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How Zionist Took Control of Barbados

What is hidden must be exposed; that which is done in secret shall be shouted from the housetops and all is needed is a voice. The problem is that I have been available. And I seem to be a chosen vessel. A chosen vessel does not have any status whether Christian or not; it has to do with usage.

It is my mouth; it is always open, always talking and nobody else is saying anything so if I do not want available opportunities and open doors of insight, views, pictures, information and all the stuff that goes on around me, then close my mouth and go to a monastery.

Kahlil Gibran says that love is like something that cannot but be gone after but at the same time the same pleasure enjoyed turns around and wounds. The same words that are so tender, hurt and if there is no desire to experience love’s two-fold experience of pain and joy then leave it alone.

The creature that has material and spirit that could mediate between spirit and material is free. Man has determination and free will and the choice is to love or to depart from love and to use and control and manipulate for self pursuit.

I was brought up with my great grandmother and grandmother, where there was tremendous respect for our pater familias – the head of the clan, the father of the family - in our case the great-grandmother and grandmother and great aunt. This is how I was built.

In those days and in our realm of society certain women were the power behind the throne; the older matriarchs, while not visible they understood the full extent of their power and they told their men how to behave. Husbands relied on them for protocol etc. Tall six footer men were putty in women’s hands. Brought up in that sort of thing it is expected that others have the same attitude.

The important thing is to understand and not to bother about nonsense and anger. Something is wrong and it is in our relationships. Satan is a god of this world and man governs the system and not to work the system is to be against it, bow down and worship and I will give thee all. To let go means to be alone. To speak is to be kept outside the system. That is the punishment.

Families have done that for centuries; they ostracise and hide a difference or a handicap. Sufferers of Downs’ Syndrome were heavily protected and not allowed to mix. An extremely talented person, a very bright masterful football player, whose father and brother were lawyers but he had a hair lip and in spite of his brilliance he was kept as a clerk for lawyers.

The conflict is that those, who could have lots of money but it is not part of their philosophy and hopefully will never be; they do not submit so there are obstacles placed everywhere for self-preservation loses tolerance and discipline and the truth does not “set you free;” you have to sink into submission to whatever pride, pleasure, lust or desire there is to gain.

There is no consideration of anyone; it is control by fear so instinctively one protects. It takes a good brain to write eight books but various family members do not have the capacity to read and the bright ones are caught up in ambition and do not. In this morally flawed personal environment in order to protect from outside reality there is not much that can be said. A conversation does not get past: - “Good morning how are you?” - “Yesterday we had some rain.” “Looking forward to Christmas.”

In every area, in all the plans, is the need to show loyalty and thus less hassles and less financial restrains otherwise it is acclaim and no finance. Do not listen to the other side do not weigh evidence, take a side, pledge alliance, take the pretty glass that are thrown, sell the soul, come in the boat and shackles are placed on the ankles.

Hyenas are family to mongooses and not as they looks as if they are family to dogs. They are cowards, nasty and vicious and do not take a chance to face their prey - a lion or a wildebeest – alone; gangsters, they get together to bring down prey. Their leader is always female and it is difficult to trace a female line.

One sticks its teeth one side of the gut of the running prey and another on the other side then two grab its back legs; they slow the beast down until a lead hyena bites its throat and brings down the animal; and Ha! Ha! Ha! They laugh. But lions watch and come and take away the kill.

Jesus was not tempted in the wilderness. In the same way all of us are asked to bow down to all this temptation. Like to work in a bank for a good salary but still seduce the bank manager to get a bigger car. Do not call it by its real name; it is bettering oneself just another way to operate, a pattern develops.

Let us scratch for a solution, be independent and not join the belonging-to-the crowd.

After sixteen years away from the whole social family it was easy to spot the hidden truth and those, who function as spokespeople, echo chambers that echo and proclaim the banner and any form of exposure becomes a violation of the obligation to the family and at the same time a betrayal of what holds together and if the intention is to go forward then there must be loyalty otherwise the truth, which cannot be let out will be.

It is done in politics nobody knows what is going on, there have their inquiries and everybody knows who-done-it. But to the public it is “we cannot allow them to get away.”

“We have reached the sad, sorry state in Barbados where people, in order to curry favour with a displaced political oligarchy or to position themselves for future handouts and benefits, would compromise all standards, ethics and principles on issues of transparency, accountability and morality.” … Prime Minister David Thompson in the Nation Newspaper 27th January 2009.

