Post date: May 13, 2009 11:35:56 PM

Like a certain mother frog.

There once was a little frog, whose mother told him that there was no animal bigger than her and one day the little frog saw a cow.

“I saw a big, big animal mother.”

“Calm down how do you mean big. Bigger than me?”

“Yes mummy.”

“Impossible!” The mother began to swell herself. “As big as this.”

“Far bigger mummy.”

She swelled again. “As big as this.”

“No mommy bigger.”

And she blew herself up until she burst.

That is how the economy is. Just like the frog in the story the economy is going to burst before the end of this year. Money laundering going be cut back and Cuba going be opened before the end of this year and all those cruise liners will be calling at Cuba.

Nature does not allow ugly and it could not happen to a more deserving people; all the affluence and prosperity from, which all of these things in the above article stems. The people are lost in pure depravity: homosexuality, trunking, lesbianism, raucous behaviour, anal intercourse, skin-out, wuk-up, sexual molestation and assault. It is the madness of Ancient Rome,

Barbados is what it always was: a showpiece for and the centre of slavery. And when Castro dies all those who wait in Barbados will be back in Cuba their Shangra-La and we can then say goodbye to our riches. I have been writing that for the last twelve years.

Barbadians should go down on our knees and suck Castro’s toes and say thank you to him from the bottom of their hearts. Down to the 1950s we and Jamaica, Haiti, Bermuda, the Bahamas were sugar, sugar, sugar, molasses and rum and when Castro took over in 1959/60 and decided that he is a communist our tourism took over - and then the deep water harbour 1960-61.

Conversely the day that Cuba established a rapport with the US for all intense and purposes Barbados’ tourism is dead, Carnival Cruises going to Cuba. The flood has started. Cuban Americans are flocking back to Cuba. There is no limit now on how much time they can spend or when they can travel and thousands of them are converging on Cuba. Cuba is way ahead of us with interpersonal relations and the most important one is that, unlike what happens in Barbados, when a woman meets another woman in Cuba there is an automatic bond a friendship but in Barbados when a woman meets another woman it is a sizing up situation because they are fighting for scarce resources in a resource scarce economy.

The Chicken Case – The Same Old Same Old

We have not built on the knowledge of our bright people. We have not look at the 80s or 90s and see what our bright ones did. In fact we do not know who our bright ones are.

We eating so much chicken because the fish is so expense. Geography says the Atlantic has more edible fish than any other sea so why do we not have a fishing industry like the Japanese who trawl these waters but that would take brains and Eric St. John. Instead of taping in on his knowledge gained from his grandfather the Nation newspaper prefers to feature his pre-teen grandchildren as great agriculturalist.

We have only yesterday the minister calling for the price of chicken to drop. We had the chicken issue in Antigua and Barbuda in 1987. And the two opponents were: on one side was Tim Hector, a soviet sympathizer, editor and only head ever of the Antigua Caribbean Liberation Movement and pubisher of a weekly six page newspaper the Outlet and the Prime Minister.

Tim argued stop the importation of inexpensive American chicken because the more expensive locally produced chickens meant jobs. An important economic policy of the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda was that his people must be able to eat for EC$5.00 a day. In Barbados you can eat at $50.00 a day. So if businesses want to set up a chicken farms then they will have to produce inexpensive chicken.

What the economist should work out is whether at the price of our chicken how many cannot eat chicken as compared to how many are employed and how many of those can afford to buy the expensive chicken and how much.

People in this country have basic problems and this recession is going to show up that they do not eat proper food. Food has no show value so by the fancy clothes and stick to slave food disguised as cheap macaroni and chow mien - from the stadium to the agriculture exhibition to the home party macaroni pie. Those living on a house spot in a development with not a lime or pawpaw tree around only ornamentals will be supermarket slaves.

When we talk about housing and talk of building multi-story accommodation that is one of the most vicious and anti-social that happens in a society. It is a sociology time bomb the people living on the first two floors are pretty safe because they have access to the streets but those on the fourth floor that have to go down four floors with these large population vandalism will take place in this island, where they take out the toilet fitting.


Jane Deane Knox Goddard had been running around for more than a year saying that CLICO had got permission to develop all that land around Staple Grove etc. In the days of my grandmother’s youth Staple Grove was about 500 acres then there was Kent next to it and then Upton with the windmill house, that went all the way to the corner by BET all was owned by one owner. There now cutting up very fertile land and if sugar cane is not paying it should be planted in food.

