Essay on Prime Minister David Thompson

Post date: Oct 20, 2010 6:57:29 PM

Thompson is a prideful person. The kind of man that opportunistic factions manipulate. He is not serious and he speaks without thinking. The Bible says that there is more hope for a stupid fool than the man, who speaks without thinking.

He will be remembered as nobody’s friend and his, the worst administration the country has ever had. He blighted the economy and blighted himself with ill-advice. He floated with the disgraceful, stood next to the evil and the wicked, visited the homes of the despicable and undesirable and sold out to the disgusting. He got in bed with the financial wizards and then made unpopular decisions, without understanding that there is common culture and a greater sense of history. They fight wars on the basis of ancient ancestors. “My great grandfather fought your great grandfather so I going fight you.” Extreme everything: extreme laws, extreme hate, extreme love and extreme men. A mentality the same as the Bible days - Jesus called them vipers and spoke of their stupidity, of their nasty, cheap mentality. They get together and plot and if you are neither nor, there is no concern.

Thompson did not know how to protect himself. He was not tempered because in his youthful years, the effortless road was chosen. What we see here now is the fruition of what Barrow gave . It ruined Ritchie, exposed Sandiford and killed Thompson.

In 1986 – before elections the topic was the same.

Excerpt from REFLECTIONS from the book In The Spirit of Diana published in 2010 by Angela Cole and Gary Cole.


Further memories of the father of independence. Ed.

In the run up to elections the state of our economy was on everyone’s mind. Long-time lover and long-time roommate of ex-Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition, Errol Barrow, who would win back the government in that election got him in bed, loved him up, made him feel good and as he relaxed said to him: “What are you going to do about the economy?”

“I am too old. We will have to go to the IMF.” He said.

Every week a man claiming to be a bagman of an international Saudi Arabian arms dealer and billionaire - telephoned Barrow, and together they worked out a plan to “buy up the island.” This next-to-be Prime Minister was impressed. “I saw a picture of him and his friends in the international papers,” he said “and they are better dressed than on Dynasty.”

“Exposure,” the elder columnist *[Ed. Note: Gladstone Holder] - whose guidance I sought said; “most of the time mere exposure will make people like him back off.”

And David wrote without thinking.

Partisan, one-sided view - Letter to the Editor published in Sunday Sun at that time.1986

“In reply to David Thompson’s article in last Sunday Sun, the view that confrontations were enjoyable up to the elections and now they are objectionable is partisan and one sided. This article is not serious thinking. It was rude and did not deal with the points raised. Perhaps the lawyers advise that when you have no case you abuse your opponent has been taken seriously. He [Thompson] does not appear to understand even so simply a term as “sitting on the fence” or he could never have applied it to someone who is doing battle for a cause and taking dangerous chances.

Since the article has attempted, in vain, to defend the Prime Minister, perhaps, he could answer the following questions.

“Where is the Prime Minister taking this country? His words and deeds seem to be in contradiction. When in opposition did he meet with a few United States State Department officials and agree to “continued collaboration?” Later that year he went to Cuba compliments the Cuban government for talks on the debt crisis. This visit may have borne fruit. Was the State Department playing up to him when he was shortly after selected by them to oversee the Philippines elections? There was much evidence of a United States coup against Marcos.

During the election campaign did he woo the electorate with his socialist rhetoric, which envisages control of the “commanding heights of the economy,” and at the same time is he proposing to reverse the status quo by privatizing a number of publicly owned institutions? This is not only confusing to the simple man but one must ask whether privatization is to be in native hands or is it to be as is rumoured, in the hands of rich Saudi Arabians?

The Prime Minister might be wise to tread softly having been misled a decade ago by the Israeli government who turned out to be working for the apartheid government of South Africa. Guerrilla fighters of the African National Congress (ANC) reported that the guns he helped the Israelis obtained with their effective long rang firing capability had created a no man’s land, a buffer zone, around the borders of South Africa and Namibia preventing the ANC fighters from getting into those countries.