This condition demonstrated so clearly in the political arena has to stem from somewhere for the political arena is the vehicle, the outwards expression of what lies in our society and the society is built up of families.

Take sides and to be on that side is to be a victim of anxiety and stress and to not to acknowledge, who the victim is. Be blind, play the game and even if at some level there is a wanting to be free or not be part of the doctrine then it is not possible to be a part of the family.

“I just do not know what to do with you. I only want what is best for you.”

“You just do not toe the line you just do not understand where we are.”

“Where you think I would be?”

“Why you do not write romance novels.”

“You have to learn a lesson.”

Like the “beauty” shows from which satisfaction is had from choosing the ugliest-looking. Things that are good, that displays some sort of quality are to be defaced.

We are in a crisis brought by an illusion, which the political scientist sociology and writer, John Cumberbatch (see REFLECTIONS, Modern Politics The Caribbean, Africa & Asia Minor by Angela Cole and Gary Cole - 1200 pages, in chapter entitled Scientific Revolution 1995 by John Cumberbatch,) said was real because people live by it as if it were so.

It is need, like a slave that has a position in a house, who defends the master over something, which has no significant, with no connection, just because he sees it affecting his own self. To do this is to see only one’s own level of survival and not to see any other for there are so many secrets and so many are confused by greed and enticed into a web where no one’s else worth is seen.

If good ultimately overpowers evil, then any unit, element or person or circumstance that moves on behalf of exposure becomes valuable to the true power that will over come in the future.

There shall be not many troubles, when the inevitable is realized that we are all human and that none are superior and none are inferior and the thread called humanity is a genetic bond between us and that the only way a society can function in harmony is if the family is the basic unit.

Regardless of whatever, family is the unit that causes a society to multiply and it keeps society cohesive and together. Family should be able to help each other irregardless of ideology and behavioural patterns and must make sure that there is no large inequality.

Family obligation can be divided and classified: the types are social, psychological, physical, economic and, to love, succor and to cherish to comfort each other and in comforting would bring in many different levels of things.

An essay given to students on family revealed that some of the students considered family as only those, who lived inside the house. Members, who lived else where were not considered family - fathers in some cases, grandmothers in others were disqualified.

We now have “household” families.

Bree was brought to the forth out of this. This first essay is for Eric a man that put his society first and I use a quote by his mother, who loved him and he loved about his brother not as a piece of gossip but to try to dissolve that which keeps us apart for while there is chosen and not chosen it will be hard to achieve cohesiveness in the society:-

In this case relations are chaotic:-

“Do not let Eric get any money for when he talks people listen and he would turn this place upside down.”

“Do not tell Ann. Do not Let Ann know.”

ERIC: “My mother said to me when she was 91 years old. Bree does not like you. I tried to find out from him why and he would not tell me. I gave birth to both of you all and I guarantee your father was his father. It cannot be money because he has so much more than you. I have come to the conclusion that it is your fast brain that he cannot deal with.”


For the second time Bree had double-crossed his brother. The first time was after Bree had asked for half share in a boat owned by Eric, he convinced Eric to sell the boat and end the partnership and then bought the shares in someone else’s name. Eric did not know until much later. That was the first double-cross of many. Lucy, [their mother] wanted to sell her shares in her plantation to Eric because he had financed its agriculture crop and when Eric went to his mother to recover the sum of money she told him that Bree had told her to pay it towards loans. Lucy saw her youngest son behaviour and said that he was jealous of his brother because Eric had a quicker brain but the family listened to Bree.

Eric had ideas but Bree dismissed every one with his usual: “he is mad” and until his death he did everything possible to diminish his own brother. Even when he was Prime Minister he refused to accept any advice from Eric even when he told him that his agricultural office misinformed him.

Malvern, the family enterprise set up by Miller Austin, was used to finance university education and personal goals and Bree with his social styling and political power won that individual rat race.

When Albert St. John stormed off from Malvern with his family Eric was two years old but every vacation the grandchildren spent at Malvern. Eric walked next to his grandfather and emulated his powerful behaviour. All happened in front of Noel too but he was not as forceful. Bree, years younger, was not considered.

Eric walked away from home to the school down the hill and no one knew. He went into the girls’ toilet and the girls found him. They screamed ran out and told the headmistress, who sent a runner to let his father know where he was. He was three years old.

