Vagabonds in control in Barbados.....

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Part One

“I will give them up to a reprobate mind.” The Bible.

A story of blood money

And shame it brought on our society.

In the old days, a century ago, decent middle-class - coloured, black or white - did not marry the inheritors of blood money, which is why one male artery met with refusal, when he sought the hand in marriage of the daughter of the Attorney General and then Chief Justice of Barbados, a coloured in an all white House, at that time. Twenty years later the granddaughter of a Carib Chief refused to use the blood bank or take its name.

Even amongst their own there was rejection: “I could never forgive them I was in love withStonewall Payne’s daughter. They locked her up and she never married and became mental.”

Charles Duncan O’Nealegot a transfusion. He is our national hero, an uncle of the “Father of our Nation” Errol Barrow. It paid for his university education in Edinburgh, where there were so many goldsmiths. Every year there was a trip to that city. The plumb plantation bought in 1933 was bought, while its new owner was in that city. He took his daughter and most of the family, who went to university studied there. O’Neale wanted to marry one of their daughters; they refused.

When grandfather Barrow went out the St. John’s children looked after his shop but they could not marry into the family.

Any demonstrable attempt by the brigands to bring out booty from the boat the “Helena,” Sir Conrad Reeves when he was the first coloured Attorney General and Chief Justice in the British Commonwealth and the first to be knighted, would have brought them before his bench. Found blameworthy they would have been hanged in Barbados, South America or Spain. The law was that any country could pick up pirates and hang them. This fear had to be holisticand that refined the lies and brought denial and antagonism, which overpowered and controls our societyeven now.

Blood money took control on the basis of other people’s needs. Many took the first taste of a way of life that measured human emotions and values by moneyanditsliced through like cane held in the middle to a slant and chopped off with a bill at the top and the bottom. Money bought honour, respect and loyalty – ask no questions hear no lies, put down molasses and catch no flies. Come under the umbrella and do everything by a lie until everything is a lie.

Many signed on and many were bought, spouses and children included even though they may not have known it. It was a life sentence; silence was their weapon of mass destruction and death, physical or spiritual, the only way out.

And the society turns to “faith.” Faithdoes not bear the costs of public good but benefits just the same. It is an excuse to hang on for money asbeauty, decency, justice, education, morals and our children were/are sacrificed.

Every act of man is faith! Faith comes out of Greek, the word is a verbal-noun “piesto” and, when it came over into English it was brought as a noun “belief,” which is only a state of mind. Faith is based and sustained by the confidence to continue to act on something that, that belief results. It is not a natural order of creation it is just actions performed: for instance the doctor says terminally ill, have an operation and prolong life for two years. Take the word of the doctor or say God’s word is real, trust him to heal and not have the operation.

If there were more people in our society that did not care whether personal advantage is derived from their actions “faith” would be hauled up; it would become disadvantageous and ‘faith’ would begin to imitate selfless behavior. Damaging behaviour would stop and our society wouldpreserve and prosper. A nation united in righteous deeds cannot be rocked.

To self-preserve isto obtain things wanted on merit. It comes down to morals and not why worry and eat cake! Nature and culture intertwines and interacts in the formation of genetics and cultural characterizes so the fight has to continue for our grands and great-grands so that they be not trapped, like lab rats, in the same monotonous way of white rum bottles, stiltmen, mother-sallies, crop-over, karaoke and wuking-up – all for a tourist dollar - children embracing and performing for white tourist like obedient dolls while one look from a local and they turn arrogant and going tell their father, who is a policeman and he could make you get lock up.

Greater wisdom is needed; so many went to school and university and are not educated.

Part Two


After one hundred and forty years, one hundred years after Reeves’ death, a combination of the traditional and genetic middle classes are a stumbling block again for it is impossible for us that grew-up with social confidence and a sense of privilege that comes from knowing ones heritage on this dot of an island to severe a birthright connected to its history just because social history must be taken away so that way our society has nothing with which to refute or fight and must, therefore, take safety from certain alliancesbut righteousness is like iron against stony hearts and sealed minds. There is no middle ground like good-in-the-company-of-evil. This is middle earth the battleground; either good or evil.

We have come into the kadooment just as the emerging middle-money materialist - in the media, the university, the political elite and their “running dogs” have been bought out to record a glorious twist of their tale.

It is important for our society to be made aware of the ruthlessness committed in the last century for itbuilds-up asingle-mindedness of purpose so that, when anxiety comes,we know that we do not have authority over evil but are not afraid.

I will visit the iniquities of your father upon the children to third and fourth generation.” Just as the most of the families have passed into grace, two-and-a-half, present generations have reverted to their ancestors’ vagabondage.

In a new thrust for respectability, the great-great-great grand son ofJoseph Onnesius Goddard, now presiding over Goddards Enterprises has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to the university and thereby, an institution of learning, rewrites howJosephmade money and decades of contraband. Young Goddard’s contempt and racism comes out, when the question is raised, six weeks ago, across the Caribbean at an institutional conference for our great historians: “Why have black people not arisen to great economic heights as have poor whites of the Caribbean” and the cow-at-a-time tale is used, by a Jewish lecturer at the Cave Hill campus, Karsch-Brathwaithe, as a good Barbadian example thatblacks never did anything; all development was from whites.

