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Zionist Attempt to Claim Barbados as Promised Land

Most people have not thought along the following lines; it seems futuristic but it is very frightening, anyway, had it not been for the circumstances of birth, breeding, work, associations and friends I would not have this insight. A lot of things were happening. Some, like my family, lived in a certain society and we know what went on in certain circles.

There is so much denial and so much false history that the sociology of this island is a very divisive thread. Nobody seems capable to go into it to analyze the fabric of society at different levels.

At the entrance of the new Jewish museum, opened in January last year, there are several falsehoods, the meaning of which this essay shall explain: -

The first announces: -

THE BITTERNESS OF EXILE, THE SWEETNESS OF KNOWLEDGE … THE SEPHARDIC JEWS“Those Bearded men of Barbados, island of Bearded Trees.”

Sephardic Jews are not bearded men after whom some claim, maybe, Barbados is called.

2/. With them [Jews] they brought their expertise in windmill technology and in growing sugar cane.

The cultivation of sugar cane was here before the Jews. Jews introduced, financed and brought the horror of the triangular slave trade.

3/. For these Jews and their descendants coconut milk and sugar cane were the milk and honey of the Promised Land to the people of Abraham.

They shall “inherit the earth” but this land is ours, not theirs and will never be and we, South American Indians laid that lie to rest, centuries ago, when Jews came claiming that wherever they put their fork in the ground belonged to Israel.

There was a snippet on television about Antigua last night. Several monoliths that have cosmological and astronomically significant for they lined up with certain stars and are centuries old were found there.

4/. “The Nidhe Museum tells the story of the Jewish community that settled in Barbados from the colony’s earliest days although the community was not large; it profoundly influenced the island’s destiny”.

These Jews brought terror as was never seen before but it was not long before fearless, white merchants and planters saw that these Jews with their overseas “connections” were at too great an advantage and Jews were got out of here quietly in a few years and just so without any fuss.

These statements fit a scheme to manufacture history and network it out to displace and marginalize indigenous and local people. Financially they have done so.

Give me control over a nation’s currency and I care not who makes its laws. … Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1743-1812).

“Until you told me I do not know anything about Tabor.” Barbados Community College historian Trevor Marshall said of, Michael Tabor, the main Zionist financier of the museum. “I do not want to upset them people! I really do not want to bother right now. The museum allows the students to go in there free! If he [the museum’s receptionist] is such and ass to tell you stupidity that he got to put me in my place…. Well!”

Not having certain facts and silly, insipient paranoia, which came from slave and indentured servant “seasoning” – training - has left that, which cannot protest, cannot be anti-anything, and no voices. 300 years of slavery has left a docility of mind, so many – some say no less than sixty slave upheavals – were put down by planters and were not put down in the newspapers for reason of arriving at docility but can be found in the colonial government dispatches. They are there folded up in pairs in files.

Literature must dig further and descend deeper in order to psycho-analyze behaviour and make the social background understandable for unless some African prince is dug up, there is denial of origin, a reluctance to look behind the scene,to find and examine flaws.

We are going to get a reputation of being publishers of nonsense.When my mother was young they used to get books called penny-dreadfuls.They were rubbish and had no literary content;it was just that they were fast reading;it was mental masturbation,intellectual priapism.

The flaws in personal make-up gets in the way and most times it is all because of poverty caused by slavery. It should not be because after all education was suppose to correct that. The social pretense, the glorified mockery of today, has its creation in denial of origin.

On the other hand Tabor, according to a reputable English newspaper, was a hairdresser in 1970, when Trevor Marshall was at the University of Mona Campus having left Lodge School, where he went with lots of white boys that called him Snuffy because of his red hair.

The people that have allowed this should be talked about. The first one is University of the West Indies Professor of History Karl Watson. His family came out of the very poor-white Watsons from St. Andrew down there by Lakes on the East Coast Road. There are still Watsons in that area. As a young boy the family lived in the Chelsea environs. A few months after I wrote in God Have Mercy – The Codrington Trust that the Jews brought the tri-angular slave trade to Barbados he was on a podium with a leading Zionist family member, Altman, moving up and down in the back ground, announcing that he had checked and not many Jews owned plantations.

That was the beginning of his disingenuousness with the Zionist. The Jews, as a rule, did not own plantations, they did not get their hands dirty, they may own a factory, but they invested and controlled the sugar trade up until today. That is why the island went from tobacco to sugar because the Jews still do not control the tobacco industry. The problem with the sugar industry is that those, who sell sugar, do not produce it.

