Post date: Aug 5, 2009 2:17:41 PM

a. When a fellow writer saw this policeman he had come back on the second visit because he discovered that it was not true: “How can I see my mother.” He said.

He had spent almost a whole day agonizing on the fact that his mother was dead and her body was not available to him to look at or to identify. It was a whole balls-up, his mother was alive still.

b. If my friend went through another channel - for instance the time he was actually dying and they were three young doctors trying their best. He can hear them say something about an injection, his fingers are cold and he tries to talk and cannot and it is only because a man passes and looks over and he sees it is he. A heart surgeon, they were not personal friends but obviously he reads the newspaper.

“What is going on?” He did not talk to the young doctors he talked to my friend.

“You tell me.” It was first time my friend spoke for an hour. “Get him upstairs.” He was taken up to the ward and the doctor stayed. Were it not for that!

c.Someone told me that Warren Alleyne, the distinguished historian spent twenty-four hours in casualty before he got a bed. The only people that are recognized are politicians and entertainers. It is not only the hospital.

d.ME: I think they give up on you.

OLD FRIEND: They figure you are old so you are foolish. I told her to look up my notes and see the last time this happened what they did to cure it but she said she was in charge and once you buck them they not interested in you. There are so many other people there that they can bully why bother with me especially if they have an outlook on life for when you are young you are never going to die.

e.When it rains they are huge puddles to be walked through at the entrance of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, is it possible that the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Nurse, the Chief Doctors and all the Chiefs and consultants with all the money they make out of the hospital not to see? They not noticing anything because they get the red carpet treatment and probably get somebody with a broom to sweep away the puddle when they come.

The answer to that is it has always been so because nobody thought about it so correct it now. At the back entrance there is a pile of water for the longest time that has grown mosquitoes, which eat people.

When attacked the workers at the door said it was always so and that the big wigs are aware of it. They say that the hospital is falling apart from politics and personnel at the top do not care and that they have made several complaints about several things. The sick public is not being served. Please one of you powers that be place some guttering or make a slope so that the poor sick people do not have to walk through water for medical care.

The water from the roof of the Q.E. H should be collected to water plants and more fruit bearing tress like avocadoes and limes and mangoes and cherries could be planted all around and around the playing field and why not: “We not going get any. They going pick them and go and sell them expensive.” They say, but what difference does it make. They just planted ornamentals out there; all that walk above that bus stand they plant with oleander and nonsense, and from the airport along the highway palms at a rumoured $250.00 each. Plant mangoes! What is wrong with mango growing all over the place like in the other islands and mangoes will not be sold if they are expensive when children can pick them up.

We have become a selfish mock society selling off land to tourist and being housed in high-rise, little kunkky spaces, where there is no place to plant a lime tree. Where the gutter water used to run paw paw trees used to grow but grass and concrete is now encouraged. Lots of things would be cheaper with solar but when we find a use for something we find a way to make it as expensive as possible.