A statement found in the Bible sums up everything. “I am come that ye may have life and that more abundantly.” There is great benefit and value in live in abundance. Abundance brings peace of the soul and mind and harmonious relations and an ability to listen, to hear and to accept truth. Abundance is not plethora.

The last conversation with Sir John was a about a year ago. He prevaricated in his own nice way: “I am retired from Goddards now.”

I had telephoned to complain that the university of the West Indies to whom Goddard Enterprises had given $500,000.00 were playing with Barbados’ social and historical records to create an official clean history unblemished by contraband and a secret association of cold-blooded brigands for Goddard’s Enterprises and that the lecturer, who was writing such had labeled the true version in my book to be a lie.

So much of my life has dealt with the aftermaths of having a mother, as “cousin – two sisters’ children - and best friend of the Godfather’s.

I told him that I had telephoned Goddards Enterprises to protest and one of the young Goddards spoke in the most arrogant of ways. “That history is not for publication. It is for our private use.” He had said.

“I going get Richard to call you.” Sir John said.

“And he hurled him - Satan - (with his angels) into the abyss and shut it and sealed it over him, that he might not mislead the nation anymore until the 1000 years were ended. After these things he must be let loose for a little while.”Revelations 20 vs. 3.

The End