Watson whispered that his family might be Jews. If he is a Serphardic Jew then it is genetics. [See PART III of this essay - The Serphardic Jews in the Family.] He can be said to have overseen the museum and while, it is sure, that he did not suggest to write up the lies, he, for some reason lacks authority and sees it as beyond his control otherwise he would have told them from the beginning.

He cannot be a professor and feel that the issue is not important enough. He is not like some, who would not even be aware of the significance of those statement after all they are accustomed all these years, in 2009, to believe that Caribs were cannibals and people called Arawak were peaceful. Nobody with insight into the indigenous people has ever recorded that but they do know, who is Edward Daniel although they remember his name as the one, who made that self-serving and stupid statement in his books, which they were made to read.

Marshall has not reacted officially to the blatant lies and continues to take his students. His excuses need to be discredited. Marshall has a name but is forced to teach in what is functionally seventh standard - fractions and that is great but there is calculus and chronic geometry.

“I am taking my sixteen to nineteen year old and I am telling them this is a synagogue, show them the archeology site and I show them the museum; the politics, the racial nonsense, I tell them different. I insert all of the corrective information.

“I teach and have to go easy. I train do not forget. It is in my interest to go on to the university to do history. If it gets them in the rough and tumble stupid arguments of the people every day they go home and tell parents, so you go easy at that point.

“I have survived the way I have and even beyond since I am in an institution they can get at me by attempts to destabilize me. First of all I teach because I want to secondly teaching is a subversive activates. You are dealing with delicate…”

This is fear for job – “I have a job I under pressure and I have to be careful” and about establishing credentials but not among bright people but fifteen and sixteen year olds.

Views expressed about the new Chancellor are not for publication. He does a lot of twaddle. He left the island at eleven years of age went down to a nondescript university in Wales did a thesis on Chinese economy, found his métier and manages accordingly.

Lecturers rely on somebody say so and it sounds good and it forms a platform, chronicle it and put the sweet soundings in a book and that is that. They are not real leaders of society but try to identify themselves with a tribe - I like you; you like me; we think the same way, we come across in the same boat - that tribe never existed it is a made-up and new one.

People cannot be educated on slogans. Teacher must teach young children the dignity of being themselves - just being a lovely little black child. Genius does not strive when everybody believes the same. That is why gas chambers existed in villages and Germans accepted. They just said: “There is something going on up there.” And the bodies burnt.

In my day teachers like, Elsie Payne, were not faced with these choices. Elsie was an elite. She had brains, she was not needy. Her family had a shoe shop and there was no dressing-up and no need for social styling; everybody knew everybody and houses were always full of people.

It is noticeable that first class honors sociology graduates do not produce many statistical studies or write books. They have not written because they did just enough to pass the subject and since they passed it must be because the depths of the subjects taught were very narrow. People with PhDs from the UWI can be compared to what used to be Oxford and Cambridge A Level passes.

Sorry is the word for its head; he is not strong enough. He is a brilliant sociologist but he is still pulling the cart and has not come out and cannot get from between the shaft. He is already enslaved; there is nothing that can be done with him. He and his brother are well liked and his wife’s colleagues say that his wife, now deceased, was brighter than he was and that she suffered in silence.

There are so many, who have a name and who do not deserve it. These people must be looked at for there is need for better analysis to see why the obsession with false notions of social mobility.

Our society must be seen as our right. A new start is needed to unlearn. Then those without the knowledge of grandmother will not feel alone. This is not a difficult thing the Nazi started on a false premise and did it for all the wrong reasons but it can be done. This is not about race or blond hair or blue eyes; it is about the teaching of real history.

Zionists have a plan. I am brighter now than I was then; there is somewhere, some preparation to discredit people that lived history.

“In order to achieve a totally predictable economy, the low-class elements of the society must be brought under total control, i.e. must be housebroken, trained and assigned a yoke and long-term social duties from a very early age, before they have an opportunity to question the propriety of the matter. In order to achieve such conformity, the lower-class family unit must be disintegrated by a process of increasing preoccupation of the parents and the establishment of government-operated day-care centres for the occupationally orphaned children.

