Sunday Sun newspaper of 09th August 2009:ANALYSIS

Post date: Aug 31, 2009 12:00:56 PM

National honours are coming up. The Editorial was window dressing and could have come out, 100 years ago, in the Times of Barbados or London or anywhere else. The language was heady and those, who are educated will congratulate themselves on their prose but prose is not commonsense. “But Sir Lloyd imminent departure and the assumption of these duties raises some collateral questions of more domestic interest.” To inserted this sentence and not explain means pandering and feathering nests: “Oh! You have said a such lovely thing about the man!”

if we have enough power to maintain it; it may have been a brilliant idea to appoint a permanent ambassador to China. Mr. Sandiford’s popularity went to rock bottom and it stayed there from years ago with the pay, pensions and unemployment benefits cuts. The man is not liked but when he stands up they applaud: “I going clap if you going clap. Let us see who clapping first and them we going start clapping.” It is hypocrisy.

He looks sick, his speech was laboured and his tongue was tied. There are doctors in the cabinet and in the party that could tell him: “Let me have a look at you something ain’t quite right Skipper.”

Peter Simmons’ column –– “has elevated them [black people] to top position as attorney general, head of NAS an Surgeon general. Momentous psychic gains in here in these appointments at home and abroad. So, to the first black family in the White House daily makes us proud that “family first” is a much admired realty and not just a catch slogan.” Answer to first statement: Obama has to give his hangers on something. He has to bring some cronies to say yes. It is a typical things that has happened for ages; Margaret Thatcher put her own favourites into the centre of her government and Tony Blair went way overboard: his henchmen were placed in places like Chief of Staff Jonathan Powell, Press Secretary Alastair Campbell; his “tsars” and “task forces” and most essential positions were given to un-elected political allies rather than civil servants. An “orgaogram” was issued to explain how his office worked.

The recession has bottled out, says Simmons, he has taken the word of Allan Greenspan, the person that help cause the recession, because he accustom of taking his word.

Al Gilkes’ headline “Wee-Weeing in the Shower “ is as far as was read and I cannot even get a letter to the editor published. A lot of wisdom is not to be expected from him; he went to Harrisons College for a long time but he writes journalistic fodder, pig food for the ignorant. Surprise and indignation like, when Lyndon Johnson gave interviews during which he pee-ed - de did not see anything wrong with that regardless if some smirked at him for he was the most important man in the world. We have people out there that want knowledge of our country and cannot find it because it is being kept from them, but vassals and minions cannot restrict ideas anymore there is this, the Internet, and a belief that we have in our power right to be used effectively.