Post date: Aug 1, 2009 3:53:15 PM

Since the 30th March there was an article in the Nation that accused the Chinese of spying on Barbados.

“Ottawa, TY, “Barbados is listed among countries reported to be impacted by an electronic spy network based mainly in China, that has reportedly infiltrated computers from government offices around the world.

According to a BBC report, researchers found that ministries of foreign affairs of Barbados, Iran Bangladesh, Latvia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Brunei and Bhutan appear to have been targeted. They said the network had infiltrated 1,295computers in 103 countries. .. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs could not respond to the claim yesterday. It is expected to investigate the matter before making a statement.”

Chinese are spying then they want something. Barbados is a strategic location: we were strategic for the slave trade; we were strategic in the anti-apartheid war in Southern Africa. The Chinese have their reasons but there is no service to deal with such things; the diplomatic corp. is a joke. “Is there any money in it? No matter we ain’t got anything that anybody want. If they want to infiltrate us let them.”

Not only the Chinese we are infiltrated by the rich European and their gated communities that own so much of the West Coast and the Northern end and have pushed Barbadians into the hills and out of the way.

Informants have reported that China is sending their convicts and hackers to Barbados, why does not Foreign Affairs know and, who, by the way, “were expected to investigate the matter before making a statement” have not replied nor has the Nation newspaper taken it up or any columnist.

In 1997 the Chinese gave military technology and computers to our Defense Force and a BLPite reported that a Chinese Ambassador said to him that China wants ten to twenty million Chinese in the Caribbean in the next ten to twenty years. What is it costing us? Barrow said a lot of things because he had strength and could ignore what he wanted to and face down and say no. None of the subsequent others are because they think all they getting is free but there is no free loan they got to pay back and accept Chinese people. Chinese workers plant their own vegetables because they have to live – for if they are prisoners they would earn 60 cents a day - come out here and are probably getting $2.00 a day but we will never know. The Chinese work 12 hours a day and six of them live in a three-bedroom house or in dormitory-like conditions.

The population of China is 600 million and most of those people lived on farms and could grow enough things to satisfy themselves but cities were built and they went down to town for prosperity but it did not happen. There are tremendous numbers hungry and flowing out of the cities looking for somewhere to go to find food.