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Notes to Myself


posted Apr 29, 2009, 10:07 AM by Caribusiness Admin   [ updated Jul 9, 2009, 5:26 PM ]

“Recently Minister Inniss came out with the equally inflammatory and irrelevant – “Massa day done”. …  Nelson Mandela sought reconciliation with those who imprisoned him.”  Lowdown Richard Hoad in his column on Friday  24th April 2009 

Some how or other lowdown Hoad has a certain popularity but so did George Wallace.   I have long since stop taking him seriously.  When we first met he had then not shown his true colours - we took to one another because he seemed to be bucking the system and as writers, we were going against the grain.  

Amazingly lowdown Hoad gets away because people do not see through him.  Like the Americans that put their right hand on one shoulder and the left one goes into the pocket.  Fear Greeks even when they come bearing gifts.  Donas offered the Romans a wooden horse and they accepted it but they did not know inside were soliders.     

A lot of people are like that – “Some of my best friends are Jews.  “Some of my best friends are black.”  This is of no philosophical interest it is just language, style meaning nothing.  These talked about are most probably the ones with whom they grew up.  I do not know about the genuineness of the Hoads, they could have played for Harrison College but they chose to play for Pickwick.  They could have been slumming like Prince Harry.   

Reality is what is heard and learnt in the drawing or dining room and servants, who served and suckled were considered loyal but it is an economic thing.  It was alleged that whites talked around a dinner table and a black maid brought out the tale from Spooner Hill about the plot to kill Grantley Adams.   Some say that a bullet hole is still in the wall in Tyrol Cot.  

One has to be genuine.  Where are genuine people found in a white crowd?   White people that take a principled stance get the same grief.  It is an aspiration for whites like Hoad - not to kill them in a passion but to restrict their racism - it is nothing personal and I will use my words as weapons to beat the crap out of racist arguments.  White people will make amends and I will say that and write it and I do not care what is done to me. 

And win I will for Hoad is not capable to argue through any point that is raised; he has never showed that he can follow through.  He side-swipes. Aristotle said an argument has to be carried  all the way to ad infinitum.   

Snakes do not stalk their prey, they watch and position themselves in its path, wait and strike.  A side-winder coils its body like Sss and propels itself in a straight line by following a crocked path.  Some side winders in Guyana are side-swippers ,they fly through the air and go straight for the jugular to sink their fangs but the Amerindians deal with them like hush puppies.    

Two of my articles on this website are “What you Sew so you Reap”  Hoad’s reply is: “Sew the wind and reap the whirlwind.”   

Hoad’s ancestors sewed the winds of African slavery and also of the genocide off my ancestors of the Americas and unless they do as the Bible says and earn the Grace of God, which means own up, say sorry, ask for forgiveness and make amends to the victims –  cut out the inequality created by the white man -  other wise they will continue to live in iniquity – iniquity meaning unacknowledged sin – and the sins of the fathers will continue to come down through generations. 

“ Nelson Mandela sought reconciliation with those who imprisoned him.”  

A piece of crystallized crap and an insult.   Nelson Mandela sold out that is why the Western press makes him a hero.  It is a weakness when in a certain position. White people have a history of using psychology and the people of colour are not accustomed of dealing with deceit.     

This is something that is imbedded in so many white people. Study disturbances and rebellions, when whites captured they torture (‘interrogation methods’ Bush calls it) -  in those days it did not matter for blacks were not human.  Confessions are got probably under the promise of life.  In order to stop pain they compromise and talk and do a lot of damage.   

Conditions in South Africa are appalling and not reported,   where so many drown their feelings in strong drink – inside and outside Africa - so many cannot deal with past horrors and so many need justice.   

How many South African black friends does lowdown Hoad have?  Does he have any that have committed no crime but to go back means death. 

Here is a letter from one friend to the another dated 2003 - 09th September.  

My dearest Lindiwee.  

The crime is so high and rape of small babies, man, goats, dogs are raped too and people cook people and eat them and sickness.  I have one eye being very sore and Lindiwee I regret myself coming home.  I am even thinking of going to old age.  Oh! Lindiwee I miss you and as I have forgiven you not wanting to come home.  

There is no happiness.  We cannot laugh any more and people are dying like flies.  I am not writing a lot as my eye I should not tire it so much. I have to go to the optician Thursday.  I just miss you so much if I was not too old I would pack and go back to Europe but it is too late for me. So I am just try to do best with what I have. 

Kenna Rosa. 

Chimurenga is the war of National Liberation in Zimbabwe, which ended in 1980. Lindewee (Mimi) Tesle, a Khosa, was Miss Africa South in the 1960s and then official secretary of the London ZAPU leadership under Samkanga.  She witnessed, at firsthand, the ZAPU-ZANU split with all its disastrous personal and political effects.  In South Africa, her young husband went out without a pass card and for that was killed.  Her son had five uncles and they were also all killed.   Ms. Tisele is still a dissident in exile. 

Here are some excerpts from her book Zimbabwean Women in Chimurenga published by our company.   These are mainly interviews - April 1980. 

MAMA MILLO - Born Diodlo Ka Mtembu, aged 82 –

(Mother of Sunny Takawira, also interviewed) 

“I was born emfazweni yamuva (during the last war) between blacks and whites and the last of five children.  I had three older sisters and one brother.  My parents had originally come from So-Shangana in Gaza. They arrived at Mzingwane with me as a baby from the chieftaincy of Lobengula, the son of Mzilikazi. 

We all grew up at Engodlweni near Bulawayo, where my brother and I spent the better part of our childhood looking after the family’s livestock. My father had fifty cattle, a dozen sheep and a few chickens.  Nobody really bothered about the ownership of chickens because chickens in the neighbourhood belonged to everybody.  Whoever wanted eggs went out to get them, where the chickens laid them. It was the same with fruit.  Fruit was there on the trees for whoever wanted some.  Ownership was one of the least important things that is something I still distinctly remember from my childhood. 

There was no sale of goods as there is today. Meat was certainly never sold.  A family that lived well slaughtered as and when it became necessary.  The rich slaughtered a cow quite regularly, say once a month and in between they slaughtered a sheep.  Sometimes for variety the men had a chicken but women and children were not supposed eat chicken, though as children we always got some chicken gravy.  Fortunately not many people cared for chicken because its flesh was thought to have an unpleasant smell. 

…. Europeans came into our lives asking for land, there seemed no problem .. kanti bathi nizakaula (they meant to teach us to stop being naive).  They disturbed us all until now that we have become these land hungry specimens that we have become because of their laws. 

The things European have done to us are not of this world.  We can never pay them back in their own coin, all the damage they have done to us!  Amakhiwa, indaba yabo kayi khulunywa yeyomlimi.  (Europeans, their case is beyond discussion. It is for God’s judgment.) Such cruelty! 

Europeans used to get milk and eggs from us until they occupied our land by force.  Then we had to buy from them as our stocks began to diminish.  First they arrive in small groups and asked to build schools for us, convincing the Kings, Mzilikazi, that schooling was a good thing for us. When he agreed he pointed to the bottom of the fields and said enyatini (down there), hence the place name Nyathis.  Richard – and his brother Robert from the London Mission, I think – lie buried down at Nyathini.  Unfortunately I never knew their surname.  Part from hearing about these white people, I personally did not know them. 

During Mzilikazi’s time, we were told, soldieries were kept in regiments according to age and the highest honour was to be an Isidlodlo (a head ring) my father had one, being the oldest man in his community an a warrior.  Here in Shonaland was the center of all the kingdoms and people came here every year to honour the kings. 

I went to school when I was about 17 years old and attended classes until I was in standard three, I think.  Those that wanted to teach went onto standard five at Mtombotembu at Nyathi and Hope Fountain near Bulawayo. 

I got married in 1920 when I was about 23.  It took me two days to reach my husband’s home as I had to go via the place, where Reverend Moyo lived to receive his blessing.  Reaching him meant a day’s journey from my place.  Reverend Moyo was quite a powerful and influential man.  He really was someone to look up to in the community and I always felt that extending my travel by a day’s journey was worth the trouble. 

Our marriages were something quite elaborate.  European marriages could never be the same thing.  First there was the small ceremony for the arrangement of the request to marry.  Then there was the second ceremony for the actual request, and finally the marriage ceremony. One was never left alone at the home of one’s betrothed like they do these days.  There were always people that accompanied you to help you in every way and these left you gradually as you got more and more used to your in laws. 

The first asking or request was always some smallish ceremony, almost as it is still is today… Since there were hardly any divorces, an unhappy marriage was a tragedy.


It was a pleasure speaking to Mama Mlilo because she was so articulate and of course spoke Ndbele, which is really Zulu of the first order.  I say first order because, having moved from Zululand, the Ndebele have retained some original Zulu words that have since gone out of general use in their ancestral land.  Also the history of the Africans in South Africa comes alive among the Ndebele because as these Zulu warriors came up north they married women from the adjoining Sotho, Tswana and Shangane people and the women’s languages blended with the men’s Zulu and produced Sindebele with all its fascinating varieties. 

The mission station at Nyathi to which Mama Mlilo (otherwise Mrs. Dube) refers was established there in 1859 by Robert Moffat (1795-1883) of the London Missionary Society, the father-in-law of David Livingston.  Of the Kings mentioned here Mzilikazi brought the Ndebele people to their present land in 1830’s and died therein 1868 while his son, Lobengula, ruled from 1870 to 1894.  He led the first war of resistance against the British invaders in 1893.  The second and more serious war, which involved both the Ndebele and Shona peoples, took place in 1896-97 


Aged 19


Ndofeni was another young lady with whom an interview proved almost impossible because of the crowdedness of the ZANU offices and the general hustle and bustled, She, too, was one of the young ladies, who were too modest to talk about their heroic sacrifice for Zimbabwe.  These children, who dared Smith’s mighty army! 

“I went to join the liberation in 1975 at fourteen years of age and like all others we crossed the border into Mozambique.  My initial political education was really from my father, although I did not tell him, when I left for the front.  Nobody was involving parents in this.  We just wanted to fight the Whites.” 

“Would you do it again now that you’ve seen war?

Ndofeni did not answer.  I had touched a raw nerve and the pain and the silent defiance could only be noticed by seeing her whole body turning clammy.  When I quickly said:  “Perhaps we leave such matters at that.”  She immediately smiled and looked at me gratefully like a school girl would to her teacher after being let off lightly. 

In my heart I could not help feeling ridiculous. These little babes have gone to war, while we spent valuable time attending fruitless meetings and half killing each other with criticisms on points that had been overlooked or brushed aside, thereby leaving these youngsters to face the full horror of war almost unarmed.  And here they are, still happy to call us Mama and Aunt and Sisi and almost curtseying as if what they have just been through was the most ordinary of experiences.



Aged 21 


Tendi was born in Goromonzi in the North East of Salisbury.  Her father is a teacher and her mother is a community worker who is now working as a club organizer travelling around the country as an adviser on cookery, sewing and club organizing.  Tendi’s primary education was at Loretto Catholic School in Que Que and at St. Alberts Mission at Mt. Darwin. 

“As my school was near the border it was easily accessible to ZANLA forces and we heard that comrades were giving interesting lessons in some hidden part of the country but that only boys were wanted.  Out of curiosity we followed the boys to the education meeting to listen to party policy.  We also discovered that there were some girls already fighting alongside boys but that there were far too few girls. 

Having been given an analysis of the way the country was run by the whites and having understood that under the Smith regime our education was useless as opportunities would never come our way, we decided to abandon school and risk all to achieve a change of government.  We more or less forced our way in, as we felt we were not really fully acceptable as girls.  This only made us more determined to be part of the struggle, however.  Having thus forced ourselves in, we walked through Mozambique to Zambia through the bush and reached our destination after about three months.  All told, our group had numbered seven girls and one boy.  Our ages ranged from fourteen to eighteen. None of us had any previous knowledge of bush survival so the whole thing was nightmarish. 

On arrival at a camp were taught first aid for about four months.  We were then sent out as carriers.  The Zambezi River was not always easy to cross, especially as the materials were often very heavy.  This to-ing and fro-ing we did for something like six months.  The job was quite dangerous.  Sometimes we left the materials at some spot and got back to the camp for a few days before resuming our journey. 

I was later sent to Lusaka to do a secretarial course.  I was one of the first ZANLA girls to receive proper military training and we were deployed as soon as was possible.  I was sent to Lusaka again and worked in the Publicity Department for about two years until 1975.  After the death of Chairman Herbert Chitepo I was among those arrested.  We were six girls detained by the Zambian Government that particular morning. 

I was still detained when most other prisoners were release because it was thought that as I worked in Publicity I must know an awful lot more than I was prepared to say.  I was interrogated for a further four months.  

Most comrades from D.A.R.E. (literally Court of Chiefs’) were in detention for a whole year.  This was a terrible isolation for us as we did not know who or where the other prisoners were or what was happening at the front.  It was really awful sitting in there, imagining the worst and not able to learn a thing about anybody. 

All we had for human company were the Zambian prison officers, who were very cold and hostile to us. Then one day as we were being moved from one area to another with our hands on our heads, the Zambian police fired at us in cold blood without any provocation at all, and killed eleven of us, wounding another twelve. Two other girls died.  Of the two girls one was our Commander, Pedzisai Mazorodze, aged 24. 

In the meantime up in Tanzania, the comrades rejected Sithole’s leadership and demanded our release.  It was a year before we were released and flown to Tete Town in Mozambique.  In Mozambique I was sent to Nyadzonia Camp.  There I was appointed to teach other comrades the emancipation of women in capitalist society, the role of women in the revolution and in a socialist society and general political education. 

The Nyadzonia massacred on 09th August 1976 left something like 900 comrades dead, I think.  All because of ex-comrade Nyathi who had defected to the Smith regime and brought back the enemy troops, painted in black paint or polish and driving dressed in Frelimo uniforms and waving Frelimo flags.  The whole thing was nightmarish.  I hope never to see the likes of it again as long as I live. 

I was then deployed to Tengwe Camp, also in Mozambique, and was political commissar for another six months before being transferred again to Chimoi Camp, where they had set up Chitepo College.  The main subject taught there was political philosophy.  This camp also got attacked and ZANLA lost 150 cadres at a go.  The lessons were bitter.  I do not know how we survived.  On 23rd November 1977, during another raid on the same camp, the victims were elderly men, school children and hospital patients. 

Soon after that I was transferred to the Publicity Department where I had been first.  I went to lessons in photography and cinematography.  After that I started going to the war front, taking pictures and working for our war communiqué magazine, Zimbabwe News.  I was appointed a delegate to the Lancaster House Conference in London as a press officer under Comrade Zvobgo. 

In eight years I have seen my father once and my mother a few times.  My parents thought that I was long dead because of the total lack of communication during all those years.  But I could not even risk dropping them a line for fear of endangering their lives, as they could have been arrested for my independent decision to join the ZANLA forces.  I am one of five children, with two older brothers and two younger brothers who are still at school. 

My parents had also moved house, so really locating them became too risky.  And what was the point of locating them to say I was all right and then perhaps be dead then very next minute?  My mother told me that she learnt by a chance meeting in the country that I was still alive and had been seen.  That was after two years silence and then all went quite. 

Now that the nightmarish years are over I too, like everybody else, am looking forward to building Zimbabwe into a country where we will all have chances of improving ourselves instead of one with education and jobs for only a handful because they are white and nothing for the rest of us because we are black. 

At the moment, though, there does not seem any point in moving to another department. I am the only one left in the Publicity Department of our former team.  Everyone else has been moved to other jobs.  Perhaps later on the Party will decide to change me for some reason.  I was once sent to Germany to do a course in Cinematography and would not mind going back there for further studies, but that is for the party to say. They may even decide to transfer me to administration or whatever.  They decide and I do as I am advised.” 

I asked Tendi if this did not bother her.  “Not at all,” came the assured answer. “We live for the Party because of the tasks ahead.  Maybe people, who have not been to the war front would be bothered by the feeling of ‘self first’, but not us, not anymore.  We are all for the Party first.” 


