LEADERSHIP IN BARBADOS – Some in positions of leadership in this country are more dangerous than those in jail.

Post date: Oct 20, 2010 1:37:32 PM

“We do not want to lock up anybody.” Lawyer Mark Goodridge for Charlie Heath see Shooting Down of Bajan Helicopter in The Khaki Boys by Tatanka Yotanka.

This society lets itself down by letting its leaders let it down. Leaders treat people like dirt, all they have to do is win and it is all smiles and shake hands because access to the big guy is wanted. They do it time and time again.

Robert “Bobby” Morris – Leader Of Barbados Workers Union.

Do not get vex with Robert Bobby Morris, he does not know his history and he makes decisions and comes up with things because, what he learnt did not teach him to sidestep those in force but to revere and look up to his former masters. He thinks these people are divinely appointed.

Morris, on a recent television programme said that 18th century large plantation slave owners, the Alleynes, are “still rich worldwide” and glowingly said that they should be invited back for heritage tourism. How do we explain this? Go back and bring back slave owners. Alleynes at one time owned from Holetown down to Porters and across to parts of St. Thomas, St. Andrew all the way down to Belleplaine.

They are direct descendents of Alleynes, Lowthers, Carringtons and Tudors in Barbados, are they not grand enough?

Morris cannot say that the Alleynes were bad. He cannot say that about any of the St. Johns are any Goddard or Lowther, my family. He is playing the monkey with the cup: he has Irish blood, he telephoned one white and asked if they knew their family story and how important they were.

Perhaps he should bring back his former slave owner Morris, who bought his ancestors as a whole batch of Kwakas, he did not buy them one by one. The Kwaka characteristically have no neck just like Morris. Idid Amin is one.

How do we understand Morris’ thinking – at what is he trying to get? Reparation? What are the Alleynes going to do here? Will they contribute money to develop the place? When they come back are they going to live and set up a plantation with slaves – which in today’s currency means gated-community.

Morris is begging whites to toy with him. Read the 2007 Museum magazine; he is offering to be their choir boy.