And last but certainly not least his Laminesque speech to the CARICOM heads of states. Is he now mouthing Soviet propaganda and disinformation? The Kremlin must be congratulating themselves for even if we could support ourselves without dirty money from outside the zone of peace would still be apartheid in reverse where we would be holier-than-thou puritans, withdrawing our skirts from the dirty world, secure in our self righteousness and to the devil with the sinners out here.”

Angela Cole

No further deals with the bagman for the arms dealer were made except the original one, the purchase of a toilet paper company.

Thompson’s economic plan, if he was elected, was exactly like Barrow’s – rich Arabs. A democratic candidate in the last elections, Tan Abed, who they claimed speaks Arabic, was going to go to Dubai and bring back money galore and make an island in the sea like Dubai. All of a sudden, he was charged with sexual assault and no more was heard of the Dubai plans but then the island’s biggest Zionist, Paul Altman, not to be outdone, announced that he was going build three islands in the sea. Thompson fell in between two warring factions.

Zionist with their underground bunkers own this island.

If you are a young woman and a young man comes to you with all the qualities of caring and compassion and wanted to marry you would say yes. But would you marry him if you found that he is a secret assassin and was killing people?

They say nine doctors opened Thompson up and closed him back and he was in St. Lucia with his in-laws; while his mother is in the paper with nuff men’s hands in her hair. The people know that people do not do things without a reason so they looking for the reason and blaming Guyanese. Once frog men were sent to take out Barrow, just shoot him but they did not succeed. Our society will not see Thompson’s foolishness, his senseless acts or his mistakes because they walk after their own lust caring for nothing. The Pope, who should know, called it a dictatorship of relativity, in which they are no truths.

Like America that has the best education system in the world but the biggest asses and dunces. Barrow gave them free education and threw away their knowledge for frills and thrills, easy living that gives no challenges and they think this makes them great but they know not luxury or greatness.

The society was controlled, made passive and is metaphorically dead, in the sense that it stands up for nothing, lost commonsense, knows nothing and just thinks of sex, sex, sex and what is in it for me.

Religious Wars around Prime Minister Thompson

It all has its roots in religion: Muslims, Jews, Hebrews, Zionist, Muslims, Hindus, Catholics, Pentecostals and Baptist and none are pure and sanctified. The Thompson government took hold of power by rallying together the different Christian societies. A lot of Christian never would have voted because they live in a system, where: - “not me I not in no worldly nothing.” The Christians leaders rallied to their congregations and they came out, voted and made a difference in the balance of power. Now the Christians leaders are promoting their idea that Thompson’s illness is because he used Christianity as a vehicle for his pursuit and power and turned around and sold out.

“God is not to be mocked! You cannot play with God.” Priest tried to frighten Thompson’s big fat little underlines and everything that the Christians do there is a minister of government to maintain unbroken support.

Christians leaders tell him that he has an option; a choice to say: “I use this vehicle and therefore I am going let this vehicle be the source of power rather than have to go over here where the money is.” He cannot serve God and Mammon too, they say, and if he continues to choose money then he will die but if he does as they say, God will miraculously do something and drag away what every it is that hinders him, it will be seem as a miracle and will increased the force of Christian power.

It goes all the way back to the Middle East. At the time of Saddam Hussein and the Ayatollah Khomemi the Muslim were gaining precedence in the Caribbean. They wanted a foothold in every state and with the focus on Barbados’ centrality and its irritatingly and non-Islamic tradition, ways were explored to inter-penetrate our culture and bring us over to their way of thinking and their religion, of course we would be inter-subservient to them - convert blacks and make Sharia law, chop off hands. They do not treat black people good on this island but we and Trinidad are thought of as strategically important.

The Muslims believed that part of making us a Muslim country was to control our economic facets and avenues. The documented plan was to take over those blocks - the hotel industry, the transport industry – they took over the ZR business.

