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The issues of June/July


posted Aug 8, 2009, 2:39 PM by Caribusiness Admin

Anybody that thought a little dot on the map would not be in recession, when the whole world is, is somebody in a deep dodo.  We are in a worst shape than we are being told.   All is the big lie - the way statistics are being collected and they are being used. 

On Tuesday 28th July 2009 Marion Williams made cynical use of her womanhood - that is part of the course; it did not save Josephine but in other cases….  Williams used the sweetest of sweetie voices, in the softest of softie tones, the nicest of nicie ways with sexiest of sexy body language because she could not find a way of evading anymore although she could have refused to answer -  remember what happen to a certain Central Bank governor that was fired and how much he was paid.   

These people are not pure, they can evade as they like especially with an ignorant population.  Our government is founded on people, who have bad advise while those, who have good advice are languishing outside.    

It is going to get worst until all  the  crooks that have stolen money have to be locked up first.  That includes the people at the auditing firms that valued assets that suddenly went to nothing.  Something wrong because they are the people that are supposed to be the watchdogs.   Every now and again somebody draws that to our attention but they are the real culprits that are being protected.  

There was a fellow on the television and he explained how the American government let certain people fail and save certain people.  They let competitors fail so that the business would come a certain way.  Every one of those competitors that failed meant less competition and then AIG is propped up at the expense of others. 

If we think the ones we got around here crooked the ones in the States are beyond crooked, beyond any words and while they thief million about here they thieving billions in the States.   

What we need to realize is that more children are malnourished and starving and ordinary people are bursting their ass working hard trying to support a family, losing their houses and hurting and meanwhile the ones that smiling are those, who go into lavish offices in some tall building and doing sweet fuck all, going away on holidays and jetting around on private jets.  It is ridiculous. 

We in this island have to come back down to reality.   Stanford legends should be ashamed.   

Financial giants apologised to the Queen a few days ago for not predicting the financial crash. What a joke, this was all planned by call it what you may, the Illumanti, one world government - and Marion Arthur, the Prime Minister et al just like the Queen cannot not know deliberately.  It is a hoax being pulled on the people of this world. 


posted Aug 8, 2009, 2:37 PM by Caribusiness Admin

The greed principle operates.  The government cannot be faulted to use what ever force it can to apply to reduce the exorbitant prices of food inflicted on this country but the oligarchy who just laugh at us and working with the American monopoly companies and they do not intent to stabilize or reduce any prices.   American has a way of military intervening; they do not say it is an overt policy but they put in their ships, they put in their embargo, it is not as straight forward as saying let us do it.    

Thompson showed great bravado is his press conference on Tuesday.   The bluster with which he said some things knowing that he has an iceberg in front of him not only from his intention to: “we going do inter-island trade, we going have to do something about a ferry,” which has been talked about for the last fifty years.  The solution to Caribbean economies is inter-island trade is bigger schooners but he spoke about LIAT and food.    

The only times aircraft deal with food is when Kennedy had that airlift into Berlin or the UN food programmes.  Does he want to drop food by aircraft?   

Why did both DLP and BLP not procure food at an affordable price?  Ask Bobby Clarke and his about his bout with Geest and the government in Dominica; ask LoRon Gibbs and Lloyd Alleyne from Shamrock and myself what we went through to get inexpensive food in the island.  Goddards Shipping was contracted to handle a Cuban boat and at the last minute, when the boat was in the harbour with inexpensive oranges, white potatoes, guava cheese, shrimp and lobster they refused to do so and refused to buy any of our goods so too did Shipping and Trading and the BLP administration sent machine guns on the boat.  When the DLP came to power they were more sneaky; Haynes introduced a 40% duty on oranges.  What about the inexpensive flour that was just harassed out of the island? 

David talked because it is topical and he has to satisfy somebody although it may not be seen, it is obvious.  He has to defend CLICO; he said not to feel just because he was friends with a man that he got to do certain things to help him, which is quite true – they do not have to sleep in the same bed but that was still hedging to let certain parties know. 

Blackmail, they are being bombarded and we do not know what goes on at an administrative level.  Before it is finished let us watch and see the interference.   