Aged 21


Muchatama went to school at Mabvuku in Salisbury.  “My mother is now in Umtali; my dad died in1964.  My mother has a small plot and sells her little products such as mixed vegetables to the local people.  My dad was a domestic servant in Salisbury and I am the youngest of six children. 

I was sixteen when I joined the military.  We ran away as a group from Mabvuku school.  We planned to go to Mozambique so we went to Umtali and found someone who told people the way to Mozambique and followed his instructions, traveling on foot.  It took us two days to walk.  We bought bread and butter and some tinned food for our journey.  Some of the others had money on them and we all shared.  We headed for Zhunda in Mozambique and then to Tembwe for training.  We got separated at Zhunda but this did not disturb us because we made friends easily with all other comrades.  Our original group numbered about twenty, the youngest being about twelve and the oldest about eighteen years old. 

Military training lasted for three months.  We were trained as carriers. This we did for six months.  Then I was taken to a secretarial course at Chimoio and that took another six months.  Soon after that we were raided at Chimoio this was towards the end of 1977 and most of us ran away.  Our commander gave us a place to put our typewriters and we started working again as if nothing had happened such was the pressure of work.  We worked for about two months before being sent to Gondola in Chimoio.  At Chimoio we were attacked quite heavily almost daily.  It was serious. 

In June 1978 I was sent to Maputo to work as a secretary to Comrade Zvobgo in the Publicity and Information Department.  I was working on the Compo-graphic machine until the whole of ZANU came back to Zimbabwe on 19th January 1980. 

I felt really afraid after the attack at Chimoio in 1977 because we lost so many comrades, such as ‘Do it’ Mtshazo and Tongai, both of who were 18 years old.  It is easy to remember them because they belonged to our Chimurenga Choir of about nineteen members.   

From Mabvuku village three of us left and luckily all three survived the war.  That is Tafire Njika, now 23 years old, Rugare, now aged 22 and myself.  I now work at ZBC as a secretary. I’ve though of getting married and having children because I like the ideas of starting family.  I think ideally, I would be happy with four children.  I am presently engage to be married next month to a fellow comrade Nicky Nyika (26), who has also been to the front as a commander. 

Muchtama, like most of these youngsters from the front, was very reluctant to talk about her role and only lit up when we started talking about her hopes for the future.  We teased her quite a bit about her future role as a domesticated housewife.  “Can you imagine Nicky washing napkins, though?’  I asked. She shrugged her shoulders and simply said:  “That is not impossible.”


Aged 22


Yvonne was born at Gutu near Fort Victoria where her people owned a general dealer’s shop.  She was not politicized at all so much so that she only became aware of the war raging on the eastern and northern borders as late as 1972.  By 1975, however, she at college in Bulaway doing designing could not concentrate on anything except the war.  She thought about it for months on end and one day she felt that she had to escape and go the way everybody else seemed to be going. She took a bus trough Birchenough Bridge and went on foot with some mates to Chipinga, arriving there around 8:00 p.m. 

In her own words:  “Our group was unlucky because of the curfew, which meant that we could not get any buses.  We found a fellow, also on his way to the border, who fortunately had some money with him.  Otherwise we would have had to foot it to Mozambique.  Having hired a special service bus we drove to the Mozambique border in relative comfort, even though the bus was full to capacity and one could hardly move a leg.  The whole journey was only possible because of the support we got from the local people all the way, right through to Mozambique.  The people at the border were also very helpful and offered us food and overnight accommodation. 

The old man in whose house we slept during our last night in Zimbabwe woke us up early, before dawn. I think we crossed the border somewhere around 2:00 a.m. at Spungabera, before anybody was up. There we met Frelimo comrades who kept us for a day until contact had been made with our comrades in Mozambique.  Together like that, making do we went along, we stayed with some Frelimo some of us for a whole month and then were finally sent to Torongo Refugee Camp, where I received a month’s light infantry training.  After that we were sent to the front to carry supplies until the end of 1977.  I was sent to a military camp where I helped teachers who were teaching literacy.  

In 1978 I went to Ethiopia for training as a medical auxiliary for roughly nine months, basically in maternity and childcare.  We were also trained in giving medicines independently because of the scarcity of doctors. The medical training had to be done on the spot because there was simply no time for conventional practices.  We had to learn very quickly how to write out prescriptions. These were mainly for antibiotics, antihistamines for rashes, Panadol (aspirin, etc) for headaches and Lasix with potassium supplement for water retention.  We gave Fusix for itching body and other antibiotics such as tetracycline and penicillin injections. When training for injections we were give a …   as one became more and more competent one had duty to pass on training to new cadres as they came in.  Attacks were numerous and always shocking; as we were in the war zone, death was something expected yours and that of you patients yet it was always depressing. 

Yes we felt fear but there was no pointing being constantly afraid.  We were in a war and we took it as it came.  The Nyadzonia Massacred on 09th August 1976 and the raids on Chimoio on 24th November 1977 and on Tembwe the next day were horrifying.  In all these camps Smith’s soldiers had a field day because they were attacking comrades who had not yet been trained. In fact, they were refugee camps. And at each camp we lost some four to five hundred comrades from about 9 years of age to 20 or sometimes 25 years of age.  At one camp Smith’s soldiers came during the day with armoured cars with our former comrade Nyat.  And all our comrades were shot in cold blood!  What followed that was ….,  too horrible.  

The whites are dirty!  These massacres showed us in no uncertain terms that Smith and the whites were not joking. They meant to kill us all.  At Chimoio and Tembwe there were at least trained comrades who could retaliate by shooting down planes and returning fire.  Yet even at those camps we lost hundreds of comrades.” 

Through this interview Yvonne had been quietly composed but her eyes now became glassy.  When I asked if she would rather that I stopped now, she sniffed, shook herself back to her former composed self and said very quietly:  “What does it matter now?”  We cannot bring back from the dead.”  Being an Azania I know that our own dirty job still has to be face unless a miracle saves us.  However there does not seem to be any miracle on the horizon and the Namibians have long started their Chimurango. 

My mind stood still watching this twenty year old who had matured with the sight of so much blood and become philosophical about death.  How much longer do the white South Africans hope to keep us as their subordinates? 
Yvonne particularly remembered Muchazotida, aged 21, who was a singer for the struggle.  Her songs were still selling around Zimbabwe as Chimurega songs, especially an LP called “Ba Chitepo kufa vahitaaura’  (Chitepo died saying …) Everyone like Muchazotida’s songs because through them she gave the comrades so much encouragement to fight on, as the future was ours.

There was also Ita meaning ‘Do It”.  Do It was a young albino girl aged about 18 years old or so, who sang with Muchazotida and died at the same time as her.  Do It was also very intelligent.  She was a political commissar, teaching others politics and would argue very intensely and convincingly about political principles. 

There were so many people at the camp that one can never forget.  There was Brown, aged 22.   He was a brave young anti-aircraft military instructor:  He was cornered by the Rhodesian forces, who wanted to capture him but instead he shot himself to avoid giving information under interrogation.  Comrade Serbia, aged 22 years, was a military commissar (instructor). She appeared in ‘Zimbabwe News’ as a very brave soldier.  She started in the operational areas but died as Mundzingadzi Camp near Chimoio in Mozambique. She was on a mission when she left the front only to be killed on the morning after her arrival from Gaza Province where she had been operational.  Comrade Goronga, a field operations commander aged 24 years, was killed in 1979 in an ambush on his way from Tete Province to Chimoio. He had returned from commanding in the war in Manyinka Province.  There were many such deaths of very valuable people.” 

We had begun the interview quite happily but when Yvonne came to recall so many deaths and relive the massacres it had seemed almost pointless to ask further questions.  However we did end on a happier note when she told me about the end of the war. 

“Towards the end of 1979 I was sent to do journalism in Yugoslavia but came back in January 1980 to help in the campaign or ‘Jongwe’ the cock, emblem and symbol of ZANU in the elections which of course we won.  I would now like to work as a journalist or in medicine, but as it is ages since I did anything medical and I may not qualify for training in that field I should perhaps look towards radio or television journalism: 

When I asked her what she would really like to do, ignoring such practicalities as training and money, she replied:” Oh well, I dream of being a film maker but I don’t know if I could ever be accepted anywhere for training. But really, the Party allocates duties as before and it is the Party that has final responsibility for whatever I will do in the future in Zimbabwe.

MAUD MZENDA  -  Born Matsikidze, aged 52

(Wife of Venegesai S. Mzenda, Deputy Prime Minister) 

Maud Mzenda was born of peasant farmers in Fort Victoria.  She went to school at Gokomere Mission and did her Nursing Training straight after standard six for three years at Makumbi Mission Hospital near Salisbury. 

“I worked for only six months and then got married. My husband was a carpenter and had spent some six years in South Africa, at Marran Hill in Natal. When he qualified he taught in Durban for a while before returning home. 

I first worked in Balaway Municipal Hospital for about four years during which I had my twin daughters Tsitsi (Mercy) and Tariro (Guardian) in 1950. They were born prematurely at Mpilo Maternity Hospital in Bulawayo.  I had worked right through my pregnancy up to the seventh month when they were born.  I had to take my twin babies to relatives back home literally as soon as I could stand up. I think it must have been only some six weeks before I had to go back to earn a living, this time at Mpopoma Municipal Hospital, also in Bulawayo, where I worked for two years. 

We had decided that my husband had better prospects for his carpentry business  at Umvuina and so we moved there.  Soon after our arrival my daughter Tendai (Thanks) was born. I can’t really say at what point it all happened but my husband dropped his carpentry business and was going from place to place on political matters for as long as I can remember.  He was finally arrested in 1962 and held for two years, then released for six months before he was arrested again.  This time he was jailed for eight years.  After being released for two years he was rearrested, first for about one year and then again for another two years. This time he went straight  to Maputo. That was around 1977 and we just kept on hoping that he would return home one day, which he did in January 1980. 

During all this time without him we had to survive and, as with every fatherless family, things were very hard, almost impossible sometimes.  I had all these young children to feed and clothe on an African nurse’s salary.  The situation was really trying.  It seemed that I was chosen by fate to have almost all my children while their father was either in prison or on the run from the police.  My son Vengisai (hate the conditions) was born in 1954 and another son Taiti (Discussion or debate) in 1956, and then a baby girl, Teresa, in 1959.  Teresa finally joined Chimurenga in Maputo in 1978 and died there the same year in one of their big bombings.  Chikwereti (Retribution) and Tonga (Rule), both boys, were born in 1962 and 1965 respectively while their father was imprisoned. 

Throughout those years the doctors at the hospital sympathized with me and allowed me to work though my pregnancies; this meant that officially I did not break my service.  All told, I worked for 25 year at Umvuma Hospital.  That meant of course that I had to resume work within six weeks of delivery, but with some of the children I felt too low and allowed myself to stay at home for up to eight weeks.  We needed the money so badly, I simply used to drag myself out of bed and go on duty to look after sick people when I was sometimes as sick as my patients. 

Through all our married life my husband was there without being there, if you see what I mean.  My children were educated by the kindness of some Swedish friends who paid for their education, as their fees were out of the question on my salary.  As it is, my daughter completed her B.A. General here in Zimbabwe, then Rhodesia. One daughter went to Tanzania, one son is in Ethiopia training to be a pilot, and another daughter is in Germany. 

My worst years were when my husband was imprisoned, because of the repeated beatings.  I did mange to visit him with permission from the then government.  It is hard to explain exactly what we went through during all those years.  The short time for visiting hours was mortifying, having traveled for hours on end on public transport that was never completely reliable, only to be allowed to talk to one’s husband for five or sometimes ten minutes, always in the presence of an officer. 

I couldn’t visit regularly because of our financial position, but one glorious year I did mange to get all of us to visit him together and another year I managed to repeat that feat twice.  It made me feel good because at other times I either went alone or with just one child.  Permission from a central office was vital.  One simply could not take chances, as the money would have been complexly wasted.  There were too many reports of children and relatives crying at the prison gate but not being allowed in because they had either not got the permission to visit or had forgotten their visiting permits. 

On one of those visits when I took all the children we were lucky.  The prison warder actually allowed two of the children, Tongai and Chikwereti, to sit on their father’s lap.  We were so pleased, every effort of preparation seemed to have been worthwhile just for that moment of shared emotion.  We took a lot of food and clothes because we knew that there was a lot of sharing of provisions with other prisoners, especially those whose families could not come for whatever reason. 

“All these deprivations made the children very militant.  Four of my children went to Maputo and of course Teresa was out there with her father and died during that notorious Chimoio Raid.  In fact Teresa went missing after the raid and since she ha not been seen since we all presume her dead, but her body was never found.  So many bodies are said to have been mixed up that we simply conclude that she too was amongst those dead bodies.

”The girl, who went to Germany did at least come back home in January before flying out again but the boy in Ethiopia did not come home at all.  Tsitisi is here at home now. She traveled a lot between Maputo and Tanzania during those dreadful years.”

I did not have time to talk to Tsitsi, only the pleasure of seeing her as she brought us tea when I went to her temporary home to interview her mother.  I say temporary home because it was a ZANU house and th whole family still shared everything with other Comrades just as they had done in the war zones in Mozambique. (Tsitsi, like all the youngsters from the war front, was very mature. There was none of the self-assertive arrogance one encounters in Europe among both black and white youth.  And yet their achievement was so great and so enviable) 

I asked Maud how she was coping and she shrugged her shoulders and said: “Well, we are all doing our best.   These young men are no more children and that makes my role very light because they are no bother to me.  We all understand that these lives we are leading are a necessary part of our times.  The bloody war is over and now we have to tidy up our lives as best we can. 

“Personally before the Lancaster House talks I had not seen my husband fo some five years.  I was pleased to be able to visit him in London, and now having won the elections, like all other Zimbabweans during this war, I am so grateful that it is over and am looking forward to a positive government.  We are all tired of the things that went on here between us and the white people’s government.” 

Maud is one of those very homely women who seem to wear their cloak of misfortunes as if it wee the most natural thing to wrap around one’s shoulders.  She say very little for herself but is full of quiet, undemonstrative determination, making one feel like a paper waif for one’s ramifications every time life gets impossible. 

The End.

People first in this country

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Which comes first, animals or people?  People have to come first.  Do not mind all those white people pictured in the newspaper with Simon Cowell.  Notice that only white people were there.  It is a natural thing with this sort of European mentality. 

These people do not know the meaning of real power; all they have is might.  They are afraid that is why they are not in village councils, in politics or trying to bring down the cost of food in this island?  They done with that every since.  They abdicated.  They got people to run the country for them in their own way.  After all they know that under the black directorate there is very little that can go wrong apart from the natural mistakes of human frailty.   

Sometimes when I see how they treat their pets I wish for a job with Kitty Kat canning factory.    

There is a story about 1938/39 and Herbie Talma, a school teacher, who told his students to pay attention in school and stop making themselves into clowns to people, who, on Sunday mornings drove around with dogs in the back of their cars in which black people could not get a ride.  Herbie talked in a class, where many were white.  

About 40 years ago sparrows were eating China’s wheat and a campaign was started to destroy some and white people jump up and said sparrows will become endangers species.   

“I prefer dogs to humans.”  Like so many of them says Ann, and ex-nun, says. 

Strangely enough I was mulling over this essay at Thunder Bay/Church Point when the  point was made.  White foreign people in my home, where my ancestors’ bones are buried set dogs on me at a public beach - and even though I protested and cursed and carried on, they let the dogs loose again later on a boy. 

The surf was kicking and when it is kicking I head to Thunder Bay to see the awesome magnificence of waves.   Waves broke high up on the beach.  Blacks were at the water’s edge and whites with beach chairs were on the level part of the sand.  I walked on the level sand.    

Three dogs came at me.  I stepped back and the dogs stopped their attack.   I stepped forward and they came at me again.   These dogs were trained to prevent people from coming within a certain radius, beyond the slop down to the water.   

The white people sitting in beach chairs from where the dogs came did not move.  I must step back and walk by the water’s edge; the flat sand was not for me to walk on and if I did so it would be me and dogs fighting.  Only after I started to cuss and make a fuss did they called back the dogs and put them on a leash.   They did not take smiles off of their face and made it clear that this was an intrusion.    

