Post date: Aug 8, 2009 9:39:57 PM

Anybody that thought a little dot on the map would not be in recession, when the whole world is, is somebody in a deep dodo. We are in a worst shape than we are being told. All is the big lie - the way statistics are being collected and they are being used.

On Tuesday 28th July 2009 Marion Williams made cynical use of her womanhood - that is part of the course; it did not save Josephine but in other cases…. Williams used the sweetest of sweetie voices, in the softest of softie tones, the nicest of nicie ways with sexiest of sexy body language because she could not find a way of evading anymore although she could have refused to answer - remember what happen to a certain Central Bank governor that was fired and how much he was paid.

These people are not pure, they can evade as they like especially with an ignorant population. Our government is founded on people, who have bad advise while those, who have good advice are languishing outside.

It is going to get worst until all the crooks that have stolen money have to be locked up first. That includes the people at the auditing firms that valued assets that suddenly went to nothing. Something wrong because they are the people that are supposed to be the watchdogs. Every now and again somebody draws that to our attention but they are the real culprits that are being protected.

There was a fellow on the television and he explained how the American government let certain people fail and save certain people. They let competitors fail so that the business would come a certain way. Every one of those competitors that failed meant less competition and then AIG is propped up at the expense of others.

If we think the ones we got around here crooked the ones in the States are beyond crooked, beyond any words and while they thief million about here they thieving billions in the States.

What we need to realize is that more children are malnourished and starving and ordinary people are bursting their ass working hard trying to support a family, losing their houses and hurting and meanwhile the ones that smiling are those, who go into lavish offices in some tall building and doing sweet fuck all, going away on holidays and jetting around on private jets. It is ridiculous.

We in this island have to come back down to reality. Stanford legends should be ashamed.

Financial giants apologised to the Queen a few days ago for not predicting the financial crash. What a joke, this was all planned by call it what you may, the Illumanti, one world government - and Marion Arthur, the Prime Minister et al just like the Queen cannot not know deliberately. It is a hoax being pulled on the people of this world.