“He must have gone by the school because he always say he want to go to school.” His father said and sent him to school at four years old, two years before he should have.

Bree was average height and Eric, a tall massive man, is more down to earth. He studied building in England and in those days people thought a builder was an architect and study in England meant a cut above the rest. While in England Eric met a 75 year-old German professor, who had three free doctorates from Germany and he thought that could be possible in Barbados. Sometime after his return a real estate agent and debt collector, who had two stepchildren in America came to his home.

The children had joined with others to collect a large sum of money to put a facility of the university of the West Indies in the island. Eric and they went and looked at a site in Cave Hill and they thought the site was ideal. They then went to the Labour Minister responsible, who rejected the idea and suggested that the money be given to the university college of Jamaica because in his opinion the island could not afford a university. The debt collector reported this to his stepchildren.

Eric promoted Bree in his political ventures and it was only after Barrow won the election in 1961, Bree joined the Labour Party, Eric refused to join Grantley Adams’s party, the Barbados Labour Party, for he had betrayed their grandfather and Bree ran for a seat in Christ Church that Eric ran, the next year, for the vestry in the parish of St. John because he recognized that there were those, who had ability and no opportunity and he thought that he could help such people to advance.

The topic of free education to secondary level came up and Eric suggested to Barrow to take education to university level because of his knowledge of the available money from the step children. A group trooped off to the site. Barrow liked the idea and went off to America for the first time.

Since Grantley Adams had said that Barrow was a communist Barrow had been refused permission to enter the United States and he took the opportunity to remind them that he had fought in a war against the Germans and he was sure that any German could get a job three times before him in the US because of his colour. When Barrow came back he said the money for the university had been distributed.

“You can get more money. If we could raise it once we can raise it again.” Eric said. Barrow got other people together and thereafter education was free until university.

A widening political gap opened between Barrow and Eric who felt that Barrow and his Democratic Labour Party had lost sight of peoples’ goal and what he saw as growing corruption. Barrow offered Eric a contract to build the Hilton Hotel but expected him to work along with dishonesty. Eric refused and by 1966 when they Hilton opened and Independence was declared the two were estranged. The divide between the politicians, the gangsters and the crooks was disappearing.

End of excerpt

The big picture must not be seen and the best way to keep people in the dark is to keep them in their place with antics - bully them, badger them and be cranky and contention, irritable and bad-tempered and make them feel that they can be cut down.

Social-styling and denial cannot hurt anyone on the battle field.

They weave like spiders that do not go into their own webs but sit in corners and wait for insects to come. It is their nature to master and manipulate to strive for superiority. Freud said that what appears to be superiority complex is really an inferiority complex.

On reflection, the Association of the Last of the Bajan pirates did not need to take the assassins’ route they could have joined Conrad Reeves and helped him, while he carried on Samuel Jackman Prescod’s political struggle but they wanted to marry his daughter – the son-in-law of the first coloured Attorney General and then Chief Justice and the first coloured man to be knighted in British Commonwealth. It was not like today, people did not get sirs just like that. That would have cut style.

Or they could have thrown in their lot with Valance Gale when he founded the Advocate “for the cause that lacks assistance; for the wrongs that need resistance; the future in the distance and the good that I can do.” He was a great admirer of Prescod but they did not want to.

At the time it was called a wise investments nowadays it is called money laundering: the Goddards bought the Marine from another white thief A.E. Taylor, who spent eighteen months in jail - a white man in jail, anyone can guess what happened - good food and the prison governor called him sir.

Dowdings, another associate, bought buses - red and green - and a company called Ecksteins, which evolved into DETCO –Dowding Estate Trading Company.

The Austins and St. Johns bought up plantations and education to Edinburgh and higher education and higher still in France. The Brownes even paid for Charles Duncan O’Neales’ tuition in Edinburgh University. St. Johns favoured education in the States and the Browne favoured property in and around town. Miller Austin had Malvern, the St. Johns bought estates and the Brownes had a big house Flodden in Collymore Rock.

I can still remember going into with Aunt Dolly and Joan the Browne’s bookstore on Swans Street, where decent literature could be had, Their two old aunts used to run the stores and they looked like gentile, relaxed persons eking out a living. And then I visited my paternal grandfather at a small watch repair station in a small jewel shop next to where is Correia’s now and over one of the two doors it read Austin’s Jeweler’s and Elsie Payne’s unmarried sister worked with him.