I went across the road to visit with an old lady.   While there a young boy came and said that after I left these people had unleashed the dog and they had attacked him and his uncle and his uncle had had to kick one of the dogs.

I have never been subjected to a racist affront, not in Europe, America, Canada, Africa or England.  It is the most horrible feeling; the mind boggles and cannot be wrapped around this it. 

Black Barbadians allow such liberty because of white peoples’ slave conditioning - called the polite Bajan, it has been the bane of our society.  Jamaicans will say that te’ratic;  you cannot do that and will fix the dogs.  Their attitude saved many West Indians in England.   

Let us look at the doings of an ex-acquaintance, someone with whom I shared a not-much-know history and with whom I parted company over dogs. 

M is a mover and shaker in the Hope Foundation.  Five years ago she was trying to raise $50 million for an animal hospital.  Years ago she bought a prestigious Alsatian, (there apparently is nothing more high class than being in those high, high class European magazines about dogs.  The dog, she calls his Ghandi but he has his real title, is listed in and can trace its linage right back to the Vikings.  . 

M. paid BD$500,000.00 for a killer that understands German only.   She spends, and that was in 2001, $2,500.00 a month on chicken for one hundred and twenty dogs she keeps at her house on a one acre plot.  Call M any time even in the dead of night for a crying dog and she will come but forget the children/human beings.   

We parted company a short while after one day we were together and we stopped at a west coast hotel room and booked a room for two weeks and made reservations for a rented car for that time for a man, whose airfare she paid to come and show her dog at a dog show and me and her sister struggling to get business of the ground. 


M  family lived in “Jalna” Belleville, when she was a girl and people went to lunch there.  Her mother abused her badly.  She has a twisted cheekbone as evidence.  My grandmother lived in the house after that.  M and I attended Queens at the same time. The last time I knew of her was she had entered a Carnival Queen Contest. 

In the 1990s we met in a lawyer’s office:  “I used to love to watch your mother act.  You are lucky you have a very intelligent mother.”  She told my son. 

M was fairly recently widowed and we had shared experience in the foresight and camaraderie of her late husband, a wealthy businessmen.   Not many people understood the foresight of her late husband, who headed a white Roebuck Street merchant firm.  

M told me the story. Her last affair was with a black man – future politician - with whom she lived; it had ended.   She was out to drinks when some one asked if she had a new man. 

“No and the only man I want now has to be very, very old, very, very rich, very, very ill with one foot on a banana peel and the next foot in the grave.”  She joked. 

“I would like to apply for that job.”  A man came to her and said.  

He invited her to his bar.  He was gravely ill and they became friends.  Before he might get some ideas she told him that while it might sound selfish she could in all honestly not withstand a relationship with an ill partner for she had just managed to buy back a car and crawl back financially. 

She did not image that the man who wore pants that were shiny at the creases would bring out bankbooks and show her the many millions.   The two friends got married he survived that bout of illness, developed another and died about seven years after into the marriage. 

At that time I met M she was in litigation with Charles’ siblings over her share of his estate for the business had been valued, for her settlement, at one price and had been sold to Shipping and Trading at three times that estimate.    

Years later my mouth remained sealed, when one of Charles former employees now working for Shipping and Trading was critical of the way Charles’ business was structured even though despite all the Ho! Ha! Ha! M.E.R. Bourne had the largest and best brand names e.g. Nestles and owned the supermarket, Big B, which had the biggest turn over. 

“He did not even have all of his business computerized.”  The employee complained.  

“If you have all of your business computerized you cannot steal from yourself.  And Charles was the only one, who had the courage to do that after he died they were all too scared.”  M confided.   My experience with him was a man with empathy of the human soul.   

Excerpt from REFECTIONS Modern Politics The Caribbean, Africa & Asia Minor – by Angela Cole and Gary Cole1,200 pages available January 2009. 

“Does he know that this lobster is from Cuba?”  I said.  

A white businessman, Charlie Gale, who from the beginning bought Cuban honey in drums; bottled it under his own trade name and sold it in shops and supermarkets called to say:  “He said it is the best lobster he ever saw and he wants some.  Telephone him and see what he says.” Cuban lobster was the best.  The secret was to put the lobsters in tap water for a few minutes before they are boiled.  This tranquillizes them so that the trauma on the meat is reduced.  

“A company like M.E.R. Bourne is not going to do business with Cuba.  They are the most conservative and traditional business people.”   Loron Gibbs, the largest fruit and vegetable importer, tried to stop me so I would not make a fool of myself.   

Charles Bourne had spied lobster being dug up by police while in cold storage.  The lobster importer, Johnny Tudor was an aspiring younger politician, member of the opposition and later Member of Parliament and cabinet minister with connection through family (Samuel Jackman Prescod) and friendships to Errol Barrow then ex-Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition.  Johnny was already in the seafood business.  

“There is no embargo on trade from Cuba. The government would have to place one on to stop me.  I also want some of that lobster, and some honey.”   

Bourne met the Cuban business agent, a relationship grew; he planned to holiday in Cuba the next year and joined plans to lower prices for food and to trade with Cuba.  

“Many years ago, I met a family, who owned Bacardi Rum and lived in Cuba.  We were their agents.  Mr. Bacardi and his family holidayed with us and they expected to be treated like royalty.  They lived so grand that I wondered what kind of society could have produced their expectations.  They must have lived like kings in Cuba.”  Bourne said.  

“We had to do something,” said Jesus, the Cuban, “every other woman was a prostitute in Havana.” 

“I want tuna to sell on supermarket shelves at $1.99.”  I said to him.  He checked out our monthly consumption of canned tuna and he and the first black supermarket owner co-ordinated their orders and sold it at  $1.99 in supermarkets, which they supplied.  The cheapest tuna until then was sold at just over $3.00. Processed by hand, Cuban tuna was light in colour because dark pieces of meat were taken out.    

Charles and I worked out a three-tiered system for honey.  Honey in bottles already came into the island so orders for them would not affect sales of bulk honey because they were two different markets.  The third tier was to have the bulk importer import extra drums; taps would be installed and customers could bring their own bottle and buy the honey by the pint from a fledgling communist trade union.     

Police developed, unbeknownst to me, an informer in my home.  As the Cuban ship anchored at break of dawn, police came to my house and arrested me for theft of one cassette tape valued at $2.00 U.S. which the informer had left, when she left my home a few days before the boat’s first schedule arrival; they used this as an excuse to detained me at the police station while they boarded the ship with machine guns. 

“I recognise you.  They call me the Singing Police.  I followed you for twenty-one days, when I worked Special Branch.”  Years later a resident beat officer came to my home, rang the bell to introduce himself to the new tenant and recognized me.  “You real interesting.  One day I follow you and you went nine places.  You do not do anything wrong you just different.  You move so that sometimes we used to have to have back-up crews to follow you.  I learn a lot of things from you.”  He knew of the Cubans and remembered my day-to-day movement better than I had.  He said Special Branch had taped my telephone and that he sat for days and nights on a kerbstone outside my home. At that time I lived in the overseers’ cottage at Castle Grant plantation. “The policeman who lives next to you called me and said that I should be careful that he knows that Special Security had you under surveillance.  I had to ask if he knew, who he was talking to and that I worked Special Security.” 

Cuba was not that of Fidel’s long speeches.  There were problems.  I financed a trip for Loron  to try to sort them out and he went on the docks and showed them the correct way to bag potatoes and made large orders for goods on the next shipment.  He took his wife, with him, who has a Masters degree in Spanish.  She loved the country but did not want to return because of the duty free stores.  “I do not like the idea that visitors can buy so many nice things and an average Cuban cannot.”  She said. 

Dollar stores (duty free) are set up to take only US money; in them Cuban pesos were worthless.  Italian, Fila sneakers sold for US$17.00 in the US they cost US$100.00.  Well-fitting brassieres - Vogue from Canada - under which there was another tag which read Playtex “Made in Barbados” for export market only, transhipped to Canada and then to Cuba where they were sold for a few dollars.  Christian Dior, Pierre Cardin, French and Italian brand names clothes luggage, perfumes, cosmetics, jewellery, liquor and caviar were found in these stores.   

The US dollar was almighty.  Taxi men cheated to get them.  The brother of the director of the classical orchestra in Cuba asked me to buy “a few” duty-free things for him then took me for a drink and without my knowledge negotiated to change my US dollars at five times the going rate, he said, there was still money to be made off duty free items.  I plead friendship to the revolution.  “Do not ask me to do this in Cuba.” I said. 

The average Cubans had to buy cheap polyester, and spent Saturdays in lines outside the Supermarcado to buy old frost-bitten pork at an exorbitant price a pound and redfish heads to supplement their rations of white rice, salt, sugar, beans, lard, pig tails and a few small strips of meat.

End of Excerpt  

The End


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How Zionist Took Control of Barbados 

What is hidden must be exposed; that which is done in secret shall be shouted from the housetops and all is needed is a voice.  The problem is that I have been available.  And I seem to be a chosen vessel.  A chosen vessel does not have any status whether Christian or not; it has to do with usage.   

It is my mouth; it is always open, always talking and nobody else is saying anything so if I do not want available opportunities and open doors of insight, views, pictures, information and all the stuff that goes on around me, then close my mouth and go to a monastery. 

Kahlil Gibran says that love is like something that cannot but be gone after but at the same time the same pleasure enjoyed turns around and wounds.  The same words that are so tender, hurt and if there is no desire to experience love’s two-fold experience of pain and joy then leave it alone.  

The creature that has material and spirit that could mediate between spirit and material is free.  Man has determination and free will and the choice is to love or to depart from love and to use and control and manipulate for self pursuit. 

I was brought up with my great grandmother and grandmother, where there was tremendous respect for our pater familias – the head of the clan, the father of the family - in our case the great-grandmother and grandmother and great aunt.  This is how I was built.   

In those days and in our realm of society certain women were the power behind the throne; the older matriarchs, while not visible they understood the full extent of their power and they told their men how to behave.  Husbands relied on them for protocol etc.  Tall six footer men were putty in women’s hands.   Brought up in that sort of thing it is expected that others have the same attitude.   

The important thing is to understand and not to bother about nonsense and anger.  Something is wrong and it is in our relationships.  Satan is a god of this world and man governs the system and not to work the system is to be against it, bow down and worship and I will give thee all.  To let go means to be alone.  To speak is to be kept outside the system.  That is the punishment.   

Families have done that for centuries; they ostracise and hide a difference or a handicap.  Sufferers of Downs’ Syndrome were heavily protected and not allowed to mix.  An extremely talented person, a very bright masterful football player, whose father and brother were lawyers but he had a hair lip and in spite of his brilliance he was kept as a clerk for lawyers.   

The conflict is that those, who could have lots of money but it is not part of their philosophy and hopefully will never be; they do not submit so there are obstacles placed everywhere for self-preservation loses tolerance and discipline and the truth does not “set you free;” you have to sink into submission to whatever pride, pleasure, lust or desire there is to gain. 

There is no consideration of anyone; it is control by fear so instinctively one protects. It takes a good brain to write eight books but various family members do not have the capacity to read and the bright ones are caught up in ambition and do not.  In this morally flawed personal environment in order to protect from outside reality there is not much that can be said.  A conversation does not get past: - “Good morning how are you?” - “Yesterday we had some rain.”  “Looking forward to Christmas.”  

In every area, in all the plans, is the need to show loyalty and thus less hassles and less financial restrains otherwise it is acclaim and no finance.  Do not listen to the other side do not weigh evidence, take a side, pledge alliance, take the pretty glass that are thrown, sell the soul, come in the boat and shackles are placed on the ankles.   

Hyenas are family to mongooses and not as they looks as if they are family to dogs.  They are cowards, nasty and vicious and do not take a chance to face their prey - a lion or a wildebeest – alone; gangsters, they get together to bring down prey.  Their leader is always female and it is difficult to trace a female line.    

One sticks its teeth one side of the gut of the running prey and another on the other side then two grab its back legs; they slow the beast down until a lead hyena bites its throat and brings down the animal; and  Ha!  Ha!  Ha! They laugh.  But lions watch and come and take away the kill.  

Jesus was not tempted in the wilderness.  In the same way all of us are asked to bow down to all this temptation.  Like to work in a bank for a good salary but still seduce the bank manager to get a bigger car.   Do not call it by its real name; it is bettering oneself just another way to operate, a pattern develops.   

Let us scratch for a solution, be independent and not join the belonging-to-the crowd.   

After sixteen years away from the whole social family it was easy to spot the hidden truth and those, who function as spokespeople, echo chambers that echo and proclaim the banner and any form of exposure becomes a violation of the obligation to the family and at the same time a betrayal of what holds together and if the intention is to go forward then there must be loyalty otherwise the truth, which cannot be let out will be.  

It is done in politics nobody knows what is going on, there have their inquiries and everybody knows who-done-it. But to the public it is “we cannot allow them to get away.”   

“We have reached the sad, sorry state in Barbados where people, in order to curry favour with a displaced political oligarchy or to position themselves for future handouts and benefits, would compromise all standards, ethics and principles on issues of transparency, accountability and morality.”  … Prime Minister David Thompson in the Nation Newspaper 27th January 2009. 

This condition demonstrated so clearly in the political arena has to stem from somewhere for the political arena is the vehicle, the outwards expression of what lies in our society and the society is built up of families. 

Take sides and to be on that side is to be a victim of anxiety and stress and to not to acknowledge, who the victim is.  Be blind, play the game and even if at some level there is a wanting to be free or not be part of the doctrine then it is not possible to be a part of the family.   

“I just do not know what to do with you.  I only want what is best for you.”

“You just do not toe the line you just do not understand where we are.”

“Where you think I would be?”

“Why you do not write romance novels.”

“You have to learn a lesson.” 

Like the “beauty” shows from which satisfaction is had from choosing the ugliest-looking.  Things that are good, that displays some sort of quality are to be defaced. 

We are in a crisis brought by an illusion, which the political scientist sociology and writer, John Cumberbatch (see REFLECTIONS, Modern Politics The Caribbean, Africa & Asia Minor by Angela Cole and Gary Cole - 1200 pages, in chapter entitled Scientific Revolution 1995 by John Cumberbatch,) said was real because people live by it as if it were so.  

It is need, like a slave that has a position in a house, who defends the master over something, which has no significant, with no connection, just because he sees it affecting his own self.  To do this is to see only one’s own level of survival and not to see any other for there are so many secrets and so many are confused by greed and enticed into a web where no one’s else worth is seen. 

If good ultimately overpowers evil, then any unit, element or person or circumstance that moves on behalf of exposure becomes valuable to the true power that will over come in the future. 

There shall be not many troubles, when the inevitable is realized that we are all human and that none are superior and none are inferior and the thread called humanity is a genetic bond between us and that the only way a society can function in harmony is if the family is the basic unit.  

Regardless of whatever, family is the unit that causes a society to multiply and it keeps society cohesive and together.  Family should be able to help each other irregardless of ideology and behavioural patterns and must make sure that there is no large inequality.  

Family obligation can be divided and classified:  the types are social, psychological, physical, economic and, to love, succor and to cherish to comfort each other and in comforting would bring in many different levels of things.  

An essay given to students on family revealed that some of the students considered family as only those, who lived inside the house.  Members, who lived else where were not considered family - fathers in some cases, grandmothers in others were disqualified. 

We now have “household” families.   

Bree was brought to the forth out of this.  This first essay is for Eric a man that put his society first and I use a quote by his mother, who loved him and he loved about his brother not as a piece of gossip but to try to dissolve that which keeps us apart for while there is chosen and not chosen it will be hard to achieve cohesiveness in the society:- 

In this case relations are chaotic:- 

“Do not let Eric get any money for when he talks people listen and he would turn this place upside down.”

“Do not tell Ann.  Do not Let Ann know.” 

ERIC:  “My mother said to me when she was 91 years old.  Bree does not like you.  I tried to find out from him why and he would not tell me.  I gave birth to both of you all and I guarantee your father was his father.  It cannot be money because he has so much more than you.  I have come to the conclusion that it is your fast brain that he cannot deal with.” 