There is another regime to deal with in American and there are two ways to deal for the Obama’s regime has to be brought down and the republicans and that other lot have four years of hard work to do it so ours dare not seem to be too liberal or we are in trouble.  It is off the mark to figure “we got one of we in the House” that is not true although Obama is not as hog-tied as we are.  The question is whether Obama and Thompson are initiated in the club as would be suggested by Thompson’s trip. 

The emperors clothes may be falling apart but the sycophant that are close to him that sit on his right hand and on the left that could tell him that do not because they get reflected glory.   

Where is the cassava flour factory?  What about sea island cotton and curing onions blast?  The trouble is that if they would do the business and keep their goddam hands out of it, it might become successful but all their toddies push their hands in and everything just blows up in the air.   Our Prime Minister is going to find that he does not know what he is talking about; he does not have a clue about distribution and his Minister of Agriculture behaves as if he is just one big loud mouth and has always done so. The only thing that keeps his ears from knocking together is his empty skull. 

As far as press conferences go we have not had a lot of good precedents poor Emanuel Joseph we are not sure for whom he works he cut in one time and asked a question when the P.M. was in some sort of dissertation.  The problem with the electorate is that they do not want to criticize the man because “look around and see if you see someone that is better in the existing political frame work who will replace him; right now suppose he had a massive accident.”    

They all want to Stalinist plan, where the best thing would be to do right and the situation, as CLR James wrote, will throw up a leader.  One wonders if these people ever licked the cake spoon or got the waffle out of the ice cream turner. 


posted Aug 8, 2009, 2:34 PM by Caribusiness Admin

Stalin’s plans were theory, which he put into so-called practice.  The policies were bad: he shipped around whole population and made committed targets.  Factories had to produce boots and they were warehouses full of boots and cereal and no grinding machines.   He used armed force. 

Our government uses not armed force but a spirit of vice while we need to look to a generation of people that behave in tune with the body’s needs and a spirit that is good.  It is not altruistic; it is the only way to face any kind of almightiness. 

The most difficult way of life is the way of good.  It is easier to live like a pig – there is no need to bathe, to put on clean clothes, expect somebody close dies.     

Vice should not happen in a society in which they are so many, who think that they are sophisticated. The way this country now sees sophisticated and what it means is completely different - purchase a DVD player, a coloured TV - although they only know how to switch it on, go buy DVD pirates, watch them for three days and nights and nothing else, and when they grow tired of watching them, they swap and they are happy.   

Sophisticated means to look and take out and make look or be presentable.  It means somebody, who automatically dresses well - looks better, feels better but this no longer has value.  A young man washes his own clothes and when he goes out there is a seam in his pants. They ask:  “Who he think he is?”  Instead of:  “Charlie has a good idea; let us spend half and hour and press our clothes too.” 

A privilege of family is for children to spend holidays with parents, family and friends.  There were thousands, who could not buy a pair of pumps, some had chiggers and had to scotch to walk and even when the chiggers were got rid of pumps were still unaffordable, when Easter time our holidays were spent at Silver Sands and the long summer holidays at Bathsheba renting houses that were not expensive and slept two or three to a bed.  They were not grand houses like they are today, which only the rich and famous can afford.    Now that the population is affluent they do not appreciate or do this.  It was the Barbadian sophisticated way - running with the sea breeze and walks in the salt spray. 

They now have pumps.  We are now a consumer society of spending habits. I am not cheap I got a microwave and if I turn it on and some light ain’t come on I can get another on credit from Courts.”  They spend, fly away, cruise away and do not get together in families and friends.     And the people who cannot afford are the ones that spend.. 

Mr. and Mrs. Consumer build a lovely house and every year they work for more money and add on a room and they know that they do well.   They end up with a house that only Sam Lords is bigger.  Chiggers are no more.  There was a lot of malnutrition and there still is but it is now cleverly “controlled malnutrition” - nutricide.  Healthy food is affordable, available and possible to get it here but the problem is that our politicians are being squeezed by their genitals. 

