NOTES TO MYSELF: - The Death Of Common Sense

Post date: Dec 2, 2008 6:22:52 PM

Dedicated to Vivien Ann Gittens, publisher of the Nation, whose Newspaper cannot be any worst

Who judges the genius? A genius that revels in the common place and gets to the crux of the matter immediately; that is a good legal brain and it is the hardest for the common ordinary man to understand then knowledge becomes perilous. If there is not enough weight nobody listens. While not yet given up realization is that mine is one solitary head, whose role while most important, beats against the wall for nobody listens any longer.

There is nothing worst than being powerless. To become a silent observer is a horrible end to a start, while still young, as a brave thinker, a saint doer with an adequate amount of evangelical zeal. It is so hateful to have to leave up things for somebody else to do.

Everything is collapsing as foreseen and forewritten. One long repetition of the same old same darn thing. People do not have a clue and are done with that. Some appear to help and some are a fifth column.

Our society is incapable of making new mistakes, afraid to do anything innovated that is thought that is bound to fail. People are not prepared to make any sacrifice: why walk when a car can be got into.

Yes sir! No sir! and if they do not say that they not going get somewhere. Every brother and sister know they have to say that. If life’s ambition is to have a new-nigger, million dollars house with no land around in Fort George Heights - good sugar cane land, where a friend of mine’s father managed all three plantations in the area, is now houses - when that is achieved, then that is that and if a bad order is given it is yes sir! And go ahead and toe the line. All for an address like having a P.O. Box.

Many people seem to be successful; they live in a big house but what is called success? They are the ones put on top of the list but they are of no importance for they have no power to change things.

I do not want to sound snobbish but I always knew, who I was.

There is insight and education. Insight is given, that which one is born with and education is a tool. Some can have insight but no tool/education. People out side the system everyday, who have been given the tools of education are everyday coming into the system but the problem is with no insight and when they see a person with insight they come to take or steal.

I went everywhere and did everything and my heart pondered on the most important things in life: building an equal and humane society through human resources.

I have allowed persons to draw from my insight, knowledge and understanding and because they have had an alternate and different motivation they have altered and changed the course of what was given.

These persons draw and feed but do not have the same fundamental root and are not going to do the same. It is one big party as they gather and use for gain - money and prestige but not for the sake of the good progress of the nation and for that reason have have no loyalty.

When life constitutes a whole bundle of needs, in search of opportunities need will control and corrupt integrity and in that moment what can be gained out weighs faithful dependability of purpose. A project, an opportunity, something of value or a goal goes nowhere because corruption jumps on to the bandwagon.

Whatever it is that they think that they need, opportunity becomes the controlling factor that determines choices. The love of money corrupts their mind until there is no real natural person in them.

The society is operating with a circular motion; it projects motion forward but is corrupted by conditions that are in themselves for corruption produces nothing of importance. A mango tree cannot bring forth apples and an apple tree cannot bring forth corn.

The constitution or the fundamental nature of these people does not allow them to see an angle and come up with another view. They are not in that state of mind; are not interested in what is said. The interest is to use and benefit for themselves. They are travellers and they only see how what is said will be the vehicle to get them along the road they are travelling and when on a road the track governs what they will see.

The need is to keep everybody blind with ignorance. Exposure is bad news, shit disturbing, getting in the way, and cannot be trusted to let selfish, evil plans go ahead. The only way it works is by manipulation.

It goes back to crabs in barrel, the instinct to pull down. Everybody got something on everybody else, so when one body decide to start to jump up they all go rah! rah! rah! and delude each other.

In other words if you want to manipulate the mechanics you have to no longer become the generator. There may look like disciples but they are not for they do not have a same spirit. They do not fight for the same cause.

I am the author not a slave so my security is always threatened, when they steal everything and nothing comes back, it slows concentration like the throbbing pain of a stumped toe it stops deep focus at some level at the place where there are no resources.

I am not corrupt; that theory is foreign to me, and that is the only reason I am not in the band. One global village – all of life on earth’s resources brought into one and not governed by reality – and when it collapses it will not matter how they pretty up themselves.

It is nonsense. To call them idiots is to blaspheme idiots for the definition of an idiot is somebody born feeble. These are not idiots they are foolish and democracy cannot be styled out of a foolish, ignorant people for that puts the worst people in charge. From the lowest of them do not believe that they are whores when they are offering their body and spirit. Moving around in blindness as they have been doing for so long. They are too fearful and cannot come to an opinion.

“Not me I ain’t getting into that.”

It repeats itself and it churns out models like with a cookie cutter, and those that do not stick together are looked on as outsiders. It is a historical thing and also a plan.

A lot of the people called ministers are blind or do not know what is going on. Make a man a minister and they have no time to think about doing well. They do not go about the place where and see the little man in the rum shops and in the bus stands to find out what is going on. The little man wants to eat chicken everyday too and why should not he.

These things get to the soul; the problem is that I am tired but I am not finished, not at a place there is nowhere else to go, not at the point of surrender.