For the second time Bree had double-crossed his brother.  The first time was after Bree had asked for half share in a boat owned by Eric, he convinced Eric to sell the boat and end the partnership and then bought the shares in someone else’s name.  Eric did not know until much later.  That was the first double-cross of many.  Lucy, [their mother] wanted to sell her shares in her plantation to Eric because he had financed its agriculture crop and when Eric went to his mother to recover the sum of money she told him that Bree had told her to pay it towards loans.   Lucy saw her youngest son behaviour and said that he was jealous of his brother because Eric had a quicker brain but the family listened to Bree. 

Eric had ideas but Bree dismissed every one with his usual: “he is mad” and until his death he did everything possible to diminish his own brother.   Even when he was Prime Minister he refused to accept any advice from Eric even when he told him that his agricultural office misinformed him. 

Malvern, the family enterprise set up by Miller Austin, was used to finance university education and personal goals and Bree with his social styling and political power won that individual rat race.    

When Albert St. John stormed off from Malvern with his family Eric was two years old but every vacation the grandchildren spent at Malvern.   Eric walked next to his grandfather and emulated his powerful behaviour.  All happened in front of Noel too but he was not as forceful.  Bree, years younger, was not considered. 

Eric walked away from home to the school down the hill and no one knew.   He went into the girls’ toilet and the girls found him.  They screamed ran out and told the headmistress, who sent a runner to let his father know where he was.  He was three years old.   

“He must have gone by the school because he always say he want to go to school.”  His father said and sent him to school at four years old, two years before he should have.   

Bree was average height and Eric, a tall massive man, is more down to earth.  He studied building in England and in those days people thought a builder was an architect and study in England meant a cut above the rest.  While in England Eric met a 75 year-old German professor, who had three free doctorates from Germany and he thought that could be possible in Barbados.  Sometime after his return a real estate agent and debt collector, who had two stepchildren in America came to his home.   

The children had joined with others to collect a large sum of money to put a facility of the university of the West Indies in the island.   Eric and they went and looked at a site in Cave Hill and they thought the site was ideal.  They then went to the Labour Minister responsible, who rejected the idea and suggested that the money be given  to the university college of Jamaica because in his opinion the island could not afford a university. The debt collector reported this to his stepchildren. 

Eric promoted Bree in his political ventures and it was only after Barrow won the election in 1961, Bree joined the Labour Party, Eric refused to join Grantley Adams’s party, the Barbados Labour Party, for he had betrayed their grandfather and Bree ran for a seat in Christ Church that Eric ran, the next year, for the vestry in the parish of St. John because he recognized that there were those, who had ability and no opportunity and he thought that he could help such people to advance. 

The topic of free education to secondary level came up and Eric suggested to Barrow to take education to university level because of his knowledge of the available money from the step children.   A group trooped off to the site.  Barrow liked the idea and went off to America for the first time.   

Since Grantley Adams had said that Barrow was a communist Barrow had been refused permission to enter the United States and he took the opportunity to remind them that he had fought in a war against the Germans and he was sure that any German could get a job three times before him in the US because of his colour.  When Barrow came back he said the money for the university had been distributed. 

“You can get more money.  If we could raise it once we can raise it again.”  Eric said.  Barrow got other people together and thereafter education was free until university. 

A widening political gap opened between Barrow and Eric who felt that Barrow and his Democratic Labour Party had lost sight of peoples’ goal and what he saw as growing corruption.   Barrow offered Eric a contract to build the Hilton Hotel but expected him to work along with dishonesty.  Eric refused and by 1966 when they Hilton opened and Independence was declared the two were estranged.  The divide between the politicians, the gangsters and the crooks was disappearing. 

End of excerpt 

The big picture must not be seen and the best way to keep people in the dark is to keep them in their place with antics - bully them, badger them and be cranky and contention, irritable and bad-tempered and make them feel that they can be cut down.  

Social-styling and denial cannot hurt anyone on the battle field.   

They weave like spiders that do not go into their own webs but sit in corners and wait for insects to come.  It is their nature to master and manipulate to strive for superiority.  Freud said that what appears to be superiority complex is really an inferiority complex.   

On reflection, the Association of the Last of the Bajan pirates did not need to take the assassins’ route they could have joined Conrad Reeves and helped him, while he carried on Samuel Jackman Prescod’s political struggle but they wanted to marry his daughter – the son-in-law of the first coloured Attorney General and then Chief Justice and the first coloured man to be knighted in British Commonwealth.  It was not like today, people did not get sirs just like that.  That would have cut style. 

Or they could have thrown in their lot with Valance Gale when he founded the Advocate “for the cause that lacks assistance; for the wrongs that need resistance; the future in the distance and the good that I can do.” He was a great admirer of Prescod but they did not want to. 

At the time it was called a wise investments nowadays it is called money laundering:  the Goddards bought the Marine from another white thief A.E. Taylor, who spent eighteen months in jail - a white man in jail, anyone can guess what happened - good food and the prison governor called him sir.    

Dowdings, another associate, bought buses - red and green - and a company called Ecksteins, which evolved into DETCO –Dowding Estate Trading Company. 

The Austins and St. Johns bought up plantations and education to Edinburgh and higher education and higher still in France. The Brownes even paid for Charles Duncan O’Neales’ tuition in Edinburgh University.   St. Johns favoured education in the States and the Browne favoured property in and around town.  Miller Austin had Malvern, the St. Johns bought estates and the Brownes had a big house Flodden in Collymore Rock.   

I can still remember going into with Aunt Dolly and Joan the Browne’s bookstore on Swans Street, where decent literature could be had,  Their two old aunts used to run the stores and they looked like gentile, relaxed persons eking out a living.  And then I visited my paternal grandfather at a small watch repair station in a small jewel shop next to where is Correia’s now and over one of the two doors it read Austin’s Jeweler’s and Elsie Payne’s unmarried sister worked with him.  

One strange thing the Brownes never had a car, the women used to walk to town.  Miller Austin had a car and a chauffer. A lot of thieves spend big like the robbers at a bank, where the fools went and bought big cars and motorcycles. A clever thief would have taken out that money in suitcase and filtered it all over Russia or Egypt.   

Part of the web was Charles Duncan O’Neale, the Browne’s paid for him to go to Edinburgh but he was a great disappointment to Miller Austin.  It is not a matter for revenge.  This is about those that saw and heard wrongness of action and stewed in it.  It is a horrible situation, which will take a lot of unravelling but it must be done otherwise the unjust will continue to flourish.    

Excerpt from REFLECTIONS - Modern Politics – The Caribbean Africa & Asia Minor by Angela and Gary Cole 1,200 pages available January 2008 

Charles Duncan O’Neale was the first black politician from the lower middle income. While Prescod’s utterances are polished O’Neale’s, too many times are angry.  Miller Austin believed that O’Neale was a bitter man because he treated his, Miller’s son, in a bitter way. 

O’Neale could not hold a candle to Prescod and Conrad Reeves. O’Neale and Miller Austin’s son, Charles Miller Austin jnr. left on the same boat and enter Edinburgh University on the same day and graduated together on the same day and Dr. Charles Miller went on finally to a post at a hospital in Trinidad.  It was possible for a few only coloured doctors to make enough money in Barbados because the general population lacked money and Charles like most doctors worked in St. Vincent and Grenada and then obtained a position at the general hospital in Trinidad. 

O’Neal stayed and dabbled in politics in Manchester until he was asked politely to leave.  He was seen as too much trouble.  He proceeded to St. Vincent but ran into trouble. Within a month of O’Neale’s taking up a post with the same hospital in Trinidad, which Austin had arranged for him and had begged to give his friend, Duncan, a break; immediately O'Neale started to criticize Austin and put out false accusation.  The board at the hospital called a meeting with the two Barbadians and much to the surprise of O’Neale, he was asked to leave. 

Dr. Charles Miller often said that he and O’Neal were never socialists, they were both doctors and both of them wanted to become rich and when Duncan was dismissed from the hospital in Trinidad and Miller returned to Barbados he was surprised to find that O’Neale had become a socialist. 

End of excerpt 

Then there is the interplay: - A Dowding and a Goddard went into politics and ran for seats.  Barrow came back and got hauled in and beat Dowding, in St. George.  A Goddard in most cases was the bailiff that sold the indebted plantations to Miller Austin and the Goddards, who were paid by the local council to clean the streets of Bridgetown, turned that job over to Ernest Deighton Mottley and he ran a protection racket with it, only difference is that if store owners did not pay him protection money the outside of their shop would not be spotless like the other businesses that paid.  A dirty shop front was not good for business.  

W.W Reece had no clout, he was the Solicitor General and the Attorney General’s junior.  A mulatto, his mother was a maid and his father a Reece.  His son Jube was a lawyer and later Solicitor General.  W.W. Reece and his maid produced Mottley.  Mottley was Jube’s half brother and also his tout both as a lawyer, then as a politician.  Jube ran for the conservatives against Edwy Talma when Talma got out of favour with Grantley Adams, and Edwy got in.   

Mottley was a very scheming person and he had his plans and agenda.  The time of white people elected to the House of Assembly waned but white merchants began to run the island with dollars passed to the new black politicians and from the beginning the white people put Mottley in charge of poor people.  Little old ladies with no money but land ran into trouble and Mottley undertook to pay for things for them and ended up with their titles.   

No vice was below Ernest Deighton Mottley 

This was an era of people, who had the technique to use people better than themselves.  As their descendants weaved and jostled for control, they have marked attitudes and behaviour just as white plantation owners have.  Even though some people go through the same situation unassisted, there are weak people, who are not bonded with others due to poverty, drugs or genetics degeneration.   

When Grantley Adams came along anything was a vision.  Agriculture workers received 2s. a day and that was in the crop time. He said:  “That is wrong; you should get sixty cents.” And they said: “You got my vote.”  

Friday evenings the superintendent got on his three-piece suit and felt hat, gold chain and he is barefooted and in a tie but he frighten for he dare not wear shoes. That was a class thing if he put on shoes the manager going think he got money or he getting too uppity. 

One fellow they called Two-Forty.  New dollars notes were issued; there was a big two shilling-piece and two-and-six and when this fellow got his money he waited until the whole lot of people were paid and said:  “Sir, the money isn’t right I was to get ten shilling and I only get $2.40.    

All of these things in the memory is why some did not think to become planters. 

A labourer came in the yard with a pair of pumps; he knew he going get his money - his name not going call early because he was younger and the older man were paid first.  There he is in pumps, and the watchman came and said to the manager; “Send him back!  Look he got on pumps! He cannot come in this yard to get money and come with pumps and clean clothes.” 

This is the sort of thing that was happening up until the fifties. 

Grantley was in charge of the parish coins: every bicycle number used to cost 54 cents and it went into the parochial treasury of which he was in charge and there seemed to be no accounting.  Every person in charge of the parochial treasure ended up with money although Grantley did not leave any millions.   

Grantley made a name amongst certain poor people for every day he took, out of this money, a bag full of six cents piece and the poor said: “Oh Grantley I ain’t got…” and he said “Do not worry,” and handed out handful of these coins.   

He never liked to have bright people around him so he got young men out of the country and the city slums.  R.A. Map was a teacher but he had no leadership skills but the ability to run a ministry.  M.E. Cox was a taxi driver then he put Frank Walcott, poor and manageable in Hugh Springer place because Springer was an honest and decent educated man that Grantley saw as a threat, so he got him out of the Workers Union; found him a job at the University of the West Indies, Jamaica replace him with Walcott and moved Walcott to live in an upstairs house in Bank Hall Cross Road near where Springer’s family lived and where Mottley bought a house.  

Excerpt from REFLECTIONS   

Hugh Springer seemed unprepared to use his principles for a cause, to make a difference, but kept them on a personal and selfish level for in the early 1950’s his two sons and the son of his cousin, a middle class teacher at Harrisons College, played with other boys from the area.   

A mechanic’s son was able to own a bicycle because the mechanic had taken an old frame and fixed it up; it was called a spilliard and it had no fenders, no bell and no lights.  The boys took turns to ride and to run behind the bicycle and their family were all happy for them to do so. 

Amongst these boys were Frank Walcott’s son and Mottley’s two sons.  When Mottley bought two bicycles for his sons and a few days later Walcott bought his son a bicycle, the grandmother of the Springer children, even though she did not mind her grandchildren running behind the poor but decent mechanic son, did not want her family running around behind Mottley and Walcott’s sons.  She credited a bicycle so that they did not have to do so and she should not have because the fathers could not afford to do so.   

Mottley did not credit; he paid with cash that the planters and businessmen from the city with big money gave him and Walcott’s money from the union and although people knew what they did and that they were lower orders, they ate themselves up over the lifestyle.  Soon, everybody else that used to walk had to find something to take them down the road and when high purchase came they had a different size bicycle, a child’s bicycle for they could not wait to get a full size one and all the middle income had to have one. 

End of Excerpt 

Things were changing and to the Association education was a badge not a tool for these people wanted to be in certain company.  Some of the company did not want to be with them but for some it did not matter how the money was got for after all white people had plundered and were plundering and are still plundering.   

To be educated and to the manor born and in “decent clothes” was the only way blacks entered in the Marine Hotel.  It was very clever; nobody was barred; black people just did not go there.   

There was never an official colour bar and no apartheid laws; blacks people just did not go certain places.  There was no need to have separate beaches; there were certain beaches where black people did not go, like Paradise.  Lesser whites, high browns – and not all browns they had to have deep pockets - went to the Aquatic Club.   

Black Barbadians resent things but keep it inside. Its was voluntary segregation.  Black bull dogs were hired as watchmen and black people just obeyed the line.  One of the things done was when certain people went in and sat down they were not served and like a dog if every time it is around somewhere it is kicked they just did not go.  

Slowly those values seeped into the wider society; money is wasted to buy a big house, but the house lies doing nothing, PhDs have turned into wall paper and what it taught is not challenged. They are badges.  People full of learning do not kow-tow to uneducated white people with money because they want to get in white people’s club.  

There is a reason why certain people are afraid and refuse to want to know anything about or delve in their family background.   Either it is very hurtful and a lot of pain or something can be uncovered with which they will not be able to deal. 

A “down home” – a longhouse experiment – had highlighted an unnecessary level of people, who take for themselves and their family more than they contribute – this clannishness most likely springs from the “households”  family. 

To be rooted is perhaps the most important

And least recognized need of the human soul …

To be able to give, one has to possess;

And we possess no other life, no other living sap,

Than the treasures stored up from the past

And digested, assimilated and created afresh by us.

Of all the human soul’s needs,

None is more vital than this one of the past.”

-   Simone Weil  

Everybody should do their family history -  know the people from whom they came, get to know their great grandfather and way back wherever they were and conditions that surrounded the family.  Students need to be shown how to peruse rate books and find all the people that owned land and the kind of taxes they paid.  

The society at all levels must be realized.  Social psychology: the psychology of the society over all the year - at each era - look at its impact on individual and family life.  Otherwise we create conditions for the “Sell Out.” 

The majority of people, who write our history do not go into the socio-psycho-social dynamics of the culture at most times.  There are several factors.  Any intrusion of one ethnic group especially if they are a whole lot of them like Zimbabweans have been targeted because they are refugee and South Africans fear them. like we fear the Guyanese for a stupid reason.  

When we preached decency, goodness and equality we were shot down but Obama went to the web site, pumped the propaganda and won an election on such an appeal.  Appealing to morality is something, which sounds good, but care must be taken of false prophets, like a quick fix - an injection - and the injection works for awhile like penicillin used to cure everything at first.   

Billie Graham went to London and appeared to clean it up but what he did was to push the whores underground and made it more difficult for the police to control vice.  Before his moral campaign, girls pulled up their skirts, held up one leg and that cost 2 pounds.  Graham started and there was now a need for a house and the girls had to pay rent and foreign pimps moved in and the price was inflated to 10 pounds. 

Morals and ethics have been forgotten. Pitfalls are in the way of any forward looking Bajan.  All of the blocks are there: offers of money and if that is not fallen for the society is made to laugh and jeer.   

“Who she think she is.” 