One strange thing the Brownes never had a car, the women used to walk to town. Miller Austin had a car and a chauffer. A lot of thieves spend big like the robbers at a bank, where the fools went and bought big cars and motorcycles. A clever thief would have taken out that money in suitcase and filtered it all over Russia or Egypt.

Part of the web was Charles Duncan O’Neale, the Browne’s paid for him to go to Edinburgh but he was a great disappointment to Miller Austin. It is not a matter for revenge. This is about those that saw and heard wrongness of action and stewed in it. It is a horrible situation, which will take a lot of unravelling but it must be done otherwise the unjust will continue to flourish.

Excerpt from REFLECTIONS - Modern Politics – The Caribbean Africa & Asia Minor by Angela and Gary Cole 1,200 pages available January 2008

Charles Duncan O’Neale was the first black politician from the lower middle income. While Prescod’s utterances are polished O’Neale’s, too many times are angry. Miller Austin believed that O’Neale was a bitter man because he treated his, Miller’s son, in a bitter way.

O’Neale could not hold a candle to Prescod and Conrad Reeves. O’Neale and Miller Austin’s son, Charles Miller Austin jnr. left on the same boat and enter Edinburgh University on the same day and graduated together on the same day and Dr. Charles Miller went on finally to a post at a hospital in Trinidad. It was possible for a few only coloured doctors to make enough money in Barbados because the general population lacked money and Charles like most doctors worked in St. Vincent and Grenada and then obtained a position at the general hospital in Trinidad.

O’Neal stayed and dabbled in politics in Manchester until he was asked politely to leave. He was seen as too much trouble. He proceeded to St. Vincent but ran into trouble. Within a month of O’Neale’s taking up a post with the same hospital in Trinidad, which Austin had arranged for him and had begged to give his friend, Duncan, a break; immediately O'Neale started to criticize Austin and put out false accusation. The board at the hospital called a meeting with the two Barbadians and much to the surprise of O’Neale, he was asked to leave.

Dr. Charles Miller often said that he and O’Neal were never socialists, they were both doctors and both of them wanted to become rich and when Duncan was dismissed from the hospital in Trinidad and Miller returned to Barbados he was surprised to find that O’Neale had become a socialist.

End of excerpt

Then there is the interplay: - A Dowding and a Goddard went into politics and ran for seats. Barrow came back and got hauled in and beat Dowding, in St. George. A Goddard in most cases was the bailiff that sold the indebted plantations to Miller Austin and the Goddards, who were paid by the local council to clean the streets of Bridgetown, turned that job over to Ernest Deighton Mottley and he ran a protection racket with it, only difference is that if store owners did not pay him protection money the outside of their shop would not be spotless like the other businesses that paid. A dirty shop front was not good for business.

W.W Reece had no clout, he was the Solicitor General and the Attorney General’s junior. A mulatto, his mother was a maid and his father a Reece. His son Jube was a lawyer and later Solicitor General. W.W. Reece and his maid produced Mottley. Mottley was Jube’s half brother and also his tout both as a lawyer, then as a politician. Jube ran for the conservatives against Edwy Talma when Talma got out of favour with Grantley Adams, and Edwy got in.

Mottley was a very scheming person and he had his plans and agenda. The time of white people elected to the House of Assembly waned but white merchants began to run the island with dollars passed to the new black politicians and from the beginning the white people put Mottley in charge of poor people. Little old ladies with no money but land ran into trouble and Mottley undertook to pay for things for them and ended up with their titles.

No vice was below Ernest Deighton Mottley

This was an era of people, who had the technique to use people better than themselves. As their descendants weaved and jostled for control, they have marked attitudes and behaviour just as white plantation owners have. Even though some people go through the same situation unassisted, there are weak people, who are not bonded with others due to poverty, drugs or genetics degeneration.

When Grantley Adams came along anything was a vision. Agriculture workers received 2s. a day and that was in the crop time. He said: “That is wrong; you should get sixty cents.” And they said: “You got my vote.”

Friday evenings the superintendent got on his three-piece suit and felt hat, gold chain and he is barefooted and in a tie but he frighten for he dare not wear shoes. That was a class thing if he put on shoes the manager going think he got money or he getting too uppity.

