Post date: Aug 26, 2009 2:53:38 PM

On a recent CBC television newscast, what three Democratic ministers of government said did not make sense. David Estwick played for the audience because he is still being looked at very critically by other members of the cabinet. He has to say but why say to the public? We are not all ignoramuses. He was with a large Chinese delegation and what he said should not have been said in public. He and the Chinese should have sat down and talked.

He spoke about the Chinese market and cannot trade around Caricom, Cuba and Latin America. China is a problem but our government has not let us know if the Chinese products sold in our market contains transfat, lead, dangerous fake proteins etc. {Another breaking story in the USA - dnagerous Chinese building materials.) An alarm clock from the $3.00 store - nothing could go wrong with something so simple but obsolescence was built-in in the alarm – after a time the alarm could not be turned off so any time a battery was put in it ran down.

Regardless of how our people feel about China’s well-know policies, if the Democrats want to go along and talk to them then go along; we want to see action; do not say things off the bat; prove it; not “looking into.” It should have been done before.

They talk a big lot of hullabaloo, when it is only public relations and being polite. Between the Chinese and the Japanese they are the most polite nations on earth “thank you very much sir!” It means nothing.

Estwick has nothing to do; health was a mill stone: all the ministers they juggled with in the ministry of Health there is not a competent Civil Service so when a minister does not know they cannot find anybody, who knows. Dealing with personalities does not work and spot inspections are like the police sergeant trying to check out the policemen on the beat at the wharf, who he and his mate would climb under one of the lorries and sleep until they had to go back to Central. The sergeant came and found them under the truck and one policeman point and played that he was on a stake-out for a thief.

It is all garnishing.

Sir Lloyd gasped for breath as if he had what the Bajans call a “passover” - long pauses, slow speech were enough because he had a captive audience; the squire said so it is so. Then there was Richard Sealy and tourism from China. All is goo and can be remember only if it is written and in front of some one, who has to refute it. It is called doing something, just in case, nothing assiduous whether it works or is right or wrong.