It is the same syndrome “can anything good comes out of Nazareth?”   

Good things came out but it was said to be a fluke.  Judges, many of the now-rich and elite went there at St. David’s but you do not hear them going to St. David’s. The syndrome seems to be inherit.   

All of this is part of why people are seeing only household.  It is contrary to nature for a family to actually plot to destroy part of its own close members.  A family to which there is no appeal and not open to argument is in turmoil and must have some irritant in the blood.  Anyone in the family – inside and outside -  that is bright and not corrupt must be taken down.   

Families cannot agitate and take away natural, justice decency and a sense of fair play. That is a human and constitutional right and affects the society.  This behaviour is not about benefiting; benefits have been gone past; what is had, has to be secured.  

All that can be seen is self.  The mirror image is self.  What I think is all important.  The lies are within self.  Pray is to self, self worship, everything is the I and I – in other words me and the idea is for everyone to do the same thing to pass on the same spirit but in some cases it is not possible and with all the education and books it is still felt that that can happen because the mentally is that education is not really that important. 

People are not treated according to their status; their value cannot be seen even if they become the President of the United States or the Pope of Rome; it does not matter.  They are lower and are put on a block on the day they were born and are to grow up on that block and are expected to remain until death on that block.  Become Prime Minister and it will be said: “Do, get off that the stage.”   

Join hands and most, regardless of how Christian, throw in with the rules.  Say that is a blue pants and it has a cut even if it is a red pants with no holes.  Friendship is deceit, usury and cunning for control and all end up alike.  It is even worst than that, they deny the entire criminal actively. 

“Nobody ain’t kill any body.”

“Mary Jane says that it is not true.”

“He not kill anybody.”

“Nobody try to rape any body.”

“Nobody deal drugs.”

“There was no sexual abuse.”

“They just do not answer the telephone; the whole family are not on the Internet gambling 24 hours a day.” 

That is what needs analysing.  The depression is here everything will hit the fan and   jobs will be lost and those who should know do not know what to do.  Real estate is keeping our people down.  Money is wasted to buy a badge, a big plantation and a National Trust sign is stuck on it to say to preserve it and like most plantations it was too much for one man without children. They live in the house but the plantation  lies doing nothing.  No longer is the long drive overlooking the plantation lands planted in food crops, it is now a lawn with ornamentals.  What heritage is that to protect?  While there are our people, pensioners, who have the old time values and are happy to live in Barbados but are stuck in cold countries and cannot come back because they do not have $1.6 million to buy a house because the Zionist sell out our real estate at inflated prices.   

To be continued

PART III – The Serphardic Jew in the family and the terror it has brought.

The End


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Zionist Attempt to Claim Barbados as Promised Land


Most people have not thought along the following lines; it seems futuristic but it is very frightening, anyway, had it not been for the circumstances of birth, breeding, work, associations and friends I would not have this insight.  A lot of things were happening.  Some, like my family, lived in a certain society and we know what went on in certain circles.   

There is so much denial and so much false history that the sociology of this island is a very divisive thread.  Nobody seems capable to go into it to analyze the fabric of society at different levels.  

At the entrance of the new Jewish museum, opened in January last year, there are several falsehoods, the meaning of which this essay shall explain: -   

The first announces: -   

THE BITTERNESS OF EXILE, THE SWEETNESS OF KNOWLEDGE … THE SEPHARDIC JEWS“Those Bearded men of Barbados, island of Bearded Trees.” 

Sephardic Jews are not bearded men after whom some claim, maybe, Barbados is called. 

2/. With them [Jews] they brought their expertise in windmill technology and in growing sugar cane. 

The cultivation of sugar cane was here before the Jews.  Jews introduced, financed and brought the horror of the triangular slave trade. 

3/.  For these Jews and their descendants coconut milk and sugar cane were the milk and honey of the Promised Land to the people of Abraham.    

They shall “inherit the earth” but this land is ours, not theirs and will never be and we, South American Indians laid that lie to rest, centuries ago, when Jews came claiming that wherever they put their fork in the ground belonged to Israel.    

There was a snippet on television about Antigua last night.  Several monoliths that have cosmological and astronomically significant for they lined up with certain stars and are centuries old were found there. 

4/. “The Nidhe Museum tells the story of the Jewish community that settled in Barbados from the colony’s earliest days although the community was not large; it profoundly influenced the island’s destiny”. 

These Jews brought terror as was never seen before but it was not long before fearless, white merchants and planters saw that these Jews with their overseas “connections” were at too great an advantage and Jews were got out of here quietly in a few years and just so without any fuss.   

These statements fit a scheme to manufacture history and network it out to displace and marginalize indigenous and local people.   Financially they have done so.   

     Give me control over a nation’s currency and I care not who makes its laws. … Mayer Amschel Rothschild  (1743-1812).   

“Until you told me I do not know anything about Tabor.”  Barbados Community College historian Trevor Marshall said of, Michael Tabor, the main Zionist financier of the museum.  “I do not want to upset them people!  I really do not want to bother right now.  The museum allows the students to go in there free!  If he [the museum’s receptionist] is such and ass to tell you stupidity that he got to put me in my place…. Well!” 

Not having certain facts and silly, insipient paranoia, which came from slave and indentured servant “seasoning” – training - has left that, which cannot protest, cannot be anti-anything, and no voices.  300 years of slavery has left a docility of mind, so many – some say no less than sixty slave upheavals – were put down by planters and were not put down in the newspapers for reason of arriving at docility but can be found in the colonial government dispatches. They are there folded up in pairs in files. 

Literature must dig further and descend deeper in order to psycho-analyze behaviour and make the social background understandable for unless some African prince is dug up, there is denial of origin, a reluctance to look behind the scene,to find and examine flaws.

We are going to get a reputation of being publishers of nonsense.When my mother was young they used to get books called penny-dreadfuls.They were rubbish and had no literary content;it was just that they were fast reading;it was mental masturbation,intellectual priapism.  

The flaws in personal make-up gets in the way and most times it is all because of poverty caused by slavery.  It should not be because after all education was suppose to correct that.  The social pretense, the glorified mockery of today, has its creation in denial of origin.   

On the other hand Tabor, according to a reputable English newspaper, was a hairdresser in 1970, when Trevor Marshall was at the University of Mona Campus having left Lodge School, where he went with lots of white boys that called him Snuffy because of his red hair. 

The people that have allowed this should be talked about.  The first one is University of the West Indies Professor of History Karl Watson.  His family came out of the very poor-white Watsons from St. Andrew down there by Lakes on the East Coast Road.  There are still Watsons in that area.   As a young boy the family lived in the Chelsea environs.  A few months after I wrote in God Have Mercy – The Codrington Trust that the Jews brought the tri-angular slave trade to Barbados he was on a podium with a leading Zionist family member, Altman, moving up and down in the back ground, announcing that he had checked and not many Jews owned plantations.    

That was the beginning of his disingenuousness with the Zionist.   The Jews, as a rule, did not own plantations, they did not get their hands dirty, they may own a factory, but they invested and controlled the sugar trade up until today.  That is why the island went from tobacco to sugar because the Jews still do not control the tobacco industry.   The problem with the sugar industry is that those, who sell sugar, do not produce it. 

Watson whispered that his family might be Jews.  If he is a Serphardic Jew then it is genetics.  [See PART III of this essay - The Serphardic Jews in the Family.]  He can be said to have overseen the museum and while, it is sure, that he did not suggest to write up the lies, he, for some reason lacks authority and sees it as beyond his control otherwise he would have told them from the beginning.   

He cannot be a professor and feel that the issue is not important enough.  He is not like some, who would not even be aware of the significance of those statement after all they are accustomed all these years, in 2009, to believe that Caribs were cannibals and people called Arawak were peaceful.  Nobody with insight into the indigenous people has ever recorded that but they do know, who is Edward Daniel although they remember his name as the one, who made that self-serving and stupid statement in his books, which they were made to read. 

Marshall has not reacted officially to the blatant lies and continues to take his students.   His excuses need to be discredited.  Marshall has a name but is forced to teach in what is functionally seventh standard - fractions and that is great but there is calculus and chronic geometry.   

“I am taking my sixteen to nineteen year old and I am telling them this is a synagogue, show them the archeology site and I show them the museum; the politics, the racial nonsense, I tell them different.  I insert all of the corrective information. 

“I teach and have to go easy.  I train do not forget.  It is in my interest to go on to the university to do history.  If it gets them in the rough and tumble stupid arguments of the people every day they go home and tell parents, so you go easy at that point. 

“I have survived the way I have and even beyond since I am in an institution they can get at me by attempts to destabilize me.  First of all I teach because I want to secondly teaching is a subversive activates.  You are dealing with delicate…” 

This is fear for job – “I have a job I under pressure and I have to be careful” and about establishing credentials but not among bright people but fifteen and sixteen year olds.  

Views expressed about the new Chancellor are not for publication.  He does a lot of twaddle.  He left the island at eleven years of age went down to a nondescript university in Wales did a thesis on Chinese economy, found his métier and manages accordingly.   

Lecturers rely on somebody say so and it sounds good and it forms a platform, chronicle it and put the sweet soundings in a book and that is that.  They are not real leaders of society but try to identify themselves with a tribe - I like you; you like me; we think the same way, we come across in the same boat  - that tribe never existed it is a made-up and new one.     

People cannot be educated on slogans.  Teacher must teach young children the dignity of being themselves - just being a lovely little black child.  Genius does not strive when everybody believes the same.  That is why gas chambers existed in villages and Germans accepted.  They just said:  “There is something going on up there.” And the bodies burnt.   

In my day teachers like, Elsie Payne, were not faced with these choices.  Elsie was an elite.  She had brains, she was not needy. Her family had a shoe shop and there was no dressing-up and no need for social styling; everybody knew everybody and houses were always full of people. 

It is noticeable that first class honors sociology graduates do not produce many statistical studies or write books.  They have not written because they did just enough to pass the subject and since they passed it must be because the depths of the subjects taught were very narrow.  People with PhDs from the UWI can be compared to what used to be Oxford and Cambridge A Level passes.  

Sorry is the word for its head; he is not strong enough.  He is a brilliant sociologist but he is still pulling the cart and has not come out and cannot get  from between the shaft.  He is already enslaved; there is nothing that can be done with him.    He and his brother are well liked and his wife’s colleagues say that his wife, now deceased, was brighter than he was and that she suffered in silence.   

There are so many, who have a name and who do not deserve it.  These people must be looked at for there is need for better analysis to see why the obsession with false notions of social mobility. 

Our society must be seen as our right.  A new start is needed to unlearn.  Then those without the knowledge of grandmother will not feel alone.  This is not a difficult thing the Nazi started on a false premise and did it for all the wrong reasons but it can be done.  This is not about race or blond hair or blue eyes; it is about the teaching of real history. 

Zionists have a plan.  I am brighter now than I was then; there is somewhere, some preparation to discredit people that lived history.   

“In order to achieve a totally predictable economy, the low-class elements of the society must be brought under total control, i.e. must be housebroken, trained and assigned a yoke and long-term social duties from a very early age, before they have an opportunity to question the propriety of the matter.  In order to achieve such conformity, the lower-class family unit must be disintegrated by a process of increasing preoccupation of the parents and the establishment of government-operated day-care centres for the occupationally orphaned children.   

“The quality of education given to the lower class must be of the poorest sort, so that the mote of ignorance isolating the inferior class from the superior class is and remains incomprehensible  to the inferior class.  With such an initial handicap, even bright lower class individuals have little if any hope of extricating themselves from their assigned lot in life.  This form of slavery is essential to maintaining some measure of social order, peace, and tranquillity for the ruling upper class.  Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper 

Compare origins and of our icons to use grandparents as a source of courage.  Samuel Jackman Prescod’s uncle’s daughter was quite at home with all sorts of people from all walks of life like Sir Randolph Philips and it was Mary and Joe and they ate her food and she did not cook it. 

The Head of Sociology and Political Science his father and mother fell in love with each other early they married and stayed marry.  She stuck with him and so he advanced and got promoted.   

Dr. Richard Allsop is a learned man who married a brilliant girl too. 

Woodville Marshall, very bright, has not got himself involved with any politics.  His father was chairman at CBC at one time.  Do not mind his sister, we shall analyze her behaviour after her ruling on the l’Akoki inquest.  She has left the stable door open. 

Keith Hunte is a Carrington Village boy and that area produced many scholars.     

Hugh Springer was a struggling bright lawyer whose father had been a headmaster of a school in Government Hill and Grantley Adams’s father was from the same area.  They would know one another.  They were headmasters of the same school at a different time.   

Along the Bank Hall area:  there was Olga Symmonds and her husband. He was about forty and he went down to the sea swan out and that was the end of him.  She was left with three bright children but they lived a certain stand and never deteriorate.  Dame Pat Simmons was one child.  Another Algie won a scholarship and the other Noel got a job at the peasants loan bank that turned into the governments agricultural bank.


Further down that road Dr. Gordon Cummins he had his three sons and a daughter.  He became a Prime Minister. 

Rannee Douglas, later Sir Randolph taught at Harrison College and then he said:  “I going to go to Canada and read law.” 

These fellows were educated.  Some went off to the war.  Sandy Lane was a factory. 

While Michael Tabor was hairdressing Trevor Marshall and all of them were at either the university of the West Indies Mona campus or other universities and it is for sure nothing so rude go on.  It is a matter of machismo black fellows, in those days, did not dress hair.   

At secondary school the fellows were ready for the transformation from being a grouping of pampered privileged teenagers, moving with the Moseley and all the other people from the established middle class and with generations ,who attended university.  They came from Harrison College, they came from Lodge School and Combermere and they met at Mona, when the occasion was ripe - the people and the time - and events overtook them and Ralph Gonzales was made into a politician.    

Mona made them ask, what are the masses experiencing, and what can they do to help   and when they finished at Mona they asked what were they going home to do to improve the lot of the masses. Timothy Callender was amongst them. 

The point is Tabor did not have education in England, where the students’ education would have made them stand out.  The minute they opened their mouths Latinist phrases would be heard, trained rhetoric of Plato and Cicero came from black voices and the next generation of leaders would have been recognized.  Simmons head boy at Lodge became the Chief Justice.   

At this point ambition for money was basically for a better house, get a car and move around and gave preference to aspiration of class, in the sense of associational, to move with a particular grouping that were decent and were respectable.   Some looked to the Gollops and Oscar Jordan.   

Although Trevor and this later lot of university students were in a different category and a different breed from the older university students of the 1940s in that the older students were referred to by their headmaster as gentlemen - that was a public school thing people call them Mister. 

These decent educated people would not have and could never have shared Tabor’s ambition for money.   This kind of money does not deal with issues of popular conscience. 

How is it then that such people are being made flunkies to someone from the slums of East End of London - Cockneys, those people that singsong and rhyme and talk nonsense for a lark.   

“The new blood includes some of Britain’s wealthiest men, such as the East End-born bookie Michael Tabor who sold his 114-strong Arthur Prince chain to Coral for pounds 28 million.  Tabor has built what some describe as a 20 million pound “Dallas-style” beachside property in St. James, buying and then razing three other houses to make way for it … The wealthy racehorse owner and breeder Robert Sangster recently parted from his third wife Susan – is still in residence but has, it is rumoured, been offered 13 million pounds for his magnificent house at Jane’s Harbour.  … DAILY NATION Extra Wednesday December 1999, reprint from the London Times.   

These bookies cannot claim morals but they made money.  It is not about morality and was not in our kind of scope.  Maybe the emancipated, who had been so exploited, were reluctant to exploit.  In England until 1960s all of the bookies had a big sign with a name on it on their shop windows but it was never possible to see inside and people went and made their bets.

We knew more about bridge – brown-skinned and educated black people played bridge at six pence a point in the forties but they did not try to make money out of it.  Those that did this: one lost a whole week's wages, gambled it out at Goddard’s, where the Nova Scotia Bank is; it used to be called the Ice House.  They went up there and got a decent meal, a steak, and then they gambled.  There were rooms just like at the Mutual, not, where every body knew but, when the staff went home a dozen people turned up; it was a gentleman’s club and it never had a strict colour bar. Eileen Stuart’s father was the steward and chief butler.  He was a very respectable man and all that, who went to a church by the stadium, where he was a member all his life. 

