Reflections;Modern Politics,The Caribbean,Africa and Asia Minor.

Post date: Oct 14, 2008 7:17:17 PM

The most interesting book in decades;it is spot on on the issues and told incredibly simple by the masters of application.The authors are of Carib Ancestry and experts on military intrigue.Original thought and literature of the highest caliber by the Anna Commenus of a small Caribbean Commonwealth island.Anna wrote,in elegant Greek ,the history of her father,Alexander's reign,which began with an empire beset by enemies on all sides.

The authors document when and why ,in 1963,the island became involved with sales of artillery to Israel that were used to seize the occupied territory and,in 1975,armed South African troops in Angola with weapons,which prolonged the fall of apartheid by ten years;In 1976 ,saved George Bush,the father's career when he was head of the CIA and blew up in mid-air over the island's air space a Cubana flight that killed all seventy-six people on board.

This newly independent island,recovering from three hundred years of British slavery was in the 1960's and 70's,a principal in the most potent ballistic programmes,satellite launching systems and space exploration.

A wonderful social explanation that clarifies the deception behind behind the programmes of weapons of mass destruction and a range of surrounding issues and topics that is encyclopaedic,instructional,matter of fact and so spectacular through to the destruction of Iraq.

When the scientist who created the Babylon Gun for Saddam Hussein was murdered by Israel in 1990 the international press flew to Barbados to interview the poor old men in the rum shop in Fairy Valley,where it started.

Angela Cole writes with Gary,her son,who currently teaches in England.They write with a superb eye for dramatic irony and under the pen name Yotanka Tatanka,Sitting Bull,in honour of the Dakota Indian Chief.