“The quality of education given to the lower class must be of the poorest sort, so that the mote of ignorance isolating the inferior class from the superior class is and remains incomprehensible to the inferior class. With such an initial handicap, even bright lower class individuals have little if any hope of extricating themselves from their assigned lot in life. This form of slavery is essential to maintaining some measure of social order, peace, and tranquillity for the ruling upper class. Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper

Compare origins and of our icons to use grandparents as a source of courage. Samuel Jackman Prescod’s uncle’s daughter was quite at home with all sorts of people from all walks of life like Sir Randolph Philips and it was Mary and Joe and they ate her food and she did not cook it.

The Head of Sociology and Political Science his father and mother fell in love with each other early they married and stayed marry. She stuck with him and so he advanced and got promoted.

Dr. Richard Allsop is a learned man who married a brilliant girl too.

Woodville Marshall, very bright, has not got himself involved with any politics. His father was chairman at CBC at one time. Do not mind his sister, we shall analyze her behaviour after her ruling on the l’Akoki inquest. She has left the stable door open.

Keith Hunte is a Carrington Village boy and that area produced many scholars.

Hugh Springer was a struggling bright lawyer whose father had been a headmaster of a school in Government Hill and Grantley Adams’s father was from the same area. They would know one another. They were headmasters of the same school at a different time.

Along the Bank Hall area: there was Olga Symmonds and her husband. He was about forty and he went down to the sea swan out and that was the end of him. She was left with three bright children but they lived a certain stand and never deteriorate. Dame Pat Simmons was one child. Another Algie won a scholarship and the other Noel got a job at the peasants loan bank that turned into the governments agricultural bank.

Further down that road Dr. Gordon Cummins he had his three sons and a daughter. He became a Prime Minister.

Rannee Douglas, later Sir Randolph taught at Harrison College and then he said: “I going to go to Canada and read law.”

These fellows were educated. Some went off to the war. Sandy Lane was a factory.

While Michael Tabor was hairdressing Trevor Marshall and all of them were at either the university of the West Indies Mona campus or other universities and it is for sure nothing so rude go on. It is a matter of machismo black fellows, in those days, did not dress hair.

At secondary school the fellows were ready for the transformation from being a grouping of pampered privileged teenagers, moving with the Moseley and all the other people from the established middle class and with generations ,who attended university. They came from Harrison College, they came from Lodge School and Combermere and they met at Mona, when the occasion was ripe - the people and the time - and events overtook them and Ralph Gonzales was made into a politician.

Mona made them ask, what are the masses experiencing, and what can they do to help and when they finished at Mona they asked what were they going home to do to improve the lot of the masses. Timothy Callender was amongst them.

The point is Tabor did not have education in England, where the students’ education would have made them stand out. The minute they opened their mouths Latinist phrases would be heard, trained rhetoric of Plato and Cicero came from black voices and the next generation of leaders would have been recognized. Simmons head boy at Lodge became the Chief Justice.

At this point ambition for money was basically for a better house, get a car and move around and gave preference to aspiration of class, in the sense of associational, to move with a particular grouping that were decent and were respectable. Some looked to the Gollops and Oscar Jordan.

Although Trevor and this later lot of university students were in a different category and a different breed from the older university students of the 1940s in that the older students were referred to by their headmaster as gentlemen - that was a public school thing people call them Mister.

These decent educated people would not have and could never have shared Tabor’s ambition for money. This kind of money does not deal with issues of popular conscience.

How is it then that such people are being made flunkies to someone from the slums of East End of London - Cockneys, those people that singsong and rhyme and talk nonsense for a lark.

“The new blood includes some of Britain’s wealthiest men, such as the East End-born bookie Michael Tabor who sold his 114-strong Arthur Prince chain to Coral for pounds 28 million. Tabor has built what some describe as a 20 million pound “Dallas-style” beachside property in St. James, buying and then razing three other houses to make way for it … The wealthy racehorse owner and breeder Robert Sangster recently parted from his third wife Susan – is still in residence but has, it is rumoured, been offered 13 million pounds for his magnificent house at Jane’s Harbour. … DAILY NATION Extra Wednesday December 1999, reprint from the London Times.

These bookies cannot claim morals but they made money. It is not about morality and was not in our kind of scope. Maybe the emancipated, who had been so exploited, were reluctant to exploit. In England until 1960s all of the bookies had a big sign with a name on it on their shop windows but it was never possible to see inside and people went and made their bets.