Clearly, the Zionist have “worked they way into the wood work” of this island as Merit Amit Israel’s then Chief of Military Intelligence said. 

REFLECTIONS – Modern Politics – The Caribbean, Africa & Asia Minor – by Angela Cole and Gary Cole - 1200 pages available January 2009.  

Israel was dependent on Nigeria for 60% of its oil and from the early 60s the Mossad supplied information to South Africa’s apartheid regime on African National Congress (ANC) members in exile and caused hundreds to be arrested, tortured and killed.   

In Gordon Thomas’s book Gideon’s Spies - The Secret History of the Mossad (2001) he writes in Chapter 13 entitled African Connections:-   

“The prospect of thousands of trained and well-armed African revolutionaries being within a few hours striking distance of Israel was alarming to its politicians and intelligence. But to provoke this guerrilla army when they had offered no direct threat could lead to a confrontation Israel did not want and Meir Amit [Israel’s then Chief of Military Intelligence] when Kwame Nkrumah, the pro-Chinese ruler of Ghana, was on a state visit to Beijing, Mossad orchestrated the uprising that led to both Nkrumah’s overthrow and the destruction of the CIS [Chinese secret service] infrastructure in the country.  They set the two bastions of communism at each other’s throats while at the same time, as Merit Amit later put it “working our way into the African woodwork.’  

Mossad turned its attention to the one intelligence service in Africa it had come to look upon as a friend: the Bureau of State Security, BOSS, the most feared arm of South Africa’s security apparatus.  Boss matched Mossad in blackmail, sabotage, forgery, kidnapping, prisoner interrogation, psychological warfare and assassination.  Like Mossad, BOSS had a free hand in how it dealt with its opponents.  The two services quickly became bedfellows.  Often operating in tandem, they moved through Africa, enjoined by a secret “understanding” between Israel’s Prime Minister, Golda Meir, and the Pretoria regime.  In many countries, Mossad demoralized African nationalism.”   


This class confusion comes about because too much importance is place on these lesser-white newly-get-rich people. Too much weight is given to them and they are allowed to put more pressure on the society than they ought to.  If this were not done they would just fade away in the background.   

These people have their followings but it is a dark side, like Lucky Luciana.  Castro told them to get out of the country and, not only that, he told them take your money.  An authorisation regime like Castro’s Cuba could do that.  Luciana took his money and went to Sicily or one of those places for he was person non-gratis in America.  

The biggest mafia in Cuba was not the Italians but the Jews, Meyer Lansky, the Jew, was the king of organized crime and we are a holding area for the expected re-conquest of Cuba, when Castro dies.  These shadows are a little empire within an empire but although a lot of people do not like Castro, the Western World loves them as they are in love with Israel.   

Logically, to love Israel is to not to believe in a God of do-unto-others and treating our neighbours as ourselves it is to like the devil’s right-hand men.  Of course they can say anything there is no restriction on them everything they say is right.  They are untouchable. I do not know how far they are going to go, when you look at the causalities thirteen Israelis dead and 1200 Palestinians about 500 of them are children.   

Oh my God!  It is mystifying it is happening before our eyes.  Israel bombed a United Nations building and an official responding to Israel’s accusation that Hamas fighters were shooting from the building said that there was the truth and what Israel says.   Israel can now wipe out a whole village and say that Hamas is shooting at them. 

They are behaving like the same that the Germans behaved towards them.  They do not accept anyone else’s right.  As far as the Israeli are concerned the Palestinians have not a single right.    

The only way to put it right; all it needs is somebody to find an atom bomb somewhere; it does not have to be sophisticated it could be the most elementary atom splitting device.  It is going to have to come to that level it cannot go on like this.   

When people like Arafat said Israel should not exist everybody jumped up but today there is Israel written on the map and no Palestine.  My grandmothers spoke of Palestine.  It was there, when they grew up.  Jerusalem was always in Palestine.   They spoke about a white English policeman, in a senior position from the Palestinian Police Force.  He came from there and would have been in the colonial civil service.  The same way that white English people were in charge of our force the same thing happened in the Palestine force they sent out there English people to be police. 

The whole place was and is Palestine but the world is not going to recognize that.  That is what the war is about.  Israel took over in Gaza, a tiny strip of land, a location, like North Point, and is treating it like it is a country and are killing, maiming and starving generations of displaced people that they made refugees, who are sleeping on top of one another - many know no other life - and with nowhere to run, nowhere to go.    

The whole world has turned their backs on Palestine. 

Back to the Zionist here.  The problem here is really a non-scientific treatment of minorities; we stay aloofness from fellow citizens because they are poor.   Even church leaders do not go in the ghetto.  One, when he was made bishop, his brother was archdeacon in one of those towns in Canada and when he used to ask “can anything good come out of Nazareth,” the brother used to say: “You are Bishop do not forget you are from Boscobel.”  Our Bishop did not spend much time in Boscobel.  He no longer associates.   

One had a father that was a Methodist man,who did not live here all the time and he has had a hard job finding out, who he is, and there is not much hope for him. 

In the workers union there is a Lodge Road boy from a village, from where a lot of fellows with potential come but he does not spend any time in Lodge Road.   

And white trash with money like Tabor has flunkies popping up everywhere with the same attitude: “it is my job; I belongs to a powerful serf;” and paid to keep the likes of Trevor Marshall in “their place.” 

The museum’s receptionist that wants to put Marshall in his place is a Brewster and one thing that the Brewsters do not want to remember is Martindales Road, where they were extremely poor.  They were good looking and it has done them well but this one could not produce a piece of paper with history written on it.   

That is where disciples and prophets must arise to empathize in order to move those, who will continue to want to sell out this country for until enlightened people are found of which only one or two of this generation can be named; hopefully they may be found, one of the little ones somewhere in a school.  

The old standards have deteriorated and values and perception changed.  At one time carnival was alien; it was copying from Trinidad, now it is Crop Over, a poor copy of Trinidad.   

There was a celebration at the end of the crop, which those in the country knew about but the town people did not. The last week of the crop, cane and sugar workers stripped off bougainvillea flowers and decorated lorries and mules and oxen and one horse carts.  Nearly every village had a wooden horse, a merry-go-round, which would come into play at that time.  But then it was strictly a common man celebration.   Now funny Tony Blair uses it as an excuse to get to the island. 

From REFLECTIONS –Modern Politics – The Caribbean, Africa and Asia Minor – by Angela and Gary Cole - 1,200 pages released January 2009 

Nick’s ex-wife, Beryl,  works as house manager of a house, Laughing Waters, for the Magnias.  The Magnias, the Tabors and the Sangsters are the trio of British gambling interest in three houses, which surrounds Sandy Lane.  Beryl rarely recognizes people, who know her past.  She had been Nick’s manicurist, whom he married and, when the couple broke up she wept tears and complained that she had such a hard time financially because without   “a stick of education” she doubted her ability to find a job.   

The Tabors’ new house is a computer that leaves one with a feeling of discomfort.   They have the best sound system in the world and the house is reported to cost US$32.5 million.  The land on which the house is built is about an acre and located on the beach.   

In the middle off the house there is something like a beacon that glows in wonderful colours and looks as if a helicopter could land there.  Underground runs huge, thick cable wires and the walls move. Admission into other deeper underground parts is prohibited.  Adjoining bathrooms are inaccessible without special security passes and the only painting on the walls is a portrait of Prince Charles. 

There are questions to be asked about these new people’s life styles – exactly what are they doing with their money, influence, and what is in the three-storied deep basements with their bunkers and interlocking tunnels to Sandy Lane and other houses nearby?   

When owners are investing, laundering, or bringing money and stockpiling drugs they must control the territory.  Coup d’etat is old fashion.  The Prime Minister can be controlled – say that the bunkers are for hurricanes but should morals and integrity try to take over then that will be the end of our tenuous democracy. 

A man called Blair Downes arrived. Millions of dollars hung from his pockets.  He bought the house of Pamela, Averill Harriman’s wife and he spent much money on it; he bought and he brought in a racehorse, entered the horse in the biggest race on the island; he won and he became a hero and was pictured in the papers with the Chief Justice and most every one of importance in the island.  His lawyers were the law firm of the leader of the opposition.  Mr. Downes is now in a Canadian jail and his assets seized for defrauding thousands of people.  His ill-gotten gain was hidden away and invested in several places around the globe, Barbados included.

End of Excerpt


PART II - How Zionist took control of Barbados.

PART III – The Serphardic Jew in the family and the terror it has brought

NOTES TO MYSELF: - The Death Of Common Sense

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Dedicated to Vivien Ann Gittens, publisher of the Nation, whose Newspaper cannot be any worst


Who judges the genius?  A genius that revels in the common place and gets to the crux of the matter immediately; that is a good legal brain and it is the hardest for the common ordinary man to understand then knowledge becomes perilous.  If there is not enough weight nobody listens.  While not yet given up realization is that mine is one solitary head, whose role while most important, beats against the wall for nobody listens any longer.   

There is nothing worst than being powerless.  To become a silent observer is a horrible end to a start, while still young, as a brave thinker, a saint doer with an adequate amount of evangelical zeal.  It is so hateful to have to leave up things for somebody else to do.   

Everything is collapsing as foreseen and forewritten.  One long repetition of the same old same darn thing.  People do not have a clue and are done with that.  Some appear to help and some are a fifth column. 

Our society is incapable of making new mistakes, afraid to do anything innovated that is thought that is bound to fail.  People are not prepared to make any sacrifice: why walk when a car can be got into.   

Yes sir! No sir! and if they do not say that they not going get somewhere.  Every brother and sister know they have to say that.   If life’s ambition is to have a new-nigger, million dollars house with no land around in Fort George Heights - good sugar cane land, where a friend of mine’s father managed all three plantations in the area, is now houses -  when that is achieved, then that is that and if a bad order is given it is yes sir! And go ahead and toe the line.  All for an address like having a P.O. Box.   

Many people seem to be successful; they live in a big house but what is called success? They are the ones put on top of the list but they are of no importance for they have no power to change things.   

I do not want to sound snobbish but I always knew, who I was.  

There is insight and education. Insight is given, that which one is born with and  education is a tool.  Some can have insight but no tool/education.  People out side the system everyday, who have been given the tools of education are everyday coming into the system but the problem is with no insight and when they see a person with insight they come to take or steal.  

I went everywhere and did everything and my heart pondered on the most important things in life: building an equal and humane society through human resources.  

I have allowed persons to draw from my insight, knowledge and understanding and because they have had an alternate and different motivation they have altered and changed the course of what was given.   

These persons draw and feed but do not have the same fundamental root and are not going to do the same.  It is one big party as they gather and use for gain - money and prestige but not for the sake of the good progress of the nation and for that reason have have no loyalty.  

When life constitutes a whole bundle of needs, in search of opportunities need will control and corrupt integrity and in that moment what can be gained out weighs faithful dependability of purpose.   A project, an opportunity, something of value or a goal goes nowhere because corruption jumps on to the bandwagon.   

Whatever it is that they think that they need, opportunity becomes the controlling factor  that determines choices.  The love of money corrupts their mind until there is no real natural person in them.   

The society is operating with a circular motion; it projects motion forward but is corrupted by conditions that are in themselves for corruption produces nothing of importance.  A mango tree cannot bring forth apples and an apple tree cannot bring forth corn.  

The constitution or the fundamental nature of these people does not allow them to see an angle and come up with another view.  They are not in that state of mind; are not interested in what is said.  The interest is to use and benefit for themselves.  They are travellers and they only see how what is said will be the vehicle to get them along the road they are travelling and when on a road the track governs what they will see. 


The need is to keep everybody blind with ignorance.  Exposure is bad news, shit disturbing, getting in the way, and cannot be trusted to let selfish, evil plans go ahead.   The only way it works is by manipulation. 

It goes back to crabs in barrel, the instinct to pull down.  Everybody got something on everybody else, so when one body decide to start to jump up they all go rah! rah! rah!  and delude each other. 

In other words if you want to manipulate the mechanics you have to no longer become the generator.   There may look like disciples but they are not for they do not have a same spirit.   They do not fight for the same cause.   

I am the author not a slave so my security is always threatened, when they steal everything and nothing comes back, it slows concentration like the throbbing pain of a stumped toe it stops deep focus at some level at the place where there are no resources. 

I am not corrupt; that theory is foreign to me, and that is the only reason I am not in the band.  One global village – all of life on earth’s resources brought into one and not governed by reality – and when it collapses it will not matter how they pretty up themselves.    

It is nonsense. To call them idiots is to blaspheme idiots for the definition of an idiot is somebody born feeble.  These are not idiots they are foolish and democracy cannot be styled out of a foolish, ignorant people for that puts the worst people in charge.  From the lowest of them do not believe that they are whores when they are offering their body and spirit.  Moving around in blindness as they have been doing for so long.  They are too fearful and cannot come to an opinion.   

“Not me I ain’t getting into that.”  

It repeats itself and it churns out models like with a cookie cutter, and those that do not stick together are looked on as outsiders. It is a historical thing and also a plan.  

A lot of the people called ministers are blind or do not know what is going on.  Make a man a minister and they have no time to think about doing well.  They do not go about the place where and see the little man in the rum shops and in the bus stands to find out what is going on.  The little man wants to eat chicken everyday too and why should not he. 

These things get to the soul; the problem is that I am tired but I am not finished, not at a place there is nowhere else to go, not at the point of surrender.   

Never before has so much of the island been owned by so many that do not live here. Foreigners should not own so much.  Never before in the history has so little cost so much to so many people.  Never before have we not had a say in so many things that are of crucial importance.    

P.M. David Thompson has not been through the hornpipe either in politics or in law.   Like the Prince of Wales his father died, when he was three and he was made king.  David inherited a lot of baggage and needs wisdom; wisdom comes with doing and obstacles and experience, which he does not have.   

Regardless of personal flaws, he will have to have extraordinary stamina or he will fizzle out or burn out.  It is the fellow who has the zeal extraordinary, who lives the longest.  It is the extracurricular badness that wears out.    

Bush in the United States is going soon and Obama is going to do the opposite of him.  Obama will close Guantamo Bay and bring the troops home.  One idiot was allowed to have so much power with his veto he blocked legislation even if it was only for a time, but at a crucial time.  One of the things about power corrupting is who is around that gather and figure out what they have to do to elevate the man at the top so that they will be brought along upstairs.   

Jesus went on a mountain with Peter, James and John and they said to let them build some tabernacles and Jesus had to ask what the hell they were talking about.  Brutus, when Julius Caesar, a tyrant had been got rid of and Marc Anthony spoke of Caesar as a great man, everybody figured that they were OK that they had got their man, Brutus, in power by assassinated and they would string on him and get near but Brutus said let me have men that are fat and men that sleep o’ night.   In other words he did not want hangers-on, people, who want Cadillacs and BMWs. 

There has always been boot lickers; the world is full of sycophants and Barrow realized that all had strung on to him and he intended to get rid of a lot of them. He had asked certain people to come see him but he died in a short time, before he could put his plan into place.   

Even those around Reagan, the cowboy, were always saying that the president could not be allowed to do this or to think like that.  When he, a Republican, promoted certain civil rights legislation because he saw that it was the right thing to do, he had to go against and sacked his chief advisor because it was in the interest of democracy.   

Clinton had a good opportunity he did what he could.  Robert Kennedy started to do something about it and they assassinated him.   

To look for the big fish is to look down the wrong line.  Forget the big fish; fish are small by comparison. The shark is obviously dangerous but a blue whale, the largest most powerful and most dangerous creature in the sea, will take out the biggest shark like nothing.  A blue whale it is not a fish in any way and should be on the land but got so big that it could not carry its own belly so it had to be in the water. 

There is a bigger machinery that rules America and the world and it needs to be gotten rid of or beat.  Who is the machinery behind Barbados?  Not the background people in positions, the chorus of loyal sons and daughters, who want to be seen to be so bright and intelligent.  Those who have changed hats but wear the same clothes and none of them capable, not even to understand and are not personalities that can be admired.   

