Post date: Dec 6, 2009 10:17:13 PM

“Mr. Stevens,” I, public relations consultant to the government-owned newspaper, said to the Cabinet Secretary of Antigua and Barbuda, “Antiguans and Barbudians can eat inexpensively, that is the reason they are hedonistic.”

“One of the Prime Minister’s economic policies is that his people must be able to eat at an affordable price - for E.C.$5.00/BDS3.30 a day.” Stevens said. Hedonistic means that pleasure and happiness are good in and of themselves and have ability to alleviate pain.

A few years after that conversation a man called Hartley Henry did political, public relations for Lester Bird, Deputy Prime Minister of Antigua and brought, from Antigua and Barbuda, where good nutritious food is inexpensive and available that country’s public relations methods to a people, who are malnourished and cannot eat good food.

We cannot be happy when the national past time is character assassination in a fascist construct, organized with no real serious opposition or different mode of thinking so – “all of we is one.” Where unions are not strong, have not won any big fights and employers do not have to fear them. Anything happening just call the top people cuss them out and give them some money and “all of we is one happy family.” Like Bobby Morris, these fellows are more content to pick up ripe fruits that drop on the ground rather than climbing the tree.

Hartley Henry is Sanpaku - whites on three sides - Japanese say do not be around such people. Their philosophy says that, when a man looks straight ahead and there is a strip of white under his Iris - he is ill - physically and spiritually. Marks Stokes and John Kennedy’s eyes were like that before they died. On the other hand if there is white at the top of the iris it is madness. Look at Mac Fingall and our television personalities. Henry brusqueness comes from his lack of comprehension and forced a cynical outlook of why worry leave the people and let them eat cake.

Beginning with Charles Duncan O’Neale, our leaders do not turn out to be so bright they made their mistakes and it was not that they were amateur but they confused might with power. Power comes from inside to move and force comes from arms – police force, armed forces and the whole flock of people around them. The Barbados Labour Party used force under Prime Minisster Tom Adams to keep things in place because he had troops. Adams sent a contingent to St. Vincent with our rifles and ammunition to frighten them, while the people, who were very bright did not have a rock stone in their pocket to pelt.

Henry cannot be blamed for the shortcomings of the past, they were living a different life altogether, and news was very scarce - but he is to blamed if he chooses to ignore its historical importance . Henry uses control of the political format and manipulation of words. Speak and from what is said minds are subverted and those, who do not understand vote. Nothing is done and the next time it is back to the same thing again and again and the same.

While he uses the same system to subvert, at same time his ignorance of the growth and development of our people, who are in transition makes him make wrong moves because he thinks he can make the same sort of moves as before but he does not realize that people are changing and that is when his cruelty will turn back on the Democrats. The youngsters will not be ignorant and will not be afraid and this is the key that brings everything into perspective: they have nothing to live for and nowhere to go.

In the position, which the Democrats have put him in he has to be tolerant but he is ambitious and tolerance does not seem to have any meaning to him. If a man is an idiot Henry should show him not knock him down just because he is an idiot. It is greed that makes him show contempt. There are more ways to skin a cat that will not bother or burst a vessel.

“The National Union of Public Workers has warned that for any real change to occur within the public sector it would have to start by looking at the amendments made to the Constitution that dealt with the Public Service. General Secretary Dennis Clarke made the comment yesterday in response to former Central Bank Governor for an urgent shake-up in this island’s public sector including the statutory corporations. This, he added was the only way to increase productivity levels in Barbados. He pointed out that between 1946and1979 civil servants were allowed to manage as professions with very little political interference. But it was destroyed after the 1974 constitution amendments, which gave the political directorate certain powers and clearly challenged the authority of the public service managers to manage the public service effectively and encouraged politicization of public service.” … A recent article in the Nation newspaper.

“Will you tell Mr. Clarke that I wrote the book on it (Boys In the Band) and I did not even think of that aspect I will include it in the essay I promised.” I telephone Dennis Clarke, he was not in his office and I left a message with his secretary.

“Hartley Henry say that you do not like David and you are writing a bad article about him.” Carlton Brathwaithe said. I had telephoned him a week later on another matter. Carlton knows that Henry does not know, so he can lie to Henry. People, who know the truth, cannot lie to each other. Henry does not understand that Carlton has to tell me the truth because Carlton knows I know, because I was there and he will never be able to lie without him knowing that I know that he is lying.

The next day someone called and read a rather garbled article in The Advocate which seem to say that I was planning something with Mia Mottley the leader of the opposition. He must have heard of the conversation I had with the secretary and saw a test of whether people were hitting on advertisement on my website. He wrote that I had got new sponsors. A case of two and two making twenty-two. Poor Henry wants to stay on the top and is paranoid if anyone looks better than him.

Motion of anything must fuel itself by confidence. The mind of the inventor must be persistent and tenacious; the moment that is lost there is jeopardy of failure. When ideas are taken from someone else to carry on they must be sustained and proven like an architect generates every part of his building. When someone’s ideas are used the history behind it is not known. Anytime the architect is taken out and something is put on top it will never look the way it is supposed to look in the mind of the originator. That is what has happened to Christianity they took it out of the hands of Christ..

What I had promised to Dennis Clarke was an article using an incident with drainage staff that worked well and hard to outline an educational programme for public servants.

What this incident has demonstrated is that people with ideas are being harassed out of fear for his job that no one wants.