Now an announcement about this development is made and in the biggest piece of whoring by the Nation newspaper has not disclosed the name of the developer.

The situation is funny and not funny like ha! ha! neither. Our citizens behave as if Barbados is on the cusp of economic boom. In nine months this country is going to be reeling; already the Central Bank has advised to settle debts and do not owe money. After August there are going to be cuts back in everything. Seven years of famine the bible said seven years of famine.

This whole credit thing has been caused by about a half dozen white people, who were crooked. They sat on the sidelines and waited for certain things to arrive on the scene. It seems that crooks have taken over.

The consumers of Barbados have allowed heavy duties to be placed by successive governments. 100 percent and over duty on cars serves no purpose only to fill somebody’s pocket. The disabled cannot bring in a bus without duty because the authorities make no exceptions.

When the Prime Minister talks about properties does he mean buying them cash or property that is owed on. Years ago, a plantation, after it was bought; it was closed and there were all sorts of vines in the cane that brings down sugar production. Liabilities are needed to be known not only assets for liabilities overall might be more than the assets.

There again with the ownership of some things, what is really needed is a look into where the money came from and what was the association with companies and with directors.

People, who have sat on the board say: “I do not believe or trust not one word that comes out of their mouths.”

They remind of one company in the 1990s when taken over from another. There was a shop and the company used to take all the money out of that one company. Credit was taken – to be more accurate $10 million dollars and all over due – when there was only a $3 million line of credit with the bank.

Money was not actually taken out of the shop but goods, which is the same difference. Goods were ordered for the shop and were sold and what was done with the money is not known. Stock went down and after two or three shipments were owed for from suppliers the supplier cut them off, goods could not be ordered again, serious financial problems occurred. That is what ran the shop into the ground. That was the first and many years ago.

Normal business people saw this so how is it that these things could happen and why could not our Prime Ministers, politicians and businessmen predict these things?

A lot of things stand in the way - some very vicious things - threats on family and life to those, who would not cooperate. A board was told about receiving threatening telephone calls and they asked what to do and were told nothing that the situation was being handle by a paid tap on the telephone from the telephone company and from that there was never another threatening telephone call. So the reader can deduct for themselves.

If a company is not in trouble why give. Read the papers everyday there is trouble in every country. Many years ago those who worked for these companies went around and said that they would not let their dog deal with them.


The Prime Minister and his band of happy men have not realized that the best way to gets voters is to do good works. Oistin fish market renamed Baby Dookes fish market. It is election rigging appealing for votes but on the other hand the voting public is so ignorant that it does not vote on altruism.

Politicians are credited with brains. It is beginning to dawn slowly that the DLP Ministers are not the brightest, they lack experience and are not prepared to go, where experience is.

There is so much in society that is mostly ignorant. The Prime Minister visits a company and needs thirty people and press. That is angering and styling but style cost money. The Prime Minister is sharing the money.

The country cannot afford that waste. The situation is not happy, when ministers and civil servants turn governance into social exercises for people, who do not care. Under the guise of do-gooders, schemes are thought up to speak and get appearance fee, not for five dollars but maybe a couple of hundred dollars, and those, who got control, rubber stamp these work-outs that are held in great halls and hotels and the Grand Salle and the Barrow Center and the Sir Lloyd and they in their fancy dresses with fancy speeches and they give hors d’oeuvres that all seem to come from the same caterer.

The same old, same old. All the time there are things that one lot criticize and when they get in they do the same. Our P.M. is all over the place:- he was in London; he was in Jamaica. He is not doing like his former party’s prime minister: trust people and allow them to take on responsibility and when the time the former P.M was ready to clean up his act and get rid of most of them but he left this life.

Democracy can be defined in all sorts of ways: demo is the people, Kratos cracy is rule. So everybody has democracy. Democracy should be people having real control of their own destiny and that has not happened. There are people with financial control with habits of puritan England. They rule and dictate how people should be and have and every black girl, when they were twelve was easy prey and these same people sat up front in the Anglican Church. We still have that tradition for else why prevent people from flying kites on Good Friday and going to Easter picnics.

Certain people should dress a certain way or do a certain thing not because it is the law but because it offends certain people. The Church says wear a hat in church and although St. Paul said about having the head covered that is blindly following. Dare say certain things and God going strike somebody dead. Things like this governs behaviour and are not move by the time.