One fellow they called Two-Forty. New dollars notes were issued; there was a big two shilling-piece and two-and-six and when this fellow got his money he waited until the whole lot of people were paid and said: “Sir, the money isn’t right I was to get ten shilling and I only get $2.40.

All of these things in the memory is why some did not think to become planters.

A labourer came in the yard with a pair of pumps; he knew he going get his money - his name not going call early because he was younger and the older man were paid first. There he is in pumps, and the watchman came and said to the manager; “Send him back! Look he got on pumps! He cannot come in this yard to get money and come with pumps and clean clothes.”

This is the sort of thing that was happening up until the fifties.

Grantley was in charge of the parish coins: every bicycle number used to cost 54 cents and it went into the parochial treasury of which he was in charge and there seemed to be no accounting. Every person in charge of the parochial treasure ended up with money although Grantley did not leave any millions.

Grantley made a name amongst certain poor people for every day he took, out of this money, a bag full of six cents piece and the poor said: “Oh Grantley I ain’t got…” and he said “Do not worry,” and handed out handful of these coins.

He never liked to have bright people around him so he got young men out of the country and the city slums. R.A. Map was a teacher but he had no leadership skills but the ability to run a ministry. M.E. Cox was a taxi driver then he put Frank Walcott, poor and manageable in Hugh Springer place because Springer was an honest and decent educated man that Grantley saw as a threat, so he got him out of the Workers Union; found him a job at the University of the West Indies, Jamaica replace him with Walcott and moved Walcott to live in an upstairs house in Bank Hall Cross Road near where Springer’s family lived and where Mottley bought a house.

Excerpt from REFLECTIONS

Hugh Springer seemed unprepared to use his principles for a cause, to make a difference, but kept them on a personal and selfish level for in the early 1950’s his two sons and the son of his cousin, a middle class teacher at Harrisons College, played with other boys from the area.

A mechanic’s son was able to own a bicycle because the mechanic had taken an old frame and fixed it up; it was called a spilliard and it had no fenders, no bell and no lights. The boys took turns to ride and to run behind the bicycle and their family were all happy for them to do so.

Amongst these boys were Frank Walcott’s son and Mottley’s two sons. When Mottley bought two bicycles for his sons and a few days later Walcott bought his son a bicycle, the grandmother of the Springer children, even though she did not mind her grandchildren running behind the poor but decent mechanic son, did not want her family running around behind Mottley and Walcott’s sons. She credited a bicycle so that they did not have to do so and she should not have because the fathers could not afford to do so.

Mottley did not credit; he paid with cash that the planters and businessmen from the city with big money gave him and Walcott’s money from the union and although people knew what they did and that they were lower orders, they ate themselves up over the lifestyle. Soon, everybody else that used to walk had to find something to take them down the road and when high purchase came they had a different size bicycle, a child’s bicycle for they could not wait to get a full size one and all the middle income had to have one.

End of Excerpt

Things were changing and to the Association education was a badge not a tool for these people wanted to be in certain company. Some of the company did not want to be with them but for some it did not matter how the money was got for after all white people had plundered and were plundering and are still plundering.

To be educated and to the manor born and in “decent clothes” was the only way blacks entered in the Marine Hotel. It was very clever; nobody was barred; black people just did not go there.

There was never an official colour bar and no apartheid laws; blacks people just did not go certain places. There was no need to have separate beaches; there were certain beaches where black people did not go, like Paradise. Lesser whites, high browns – and not all browns they had to have deep pockets - went to the Aquatic Club.

Black Barbadians resent things but keep it inside. Its was voluntary segregation. Black bull dogs were hired as watchmen and black people just obeyed the line. One of the things done was when certain people went in and sat down they were not served and like a dog if every time it is around somewhere it is kicked they just did not go.

Slowly those values seeped into the wider society; money is wasted to buy a big house, but the house lies doing nothing, PhDs have turned into wall paper and what it taught is not challenged. They are badges. People full of learning do not kow-tow to uneducated white people with money because they want to get in white people’s club.

There is a reason why certain people are afraid and refuse to want to know anything about or delve in their family background. Either it is very hurtful and a lot of pain or something can be uncovered with which they will not be able to deal.

A “down home” – a longhouse experiment – had highlighted an unnecessary level of people, who take for themselves and their family more than they contribute – this clannishness most likely springs from the “households” family.