We have to ship produce from South America – Costa Rico – to the United States then to Barbados and the excuse our politicians use is to get a North American certificate.  We cannot even get the fruit and food from the ground of our Caricom neighbours.   Right now get a schooner and go to St. Vincent and fill up the boat and when it gets to Bridgetown the produce will have to be dumped because they need some sort of licence not only that in Suttle Street see tons of bananas and produce  dumped for they are sold at prices that people can not afford.   We do not have food inspectors.   We do not have proper regulation; we have friends.


posted Aug 8, 2009, 2:33 PM by Caribusiness Admin

The water pipes are old, have never been changed and are leaking about 65% of our water.  A Mr. Nurse, at the university, got up and said that the water rates wanted raising long time ago and intellectuals will pat him on the back.  He is not going to the electorate and say that water free but it got a cost.  People need water, water is given by nature and every single person on earth should have the necessary minimum of free water.  VAT can pay for that but there is a global plan to sell water. (which we will be discussed next month.) It is another aspect of neatly fooling and fitting the folks into the fabric of a world wide fascist movement.


posted Aug 8, 2009, 2:31 PM by Caribusiness Admin

a. Al Gilkes’ silly column got sillier, when he wrote of his background and his feeling of shame, when he used to collect water from standpipes and when he bathed in a bucket.  He trivialized the issue; it is not as simple as water that people use to bathe.  

It would be wonderful if he went back there, as he suggested and never again grace the doors of Sandy Lane.  His entrance to Sandy Lane began decades after those who, from its inception, were there at all hours of the day and the night and never thought that they were those waiting to sell us out.  Sandy Lane was taken away and we are not welcomed as was done in Palestine but that is to be expected from people, who want others to believe that they own the whole earth and Gilkes is their P.R. man.  Please Gilkes go back to the standpipe, from where others did not come and leave Sandy Lane. 

b.  Is it a lost cause? Did I hear correctly?  Last week, from former prime minister, Erskine Sandiford, who cut salaries in an authoritative way and when he cut some lost about $200 dollars a week.   He wanted to know what is an economy.  He spoke about a Caribbean single market and economy, regional unity and certain policies to do with free trade.  A single market is like when the Germanys got back together - East Germany had a mark that was not worth a lot but it was put on par with the West German and that is what is called single market - take losses but it will be balanced out, together.  The Jamaica dollar is not to be expected to be on par with the Barbados dollar but it has to be worked out together and there will be a lot of headaches but that is for what they are being paid.  “What is an economy?” Imagine a Barbados scholar, who does not know what an economy is.  It sounds like a joke. The man actually posed the question and people were there like Frank Alleyne, a strong DLP; he got his professorship it must be worth something and CBC did not bring anybody to question the sanity of that statement or find out if he needs to go to before a board of lunacy.  Sandiford is being sent as an ambassador to one of the biggest countries in the world; he should be a voice in the public that should be heard.  Someone of that frame of mind that questions some thing for which Barbados subscribes is not going take instructions from a prime minister.  China is not next door a bus cannot go there.  

c. July 25th Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy.  “The Japanese don’t have a problem overrunning London to the point where you literally can’t get a taxi.  So language need not be a problem…. It [China] is not as far away as you may think.”  That sound like a jackass.   Sealy is terribly annoying when he speaks for he rarely says anything that makes philosophical sense. He says thing
just because it sounds like he speaks English.   Mind you if you want to have a embassy and connections with China fair enough, if we think all’s well in China, jolly good!

NEW BRIGHT YOUTH – Those in their forties and under

posted Aug 8, 2009, 2:23 PM by Caribusiness Admin   [ updated Aug 8, 2009, 2:31 PM ]

There is no magic mirror - the think and imagine and it is real kind - but a need for enlightenment that can identify virtual images from real ones.  Jesus spent many years saying the same things and Confucius and then there is Plato and Aristotle and all of those people.   

400 years ago in the Caribbean there was plenty.  Our caring leaders, in the Americas that started out altruistic have either been shot or, like in this small island, manipulated out of existence.  It is by and large the coloured and black educated people that brought the society up and many of them got strangled and discarded by the way; we do not know enough about them.  It was no thanks to the system.   

