Post date: Aug 26, 2009 2:56:03 PM

Trevor Marshall, the historian and Peter Wickham waste time on the People’s Business - the same old lot over again with the same old hackney. The “N”elson word - Marshall wants to go down in history as the man, who defeated the man, held by white European to be the greatest navel general in history – that battle will have to take place in hell – that is where, we presume, that Nelson has gone. Marshall used his degree to say that historians, he should let people call them that, are not being consulted and then qualified it with “these people, who do not even go to the archives.”

Our historians have read one more book than most and are like three card men, they take the Queen out of the pack, there is no feel for social history: the way we lived, why some did not succeed and about nobility and mobility of people, who beat the odds.