...thoughts on homosexuality and the Barbados society...

Post date: Aug 1, 2009 4:02:30 PM

“There is something extraordinarily instinctive about the reactions of some homosexuals, a trigger that goes off inside when they meet, an understanding which requires no words, no exchange other than a glance.” ... Winston’s War by Michael Dobbs.

It is those strange eyes, in recent still photographs, composite or not, on the Internet, that are creepy. Many people would not believe some behind the scenes consenting adults. So many high flyers, who are known intimately and if written about would be slander unless you are one and so many do it to get through. The use of closet homosexuality for political gain in particular to do with spying is as old as spying itself. Russia, in the cold war, used it tremendously in the last seventy years. The Profumo affair was based on homosexuality and prostitution to control and get information from people in high position.

In days gone by there was generally more tolerance of homosexuality and many were friends but over the years too many were revealed as paedophiles and so many are unrepentant. There is always some rational, some excuse.

It is difficult to believe that they were born naturally that way. When my father was a schoolboy at Combermere he was a good cricketer and he said that Major Nook pulled at him, he spurned this offer and Nook made sure that he was not on the cricket team. The legend of Graffy Pilgrim, a choirmaster, was that he always had boys around; his car always was full and a lot turned out to be homosexual and some that people would not believe. A tutor put his hand on my son and he accused him of making a homosexual pass, the tutor took him before the university board and my son was penalised; a genius as called by his lecturers then began to get low marks from everyone, they ganged up on him and now a homosexual acquaintance without a certificate is high and mighty there.

“Get all you can.” I told him.

“They not going pass me around.” He replied.

It makes one wonder why so many of these prominent so-called Christian peoples’ sons and daughters have turned out to be homosexuals and lesbians for if they practiced Christianity their children should come out right,strong and know how to counter any enemy; they would know how to see the pit falls.

Scratch anywhere, it seems, in Cave Shepherd and its subsidiaries and there is a homosexual or a transvestite. One that worked in their jewellery store in DaCosta’s Mall expected patrons to stand to the side of the mall when he sashayed by; over at Colombian Emeralds the overfull greeting of another and the telephone receptionist thrilling tone.

Lesbians are making passes at women but they should take a page out of Daphne du Maurier: apart from the part she was gay only, who knew her knew.

Maybe there are so many homosexuals in England because of public school but for many of those people it was an episode that did not continue after adolescence. Because they used to fondle one another in the dorm it does not mean that now that they have met on the train and one has a seat on the Stock Exchange that he is interested. It does not seem to operate like this in this island, where they are standing guard to the entrance of very many places.

The tactics use is horrifying. Many know their young victim’s fathers and mothers and they start off like a heterosexual act. They victim is encouraged to take out their penis encourage to masturbate them and then together and then each other and so on an so on - that is how it starts.