The blacks present at the forum fore-parents accustomed to walking cows to market. That is all they knew and were required to know, while whites intrigued and conspired. Positions and affluence gained by dubious methods can be maintained only on the backs of the lesser fortunate and thus the carry-the-cow-to-market fantasy.

Karsch-Brathwaithecan play this because she has a colour that black Barbadians have been conditioned to respect automatically and are in awe of even if they do not know, what she is.

Q.E.D. An old woman remembers the principle of our camps, when as a young boy, he used to steal two green bananas and a breadfruit and roast them. A success story but in his great battle with white business society one Goddard suggested that they called him and tell him to go to one of their companies and choose a car. That was the plan whether it was implemented or not is not known.

“Continue as a slave but you going get rich.” Everybody keeps everybody else in line.

And across another family atCable and Wireless, nowLIME, really the British government, a combination of double-edged genes of the great-great-great grand son of Philip Brown - with the chest-of-gold-floating-in-the-sea story and the great-great-great off spring of the Austin family, with a-chest-of-gold-in-a cave - devised the methods and turned Chief Justices, Chairman of Boards, judges and politicians in the English speaking Caribbean, into imperial pimps. A Digicel’s spokesman said that the last court case brought by them against LIME and won by LIME was because legislation in Trinidad and Turks and Caicos was biased in LIME’s favour and almost illegal (seeThe Donald). Young Brown/Austin is right there as legal advisorfor the coming monopolization of the Caribbean by the new imperialism with advance legislation, so designed to accommodate our communications and:-


A new satellite EPT – Earth Penetration Tomography, designed from HAARP technology in Alaska, can see into the crust of the earth and detect oil at far greater depths – beyond 20,000 feet - discovered more oil in the Caribbean than the now-being-depleted Middle East. So if we do not mind ourselves money derived from this oil will be pillaged. We are too small for a disaster and we must take no movement that could destroy life on a grand scale here.

Cuba announced that it is sitting on 200 billion barrels of oil beneath its territorial waters and America cannot go there. Venezuela, Russia, China, Norway, Spain along with three other countries have joined hands with Cuba to develop their own oil drilling capacity to access this oil. This would eradicated poverty, clear Cuba’s debts and make it free from America’s and Europe’s dominance and economic control and manipulations.

This is not in the best interest of America, Britain or any of the ruling factions of the world and therefore it follows that they should take measures to confiscate it. The idea is to control/occupy other Caribbean countries and, they believe, overwhelm Cuba with their oil production so as to make Cuba’s ineffectual in world economic power.

Cuba is seventy miles away from Jamaica and as a follow on to Cuba’s oil find American seismologists went to Jamaica in March and April and located an ocean of oil under Jamaica at 30-35 thousand feet. One went to London and conferred with major oil executives about this find. It was brought also to the attention of the American government and its oil producing factions centred around Texas.

One week after, America wants:


“You are too unstable to govern yourselves, so you must be protected and your oil stolen.” Golding was forced to declare a state of emergency under the Coke pretence. The object is to occupy. On the day of the violence and fighting in Tivoli Gardens American armed forces, soldiers, including military personal were at Norman Manley airport.

Dudus Coke cannot be ranked or classified as the most dangerous drug lord. Coke combined with all the drug lords and drug factions in Jamaica does not rank in the top 200 of the world’s most powerful and dangerous. The world’s drug economy is about US$450 billion, Jamaica accounts for US$2.5 billion, less than1/2%.

America has its feet in two Caribbean countries, Haiti and Jamaica. Its governmental machinery – the CIA, NSA are stirring up trouble in Jamaica. It is succeeding because one gang is against the other. Jamaica, racked with poverty, with no real government, a US$1.27 billion debt and no real way to pay it back, a drug economy and a government held in place by eighty drug posses - twenty aligned with the present ruling party, thirty aligned with the opposition, PNP, thirty renegade not aligned to any party in particular but for hire and the island the debtor of America.

If Jamaicans want to end occupation they have to stop fighting one another and take control of their own oil but there is too much illiteracy and clan violence which is drug related among other things.

An impediment is the oil disaster in the Gulf. It is a damper and could damage plans. A can of worm is open because technology to manage and keep it in check was grossly mis-calculated.

Part Three

RESPECTABILITY in BARBADOS- from 1902 to the present

Through the analysis of our social psychology – human behavior under actual-conditions - things cannot stay hidden any longer.

“The only reason you understand is that your grandfather disappeared.” I said toNewland, psychologist and past head of a psychiatric hospital.

“It does not appear that that is the only reason because the rest,” he said, “cannot see truth from the position that we see it because they have clouded their whole vision – subconsciously. The truth is evaded by camouflaging it with a lie. This is done because they known the truth. It is only, when things come to the fore that it is acknowledged and even, when this is done, after that, they slip back. It has to be more to do with the phenomenon, (seeObituary for Sir John Goddard) that lies have on the brain.”