Never before has so much of the island been owned by so many that do not live here. Foreigners should not own so much. Never before in the history has so little cost so much to so many people. Never before have we not had a say in so many things that are of crucial importance.

P.M. David Thompson has not been through the hornpipe either in politics or in law. Like the Prince of Wales his father died, when he was three and he was made king. David inherited a lot of baggage and needs wisdom; wisdom comes with doing and obstacles and experience, which he does not have.

Regardless of personal flaws, he will have to have extraordinary stamina or he will fizzle out or burn out. It is the fellow who has the zeal extraordinary, who lives the longest. It is the extracurricular badness that wears out.

Bush in the United States is going soon and Obama is going to do the opposite of him. Obama will close Guantamo Bay and bring the troops home. One idiot was allowed to have so much power with his veto he blocked legislation even if it was only for a time, but at a crucial time. One of the things about power corrupting is who is around that gather and figure out what they have to do to elevate the man at the top so that they will be brought along upstairs.

Jesus went on a mountain with Peter, James and John and they said to let them build some tabernacles and Jesus had to ask what the hell they were talking about. Brutus, when Julius Caesar, a tyrant had been got rid of and Marc Anthony spoke of Caesar as a great man, everybody figured that they were OK that they had got their man, Brutus, in power by assassinated and they would string on him and get near but Brutus said let me have men that are fat and men that sleep o’ night. In other words he did not want hangers-on, people, who want Cadillacs and BMWs.

There has always been boot lickers; the world is full of sycophants and Barrow realized that all had strung on to him and he intended to get rid of a lot of them. He had asked certain people to come see him but he died in a short time, before he could put his plan into place.

Even those around Reagan, the cowboy, were always saying that the president could not be allowed to do this or to think like that. When he, a Republican, promoted certain civil rights legislation because he saw that it was the right thing to do, he had to go against and sacked his chief advisor because it was in the interest of democracy.

Clinton had a good opportunity he did what he could. Robert Kennedy started to do something about it and they assassinated him.

To look for the big fish is to look down the wrong line. Forget the big fish; fish are small by comparison. The shark is obviously dangerous but a blue whale, the largest most powerful and most dangerous creature in the sea, will take out the biggest shark like nothing. A blue whale it is not a fish in any way and should be on the land but got so big that it could not carry its own belly so it had to be in the water.

There is a bigger machinery that rules America and the world and it needs to be gotten rid of or beat. Who is the machinery behind Barbados? Not the background people in positions, the chorus of loyal sons and daughters, who want to be seen to be so bright and intelligent. Those who have changed hats but wear the same clothes and none of them capable, not even to understand and are not personalities that can be admired.

The CIA/NSA/Israel are above all international laws - Edgar Hoover kept a dossier on all Presidents and all the President's men and even the Presidents, who are suppose to know everything did not know about it. Hoover ruled America for about forty years. George Bush was the head of the CIA.

Everyone knows Cubana plunged into the island’s waters and mass murder and terrorism was covered up by the Labour Party for George Bush, the then head of the CIA. And Fidel Castro sends in his clowns to lay wreaths.

“Satellite of None” is Barrow’s most quoted speech yet Barrow was a collaborator, who took the CIA side against the black people of Southern Africa fighting against apartheid. The Bridgetown CIA station, in the US Embassy, was an outpost of the Cold War and the highest priority mission of the station was the supplying of arms to the South African government then involved in the CIA-sponsored mercenary war in Angola.

In November 1975 Cuban troops disguised as vacationers were being transported on Cubana flights through Seawell and onto Angola. Major Norman Ricketts, British friend of Barrow, my boss and managing director of International Caribbean Airways in conversation in 2003 told me that back then, one night he saw Cubans, mainly men, getting off a Cubana flight and he alerted Barrow.

The rest is history Barrow stopped the flights, while he allowed Seawell airport to be used as a staging point for the CIA covert war: American C 141 jets transported hundreds of tons of weapons from Charleston, South Carolina, to Barbados for refueling, and then made the trip to Kinshasa, Zaire, where the weapons were unloaded and flown in unmarked planes to Angola.

Barrow, in a late 1975 interview with the Caribbean Broadcasting Union, (CBU), interview was in a quandary to explain why he stopped the Cubana flight:

“1f the Cubans wanted to join a war against Rhodesia or South Africa, which could be a war of liberation, I would not only give them permission to use Barbados as a refueling stop, but I would probably go along.” He said: “as a matter of policy my government never supported foreign intervention in any state’s domestic affairs.”

CIA operatives exploded a bomb in Independence Square at the British West Indies Airways (BWIA) office that handled Cubana. In the House Henry Forde, in opposition, put forward a motion condemning Barrow’s government for allowing the Cuban transatlantic flights to Angola out of Seawell, saying the country was meddling in another country’s affairs but made no reference to the U.S. C141s using Seawell for their trans-Atlantic journey to the embattled zone.