Post date: Apr 23, 2010 1:28:10 AM

Meeting a wise Indian woman of my age last week, brought realization that evolved Eastern women pick up wisdom as they grow old; they go much deeper into analyzing their understanding of life - that comes with meditation and Karma, while by the time a woman of Western culture and philosophy grows old she is mad.

A Queen bee takes off and goes all the way into the sky and males take off behind her to try to mate her and die and as they fall she looks back. It is the last male that survives with which she will mate.

B.S. Skinner - a psychologist has written a theory about reinforcement – how to get a rat out of a cage every time: 1. Come out throw a pellet and it will come out. That he calls “direct reinforcement.” Only thing is that after a time, when the rat’s belly is full he says: “I not going come out any more.”

2. Every time do not throw a pellet but throw a pellet intermittently - the rat will come out every time. That is called “intermittent reinforcement.”

3. But if it is done not only intermittently but unpredictably intermittently it is even stronger reinforcement. “Intermittent non-predictable reinforcement.”

Whatever kind of behaviour done: not every time, now and then and the next four hours and then not - that is the strongest way to reinforce behaviour in someone. Do so many know that they do that? What they know is results and so long as they get results they want they are not worried about any thing else.

These values are passed on to children and people around; in many ways copied and learnt and going to go on for the next generation. Little boy and little girl grow up and will think that is how to be and it will be difficulty to live with, correct and to stop.

“Intermittent unpredictable reinforcement” is so manipulative that men rarely see it until very late but the matter is not about controlling men but about destroying the society. When women derive their livelihood from men there is no gratification and no glory only an ego to protect.