Came a man, who either came or gained prominence in the early 90s. He might have been Barbadian-born or Canadian but the impression was that he was from London. Many prominent Muslims here, all their families when referred back all seem to come from London. The belief is to control London is to control the Western world.

He and his sidekick used to snap at black workers. He was tops, whenever he got a job he was promoted because of expertise on his part and whenever he got better he let go the former and went better and better. He was looked up amongst rich Muslims: those into drugs and those into big business. He was a godfather and got together with other aggressive Muslim elements and took over the drug trade in the eighties and nineties from the Mafia.

Habib, a Syrian Catholic, who is now serving a life sentence for cocaine trafficking came to conflict with the Muslim elements and they set him up - tipped off somebody. He made a mistake, when he was caught in the past our Labour leader always looked out for him but, when the leader was assassinated in 1985 his protection went and he should not have continued but he did and, when he got caught that was it.

The top man consulted with people prominent and influential in the Islamic and business world here and went to Saudi Arabia, whose answer for conversion was to open mosques. The Saudis gave him US$10,000.00 to open one here. This is not a lot of money; probably other monies came from the Muslim business community. A lot of businesses came in and banking - the top Muslim people that were into banking, bank managers, a very white Indian Muslim came into it and they lent millions. Another way, they decided, was to inter-penetrate and control supermarkets and anything that supplied food

to rival the white-controlled supermarket business. They put their monies in that.

The trouble was that, back them, nobody trusted or liked the Muslims’ behavior: in Trinidad - the coup with Abu Bakr and Saddam in the Middle East. In no way could anyone one of them come out, up front and say this is an Indian/Muslim supermarket; we going take over from the whites come to us.

I going close down the white supermarkets.” Were their words that were parroted.

The wolf put on sheep’s clothes. They opened a franchise in the 90s and in order to appeal to blacks they anointed a saviour of blacks to make it look like blacks were in control and taking way business from whites, when it is really them. They are good at semantics, good at making things look appealing, geniuses at what they were doing; things were going good but they could not wait; they wanted the whole hog.

The supermarkets had gained popularity and prominence with inexpensive goods from Asian countries and the belief was that to always come cheaper, people would buy and they would become more powerful than whites. Business was carried away from the whites but greed could not wait to play the game right and give the thing time to work. A good way to get the business solely was to damage its image, stop the shopping and after sometime step in, restore order and take total control. It went deep. They were fuelling up everyone. A lot of people were dishonoured. It was a mistaken strategy.

Their actions did not work and had repercussions because blacks used to manipulate blacks were not totally loyal to Muslims. Meanwhile they offended a clan of people, not from the island and a hand intervened. They did not know with whom they messed - a wrong person and he broke up the whole thing ; their boy was ran out of the country by an associate. They got screwed-up in a way they did not understand and, while it was necessary to take out the more hostile, the peaceful faction was eventually taken, the hostile faction seemed to be neutralized. There is a way of doing things that, if exposed, charges cannot be brought.

The plan is taking shape. Put a puppet government and everything will be owned and controlled and the mistake that Prime Minster David Thompson made with the Arabs will not be repeated. The plan is for the whole Caribbean. The idea is for a school boy ruler, someone who can be told what to do.

Never seen in this country, where a man, advertised as about to take over leadership, is pictured in the newspaper between church leaders in a pulpit with his head down like he is pious and priests lay their hands on his head and pray to grant him blessings to lead.

Barrow was an atheist.

This should not have been publicized because any sane person can see through it but the Mossad, the CIA and those that manipulate the policy and exercise a transcendental influence were forced to put it in the papers to mind control and brainwash. Barbadians see church leaders praying for Sinckler then they think that he is divinely approved and will automatically think he is the man. First loyalty is to the church. The church can now topple a government and put people in power. They are now the second government and ruling government.

