Post date: May 13, 2009 11:38:34 PM

The Church failed from the started.

Meanwhile there are more Anglican church building, more than anybody else in any denomination, they are not fully used and are there doing nothing. One of the worst areas is how these religious people take away what little brain is left - they have got a grip on too many people. A whole class of them calling themselves, Pentecostal, the new brand name gear. It starts with the priest, where it is a profession not a calling.

Go or be sent to a college in America and come back and get a Church and the best way to get a following is to come up with something new, rent a space and use women to entice. Join them and get money, then tell funny things about God but they get the following. The aim is branches and not about moral structure.

The Scientologist come down with their boat. They have a whole of lot of people with money who pledge them their money. They have a lot of books cheaper especially for those that can get on the boat and get to sail around the world and get free food. The main thing is the head of the religion is the maximum guru and his style is everybody style.

Reverent Coleman had to open a rum shop because he was black. That is the sort of thing that obtained in the Anglican Church. They were born out of Henry VIII. Henry was a scholar, he was bright not like so many other kings. He was an educated man, could quote books, was a lawyer and was young - eighteen or nineteen, when he became king. He was also a horrible lecher.

The Roman Catholic Church had bound to a certain behaviour and his behaviour was frowned upon by them. He wanted to legitimise his philandering so he said: “I am the head of the England and we done with Rome.” He cut of two women heads. He did not execute Catherine because she was an ugly woman. Anne Bolyne was a pretty woman and a whore. He saw her in Regency park and he fell in love with her. She did not have a son so Henry found a law to cut off her head.

Every day on the call-in programmes people call in to say they read something in a book so it has to be true. If a teacher stand up in front of a class of unspoilt minds and says one and one is two it is accepted because otherwise the chidren cannot count the change in their pocket. So when he tell then that Jesus come down and he had four legs and two were cut off it is nonsense. This is what is happening, what is read in a book is not analyse. The bible is not looked in to see, who is telling the story. They were real people that wrote the bible.

Very day, now it is prophesy. John is the only disciple that died a natural death. He was Jesus’ brother and may have been feared. He had a vision and wrote a lot of things but it is allegorical interpreted and it cannot be interpreted unless someone also had a revelation.

The early Christian used to eat the mescaline mushroom and become very high.

In the 18th century there was a mathematician, who ran afoul of authorities in France and was condemned to die. He spent the last thirty days of his life writing out a lot of mathematical equation. He did not have enough time to write solutions to those equations and it was only in the 1930s and 40s that these formulae were accepted and found to be true but there was no way of solving them without modern technology.

A primitive society would have had no scientific language so all sorts of unscientific explanations crop up like Babel - that diversification has to be accounted for so Babylon began to speak one language, trying to get to heaven by building a tower. It is a layman’s translation, like today the weather changed because of satellites but neither are true explanations.

The bible was forbidden to be read until Henry VIII’s time. It was written in Latin, not read in English so that most people could not read it. This is not to try to stop belief in God but to say work things out. A God of love does not and never killed off people or kill babies like they say about David and Batsheba’s baby. Accept nothing short of a loving God.

The standard study of the Bible is the King James Version and most of it was done by thirty scholars under James I of England’s patronage and the translation was compromised. The best translation was put out that was politically correct; a version that did not disabuse anybody; especially the King, who hated women and was a terrible pederast, homosexual. He could not keep himself to himself and generally only appointed another queen. He was most arrogant and said that Jesus had his John and he had his David and believed that he was appointed by God.

The translation for the old testament had to be translated from Hebrew into English, not only that, the old scriptures did not have one particular manuscript there were different books found all over the place in scrolls and what not. What these people are calling modern Israel is not the Hebrews. The Jews had to learn Hebrew, when they formed the state of Israel. They are speaking Hebrew - a new language.

Hebrews of the Bible is difficult; it has no vowels and depending on the vowel it could be could mean different things. These writing were put into Hebrew then into Greek, the Greeks were more educated, and then the Romans came and put them into Latin.

Eventually some one stumbles on the facts. We know that because this is the 20th century but that was the 15th and 16th century. So what to do it is too late they cannot be sent to school after all. That is what we should be doing here.

If English cannot be understood how can such an obscure language as Ancient Egyptian be, when the Egyptians, nowadays, themselves cannot do it. The closest to that language is Ethiopian that is what Jesus spoke. Written Eastern languages would have been Amharic and the Coptic languages, Ethiopia, Abyssinia those languages - some have remained pure but the people, who how inhabited Israel were scattered and very often the Bible had to be read for them.

There were so many languages but most would have spoken Egyptian but would have understand one another but they did not necessary speak the same. Jesus was not a straight nose longhaired white fellow.

So many religious ones cannot think. The Iman, had to learn Arabic and had to learn the Koran by heart and here him speak he is a real Bajan and a business man.

Mein Kamp may one day turn up as somebody’s bible.

The thing is that they are blind people in the land of the one-eyed but they cannot see because how can I be dumb when I know the bible by heart. Get enough money and afford to be good.

All of this has nothing to do with a better way of living. I would hope that all of this would change before I die.