About Angela Cole

I am an American Indian and I follow the Indian Way.I have come to question the laws and constitution of Barbados and expose the rottenness of Barbadian society.I do so in the spirit Ichirouganaim,the scattered Carib nation of Barbados.

Angela Cole is of Carib ancestry, a journalist since 1976 and writes, with her son, under the pen name of Yotanka Tatanka in honour of Tatanka Yotanka, Sitting Bull the Dakota Indian Chief. She is the best selling author of The Khaki Boys,In The Spirit Of Ichirouganaim,Dorothea's Ambition ,Farnum's Land and more.

My grandmother and great-grandmother told me stories,as a child, of Mama Rosa,my great-great grandmother and her ancestors,full blooded Caribs who lived in St.Vincent and Trinidad. Mama Rosa sailed the Orinoco River panning for gold.She wore snake-skinned bangles and earrings of crocodile teeth.My grandmother and her mother were proud of their Amerindian blood.They boasted that not one drop of slave blood ran through their veins.

The people who lived on this island for thousands of years,who crossed the ocean in their canoes,fished on the reefs,lived and played in the once great forest fill me with hope for a better day-not that their day can ever return,but in honour of their spirit,for the island of Ichirouganaim,now called Barbados,is their land,their souls inhabit the earth and their memory is in my blood.

" I have committed no crime but since 1976,I have been blacklisted, arrested, my telephone tapped and mail searched,followed by the special branch of the Barbados Police and unofficially deported from Antigua.....I investigated espionage ,murder drug dealing and corruption in Barbados." Angela Cole