We knew more about bridge – brown-skinned and educated black people played bridge at six pence a point in the forties but they did not try to make money out of it. Those that did this: one lost a whole week's wages, gambled it out at Goddard’s, where the Nova Scotia Bank is; it used to be called the Ice House. They went up there and got a decent meal, a steak, and then they gambled. There were rooms just like at the Mutual, not, where every body knew but, when the staff went home a dozen people turned up; it was a gentleman’s club and it never had a strict colour bar. Eileen Stuart’s father was the steward and chief butler. He was a very respectable man and all that, who went to a church by the stadium, where he was a member all his life.

Clearly, the Zionist have “worked they way into the wood work” of this island as Merit Amit Israel’s then Chief of Military Intelligence said.

REFLECTIONS – Modern Politics – The Caribbean, Africa & Asia Minor – by Angela Cole and Gary Cole - 1200 pages available January 2009.

Israel was dependent on Nigeria for 60% of its oil and from the early 60s the Mossad supplied information to South Africa’s apartheid regime on African National Congress (ANC) members in exile and caused hundreds to be arrested, tortured and killed.

In Gordon Thomas’s book Gideon’s Spies - The Secret History of the Mossad (2001) he writes in Chapter 13 entitled African Connections:-

“The prospect of thousands of trained and well-armed African revolutionaries being within a few hours striking distance of Israel was alarming to its politicians and intelligence. But to provoke this guerrilla army when they had offered no direct threat could lead to a confrontation Israel did not want and Meir Amit [Israel’s then Chief of Military Intelligence] when Kwame Nkrumah, the pro-Chinese ruler of Ghana, was on a state visit to Beijing, Mossad orchestrated the uprising that led to both Nkrumah’s overthrow and the destruction of the CIS [Chinese secret service] infrastructure in the country. They set the two bastions of communism at each other’s throats while at the same time, as Merit Amit later put it “working our way into the African woodwork.’

Mossad turned its attention to the one intelligence service in Africa it had come to look upon as a friend: the Bureau of State Security, BOSS, the most feared arm of South Africa’s security apparatus. Boss matched Mossad in blackmail, sabotage, forgery, kidnapping, prisoner interrogation, psychological warfare and assassination. Like Mossad, BOSS had a free hand in how it dealt with its opponents. The two services quickly became bedfellows. Often operating in tandem, they moved through Africa, enjoined by a secret “understanding” between Israel’s Prime Minister, Golda Meir, and the Pretoria regime. In many countries, Mossad demoralized African nationalism.”

This class confusion comes about because too much importance is place on these lesser-white newly-get-rich people. Too much weight is given to them and they are allowed to put more pressure on the society than they ought to. If this were not done they would just fade away in the background.

These people have their followings but it is a dark side, like Lucky Luciana. Castro told them to get out of the country and, not only that, he told them take your money. An authorisation regime like Castro’s Cuba could do that. Luciana took his money and went to Sicily or one of those places for he was person non-gratis in America.

The biggest mafia in Cuba was not the Italians but the Jews, Meyer Lansky, the Jew, was the king of organized crime and we are a holding area for the expected re-conquest of Cuba, when Castro dies. These shadows are a little empire within an empire but although a lot of people do not like Castro, the Western World loves them as they are in love with Israel.

Logically, to love Israel is to not to believe in a God of do-unto-others and treating our neighbours as ourselves it is to like the devil’s right-hand men. Of course they can say anything there is no restriction on them everything they say is right. They are untouchable. I do not know how far they are going to go, when you look at the causalities thirteen Israelis dead and 1200 Palestinians about 500 of them are children.

Oh my God! It is mystifying it is happening before our eyes. Israel bombed a United Nations building and an official responding to Israel’s accusation that Hamas fighters were shooting from the building said that there was the truth and what Israel says. Israel can now wipe out a whole village and say that Hamas is shooting at them.

They are behaving like the same that the Germans behaved towards them. They do not accept anyone else’s right. As far as the Israeli are concerned the Palestinians have not a single right.

The only way to put it right; all it needs is somebody to find an atom bomb somewhere; it does not have to be sophisticated it could be the most elementary atom splitting device. It is going to have to come to that level it cannot go on like this.

When people like Arafat said Israel should not exist everybody jumped up but today there is Israel written on the map and no Palestine. My grandmothers spoke of Palestine. It was there, when they grew up. Jerusalem was always in Palestine. They spoke about a white English policeman, in a senior position from the Palestinian Police Force. He came from there and would have been in the colonial civil service. The same way that white English people were in charge of our force the same thing happened in the Palestine force they sent out there English people to be police.