Unless the value of greed is seen it is not possible to find many, who say when I grow up I want to be a politician.  Politician is a negative because he is not trained and does not need to be qualified.  There needs to be a little core of youngsters, who want to make things work.  They can be found in the intellectual structure, even in Lots time and a search for a dozen righteous men there was one.  In this day with better communication somewhere there are some that used education when so many chose careers that had to do with just schooling. 

Rebels, they will be called for they would have evolved and want to reform against, those who just want to be a part of the system of power structure.  Without this the whole thing will collapse for gone will be the day when an un-examined, second-class, political configuration and the Raysides, good friends of the parties all over the place, continue to be not given a hassle because after all they were poor, black men and the tax payers in Green Hill are covered in dust. 

This is what happens when “you got to take it.”  Greed is authorized and recognized as a goal but it is not, it is mere acquisition. 


posted Aug 5, 2009, 7:19 AM by Caribusiness Admin

Ministers deliver speeches every week also at every meeting and everywhere - a minister is called to talk.  Do they speak on party policy that is agreed on in cabinet or is it brainstorming?  After all, the world is no longer inhabited by primates that have to invent a wheel or even a cog. 

They insist on being called honourable – they become honourable because that is part of the title.  It has happened already; they are in the House and are honourable ministers so done with dat!   It makes no sense that every time they are spoken about it is honourable  even with their wife: “honourable minister would you like to bed me now?”


posted Aug 5, 2009, 7:17 AM by Caribusiness Admin   [ updated Aug 8, 2009, 2:29 PM ]

a.    When a fellow writer saw this policeman he had come back on the second visit because he discovered that it was not true: “How can I see my mother.”  He said. 

He had spent almost a whole day agonizing on the fact that his mother was dead and her body was not available to him to look at or to identify. It was a whole balls-up, his mother was alive still. 

b.    If my friend went through another channel - for instance the time he was actually dying and they were three young doctors trying their best.  He can hear them say something about an injection, his fingers are cold and he tries to talk and cannot and it is only because a man passes and looks over and he sees it is he.   A heart surgeon, they were not personal friends but obviously he reads the newspaper. 

“What is going on?”  He did not talk to the young doctors he talked to my friend. 

“You tell me.”  It was first time my friend spoke for an hour.  “Get him upstairs.”  He was taken up to the ward and the doctor stayed. Were it not for that! 

c.Someone told me that Warren Alleyne, the distinguished historian spent twenty-four hours in casualty before he got a bed.  The only people that are recognized are politicians and entertainers.  It is not only the hospital. 

d.ME:  I think they give up on you.   

OLD FRIEND: They figure you are old so you are foolish.  I told her to look up my notes and see the last time this happened what they did to cure it but she said she was in charge and once you buck them they not interested in you.  There are so many other people there that they can bully why bother with me especially if they have an outlook on life for when you are young you are never going to die. 

e.When it rains they are huge puddles to be walked through at the entrance of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, is it possible that the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Nurse, the Chief Doctors and all the Chiefs and consultants with all the money they make out of the hospital not to see?  They not noticing anything because they get the red carpet treatment and probably get somebody with a broom to sweep away the puddle when they come. 

The answer to that is it has always been so because nobody thought about it so correct it now.  At the back entrance there is a pile of water for the longest time that has grown mosquitoes, which eat people. 

When attacked the workers at the door said it was always so and that the big wigs are aware of it.  They say that the hospital is falling apart from politics and personnel at the top do not care and that they have made several complaints about several things.  The sick public is not being served.  Please one of you powers that be place some guttering or make a slope so that the poor sick people do not have to walk through water for medical care.  

The water from the roof of the Q.E. H should be collected to water plants and more fruit bearing tress like avocadoes and limes and mangoes and cherries could be planted all around and around the playing field and why not:  “We not going get any. They going pick them and go and sell them expensive.”  They say, but what difference does it make.  They just planted ornamentals out there; all that walk above that bus stand they plant with oleander and nonsense, and from the airport along the highway palms at a rumoured $250.00 each.  Plant mangoes! What is wrong with mango growing all over the place like in the other islands and mangoes will not be sold if they are expensive when children can pick them up.   

