Post date: Dec 6, 2009 10:05:21 PM

Robert Bobby Morris has revealed himself in adult life as a person not worthy of any preferment or commendation at all. He should never have been considered for any honour.

This whole idea of feudal knighthood has a slimy background and is a glance back to the colonial era and should have been abolished years ago - although some would give an arm and a leg and line up for one.

Nobility is not all about mechanics of the feudal system but it is being of a great soul, possessed of magnanimity and altruistism. It is not about money.

When Morris did not have money he was radical; now that he got comfortable he is right- wing. Not since Grantley Adams sold-out our workers have we come across a person like Morris. The way people refer to Morris now is the way they used to refer to Grantley. Morris does not care what anybody else does he is determined that, when he retires, if he does not get the job as top union man he will be Sir Robert Morris and if he does not do that he will retire a millionaire. He has attached himself to the Apes Hill polo people and makes money from doing their genealogy. That is conflict of interest.

I have him in my mind a lot these days for the reign of terror that I am going through was caused by his try to deter, dissuade and discourage me:

The road by the YMCA- the year1999 - Boys in the Band was overwhelmingly successful and selling from London to Barbados like hot cakes.

“What are you working on next?’ Morris asked.

“I am researching who killed Pele?”

“You cannot write who killed Pele. Bree St. John killed Pele and if you write that he will kill you.”

“How can he do that?” I asked.

“Because the St. Johns were always middle class.''

His statement offended my nobility and spurred me on. Fortunately even though Bree, and there is a doubt that Bree is a St. John, had no nobility, some St. Johns do have.