Post date: Aug 3, 2009 2:29:24 PM

In business, when right, ones do not take no for an answer but a regular Barbadian attitude was much prevalent in the situation recounted below. Top men of the company Illuminat that used to be Geddes Grant, which is now owned by Neal and Massey, a Trinidadian company. Trinidad has us; they have bought us over have merged and come under one heading. The head here is Michael Armstrong, the son of the first local chief of police. The directors are: Anthony Yearwood, Keith Seale, Cherrie Ann Sealy Catwell, Anthony King, Keith Thomas and Senwick Reid and the salesmen involved are an Ince and a Lewis, two men. A business call itself Illuminat, when the Illumatii consist of fascist ruling families or ruling royal blood of the European dynasty, who seek to take over the world’s economy.

The directors and sales men follow through in the Barbadian internalisation of the ethics of the now exposed, degenerated, corrupt, greedy, destructive overdeveloped world and can sell their soul but this does not gives them the right to mine or the whole island’s? They do not understand that in business one does not give up. The Japanese tell them something and they enforce it on this island. There is not the gun but a matter of putting such men in a position and appeal to their lack of ethics.

The Japanese control their own in not so democratic ways using education, economics and business and they intend to strangle the west, infiltrate and take over with by education and commercial technology. Japanese are taken care of from the cradle to the grave by their employers and meanwhile their political dynasty oversaw, all the personal money that employees thought they had, disappear. Japan is madly developing robots because soon, too many of their people are going to be so old.

So well did salesmen, Ince and Lewis and director Anthony Yearwood and employees in New York internalise the Japanese ethic of built-in obsolescence - make something that is not lasting and according to the western world it done, buy a new one - that any question concerning the GR 1700 even an attempt to get left back spare parts or secondhand ones or information to repair or a manual was answered abruptly with: “That machine is obsolete no more parts are made for it anymore.” These people give up easily because some Japanese tell them something that does not make any sense.

A common issue with technology now is that manufacturers determine how long they want to pursue their old technology (especially with soft-wear) when in the old days things lasted decades. Now it is upgrade this and upgrade that and that puts finances in a spiral and creates challenge.

In 1934, a friend’s father when he went to manage a plantation in the country there was no electricity from the power company but there was a diesel plant that could direct any amount of power; something broke and the people at the foundry said they could not make one and so his father wrote the company in Bradford and said that he had one of their diesel engine and needed a part. The company wrote back and said that they did not make those machines for a long time ago and that they were glad to know that one that old still worked and they sent the parts free on condition that they use the letter.

Throw away items they are called. What is a throw away item? Throw away and we, the consumers pay for that. Our government should not allow imports in unless we can get parts for a long time or a local supplier can make them.

Illuminat is the sole agent for Risograph and in the Risograph GR 1700 is built-in obsolescence. They are ten years old and least five people have the same problem - a cutter unit is broken and Illuminat says they cannot get any parts and are not prepared to solve the problem other than by buying a new machine from them. It should be simple to get cutter units from another old machine, when the company is exposed to so many GR 1700 for they have a record of all the machines that they sold; they have a service contract on the machines all they have to do is go to a list on a computer.

These machines are very popular so it is easy to imagine when a school decides to change a machine but Illumant wants me to do like the schools that waste our money: use a machine for five years and the ministry will provide the money to buy another machine. If the school does not request funds the next year funds are reduces and their budget is reduced so waste money.

I have spent a lot of money buying ink and stencils over the years and somebody in Japan decides that it is time to spend money with “us” again. A machine in pristine condition must be dumped in a landfill with an excuse from Mr. Ince, the salesman. “We could not have known that after eight years Riso would do this to us.” So why are they still dealing with the Japanese and why do they not feel responsible to find me a simple cutter unit? The Risograph replaced the old Gestetener machine, which lasted in schools for generations.

Japan believes that by imposing their social structure business wise and economic wise on a society that society will fall in line. They have embraced western forms of business and so forth but they made a big mistake, when they adopt the Malthusian system of society with its zero population growth for it has wiped them out - they are now a society of old people. This came about in the 1800s in Europe. Dr. Robert Thomas Malthus was one of the Illuminati; they can be called social engineers, and that project put forward a programme in world education which fosters zero population growth to control the so-called over population of countries. It is now out of control but they believe that they can take over the world, which is the purpose of their great advancement and pushing of robots. If enough robots can be made to take over as much of the working force as possible and employ as little of the masses as possible, this will be cost efficient, which means more economic power and the world is based on economic power. There is no need for robots but they believe that with greater control of people there will be segregation and along with deprivation wars will erupt and people will kill off themselves and they will end up winners in a society where they are gods but even those that control will be processed and they too will be destroyed and discarded just like the lower end of the society - get us to fight and destroy each other but with the present star wars mentality it is going to death of them too.

What controls the company Illuminat in Barbados is ignorance. Not ignorance of the - “I do not know” but the one that says - “I do not want to know. Do not tell me that I do not want to know that.”

Most so-called developed countries have scientific civil servants - people employed as civil servants, who are strictly scientist. They may not be inventors or in the front of scientific research but they are there for the methodology, which means scientific methods and that scientific method could be applied to our economists our sociologists - all of them can use a scientist.

“I done with that.” Mr. Chandler the head of the government’s Science and Technology said, he blamed people above him for what has to be part of his job. He should resign and let someone less cynical try.

