Crop Over

Post date: Aug 22, 2009 12:38:45 PM

It is slackness. Wuk-up has no significance and is damned nonsense. While classical music played on one station for two hours the television stayed on mute and four hours later: “Could Christ, these people still at it.” We tell children to be virgins and virtuous but go outside and spread your legs in “the middle of the road” and masturbate on the asphalt, rub up on a penis between the ass but abstain from sex. How do you divorce that form of sex and one consequence from another?

When whites go up higher, blacks go up a little higher but blacks do realize that that does not mean that blacks are ever going to get, where whites are but blacks are groomed, trained and socialized to follow without question whites and not to question their authority. They look to white people as role models but are fooled.

White people fosters that wuk-up mentality follow them in their night clubs and watch how they tend to show off their legs more than anybody else, be loose and set the standard. Young women, not old ones, walking about with their asses looking good and their skin pretty - that does things to men. They wearing a short bikini with all showing travel about in a open back buggy and because they meet a slack white boy their foot cock-up.

There were about a dozen honoury whites amongst two or three hundred whites in the Blue Box Cart Band called “Bamboozle.” The white women knew what they were doing: “We going jump up but that ain’t we party.” As far as they are concern so many white women getting on common bamboozled the black commentator for he repeated himself about beautiful women in the band, when they were also beautiful black females in other bands and not a word did he say of the blacks.

Blue Box Cart is apartheid and they got sponsorship. They get in their living rooms or their little patch of ground, where they talk and they have their Cockspur and cocktails because Hanschel Inniss (the Goddards) is strictly commercial. They do not behave like genuine persons. Old Joe Goddard used to say: “once anybody buy my drinks they can do as they like about here. They spending money at me they are welcome.”

The band AMBUSH did not wuk-up and the theme and costumes were good.

Abeds sponsored a band calling themselves Christians and the name was WALK HOLY. That was an oxymoron but then again the theme was against marijuana and not cocaine. The band portrayed drug taking as leading to greed and homosexuality but left out cocaine trafficking maybe it leads to a comfortable living. What another piece of codified nonsense and a way to live comfortably that is wugga-wugga theology that is difficult has done and is doing uncontrollable damage to a society.