Sinckler does not have a clue how to run this country, he is not trained in anything or to do anything. The form of education, the new model which Sinckler received was the one, where educators know nothing - the type the Mossad grooms. Sinckler will rule with advisors, everything will come from his rulers acting according to policy - Caribbean Office of Policy Coordination, which groomed him. He will not be the one from, whose mind intelligence orders are initiated.

What is going to happen

The Thompson issue sets the ground work for providing information as to who did what.

Barbados has no government and what semblance of one or hope of attaining a functioning government is in disarray. The two parties are fighting one another and the BLP fighting amongst themselves and the DPL fighting each other. That is expected; jackasses have been put to do what is needed to be done.

By putting Thompson there, they knew he was unwise enough to do silliness. They waited for the right moment to take him out. Now they have a man.

Why? Everybody is looking in the wrong direction. Barbados is focused on, who will lead. Potential leaders from both parties are in disarray, while power is being stolen from under their hands. Whichever party – DLP or BLP - comes into power and whatever faction rules this country there are going to be a puppet government for the Zionists, for the world order people, for the Vatican; they all work hand in hand. When our people get what is happening they will not get the oil found under us.

When Arthur was out of power and chaos started at the top it was deliberate. Arthur was their man doing pretty much, what was wanted but the problem was he played everybody’s hands. He had brains and was not leashed and chained but total control is needed. Chris Sinckler has never behaved as if he owns a brain.

Lower classes have been placed in position of authority, that was required, and done deliberately because, most of the time, they are easier to manipulate,have an easier morality behaviour that is natural in a certain rank. For the past thirty-four years there has been a need-to-know policy in politics and government and post have being filled with people, who do not know and do not want to know. They have been given strategic positions - a classless society of people who did not have a firm grip on the functions of a just society. Blind sided, their positions are changed regularly because to be in a position too long the scheme of things will become apparent.

Thompson was basically a fool in intelligence and a fool in policy. He was the worst type of puppet-in- power. He pulled down enemy as well as friend. They knew he could only go so far.

It is not possible that Thompson is in full control of his facilities as is claimed because anybody suffering damage of the pancreas looses their mental facility. Take Saddam and bin Laden sending messages by tape and recording. Thompson is sending speeches by recording and letters.

The non-believer must look at everyone to whom Thompson’s care is entrusted and those that issue instructions. This would involve the CIA, MI6 because Britain is offended too. All those intelligent agencies of the world order.

They have even gone further to interfere with our government and politics and move towards their disposition, their will and their advantage and our people do not know what is being stolen from them right under their nose because they are being controlled and the medium is the Churches.

Israel is the key and centre because according to every church, religion and teaching Israel is considered untouchable.

Everybody fighting at the top it would be a conspiracy to cause that to occur.

What Has occurred

A few years ago, after 1976, churches in the island, especially the higher with the more white people like Holmes Williams and Abundant Life and the lower class were infiltrated by the CIA and the Mossad There are agent in them that maintain a low profile and any time that their policy goes off tract of the plan ministers are steered - receive propaganda from these infiltrators, suggestions made on what is to be said and spread to the congregation. This is covered and justified as the will of God, divine relations and congregations go out and says: “It is divine,” and carry it all over. The need for divine approval makes for easy control.

Church policy is influenced by these infiltrators because imbedded in this culture is that the church carries a spiritual authority over the soul of man and blacks believe if they do not go to church, they going go to hell.

Church leaders claim that it is their vote that put Thompson in power. There was a reason why they put Thompson in power and it is not from a belief that Thompson would have done better. Intelligence would have assessed that he would not have been an able leader. It would have been known that Thompson would have brought chaos. They are not foolish.

Thomson gained power and everything took off down hill, as was expected and the direction hoped and planned for from the beginning. Now want must hand over to Sinckler, the front man and Thompson will see a miracle. This is no divine revelation; church leaders are fooled and have bewitched themselves with something that has nothing to do with God.