The Roman Catholic Church

Post date: Aug 18, 2010 11:06:40 PM

The Roman Catholic Church at last is treated to the much-needed intense heat and light that, the Bible said, would happen in the latter day, when governments and religions no longer would rule over man and the world and nothing shall be hidden: iniquities of rulers exposed, wickedness revealed and whatever was done in secret shall be shouted from roof tops.

When people say I am a Christian they mean that they are a member of a religion, Christianity, concocted by Constantine of Rome. He created both its ideology and dogma, and the church became politics.

The sign of the early followers of Jesus - Y....... in Hebrew because there is no “J” in Hebrew - were called “believers” and their sign was a fish. Constantine said he saw a cross in his dreams so he changed the fish. All the fancy crosses around necks are a symbol of Constantine not Yeshusa....

Believers, also called Nasserites, spread the Great Commission and practiced it as it should be: They hid in catacombs, preached everywhere, were seen as oppressed people running to and fro hiding; they addressed one another: “Bartholomew my brother, my fellow prisoner and my much persecuted friend.” People brought their money and wealth, put it at the feet of Peter and he gave it all to the poor. “Master what shall I do to be like thee?” “Go sell all and bring your burden on me.” Believers spread love and are humble, meaning denounce pride.

Every successive kingdom that ruled the world is called a beast in the Bible - Ancient Babylon, the Persians and the Medes, described in the Bible as the bear with the claws in its mouth and right side up, Alexander the Great of Greece and the last the Roman Empire.

Rome was called in the bible - the iron kingdom because it broke everything - its weapons and architecture were iron. In Alexander time, the brazen Kingdom of Greece made their weapons with brass. Babylon was a golden kingdom because they adorned their buildings and monuments with it. The Medes and the Persians was the silver kingdom.

Rome was like a little horn that grew up amongst beasts - a daughter of the Grecian Empire. After the death of Alexander, four of his generals split up his empire into four parts - one in North Africa, one in Europe, one in Asia and one in the Middle East.

These parts gained prestige and influence and eventuality Lucius had to make concessions to them and Rome, when she got powerful, drew a circle around Lucius and made him promise that he would never resist Rome. This horn took it upon themselves to change the times and the seasons. Roman practices and government were rooted in cultures of its predecessors. Venus derived from Eros, way back from the Babylon Goddess Easter, the Queen of Babylon, Queen Semaramis, the mother and incestuous wife of Nimrod. The names changed but the influence is the same.

Peter and Paul fled the might of Rome, fought against her, called her mother of harlots and an abomination. Rome’s wine, they said, was full of blood of believers and martyrs. Rome crucified them up side down because they were a threat, they challenged Caesar’s claim to be God. If he was not considered God, then Rome could not hold power over the people. Early believers pulled down governments; they did not acknowledge them and therefore did not go to any for support.

Believers were winning the battle against the Roman Empire. Rome started to collapse and was burnt. The Caesars, in order to dominate and, to maintain a hold on their power, dressed-up and changed their political role for a religious one; the Bible states that the beast of the world would sleep with the mother of harlots and all the kings of the world would be made drunken by her and drink of the cup of her blood - two pillars scarlet and purple; purple means royalty and scarlet means prostitution or religion.

Rome amalgamated the Gods with their names and symbols and government and religious came together. – and Rome became even more powerful. The Pope ruled the whole of Catholic Europe. It did uncontrollable damage. Start with the Inquisition, hordes of people in hoods passing judgement and saying that people going to hell, when it was the opposite; hundreds of thousands of people burnt at the stake and killed in the crusades and the genocide of the original people of the New World.

To break away from a whore is to forsake all her ways and all her affiliates. In marked contrast with early believers, the Protestant Church used governments to support their fight; they ran to crown princes of Europe and asked for their help in the fight against Romanism to establish their religious order. Martin Luther and the Reformation, Islam, all daughters of Rome. All modern Western governments in existence evolved from the Roman Empire. All Western religions: the Seven day Adventist, the Pentecostal, the Baptist Christians, separate groups all fighting one another. All come from the Protestant Church and the Protestant Church came from the Roman Catholic Church and the perversity of Rome; therefore, it is impossible for them to be any better.