We have a few good scientists and we need a scientific civil service. When banks had a system, where they could recognize cheques by magnetic numbers at the bottom they found a black lead pencil was rubbed lightly over the numbers and when the cheque was given to the bank in the area they accepted it but when it went into their machine, the machine did not recognize it and it went in with a bundle of cheques, which the bank sent to the Bank of Scotland to verify but by the time they were verified money was in the account. That was a way. With a system of punch holes just stick another hole with a pin. There are always scientific ways.

We are not technological minded. Get a job in the Civil Service with five O’ Levels and they could be English, French and that lot. While someone who has a good pass in physics has a job in the post office selling stamps.

Henry Forde made so much money because he realized only a few people needed to be learned - that instead of one man making a whole car, he started a production line - let one man put on the left side wheel and the next a right wheel and let the car go along and someone else put on the fender and so on. He sold a car for two hundred dollars. Someone tightens a bolt on a back wheel but does not know how to make a uniform but he works at Ford for money.

The benefits of technology have been suppressed, oppressed and not passed on to the people. There is no smelting plant. We can smelt and use for building. Open a foundry for those with ideas – let them be heard - they could make part for all sorts of things. The new Halls of Justice has been built where was the foundry.

There are so many other things - about 25 years ago there were experiments making board out of bagasse what have they done? People must use locally what is available. Children born after 1950 no longer know how to build trucks, rollers with polish tins and scooters with ball bearing. We had the best metal work machine shop and made prototype shells that went everywhere in the world. In 1930 most of the technology happened with the amateur radio men, who found them out first; there was nowhere to buy parts; they used telephone receivers from Cable and Wireless to make radios,

Transistors - ultra high frequency and the first were at a special low frequency - VHF and ultra high frequency and cost four pound. Hundreds of them were used and a man started a firm making his own transistors - two sizes - small and big. They could oscillate beyond the frequency needed, they were like general-purpose transistors and he sold them for 2 shillings and six pence. In 1976 there was a spring that cost a dollar to replace and a retired Civil Service scientist, he was 70 and went home, and he made these springs at home and the same spring cost him a penny to produce. Integrated chips were just amplified and a Japanese fellow had a lot that were scrapped, junk because a firm made many and only used ones that pass a certain test and he found a way of getting inside of them with a microscope and fixing them. George Payne was a leper and when he set up a phone patch to Vermont and he was sent to Vermont to show them what to do. Barbados had more atmosphere probes over it than anywhere else in the world. A lot of information on the ionosphere and re-entry patterns that Cape Kennedy used was collected in Barbados.

Those things are irretrievably lost for the moment. All they can think of is tourist. We do not produce because are not making use of our mass brainpower.

When Intel was having their tax holiday here in the 70s, many were unaware of its importance to the computer industry. They built a new place at Adams Castle and made spare parts that hundred of thousands of dollars worth of them fitted into a shoe box, a man carried them in a case in his hand. They said that they were going to be here for a long time and the guy in charge said that he intended to have their own man do the job for the first ten years.

That implication foretold the story. They made spare parts because according to the American law a new product cannot go on the production line without providing spare parts for at least ten years. Mohamed on a mountain did not say that change has to be that fast. Ten years is not long enough. Radio mechanical engineering changes all the time and with the change comes the need to replace but it does not make economic sense for the human being. The sense it makes is to monopoly and they are gangsters.

An example of this kind of genital politics is from The Economist June 06th 2009 on General Motors.

“The problem in the 1970s was not really the arrival of better, smaller, lighter Japanese cars; it was GM’s failure to respond in kind. Rather than hitting back with superior products, the company hid behind politicians who appeared to help it in the short term. Rules on fuel economy distorted the market because they had a loophole for pick-ups and other light trucks – a sop to farmers and tool-toting artisans. The American carmakers exploited that by producing squadrons of SUVS, while the government restricted the import of small efficient Japanese cars. If Detroit had spent less time lobbying for government protection and more on improving its products it might have fared better.”

There is no sentinel being called business. Life is not industry these fast changes are to quick money not to find a fair way of making a living. It was not always like that before a Gestetner lasted two and three generations. Riso is the same copier it is only the model up from the Gestetner – clean and beautiful and works like a dream, dependable and a workhorse.

We do not have trained computer specialist, we have very skilled information technology worker, who know how to access and use computers, which do what they are supposed to do but they cannot go outside of the handbook that comes with the computer. Computers can do things for which they were not specifically designed but it takes a skill person to discover what it can do.

When the Standard Vanguard first came out, it was one of the few post war cars with a gear stick in the handle. It was not a mini car but not a big long car; it used to seat five and the speed dominator went up to 90, the handbook said so, but the car could do more than ninety - the same with computers.

Japan continues to sell us cars, which they cannot sell most parts of the world, without pollution controls – no catalytic converters - along the chain of command from the white car dealers, to members of parliament and the prime minister. Esther Byer-Suckoo was so disingenuous at a DLP lecture she gave early in their administration. She excused this situation with “we have just got in.” Meaning we were born to all issues only yesterday day.

Government taxes makes pollution control devices, which cost an extra $2,000.00 cost $6,000.00 more. We are being taxed to the grave. Dr. Joy St. John said that citizens are falling victim to more lung cancer, asthma and respiratory diseases. The number of lung cancer victims that do not smoke is increasing and no one not even the science and technology department says it is polluted air.

Worldwide there are more children steadily going into starvation not having anything to eat in the world than before and we got more billionaires walking around.

A solution is needed, now.