Post date: Aug 8, 2009 9:31:52 PM

a. Al Gilkes’ silly column got sillier, when he wrote of his background and his feeling of shame, when he used to collect water from standpipes and when he bathed in a bucket. He trivialized the issue; it is not as simple as water that people use to bathe.

It would be wonderful if he went back there, as he suggested and never again grace the doors of Sandy Lane. His entrance to Sandy Lane began decades after those who, from its inception, were there at all hours of the day and the night and never thought that they were those waiting to sell us out. Sandy Lane was taken away and we are not welcomed as was done in Palestine but that is to be expected from people, who want others to believe that they own the whole earth and Gilkes is their P.R. man. Please Gilkes go back to the standpipe, from where others did not come and leave Sandy Lane.

b. Is it a lost cause? Did I hear correctly? Last week, from former prime minister, Erskine Sandiford, who cut salaries in an authoritative way and when he cut some lost about $200 dollars a week. He wanted to know what is an economy. He spoke about a Caribbean single market and economy, regional unity and certain policies to do with free trade. A single market is like when the Germanys got back together - East Germany had a mark that was not worth a lot but it was put on par with the West German and that is what is called single market - take losses but it will be balanced out, together. The Jamaica dollar is not to be expected to be on par with the Barbados dollar but it has to be worked out together and there will be a lot of headaches but that is for what they are being paid. “What is an economy?” Imagine a Barbados scholar, who does not know what an economy is. It sounds like a joke. The man actually posed the question and people were there like Frank Alleyne, a strong DLP; he got his professorship it must be worth something and CBC did not bring anybody to question the sanity of that statement or find out if he needs to go to before a board of lunacy. Sandiford is being sent as an ambassador to one of the biggest countries in the world; he should be a voice in the public that should be heard. Someone of that frame of mind that questions some thing for which Barbados subscribes is not going take instructions from a prime minister. China is not next door a bus cannot go there.

c. July 25th Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy. “The Japanese don’t have a problem overrunning London to the point where you literally can’t get a taxi. So language need not be a problem…. It [China] is not as far away as you may think.” That sound like a jackass. Sealy is terribly annoying when he speaks for he rarely says anything that makes philosophical sense. He says thing

just because it sounds like he speaks English. Mind you if you want to have a embassy and connections with China fair enough, if we think all’s well in China, jolly good!