The CIA/NSA/Israel are above all international laws - Edgar Hoover kept a dossier on all Presidents and all the President's men and even the Presidents, who are suppose to know everything did not know about it.  Hoover ruled America for about forty years.  George Bush was the head of the CIA.   

Everyone knows Cubana plunged into the island’s waters and mass murder and terrorism was covered up by the Labour Party for George Bush, the then head of the CIA.  And Fidel Castro sends in his clowns to lay wreaths. 

“Satellite of None” is Barrow’s most quoted speech yet Barrow was a collaborator, who took the CIA side against the black people of Southern Africa fighting against apartheid.  The Bridgetown CIA station, in the US Embassy, was an outpost of the Cold War and the highest priority mission of the station was the supplying of arms to the South African government then involved in the CIA-sponsored mercenary war in Angola. 

In November 1975 Cuban troops disguised as vacationers were being transported on Cubana flights through Seawell and onto Angola.  Major Norman Ricketts, British friend of Barrow, my boss and managing director of International Caribbean Airways in conversation in 2003 told me that back then, one night he saw Cubans, mainly men, getting off a Cubana flight and he alerted Barrow.   

The rest is history Barrow stopped the flights, while he allowed Seawell airport to be used as a staging point for the CIA covert war:  American C 141 jets transported hundreds of tons of weapons from Charleston, South Carolina, to Barbados for refueling, and then made the trip to Kinshasa, Zaire, where the weapons were unloaded and flown in unmarked planes to Angola. 

Barrow, in a late 1975 interview with the Caribbean Broadcasting Union, (CBU), interview was in a quandary to explain why he stopped the Cubana flight: 

“1f the Cubans wanted to join a war against Rhodesia or South Africa, which could be a war of liberation, I would not only give them permission to use Barbados as a refueling stop, but I would probably go along.”  He said: “as a matter of policy my government never supported foreign intervention in any state’s domestic affairs.” 

CIA operatives exploded a bomb in Independence Square at the British West Indies Airways (BWIA) office that handled Cubana.  In the House Henry Forde, in opposition, put forward a motion condemning Barrow’s government for allowing the Cuban transatlantic flights to Angola out of Seawell, saying the country was meddling in another country’s affairs but made no reference to the U.S. C141s using Seawell for their trans-Atlantic journey to the embattled zone.

TO MY PERSONAL JEW WITH LOVE Angela Cole responds to the Anti-Semitic Charge by Barbados Underground