The whole place was and is Palestine but the world is not going to recognize that. That is what the war is about. Israel took over in Gaza, a tiny strip of land, a location, like North Point, and is treating it like it is a country and are killing, maiming and starving generations of displaced people that they made refugees, who are sleeping on top of one another - many know no other life - and with nowhere to run, nowhere to go.

The whole world has turned their backs on Palestine.

Back to the Zionist here. The problem here is really a non-scientific treatment of minorities; we stay aloofness from fellow citizens because they are poor. Even church leaders do not go in the ghetto. One, when he was made bishop, his brother was archdeacon in one of those towns in Canada and when he used to ask “can anything good come out of Nazareth,” the brother used to say: “You are Bishop do not forget you are from Boscobel.” Our Bishop did not spend much time in Boscobel. He no longer associates.

One had a father that was a Methodist man,who did not live here all the time and he has had a hard job finding out, who he is, and there is not much hope for him.

In the workers union there is a Lodge Road boy from a village, from where a lot of fellows with potential come but he does not spend any time in Lodge Road.

And white trash with money like Tabor has flunkies popping up everywhere with the same attitude: “it is my job; I belongs to a powerful serf;” and paid to keep the likes of Trevor Marshall in “their place.”

The museum’s receptionist that wants to put Marshall in his place is a Brewster and one thing that the Brewsters do not want to remember is Martindales Road, where they were extremely poor. They were good looking and it has done them well but this one could not produce a piece of paper with history written on it.

That is where disciples and prophets must arise to empathize in order to move those, who will continue to want to sell out this country for until enlightened people are found of which only one or two of this generation can be named; hopefully they may be found, one of the little ones somewhere in a school.

The old standards have deteriorated and values and perception changed. At one time carnival was alien; it was copying from Trinidad, now it is Crop Over, a poor copy of Trinidad.

There was a celebration at the end of the crop, which those in the country knew about but the town people did not. The last week of the crop, cane and sugar workers stripped off bougainvillea flowers and decorated lorries and mules and oxen and one horse carts. Nearly every village had a wooden horse, a merry-go-round, which would come into play at that time. But then it was strictly a common man celebration. Now funny Tony Blair uses it as an excuse to get to the island.

From REFLECTIONS –Modern Politics – The Caribbean, Africa and Asia Minor – by Angela and Gary Cole - 1,200 pages released January 2009

Nick’s ex-wife, Beryl, works as house manager of a house, Laughing Waters, for the Magnias. The Magnias, the Tabors and the Sangsters are the trio of British gambling interest in three houses, which surrounds Sandy Lane. Beryl rarely recognizes people, who know her past. She had been Nick’s manicurist, whom he married and, when the couple broke up she wept tears and complained that she had such a hard time financially because without “a stick of education” she doubted her ability to find a job.

The Tabors’ new house is a computer that leaves one with a feeling of discomfort. They have the best sound system in the world and the house is reported to cost US$32.5 million. The land on which the house is built is about an acre and located on the beach.

In the middle off the house there is something like a beacon that glows in wonderful colours and looks as if a helicopter could land there. Underground runs huge, thick cable wires and the walls move. Admission into other deeper underground parts is prohibited. Adjoining bathrooms are inaccessible without special security passes and the only painting on the walls is a portrait of Prince Charles.

There are questions to be asked about these new people’s life styles – exactly what are they doing with their money, influence, and what is in the three-storied deep basements with their bunkers and interlocking tunnels to Sandy Lane and other houses nearby?

When owners are investing, laundering, or bringing money and stockpiling drugs they must control the territory. Coup d’etat is old fashion. The Prime Minister can be controlled – say that the bunkers are for hurricanes but should morals and integrity try to take over then that will be the end of our tenuous democracy.

A man called Blair Downes arrived. Millions of dollars hung from his pockets. He bought the house of Pamela, Averill Harriman’s wife and he spent much money on it; he bought and he brought in a racehorse, entered the horse in the biggest race on the island; he won and he became a hero and was pictured in the papers with the Chief Justice and most every one of importance in the island. His lawyers were the law firm of the leader of the opposition. Mr. Downes is now in a Canadian jail and his assets seized for defrauding thousands of people. His ill-gotten gain was hidden away and invested in several places around the globe, Barbados included.

End of Excerpt

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