Cut off the nose of the society rather than face accountability - they do not want to be put their families/ benefactors on the spot.

Q.E.D. While signing books one day, a brother of Wynter Crawford with his wife came up to me and said: “When we read your books we wondered if you were still alive.”

Immediately we spoke about Errol Barrow’s manipulations of his brother and the need to further research those particular political shenanigans because facts known by the middle class are vastly different from official historyand the sort that Barrow’ss minions do not want remembered. In a subsequent telephone conversation I continued to be frank and was met with:”Sssh, telephone may be taped.” Puzzling behavior until a middle-class friend pointed out that blood being thicker than water. The present Minister of Tourism, whose incompetence is exposed every time he opens his mouth, is his nephew, Wynter Crawford’s sister’s child.

A book, called“Why Do We Lie”defines lies as an intent that we know something is true but we decide by action or words to say or demonstrate something else. Lynda Milito wrote in her bookMafia Wifeof herself and her children as wife of close friend of and hit man for crime boss John Gotti.

“My daughter refuses to believe that her father did one bad thing in his life and my son can’t even admit that he was ever in jail more than once. All three of us are hiding from the truth, we can’t face it. I know that, and because we can’t deal with the truth we twist it and beat each other with our own versions of it. Sometimes I think we have turned into monsters. Where did our closeness go? It’s like it was just squashed. Or was it ever really there?”

Truth is, what we see, feel, touch, smell and hear and it is stored in a certain part of our brains. New magnetic imaging technology called FMRI, which reads soft tissue like brain and liver etc. shows this imaging in the brain.[Information from recent FORUM programme of the BBC radio – looks like they followed up on our“Obituary for Sir John Goddard”on lies.]

The brain determines how we act, damage it and we loose ourselves. When we lie we store these images on top of images, in our brains ,of the truth and the fantasies we create try to force themselves on realty. This causes a neurological “fowl-up,” which can reach a point in wishing it is true and saying it is true that the brain’s connections get tied up in knots. At a neurological level it“becomes scary”and a person can behave very differently. FMRI has imaged this internal conflict and it shows that“holding secrets is directly correlated with stress.”

Newland was named after newly-arrived and quickly-killed (four months he lasted with his socialist ideas) in 1933, forty-eight years old Governor Scott Newlands. Goodman, his grandfather, who disappeared in 1935 was a man of integrity, who carried on a vitally important part of the economy of Barbados, a penny bank and in an area, where there would not have been many, St. Andrews. A list of the bloodshed of that time do not appear to be mishmash, when looked at not as separate incidents but linked they could tell a lot about the hub of nasty, polluted and pollutable politicsafter Reeves death in 1902:-

A particularly brutal murder in the late 1920s of a Dowding, great grandfather Dowding was amongst the old brigands.

Newly–arrived Newlands in 1933.

Goodman’s disappearance in 1935.

The disappearance of Charles Miller Austin’s son. Miller Austin served in the vestry in St. Andrew at the time of Goodman’s disappearance and bought his plantations, from Chancery, through another old brigand off spring, Goddard.

Riots in 1937.

The substantial rumours that Clennel Wickham, journalist and political activist’s whose family refuse to entertain that his sudden death in Grenada was due to poisoning.

Chester Allan Brown, the current Godfather, killed in 1941.

St. John, Lucy’s husband died an early death. Her son, Noel, who “luckily died at 42,” is how the middle class people put it. His death was a result of “a problem the St. John’s have,” the implication being he died like his dad but his father was not Lucy’s husband.

Stories circulate like a plot to kill someone because “they were too black.”

Ernest Deighton Mottley walked with a silver spoon to test his food. Everything was underhand, the crude way of shooting people to kill them was not prudent or political. Political power became a poison trap for people who wanted to change things – last meals was the preferred thing, invite you to a party and get rid of you. - “Poison be dammed.”

I met Newlands a decade ago at the Archives as he tried to solve the cold-case of, who made his grandfather disappear and I, to trace the tentacles of the brigands.

Slavery was bad but after the slavery, what has Barbadian black society become? Literature on the subject says that society is like an onion and the onion rot at the core of our society is slavery. The next layer of our society began early in the 19thCentury, when middle class society no longer concentrated on material and their thoughts turned to fundamental issues. Unifying idealists in the society was mulatto Samuel Jackman Prescod. Mulattoes obviously would be the people to start moving forward first because they had fathers that left them something or they were free or indigenous, four thousand of them, in Jackman’s day.

Even his “worst opponents” said that he was scrupulously honest. Prescod’s honesty and influence came all the way down to the end of that century through Vallance Gale, of Carib descent, an admirer of Prescod, who founded the Advocate newspaper and Reeves who was Prescod’s protégé and editor of his newspaper.

Somewhere after Reeves death, justice faltered, when white Attorney Generals and Chief Justices took over and another layer, another era, where persons in powerallowed fiction to take claim, solicitors to transfer properties and businesses formedand after a whileall was seemingly forgotten. They orchestrated itthat people other than choir boys could not get support from the electorate.

Continued next week