Post date: Apr 23, 2010 1:23:28 AM

“University as a tourist attraction” - George Belle, the Dean of Sociology and Political Science at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus has done a 360 degree turn. At present, it is difficult to credit him with any particular honesty. He is bright; his father was a bright man above the odds. If he came along comfortable how could he not see education as a vehicle, a tool to learn, not for achievement and accolades to succeed and he would have had a problem with the university for he could not have accepted that our Cave Hill campus was a normal place. You have to know what you know.

So much work to be done - average students should be at primary school but are rushed through conveyor belts and they cannot spell and cannot pronounce English words. The Speaker of our House and several parliamentarians and prominent blacks have not been taught to pronounce ‘th.’ When they go elsewhere they have to get someone born in England or trained there to mentor them.

Products of the university are - children with first class honours that are clones, subservient, someone that can be abused – see it and hear it - need remedial training in how to write, how to argue and how to interpret information

2. Paul Altman is to be the controlling man in the university. Zionist have had a fantastic coup. Of all the major institutions, university education was the one area, the only one, which whites could not touch; it had eluded their tentacles. There was Wayne Hunte and Robin Mahon - pure academics.

Our “Chair” will shout ‘anti-Semitic,’ meaning the dangerous exercise of truth. There will be restrictions, fixed ideas and certain imagery will be sanctioned. Calling the wall that Israel has erected to keep Palestinians out an “apartheid” wall as AJA did will be restricted and our first obligation will be to praise Israel. An official rule will be it shall written except how wonderful Israel. Our university our traditions will “ossify” even as we are allowed higher degrees.

The university amenities are outdated and inadequate so sell our brains - the last arena. Altman is occupying Sir Carlyle Burton’s previous position. Burton is my aunt’s husband. His had nothing to do with wealthy but with being perceived as a man wth brains and education, integrity and without greed, a librarian, permanent secretary - it had nothing to do with money. Altman is about money.