Post date: Apr 23, 2010 1:24:54 AM

He is justly served

It is poison temper’d by himself

… Hamlet

Prime Minister Errol Barrow should have said: “I am going to make the law courts that when you, an ordinary person, go there justice will be obtained,” instead of which he said; “if you want justice stay out of the law courts.” If our judiciary is not independent then we have no government.

One does not have to be a gangster for revenge. It is a natural human instinct; that is why there are police and courts - it is a state’s commitment to settling matters on behalf of persons, who has been wronged.

Law courts get their dignity from the people, who serve the court and a large percentage of those, who work our law courts know, what goes on in the inner circle with the men and women, who serve but they have their price. Dirtiest things happen in law offices and come out of law offices. Judges have lower the image of the court and everyone is equated to be on that level.

The behaviour in the new supreme court is a monument to those, who feel that all women are little girls looking for $50.00.

I asked in which courtroom my case was being heard. The guard told me that it was not on that day. He thought that even though all had the date he could just cancel four people’s experience.

“Why is the list of the cases in the court not put up on the wall like the old court house.”

“We are told not to put up anything on these walls.”

“That reflects lower order backgrounds, where you have a dining room but you eat in the kitchen.” I said.

“You cannot say that.”

“I can say what I want.”

“I will put you out. You talking too loud.”

“I have a loud voice and take your hands off me.”

“Put she out of the court. Do let she come back in.” Chorused the other guards.

A man asked what happened.

“Who are you?”

“I am a police officer.” He told me to wait, went up stairs came back and told me the number of the court.”

More degradation was to follow. Across the way my opponent’s attorney, stood, stared, laughed, fiddled with the court, changed three judges of his own volition; that was the confusion downstairs. This was the third judge.

Law is a moral business and moral convictions are needed to interpret it; its craft has to be learnt: which principles fit what but our law courts have not distinguished between political and legal and decisions are decided more on politics than legality.

A government sitting parliamentarian and Attorney General was appointed Chief Justice.

We govern ourselves through the law and this is my revenge.

I talked in front of my eighty-two year old mother with an older Q.C. on a serious matter, a young Q.C, whom I recognized from newspapers - our paths never have and will never cross - slinked-up, did not speak to me or my mother and mentioned my name quietly to the older Q.C.

“Why did he want me to hear my name?”

“He asked if you were Angela Cole and if I was screwing you. I told him no that I met you with Errol [Barrow, at the time Prime Minister] in 1961 and he asked me if I was trying to screw you now.”

I indicated that I was going to say something. “Do not it will affect our relationship.” Then came a story about that same Q.C.’s wife, recently nominated for higher office, a Prime Minister and someone, who returned unexpectedly, who had a key.

It is not so much the sight of immorality of the great that is to be feared as that of immorality leading to greatness.”Alexis de TocquevilleDemocracy in America

Whatever it is, it boils down to, who foops who and, who gets foop. Slavery corrupted and the hands on power have to prove themselves. They may have got some education but they do not know how to wheel it.

The only way this Q.C. can buffet his shame is to do whatever he can to take attention off him, for as long as he becomes in focus he will feel pain and to blank that he have to shift focus. He has not necessarily tried to drag me, in particular, down for he does not even know me only my name but he only has to know that I am involved in high moral standards.