To be rooted is perhaps the most important

And least recognized need of the human soul …

To be able to give, one has to possess;

And we possess no other life, no other living sap,

Than the treasures stored up from the past

And digested, assimilated and created afresh by us.

Of all the human soul’s needs,

None is more vital than this one of the past.”

- Simone Weil

Everybody should do their family history - know the people from whom they came, get to know their great grandfather and way back wherever they were and conditions that surrounded the family. Students need to be shown how to peruse rate books and find all the people that owned land and the kind of taxes they paid.

The society at all levels must be realized. Social psychology: the psychology of the society over all the year - at each era - look at its impact on individual and family life. Otherwise we create conditions for the “Sell Out.”

The majority of people, who write our history do not go into the socio-psycho-social dynamics of the culture at most times. There are several factors. Any intrusion of one ethnic group especially if they are a whole lot of them like Zimbabweans have been targeted because they are refugee and South Africans fear them. like we fear the Guyanese for a stupid reason.

When we preached decency, goodness and equality we were shot down but Obama went to the web site, pumped the propaganda and won an election on such an appeal. Appealing to morality is something, which sounds good, but care must be taken of false prophets, like a quick fix - an injection - and the injection works for awhile like penicillin used to cure everything at first.

Billie Graham went to London and appeared to clean it up but what he did was to push the whores underground and made it more difficult for the police to control vice. Before his moral campaign, girls pulled up their skirts, held up one leg and that cost 2 pounds. Graham started and there was now a need for a house and the girls had to pay rent and foreign pimps moved in and the price was inflated to 10 pounds.

Morals and ethics have been forgotten. Pitfalls are in the way of any forward looking Bajan. All of the blocks are there: offers of money and if that is not fallen for the society is made to laugh and jeer.

“Who she think she is.”

It is the same syndrome “can anything good comes out of Nazareth?”

Good things came out but it was said to be a fluke. Judges, many of the now-rich and elite went there at St. David’s but you do not hear them going to St. David’s. The syndrome seems to be inherit.

All of this is part of why people are seeing only household. It is contrary to nature for a family to actually plot to destroy part of its own close members. A family to which there is no appeal and not open to argument is in turmoil and must have some irritant in the blood. Anyone in the family – inside and outside - that is bright and not corrupt must be taken down.

Families cannot agitate and take away natural, justice decency and a sense of fair play. That is a human and constitutional right and affects the society. This behaviour is not about benefiting; benefits have been gone past; what is had, has to be secured.

All that can be seen is self. The mirror image is self. What I think is all important. The lies are within self. Pray is to self, self worship, everything is the I and I – in other words me and the idea is for everyone to do the same thing to pass on the same spirit but in some cases it is not possible and with all the education and books it is still felt that that can happen because the mentally is that education is not really that important.

People are not treated according to their status; their value cannot be seen even if they become the President of the United States or the Pope of Rome; it does not matter. They are lower and are put on a block on the day they were born and are to grow up on that block and are expected to remain until death on that block. Become Prime Minister and it will be said: “Do, get off that the stage.”

Join hands and most, regardless of how Christian, throw in with the rules. Say that is a blue pants and it has a cut even if it is a red pants with no holes. Friendship is deceit, usury and cunning for control and all end up alike. It is even worst than that, they deny the entire criminal actively.

“Nobody ain’t kill any body.”

“Mary Jane says that it is not true.”

“He not kill anybody.”

“Nobody try to rape any body.”

“Nobody deal drugs.”

“There was no sexual abuse.”

“They just do not answer the telephone; the whole family are not on the Internet gambling 24 hours a day.”

That is what needs analysing. The depression is here everything will hit the fan and jobs will be lost and those who should know do not know what to do. Real estate is keeping our people down. Money is wasted to buy a badge, a big plantation and a National Trust sign is stuck on it to say to preserve it and like most plantations it was too much for one man without children. They live in the house but the plantation lies doing nothing. No longer is the long drive overlooking the plantation lands planted in food crops, it is now a lawn with ornamentals. What heritage is that to protect? While there are our people, pensioners, who have the old time values and are happy to live in Barbados but are stuck in cold countries and cannot come back because they do not have $1.6 million to buy a house because the Zionist sell out our real estate at inflated prices.

To be continued

PART III – The Serphardic Jew in the family and the terror it has brought.

The End