Arabs used to worship like Jews did before the 600s, the same religion as Abraham. Believers moved into Africa because they were supposed to spread the word to the whole world and the Roman Catholic Church followed them into Africa and, where ever a community was found, they

set up monasteries

Khadijha gave her wealth to the Roman Catholic Church, became a nun and was absolved, under dispensation, of all sins. When the Roman Catholic priests, because they were Gods, sent anyone to do a mission that involved evil they absolve them of all sins. They could rape infidels and do whatever.

Khadijha went to the Arab world with her cousin Waquarh/Warah. She found a young, intelligent Arab trained, finance, built him up and taught him war, politics, ruler ship and they set the course for Mohammed to conquer and convert much of the African world, the Arab world and Constantinople and stamp out their religious competition in the name of the Koran, which is very much like two books, City of God and Confession.

Ancient Babylon, where Iraq is now, came first. The city that Nimrod and the survivors of the flood built was perverted. Vestal virgins were temple prostitutes. Temples were built in the mountains so that priest could bugger with men. Nations that are that wicked do not know the difference between good and evil. They did it with animals, beast and children; strangers were not safe. This culminated in Sodom and Gomorrah; a civilization turned upside down and, when it fell it was a world catastrophe.

The Medes and the Persians was the second they came after Babylon. The three Emperors that ruled the Persian Empire at the time. Darius 1, II and II this was before Christ, 500-600 B.C. Persian was the empire that consisted of all of Asia and the Middle East and ruled by the enemy of Alexander.

The Persian Empire did not fall because of homosexuality it fell because of Alexander of Greece, and 10,000 troops. He conquered, millions, the whole world from the Middle East, all of Asia down to the Indus and Africa. He did that in thirteen years with men on horses and long spears, flanges. A leopard is very fast and the Hellene Empire, in the Bible the Grecian empire, was seen as a leopard with four wings. No emperor conquered the known world in such a short time. Alexander wanted to go beyond the pillar of Hercules, the straits of Gibraltar, into the Atlantic and when he had no more to conquer he cried.

Greece was known for homosexuality throughout its art and architecture - to bugger another man and little boys was considered a great honour. Alexander was a notorious homosexual, he kept lovers amongst his generals and associates and when he conquered rulers he buggered them, made allegiance with them and gave them back their country. When he conquered the Persian Empire, Darius’ own generals killed him and they left his body outside the City so that Alexander could not bugger him. Alexander came upon the body, wept and gave him a stately funeral.

Alexander conquered the world but not himself. At every conquest he drank from the Herculean cup - supposed to be the cup of the Gods - a gallon size cup filled with wine and when they drank it all they were said to be one of the Gods. Alexander drank from it twice and impressed everybody but, when he tried the third time it killed him. A human body cannot take that much alcohol.

Rome had the same notorious homosexuality throughout its history and development - Caesars and politicians - Ovid wrote in his “Classical Erotology” that Cleopatra indulged Brutus and Caesar in anal intercourse and called receivers in homosexual acts, minions; exolete meant an old worn-out homosexual.

The Levite priest were mediators, they watched all these nations and adopted and incorporated every religion into their worship and did the homosexual things. They chose an earthly king. Even though they were warned: “If you take an earthly king he will make soldiers of your sons, concubines of your daughters and they will oppress you all much and they will do like the evil kings around you do.”

Samuel brought a council of the elders of Jerusalem and they voted on who wanted to be ruled by God or man. They found Saul to be a man of charisma and he became King Saul and he sent them to war. That decision is, where a whole lot of trouble began.

Jesus told the Jews that he came for all people. When he came to the house of Jewish people and they asked him if he was a descendent of the King of Jerusalem - in other words shall we now take up arms and fight Rome and lead us into battle to restore the ancient kingdom of Jerusalem to former powers and glories, He said: “The kingdom you seek is not of this world. I come not to rule over or overthrow Caesar with arms.”

There was an ancient kingdom of Jerusalem when Solomon ruled but this was not a divine kingdom of Israel. David was supposed to be a representative of God but he did more evil than any body else and gave them much opportunity to laugh and mock him.

Today it is the Kingdom of the United Nations - the Kingdom of the World Bank, the Kingdom of Globalization. Churches pray for governments, governments use the Churches and religion is as an insurance policy. Go to College, gain scholarship and address one another as: ‘Reverent so-and-so and Father this-and-that.’ The Bible said call no one reverent and no man father. God has to come to them for reference and they are usually white and smiling Sunday mornings, singing hymns and stressing tithes to a congregation of unequal yoke and looking holy while they bed women and lust after backsides.

The End