Prime Minister David Thompson

An upbeat Thompson is coming to resume his duties reads the Nation Newspaper. The Prime Minister is fit as a fiddle brain-wise although he weighs ninety pounds, is completely bald, needs medical attention around the clock and is undergoing chemo-therapy. One who has undergone such says that she was unable to think about anything except chemo-therapy and getting well.

A cabinet reshuffle from a Prime Minister, whose face a nation cannot see. Next few days: the Prime Minister is sick again and in New York. Why cannot Prime Minister David Thompson give this country a chance? He is going to die and he talks of God. In Dante’ Inferno the ninth level of hell is reserved for fraud and treachery. Why would the Prime Minister not try to save his soul and do something good for the people of this island.

It seems improbable except that he is in an organization, a method of thinking, a culture, which is accustomed to be corrupt; a way of life in our society. He cannot do good all of a sudden. Corruption breeds the corrupt and now that things have gone bad even at death’s door he cannot turn and say what happened to him. He has to take advice, which says that Barbados would be damaged horribly because it would make American and Israel declare us terrorist supporters.

He never learnt how to use the power of the masses against such force: “They would walk in here. They do it with Haiti; they do it with Jamaica.”

They cannot do it if we are informed, each one of us standing for good. I am not the only person, who knows, what happen to Prime Minister David Thompson; a lot of people know; they keep quiet. They say: “He get hurt.”

They warn: “for Thompson to say, what happen remember that Israel is the spiritual, political and cultural mother of all the western hemisphere and it would not be considered wise according to the church precepts of the West to condemn Israel in any way because in the Bible, they claim, that Israel is the apple of God’s eye.”

Out here in the Caribbean we Caribs consider that concept outlandish and never bought into it under any name of any religion. Carib ideology shall lead them, all these black people and white in church. The name that most tribes of the world gave themselves translates as the People.

The congregations cannot say that David going die soon. There is a column in the Nation newspaper called If I was a Bajan and it said: If I was a Bajan I would stop spreading rumours about the Prime Minister's illness. Some on the street want to cuff across the face, one woman wanted to fight before my mouth was open because I said Thompson said change and then wrung us with taxes and she was still hailing.

She knows that she is an ass and fools herself and when she is caught with her panties down she continues like all is well. Some of the greatest critics, when told that Thompson is at death’s door and not coming back, they turn around in the end and say the man really surprised them, when he sent up their taxes. They did not want to admit it out of pride.

Who does Thompson depend on for religious influence and approval? Israel, everybody in the western world does and who are the countries he has to relate to and please: North America and Europe.

He can turn around and say: “I was assassinated or I was worked on or doctored on by the Mossad in an assassination attempt because of my support in bringing Arabs to take over a lot of land to develop.”

That means an investigation ; Thompson is not dead yet, it is not murder, it is an assassination attempt. Police have to check, ask questions and whatever is found will have to be covered: “Good job, stand down, keep your mouth shut, it is a matter of National Security.”

This was done in the Mark Stokes case [see Boys in the Band by Tatanka Yotanka], Pele, The CIA Bombing of Cubana and Tom Adams’ death [see the Khaki Boys by Tatanka Yotanka]. The people that did it cannot be arrested because they are agents, probably connected with local people, sent in wherever Thompson ate his meal. If police investigated and the Mossad took out Thompson or worked on Thompson, then they have to go back to talk to the Zionists and Israel is going go classical - deny it - and America will back Israel. Lest we forget our business is overshadowed and controlled by Zionists more than any other; we are goyim and must believe that nothing can be done about that forever and ever.

Thompson got in power and gave two fierce enemies-at-loggerheads equal footing on this soil. Zionists already have power and they do not get along with Muslims like the Montagues and the Padeaus, Charles Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities - Paris and London.

Thompson going up against the Zionists will be one of two things: first, he is out, so he is no problem. There is hope, people are beginning to understand. America will have to shut up she is in the minority. The Iranian president told the United Nations that America was behind 9/11 attack. That view is recorded in newspapers most all over the world and Obama said “hateful and offensive.” A whole lot of people and a whole lot of nations sided with Iran.

Articles and books like these are hope – mixing with people, who have sensitive information, know movements; know everything going to be done before it is done. All plans, everything, nothing should be a surprise. Always tell certain strategic people in certain places.

Using tack and working this way it is possible to oppose grandiose schemes and make moves and stop them long before movements can be done. When possible appeal to people in power and use them to get back to the United States of America into the office of the President and even the Secretary of State get them to repeat some of the words to be said.

Know truth of matters Be informed! Tell a lot of people!

Good set ups, good organizations connected amongst the ranks without jealousy, without sell out, without messing with one another and doing crappy things. Let the American Secret Service investigate and when they come every body’s mouth closed.

Chavez is not, in the eyes of American, approved. The fact that he is in allegiances with China and Iran and Russia and they are going in South America is disturbing. Chavez used to bring in troops and do exercises in here under the Barbados Labour Party’s Arthur regime. It was never made public. Arthur dealt two hands at the same and smiled but it is known, when and how many; a lot of them did exercises secretly even with the local drug boys.

Many want our country!

Do not sell out

Do not trust America!

Know ahead about things!;

Do it by tact!

We will succeed!

We will live!

Do not let them walk in here!

And take over our oil

Usually reliable information says that oil is bigger than I think: “Watch and see how they going work on all of us. When Hilary came the Caribbean she was not coming down to talk with us she came because of what we got and they want to take it away smartly.”

They are buying out everybody and Thompson has not had a change of heart and mind. He will not tell he is going keep it quiet: “It is my mistake and I got to die with it.” Continue