Post date: Aug 8, 2009 9:34:00 PM

Stalin’s plans were theory, which he put into so-called practice. The policies were bad: he shipped around whole population and made committed targets. Factories had to produce boots and they were warehouses full of boots and cereal and no grinding machines. He used armed force.

Our government uses not armed force but a spirit of vice while we need to look to a generation of people that behave in tune with the body’s needs and a spirit that is good. It is not altruistic; it is the only way to face any kind of almightiness.

The most difficult way of life is the way of good. It is easier to live like a pig – there is no need to bathe, to put on clean clothes, expect somebody close dies.

Vice should not happen in a society in which they are so many, who think that they are sophisticated. The way this country now sees sophisticated and what it means is completely different - purchase a DVD player, a coloured TV - although they only know how to switch it on, go buy DVD pirates, watch them for three days and nights and nothing else, and when they grow tired of watching them, they swap and they are happy.

Sophisticated means to look and take out and make look or be presentable. It means somebody, who automatically dresses well - looks better, feels better but this no longer has value. A young man washes his own clothes and when he goes out there is a seam in his pants. They ask: “Who he think he is?” Instead of: “Charlie has a good idea; let us spend half and hour and press our clothes too.”

A privilege of family is for children to spend holidays with parents, family and friends. There were thousands, who could not buy a pair of pumps, some had chiggers and had to scotch to walk and even when the chiggers were got rid of pumps were still unaffordable, when Easter time our holidays were spent at Silver Sands and the long summer holidays at Bathsheba renting houses that were not expensive and slept two or three to a bed. They were not grand houses like they are today, which only the rich and famous can afford. Now that the population is affluent they do not appreciate or do this. It was the Barbadian sophisticated way - running with the sea breeze and walks in the salt spray.

They now have pumps. We are now a consumer society of spending habits. I am not cheap I got a microwave and if I turn it on and some light ain’t come on I can get another on credit from Courts.” They spend, fly away, cruise away and do not get together in families and friends. And the people who cannot afford are the ones that spend..

Mr. and Mrs. Consumer build a lovely house and every year they work for more money and add on a room and they know that they do well. They end up with a house that only Sam Lords is bigger. Chiggers are no more. There was a lot of malnutrition and there still is but it is now cleverly “controlled malnutrition” - nutricide. Healthy food is affordable, available and possible to get it here but the problem is that our politicians are being squeezed by their genitals.

We have to ship produce from South America – Costa Rico – to the United States then to Barbados and the excuse our politicians use is to get a North American certificate. We cannot even get the fruit and food from the ground of our Caricom neighbours. Right now get a schooner and go to St. Vincent and fill up the boat and when it gets to Bridgetown the produce will have to be dumped because they need some sort of licence not only that in Suttle Street see tons of bananas and produce dumped for they are sold at prices that people can not afford. We do not have food inspectors. We do not have proper regulation; we have friends.