Post date: May 14, 2009 12:11:36 AM

Where are the names of people with original ideas? There were several well-known probing intellectuals, who seemed to be absorbing more education than they were given, who had ideas and knew what it was to be properly education.

Where is no rhetoric? Citizens have not been taught to be skeptical - if Sparrow says so it is so - the white man say it so, so it is so.

People, who were considered with a lot of great hope like Peter Simmons. He has turned out shallow because it suited him better to join the establishment. He became a high commission and has a column just because he is BLP.

When these fellows went up to London their idea was to pass and come back home and “we going show Grantley what we think!”

David Simmons there was so much hope for a lot more from him. He was bright and in London talked real progressive things and ideas, passed his exams LLB and LLM, and the idea was not to go back home to fuss with a degree or a profession but sadly he come back and he went after the glory. He inherited Tom’s seat in St. Thomas.

There was no politics in his syllabus. Barrow went to the right place and found the right people at the London School of Economics probably young Manley got a lot of things rubbed off at a time when there had progressives, who would buck the system, who said when things were wrong. John Connell went and came back and his black power was too rough and ready.

To read Al Gilkes’ columns in the Advocate during 1962, when the High Altitude Research Project came makes one wonder if he just took what HAPR personnel wrote and put his name on it. To have known what he wrote about at that time would have meant that he would have been able to follow the course of history as it unfolded in Europe, Africa and Asia Minor.

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