Post date: Aug 8, 2009 9:37:17 PM

The greed principle operates. The government cannot be faulted to use what ever force it can to apply to reduce the exorbitant prices of food inflicted on this country but the oligarchy who just laugh at us and working with the American monopoly companies and they do not intent to stabilize or reduce any prices. American has a way of military intervening; they do not say it is an overt policy but they put in their ships, they put in their embargo, it is not as straight forward as saying let us do it.

Thompson showed great bravado is his press conference on Tuesday. The bluster with which he said some things knowing that he has an iceberg in front of him not only from his intention to: “we going do inter-island trade, we going have to do something about a ferry,” which has been talked about for the last fifty years. The solution to Caribbean economies is inter-island trade is bigger schooners but he spoke about LIAT and food.

The only times aircraft deal with food is when Kennedy had that airlift into Berlin or the UN food programmes. Does he want to drop food by aircraft?

Why did both DLP and BLP not procure food at an affordable price? Ask Bobby Clarke and his about his bout with Geest and the government in Dominica; ask LoRon Gibbs and Lloyd Alleyne from Shamrock and myself what we went through to get inexpensive food in the island. Goddards Shipping was contracted to handle a Cuban boat and at the last minute, when the boat was in the harbour with inexpensive oranges, white potatoes, guava cheese, shrimp and lobster they refused to do so and refused to buy any of our goods so too did Shipping and Trading and the BLP administration sent machine guns on the boat. When the DLP came to power they were more sneaky; Haynes introduced a 40% duty on oranges. What about the inexpensive flour that was just harassed out of the island?

David talked because it is topical and he has to satisfy somebody although it may not be seen, it is obvious. He has to defend CLICO; he said not to feel just because he was friends with a man that he got to do certain things to help him, which is quite true – they do not have to sleep in the same bed but that was still hedging to let certain parties know.

Blackmail, they are being bombarded and we do not know what goes on at an administrative level. Before it is finished let us watch and see the interference.

There is another regime to deal with in American and there are two ways to deal for the Obama’s regime has to be brought down and the republicans and that other lot have four years of hard work to do it so ours dare not seem to be too liberal or we are in trouble. It is off the mark to figure “we got one of we in the House” that is not true although Obama is not as hog-tied as we are. The question is whether Obama and Thompson are initiated in the club as would be suggested by Thompson’s trip.

The emperors clothes may be falling apart but the sycophant that are close to him that sit on his right hand and on the left that could tell him that do not because they get reflected glory.

Where is the cassava flour factory? What about sea island cotton and curing onions blast? The trouble is that if they would do the business and keep their goddam hands out of it, it might become successful but all their toddies push their hands in and everything just blows up in the air. Our Prime Minister is going to find that he does not know what he is talking about; he does not have a clue about distribution and his Minister of Agriculture behaves as if he is just one big loud mouth and has always done so. The only thing that keeps his ears from knocking together is his empty skull.

As far as press conferences go we have not had a lot of good precedents poor Emanuel Joseph we are not sure for whom he works he cut in one time and asked a question when the P.M. was in some sort of dissertation. The problem with the electorate is that they do not want to criticize the man because “look around and see if you see someone that is better in the existing political frame work who will replace him; right now suppose he had a massive accident.”

They all want to Stalinist plan, where the best thing would be to do right and the situation, as CLR James wrote, will throw up a leader. One wonders if these people ever licked the cake spoon or got the waffle out of the ice cream turner.