We have become a selfish mock society selling off land to tourist and being housed in high-rise, little kunkky spaces, where there is no place to plant a lime tree.   Where the gutter water used to run paw paw trees used to grow but grass and concrete is now encouraged.  Lots of things would be cheaper with solar but when we find a use for something we find a way to make it as expensive as possible.


posted Aug 5, 2009, 7:16 AM by Caribusiness Admin

“In a modern society children are an economic liability not an asset. They have to be fed, clothed, housed, looked after, educated and entertained.  As a rule of thumb economists reckon that a family with one child needs 30% more income than a childless couple to maintain the same living standard.  The obvious way to keep the household financially afloat is for the other to go out to work.”  The Economist 27th June –03 July 2009 

Without political schemes certain things are only obvious after they have been done; they could have been done ever since but nobody thought of it.   There is pure in sense like the free bus fares for school children but the state should not raise children.  Summer camps equals Hitler Youth – wuk-up our version of goose-stepping - pull at the heartstrings of those that will not see, how the entrance to the main bus stand is flooded when it rains and the entrance to the main one – mini bus - which these same said children’s parents, the engine of our economy, have to use twice a day is good only for and has been taken over by big rats to breed and dirty water to wade through and others all with no or improperly shaded.  What can they do about it?  Who going make fuss?  “Oh Christ there she goes again.”   Compared to the fabulous, multi-million board and concrete walks for two-week visitors.  Do not speak about the lousy bus service.  Why cannot there be transfers so that buses do not leave Bridgetown full for Josey Hill and when they get to Speighstown they are empty.   Feeder buses and transfer points at places like the Garrison, Speigtstown, Oistins St. George etc. etc. 

There is no gun being used to enroll in these camps but what is being used is greed. A lot of people think the camps are a good idea.  Every hour on television and radio citizens were told to enroll and now down in Belleplaine some have not registered but parents, want to go somewhere or give the outside man a chance, sent children to or left them at the camp and said that the camps “got to keep them and feed them.”    

As the great industrialist Henry Forde said of the argument on whether The Protocols of the Learned Elder of Zion were faked:  “All that I can say is that someone is operating them.” 

Behold  A Pale Horse by William Cooper: - In order to achieve such conformity, the lower-class family unit must be disintegrated by a process of increasing preoccupation of the parents and the establishment of government operated day-care centers for the occupationally-orphaned children.  In order to achieve a totally predictable economy, the low-class elements of the society must be brought under total control, i.e. must be housebroken and trained and assigned a yoke and long-term social duties from a very early age, before they have an opportunity to question the propriety of the matter.   

The quality of education given to the lower classes must be of the poorest sort, so that the mote of ignorance isolating the inferior class from the superior class is and remains incomprehensible to the inferior class.  With such an initial handicap, even bright lower class individuals have little if any hope of extricating themselves from their assigned lot in life. This form of slavery is essential to maintaining some measure of social order, peace and tranquility for the ruling upper class.”  

Do not be fooled because the camps are not of the compulsory military sort but there is an element of that with the over riding spirit of get children off the hands because there is nothing to offer during holidays is wrong.  Citizens are deprived of the means to bring up their own children e.g. high cost of living - food prices, which are not affordable, raised water rates, raised petrol prices etc. etc. and then the government steps in takes them and trains them - mark one! Mark two! Mark three modified to Mark five and it adds up. 

During the war on apartheid in Southern Africa, Mugabe was accused by the corrupt Western powers of sending youth off to Russia and he said:  “Then you take them.  Give them an education and work and you can indoctrinate them, I do not care; I have all these children around me with nothing to do.”  

It is the world plan, written long ago and carried out cleverly and masterfully.   

Even Saul confessed his sins and was saved.  Citizens heard rumours and still voted and there was a sense of love and healing.  It is possible to spare this country approaching agony and simple for those, who have the honourable desire to be politicians. 


posted Aug 5, 2009, 7:14 AM by Caribusiness Admin

“Earlier there were certain opinion leaders in each village each community.  In those days we could talk to them and they would influence the vote” he says “but now people have begun to think for themselves.” Quote from Newsweek. 2009 on Japan, of whom its leaders are: “deeply out of touch with the nation.” 

The sort of things people are doing makes the blood boil.  Yesteryear they were councils, vestry, and local government and it could have worked but for the corruption and the lots of people that were biased one way.

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