Post date: Aug 26, 2009 2:57:40 PM

Businesses are fastly going the way of no longer running on principle. Some have taken a new twist and a new turn. Workers are being treated like dispensable articles – when businesses think workers are useful they work them and when they do not think they are useful they replace them fast. Workers are taken off jobs that were their station for many years. No longer are people secure in their job by any right of being the first one to achieve or being a long-standing, hard working employee. Whether by merit or right a situation now exist, where people employed, whether as contract workers or full time employees are fired without reason or if reason is given a flimsy one and without notice and being replaced by workers that are somehow in favour or on par with the boss or someone else is their friend.

When workers are looking for promotion they are fired, discriminated against, treated as second class citizens There is no longer faith in management. workers cannot work and promote themselves it iss becoming grab whatever, however, snatch a piece and run – creativity is not promoted but bad feelings are and business are not looked with any favour or merit.

Without principled mentality some do not see this as only a temporary hold on power; they believe they are immune and when more and more of this type of person ends up in positions of power and at the top is, animalism comes out. This has a negative impact on our society and all that will happen is that businesses will eventually tend to collapse.

I’Akoybi was a bright university graduate from the Port of Spain campus of the University of the West Indies with a degree in chemical engineering. He returned back and a company give him a job. The following is taken from the now released coroners report and was left out of the newspaper.

L’Akobi, a healthy 6’ 3’’ well adjusted young man, saw himself as: “I am 23 years old, the job I have been doing for the past two years as a chemical engineer does not need a chemical engineer and I am not being paid the salary as a chemical engineer. The company has made me wait every month to see if they will confirm me permanently. Dust, a by product of the company’s product, which has affected people living in the area, is affecting me, I now have a condition, which the doctors say is asthma but it is the dust. I have calluses on my feet from having to wear boots all day long in the job and my back injury from my martial arts which I came here with is being aggravated by the walking up and down steps I have to do all day. I am going to resign and the same way I get a job here I could get it somewhere else.”

Capital was destroying her son physically and his mother advised him to work for another year.

”I am taking responsibility for my back.” He said the day he resigned. I am not prepared to sacrifice my well being for a job.