Post date: Aug 1, 2009 4:00:56 PM

This thing about not panicking the public. Was David Thompson fooled in the first instance by Leroy Paris, his good friend? Could Paris deceive a lawyer of over twenty years practice? There was no camouflage - a good look at Stanford and the signs were there and could be read. It is hard to believe that people could be so wicked. Some who are not directly involved may choose to ignore, see no need to bother and just say: “well that for lick you,” and pretend to be high class. So many infelicities and injustices that the blood would boil and some do not realize that this is something about which to feel strongly and angrily. Possession is nine tenth of the law and the only people who benefit are people, who pay themselves big bonuses and end up with knight hoods. Someone should write about the knight with whom they went to school.