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I played Portia at about fourteen years of age and a favourite Shakespeare verse 
is from The Merchant of Venice.  PORTIA Then must the Jew be merciful.  SHYLOCK On what compulsion must I? Tell me that.  PORTIA The quality of mercy is not strained;  It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven  Upon the place beneath: it is twice blessed;  It blesseth him that gives and him that takes:  ‘Tis mightiest in the mighties; it becomes  The throned monarch better than his crown;  His sceptre shows the force of temporal power,  The attribute to awe and majesty,  Wherein doth sit the dread and fear of kings;  But mercy is above this scepter’d sway, -  It is enthroned in the heart of kings,  It is an attribute to God himself;  And earthly power doth then show likest God’s  When mercy seasons justice. Therefore, Jew,  Though justice be thy plea consider this  That in the course of justice none of us  Should see salvation: we do pray for mercy;  And that same prayer doth teach us all to render  The deeds of mercy.  Semite (desert people) connections in the family came with Edwin. 
Taylors were originally sephardic Jews and sephardic Jew is about 
descendant of Abraham only. It is racism. The features are still there: 
Edwin’s hooked nose, two of his brothers have long very hooked noses. 
John looks more like the white side of the family but Jan inherited a small bump in her nose:  SHYLOCK: (soliloquy as he sees Anthony, in the distance)  How like a fawning publican he looks!  I hate him for he is a Christian;  But more for that, in low simplicity,  He lends out money gratis, and brings down  The rate of usance here with us in Venice.  If I can catch him once upon the hip,  I will feed fat the ancient grudge I bear him.  At school we had a few Eastern European Jews who had settled. 
Instinct is like ducks take naturally to water, which they can do without
 but find a pond and they know instinctively. A genetic memory, something in the genes,
 like hysteretic, a Greek word, it is a tendency to revert to form which is inherent - 
like the magnetic theory - iron has inherent magnetic properties.  Jewish history is one of indoctrination. In the beginning, Moses was at the head 
of a group that decided to get out of Egypt and when he left them for a while 
they went back to Isis, the bull headed Goddess of the Canaanites, 
a matrilineal tribe went into the desert and a patrilineal came out. 
Moses made a lot of noise, nobody argued with him and they were indoctrinated again.
There are two powerful factors in character:- one is genealogical/hereditary and the next, 
environment.  Coming from a Carib perspective, which is mine, and a world of abundance, 
no poverty, no starving people, no work, without gods, leaders and religions 
– there are two forces good and evil; there is no need to worry about the good 
because it will always be good and that it is evil about which there must be concern
 - of freedom and independence where the earth was our mother and the sky is our father:  The theory of Zionism is about sanctions from an only God, a covenant with a 
built in God-benefactor that is innate, cellular and in their DNA, which cannot be 
changed and they shall continue to dominate. Whatever they do, unlike Christians, 
who have to work at it, is right. They are absolved, not responsible, do not have to 
believe in anything, and do not have to think.  They have cornered the religious market are going to heaven and 
are above all international law. The real history of modern Palestine is
that the British had a real government machinery in Palestine; it was a colony, 
for all intents and purposes and the British pulled out not because of any 
generosity or any magnanimity but because they were forced out. They had to run 
otherwise they would have been all killed off. 
In the absence of the Jewish religion in the island, the switch to Plymouth Brethren, 
clean and unclean, chosen and un-chosen, was inevitably.  Blood is sacrosanct to race, and doctrines of purity claim that “the purest blood 
- O-negative” - is what Adam and Eve had. Eve corrupted their blood with an 
outside child and in order to be purified again and to produce a pure-blooded 
tribe God told to marry only O-negative women and kept them in the wilderness for forty years, 
over a generation; and that is why only those born of two negative parents were allowed
 to enter the promised land.  These things can be done because people are fooled by a book organized to confuse.  “People here do not understand the power and the influence of the Zionist 
community or the Zionist controlled community. They run the whole dam thing nearly. 
They are in control of the markets, where the money is you find the Zionist. 
Another name for the Zionist is t…… sons of b…...” Rocky clarifies.  “I loved you Merle.” I said.  “And I say I love you. At your optimum best you are a world-renowned, 
brilliant, unique a giant. There is no ceiling. The sky is the limit. 
There is not a drop of whore in you. The problem is that you were so out of everyone’s orbit. I remember some photographs with you and Errol [Prime Minister Barrow] somewhere, people just do not have a clue about your life; it is too complex for them to understand.  “All I know is that when people ask about you I say she was the most brilliant, 
most beautiful etc. and you are the first woman I met that made me laugh. 
I will tell David that we are talking again.” Merle said.  The only sign of her religion was the absence of pork but they were 
many around at the time, who did not eat pork and had more dietary 
and cultural restrictions – Rastafari for example. There, in a corner, 
was her Menorah – seven-pronged candle stick – M – representing 
from and Or meaning light sat on a shelf. Those were the only visible 
or oral expression of a religion. Never mentioned was the holiday of Purim 
when Jews celebrate the deliverance of an ancient Persian Jewish community 
and no talk about chosen people.  Merle, did not then and today does not know what distinguishes 
Sephardic tribes from Ashkenazi ones. All she knows of her ancestry
 is that her family were gypsies in Russia. Ashkenazi have nothing to 
do with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah or even Hagar. Merle is not of the 
people of the Bible she is a later day convert. One of those people from where is Russia now.  Merle’s ancestors would have lived on the shores of the Caspian Sea 
in the kingdom of the Khazars. At the beginning of battles between Christian 
and Muslim, around 740 A.D. the king, converted himself and his country to 
Judaism so that he would not have to fight in the Crusades. 
Only some aspects of Jewish religious traditions were adopted and passed down 
from generations and this makes, to such and extent, generalized behaviour. 
Many of these new Jews linked up with the Jewish – Nidhe/diaspora – Zionists bankers 
and Western capitalist and traded.  The Russian empire expanded to include the Khazars and many of these converts 
were seen as exploitive, hard-hearted oppressors – parasites, petty traders, 
speculators, and Bolshevik overlords and from the time of the Revolution 
until mid-thirties a large number were in the top echelons of the party and the secret police.  “In all the world they are saying the Jews have taken power in Russia,” Litvinov remarked.  “… A campaign against economic crimes netted astonishing number of Jews, 
whose names were prominently announced in the press. More than 500 trials
 took place in the early 1960s for the crimes of embezzlement, speculation in 
foreign currency, bribery, and connections to foreigners; 
117 individuals of whom 91 were Jews, received the death penalty. 
That so many Jews were among those arrested is no surprise, 
as Jews were prominent in certain areas of the economy. ” 
The Gates of November Chronicle of the Slepak Family by Chaim Potok  Stalin’s two five-year plans had brought a better life for some.
 Religion played no part in the Soviet Union so Communist Jews 
cruelly and remorselessly tried to incorporate their fellow men back into Russian culture.  “In only a few years the intermarriage rate of Jews in the heart of the Soviet Union reached 25 percent.”  “Nothing but blind loyalty. Voldodya had repeatedly felt his father’s brutal 
singlemindeness of purpose … sudden rages and evasive answers in defence
 of party policies … ‘Sometimes,’ his father replied, ‘a disease requires that healthy 
tissue also be cut away. In order to be sure that all the enemies of the state were removed …
 The class struggle is now in its fiercest and most dangerous stage.
 Look at us, we are surrounded by capitalist enemies. Isn’t it better to arrest 
and prosecute a hundred innocent people and catch among the one spy than to let
 the spy go free… 
Whenever you cut down trees, chips will fly in all directions. … 
Stalin was certainly a great person. He did many positive things for our socialist state.
 Yes, he made mistakes. The party will correct them. … You see why the party cleans its own ranks? Even the great Stalin cannot evade the watchful eyes of the party.”  … The Gates of November Chronicle of the Slepak Family by Chaim Potok  Between 1968 and 1986, 270,000 Soviet Jews - 12.5 percent of Soviet Jewry - 
had emigrated. Ninety percent of the Jews in Palestine are this type. 
Some went directly from the Soviet Union some via America and Europe. 
These are the ones, who built and build on Palestinian land even as they
 talked and talk with the United Nations to agree to let Palestinians have autonomy. 
These are the ones who will never leave Palestine and then they quarrel when
 Arabs resort to violence and when a Jew does it; it is not terrorism.  The history is like obeah: complicated to explain; 
it confuses with the Bible and the many spin offs and different aspects
 all linked up with history and vengeance is mine saith the lord and 
pursues bitterness to the end of the world.  “They are using these things for their gain. They have been able to trick the world.
 It is a very deceptive situation. People see these ‘persona’ and they say descent
 of Abraham. They have everybody thinking the sons of Jacob are wreaking havoc
 on the earth today.” Says African Hebrews on the island. “Let them teach everybody; 
just do not tell people they are us. What we have is not a religion; it is a way of life.  “A real Hebrew, black like me, goes to the synagogue for evening service 
and opens the Torah and begins to read Hebrew and these people, 
who are converts to a religion and are not the ethnicity, look over the 
shoulder with surprise. Hebrew is my language; I am supposed to know it; 
they borrowed it. Their language spoken was Yiddish. 
They could not even speak Hebrew; it is only now sixty years later that they learnt it. 
What about those black Jews from Ethiopia, who emigrated and are treated separately 
and badly and Israeli claim that they are not Hebrew and have stopped immigration 
from Ethiopia. That is racism. Moses married a girl from Canaan she was a
 African/black woman, a Canaanite. It is not now, this thing is a deep historical something.  “Abraham’s grandchildren were Esau, who was first born of a twin with Jacob.
 Edemities is descendants of Esau. Esau came out red and hairy, 
Jacob who would become Israel came out darker. King David subdued the whole of Israel 
– sons of Esau lived south of Israel.  “Hear them with the “eye for an eye” vengeance – all that means is that 
punishment should fit the crime. It does not mean to gore out eyes. 
The shaven baldness in the middle of the head and the two side lock curls 
is how they interpret the law in Number 19:27, where it says you shall not 
round the corners of the hair nor mar the corners of they beard. 
So they got the corner with the hair and the rest in bald. 
All this means is when the hair is cut do not make demarcations keep the natural lines. 
See them with fringes hanging out from under their clothes it comes from Numbers 15:37.  “The festivals: take for instance: this is how they are: today Thursday 
the Jewish business closed their doors; they are celebrating Yom Kippur, 
the Day of Atonement – the day to ask the creator forgiveness of last year’s sins. 
Yom Kippur falls in the cycle of the Moon. The moon has three days of darkness 
and Yom Kippur falls on the first day when the new moon can be seen with the 
naked eye, that would be Friday, but the day is changed because the fast would 
have ended on Shabbath and to cook is not allowed on Shabbath so they adjusted so they will have a lapse before the Shabbath.”  Spread the imagination across the landscape of the day and the age of the stories: 
Jesus met a man with demons and they were sent into swine; so do not eat pork. 
There is no reason not to eat pork now, except for dietary reasons. Pigs are 
scavengers and during a time when five thousand men were killed and 
another twenty thousand one time when the lord supposedly sent 
and angel and did it. All these corpses and nobody buried them
 and birds and beast eat them up and the land would be overrun by 
animals feeding on dead people. With no water in the desert 
certain dangerous funguses and certain mildew form on earthenware pot. 
Make sure that excreta is done in a corner and not in the open. 
The rules are in Leviticus – in Africa when a chicken is shaken, 
they call it voodoo but a Jewish ceremony shakes about a chicken 
and that is sacred tradition. These things have no theological sense - 
like walking around Abraham’s tent and not eating anything with split hooves.  Many things in the Bible have explanations - scientific explanations 
like how to get the desert to flourish: about 60 years ago during 
excavation little pots were found in which were the remains of shrubs. 
They could have been fruit bearing trees in the dessert, the explanation, 
God made them flourish in the desert – was that the leaves of the trees 
collected condensation on them.  Ezekiel describes wheels within wheels and an engine, 
which can be copied and constructed, but the purpose of 
which points to space. Like space travellers, 
who appeared at Sodom and Gomorrah and told Lot not to look back. 
A rocket was taking off and the reaction of exploding gases caused 
devastation on people. There is science behind a lot of miracles. 
Every thing can be explained even the big bang.  Leviticus’ codes or laws were about civic and hygienic
 conditions of the body and spirit many of which are not necessary now. 
Stuck in an orientation of it was “given” “it” has turned into God,
 and God has to keep a specific people pure in order to bring 
across his revelation and in order to control minds. Each culture has revelations; 
everyone’s story has their own embellishment. The Chinese, one of the oldest, had a flood.
 At home it is a walk to a new statue called Emancipation Statue every 01st November.
 Start a new dance or anything it will catch on like wild fire – nonsense, 
but people love getting involved with nonsense. Get some people and do 
something that sounds good and soon it is all over the world and part of the 144,000.  “Merle,” I said, “let us use your talent for getting into the heads 
of people and open a church and make lots of money.”  Merle had arrived to the island not too long before I met her. 
The year was 1975 and in the background of our innocence was 
Space Research Corporation of which my boy friend was General Manager. 
The Israelis, the CIA, the United States National Security Council, company, 
the government of Barbados, were involved up to their teeth in shipping, 
through Israel, weapon technology and prototype shells to the apartheid 
regime in South Africa. The amount of information presently available in 
a large amount of books out on the subject proves the guilt. 
Down the incline on the opposite side of the road on the beach, 
a Jewish man that worked for Union Carbide that was our Prime Minister’s 
contact and who had recently brought back a Jewish wife, Sarah, was not 
yet deported by the incoming Labour government as a CIA spy.  I met Merle while I published and co-edited a magazine, HERS.
 We lived half mile from each other on the West Coast, hung 
out at Sandy Lane and became good friend. She had a few Hobies 
and her, then in the early twenties, live-in lover ran them.  “Every time I have a new lover I have to send him a card - 
‘Now you are twenty one today.” She laughed. Merle liked young men.
 I was twenty-nine and she was forty-one.  She was the best psycho-therapist and she taught me techniques. 
She worked at the psychiatric hospital, gave counselling, 
wrote articles for my magazine and supplemented her bills at
 Sandy Lane with letters of appraisal of the staff.  Her patients included, the wife of the leader of the Opposition, 
my friend the live-in lover of Errol, the Prime Minister, fellow psychologists 
and psychiatrists, lawyers and magistrates. First Merle looked after their mental health.  “You are my only friend, the rest of them think that they are my
 friends but they are not, they are my patients, they cannot be a
 patient and be my friend.” Merle said.  One patient is the now “Aegis” – who I had met sometime in the late 60s, 
when she first arrived on the island - at the time she was the girl friend 
of a soon to be famous black Barbadian author, Tom Clarke. 
The name is used for Zionist activities - she protects, supports and sponsors 
Zionism on the island. Somewhere around this time - in the mid-70s Aegis
 went and did her part for Israel; she spent a year in the kibbutz. 
She, a painter began to make pottery and I bought a great deal of her early work – none lasted.  There was a time of absence brought on by Merle’s request for me
 not wear shorts around her present twenty-ish American youngster
 because she could see how “he looked at me.” Aegis dated his young friend.  “I will be back when he is gone.” I said.  During the absence Merle hooked a young water sports man 
whom she had pursued. He was involved in an accident in the
 sea and this along with a conversion to Christianity was used.  To him: “God does not want you in water sports.”  To me: “I am a Christian and I cannot hang out with you any more.”  Unbeknownst to me financial hardship set in on her, circumstances happened, 
conditions arose under which reactions automatically took place. 
What happened was not so much a decision but a simple knee jerk reaction,
 not an active mechanism but an accommodation from what had happened 
previously in her life. There is no other possible explanation other than a
 preconditioned reaction in the physical and social sense - self-preservation.
 Preserving self goes no further than self.  Self-preservation is like a guard on a gun, which is only the seconds 
before the trigger finger moves. It comes through genes and 
residues of characteristics carried and can lay dormant but 
can manifest itself if activated. It is not necessarily a conscious nature. 
Self-preservation is the doorway for encroachment on spirit, 
will and soul and once triggered and followed to its logical 
conclusion is destruction like Samson bringing down the roof down on his head.  Merle married the water sports young man and became
 a leading member of a new Zionist evangelical church, 
she converted the weak and greedy: my paste-up good friend for a life time the artist, t
he child psychologist, nearly everyone that had worked around the magazine and t
ailored their religious needs.  Psychology and theology were the means used to gain an advantage: to wreck
 and damage those with background and history, to hurt creative souls with 
imaginative and thoughtfulness, those that cared, protected and sent lifelines, 
those, who set aside viewpoint, stuff and support mechanisms and picked up 
and communicated in a sense that came by a natural genuine care and interaction. 
And at that time the society, on its way to self-destruction, did not care; they said to hell with them.  “I prefer you when you were a Jew.” I said.  Soon her young husband, who was a capable electrician was employed like most of 
my former friends, among Zionist businessmen. All received lots of work or 
jobs and good wages. The new husband worked hard and built a house with 
all the comforts.  A natural proficiency saw the young husband and now co-partner in 
Christian counselling surpass her narrow selfish vision and he became 
a real and sound biblical scholar, which brought the relationship to its end. 
They divorced, sold the house and divided the profit.  Merle is comfortable and having achieved in the way in which she did, 
she dares not act differently and no God in which she has faith and 
trust will demand from her a test to give up comfort for to acknowledge 
the truth is to interface and face the same detrimental forces. 
She cannot get out of this milieu, for when called upon, no matter 
how infrequently, she has to perform for Israel and has to return to that
 pool that does not care and will use to advantage. She can only utter words without meaning: 
“The difference between you and me is very simple. I have chosen to
 receive the connection offered me by the creator of the universe.
 I do not need anything else. To have someone connected to me is very burdensome.
 It is a lot off me. Here is the problem everything is perfectly true. 
Job had everything and was always worrying that his children 
would do something to displease God. In one day all his cattle
 and children died because Satan said to God you think this Job
 likes you a lot. And people said to Job: ‘Why don’t you just own up to how you sinned.’ 
And Job said: ‘I really did not do anything.’ 
He somehow survived in the end he got more money more house etc. 
“People say you have the patience of Job but look 
what Job had to go through in order to become patient. 
Tribulations worketh patience. God is real and he knows
 that you need patience and he is taking you through a lifetime of tribulation 
so you will get the patience you need; so shut up and keep writing.”  What a spoilt policy of non-intervention and lazier faire.
 Merle knows that they are a law unto themselves and the
 island is so tempered that they can do the most blatant wrong 
and nobody condemns: the newspapers no: columnist cannot 
write anything unfavourable to Israel for they will not print it. 
Business people are threatened with the removal of business
 if they do not act as they want. Even websites run scared.  The United Nation anti-Defamation League pulled out of the 
launching of its own United Nation Peace Envoy, AJA’s book
 in which he called the Israeli wall apartheid. Aegis’s son Aegis’ son is David, 
a raving right-wing Zionist, was please to announce at the Hall that he was
 the one, who got the launching of the book pulled. Aja is close relative 
to the then Labour deputy Prime Minister. The university is mostly destroyed. 
The whole of the island knows but they paid lip service and nobody wants to touch them.  The lofty ideas, the impression of fair-mindedness, righteousness 
and the Ten Commandments means nothing. The last commandant 
thou shall not covet is translated as what is yours is mine. 
How good, how lucky to move into the island pay down on a 
house at the end of the road and in the end friends own the 
whole of St. James. Follow that philosophy and get a castle in Tel Aviv.  Now she says of the Zionist: “When they come to talk to me 
about you I say nothing. Like Jesus I do bother to answer. 
‘Who are you?’ They asked him. ‘Who do they say I am?’ 
He said. He does not put himself on the chopping block.”  It is a power game and there will be much conflict with one
 another as the Muslim are with each other. 
A poltroon is a spiritless coward, who has lost the quintessence of life, 
which is to do what is right and living true to self.  “The things I have done for greed.” She once told me
 – that greediness made her betray her best friend, the 
only friend she had, who she would let know her moments of anger.  “This is a friendship tester.” She turned up after a day and said.  The person, who when the supermarket were sending 
the debt collector pulled out her cheque book and wrote 
a cheque for six hundred dollars. That was 1976 and she has never thought 
to return the favour. I was naïve and in a dangerous place for
 I was surrounded with greedy, insincere Jews.  Zionism existed along ago but in the early 20th century 
they had to crawled out from crevices. Merle and the 
new Zionist/evangelicals took over just like the new Zionist/evangelists 
leaders in the United States, like the Rev. Jerry Falwell. 
These “mixed- marriage,” churchgoers, are organised into a
 powerful political force both on the island and in the United States. 
They helped return Bush to power.  Merle’s new husband’s sister married my childhood friend who 
was the artist for my magazine. “I am not talking to you if you do not
 believe in Israel.” He said and this became the cry for the now 
thousands of Zionist on the island who do not know that they are Zionist. 
They have been indoctrinated to believe that Jesus will not come 
again unless a state of Israel is set up with these people.  “It is better that the Palestinian children are killed
 because they will grow up to be terrorist.” One faithful indoctrinated 
Christian/Zionist told a columnist.  Every time there is an attempt to show a black 
Christ the island’s station is bombarded with threats. 
Every writer who has written anything unfavourable about Israel
 has been censored, Zionist on the island threaten boldly to remove their business.  In 2001, a few weeks after 9/11 in a rare meeting Merle announced to me, 
what she taught in the privacy of her organizations 
“The House of Naomi” and “The Living Room” and at the underground 
synagogue and all the other offshoots now founded around the island: 
that she was from the leading tribe of Judea and designated to rule.  Merle was there when they burnt out my house, stopped markets for my books, 
did their best to denigrate me in the eyes of the community, 
spitefully and viciously maligned and scandalized our name, 
brutalized me and my son and have done every imaginable act to give 
a negative cast, to pull down and to discredit our work. To say nothing,
 represents security at any cost. It is nothing personal; me and my family are
 just observers - an experience of sacrifice.  She is not the only one, that is just part of the course. 
These people are seen in high places sitting at the top table. 
They are moles, sleepers and have their own agenda and as long 
as the people of this country allows them, they will always use
 this island and its people. It happens all the time and although 
better is known it is not possible to tell somebody to be careful for 
they will say: “I do not believe.” It is a matter of money and power. 
Nothing can be taken at face value. They say: “I am your friend,” 
and we should you say: “O.K. prove it.” Even the bottom of the ladder, 
allegiance is not owed to our country in which they live, 
work and make their money and in some cases in which they are born; 
it lies elsewhere. They belong to Jerusalem whatever colour they are;
 it is where their loyalty lies.  I accept Merle for the best that she can be expected to be.
 She will not be against or will not actively try to destroy my 
country because this country does not matter to her it is only a vehicle.  Hamas won Palestinian elections in January 2006 and by 12th May 
Aegis had set up a lecture entitled Israel in Perspective. 
I knew that this was an opportunity to smear Hamas’ name as much as possible.  “When these Zionist use our great Halls to smear Palestinians, 
you must allow the Palestinians time to defend themselves.” 
I rang our main Hall to complain.  “I know you would know, come and listen and fill me in.” 
Said the great grand daughter of a newspaperman and 
great political activist of the 30s and 40s, who was murdered, Clennell Wickham.  I went along with my great anti-Zionist friend, who is the stepsister
 of John Prescod, the deputy Prime Minister of England. Her mother 
was married to his father. The great granddaughter left me tickets 
and David was at the desk. I did not greet him. Merle arrived at the 
Hall with Aegis on the arm and they sat up front in the highest place. 
We sat in the back seats.  “Depends on what happens tonight. Are you a Zionist?” 
I said to a man who had come up to me and asked if I would 
return the next night because he was an archaeologist and he would be giving his lecture then.  “Labels! Labels!” He said.  “Then do you think that the state of Israel should exists.” I asked.  “Of course, archaeology etc. etc.” He rattled on.  “Why is it that only the Jews can take back? I want to take back America? 
The fact that I cannot find the pieces of Mayan tablets that the Catholic Brotherhood 
mashed up does not me that I cannot say I am going to take back the Americas.
 And while you are at it you can give back Africa to the Africans.
 In every tribe in the world they name themselves after their word for people.” I said.  “I never thought of it that way.” He said.  Listening on was the Zionist media watchdog, Karen Dear. 
The owner of the public relations firm that worked for Aegis, 
was a long time acquaintance and friend of the family and that night 
he tried to put Dear to sit next to me. I shook my head no but he did not understand. 
He tried again and as she approached I said finally a loud: “No.”  The night’s speaker began with compliments to the island in the most
 disingenuous way and for anyone, who follows events in the Middle East 
he was setting the stage for what Israel did to Hamas in the following months.  My friend walked out immediately. I went out side and called her back.  “I want to critique this for …… , hang on a little longer for me.”  He came to the biggest lie “Hamas and al Quedo are sister terrorist organization. They are terrorist.”  “i.e Sharon, Moshe Dayan, Meachin Begin and Golda Meier.” I said quietly.  “The answer lies in yet another Jewish contribution to the shape 
of the modern world: the scientific use of terror to break the will of liberal rulers. …
 It was to become a commonplace over the next forty years, but in 1945, it was new. …  “Its most accomplished practitioner was Menachem Begin, …
In December 1943 he took over control of the Revisionists military arm, the Irgun. 
Two months later he declared war on the British administration. ... Bu his colleagues, 
led by Yizhak Shamir and Nathan Yellin-Mor, carried on an unrestricted campaign 
against Britain. …He blew up CID offices, the immigration building, income tax centres, 
and similar targets. On 06th November 1944 the Stern gang murdered Lord Moyne, 
the British Minister for Middle East Affairs. … Cold –blooded killing by the Sternists 
of six British paratroopers in their beds on 26 April 1946. Begin … 
got Haganah to agree to blow up the King David Hotel, where 
part of the British administration was housed. … 
At lunchtime on 22 July 1946, six minutes ahead of schedule abut 700lbs of high 
explosive demolished one wing o the hotel, killing twenty-eight British, forty-one 
Arabs and seventeen Jews, plus five other people. A sixteen year-old schoolgirl 
gave a warning phone call as part of the plan. There is a conflict of evidence 
over what happened next. Begin always insisted that adequate warning was 
given and blamed the British authorities for the death. He mourned the Jewish 
casualties alone.  That did not necessarily mean a rapid British withdrawal, however. 
So the terror campaign continued. … two British sergeants, Clifford Martin 
and Mervyn Paice, who had been captured for this purpose, were hanged 
on Begin’s instructions … He also mined their bodies. 
This gruesome murder of Martin and Paice, who had committed no crime…. ..
 It emerged later that Martin had a Jewish mother. … Now they [the British] 
decided to get out as quickly as possible and leave Arabs and Jews to it. 
Thus Begin’s policy succeeded.” …A History of the Jews by Paul Johnson  “Shut up I did not come to hear you.” 
The woman next to Karen Dear said with the nastiest intonation.  I did something, which I did in the high court and got away with it.  My case had been brought against the Attorney General but it was over 
the actions of court marshals so their fellow officers harassed me in subtle
 ways ever time I went to court. One day I wanted to pass something to my
 junior lawyer and I motioned to the clerk of the court, a female, my intention and she nodded OK.  Immediately I took my seat the court marshall was in my face.  “I am in charge of this court and anything you want to do in here you have to ask me.”  I looked around the court and the judge was looking away: 
I mouthed the words right there in his face: “Fuck off.” 
I said. He saw that I had outwitted him. This court marshall 
had more decency than Karen Dear, the Nation news reporter. 
I did the same to this Jewish woman. I mouthed the words “fuck off.”
 Not one word was heard. Until this day John Prescod’s stepsister 
swears that I said not a word for she was sitting next of me and did not hear. 
The Jewish woman as she looked back was the only one who saw my mouth.  The next few days Karin Dear was allowed to use the Nation not only to 
slander but to write what the lecture really was about to malign Hamas. 
A lowly man of the court had more decency and sense of fair play than this 
newly arrived to the island zionist.  “Racist slur mars lecture by Karin Dear  “Anti-Semitism reared its ugly head at Frank Collymore Hall last Wednesday night, 
leaving several members of the audience visibly shocked. “#@ * & You Jew!” 
spewed a Barbadian woman in the audience who had been chatting continuously 
from the beginning of a lecture entitled Israel In Perspective and delivered by 
political analyst, author and expert on the Middle East, David Dolan. The incident 
occurred when another Barbadian woman seated in the row in front of her turned 
to the woman and asked her to ‘please be quiet so I can hear the speaker.’  “Visibly shaken by the expletive verbal attack against her, 
the young woman turned away in silence, rather than risk further confrontation. 
The woman who had mouthed the verbal assault subsequently left the hall before
 the lecture was finished. In a brief interview with the SUNDAY SUN at the end 
of the evening the young woman said she was appalled by the words hurled at her 
and said that she was not even of the Jewish faith.  “Hamas, which has declared Jihad against Israel as its central
 tenet won the January, 2006 election, defeating the 
Palestinian Liberation Organisation. I have to say this about Hamas,” 
he told his audience. “It is in every way a twin sister organization to the 
al Qaeda movement. It shares the same philosophy, the same ideology,
 the same religious fervour and the same modus openrandi.”
 It employs terror to spread its goals not only against Jews, by the way,
 but against fellow Arabs sometimes, when it suites its purposes.”  While Merle is good looking and Dear is disproportionately ugly.  “I do not now how she got the Sandy Lane water sports.” 
Said the former owner, the son of an English architect who built the island’s hospital, 
and a friend, who had run the water sports until he assumed duties as Commander 
of the newly formed Regional Security Service. “She is a very pushy female.” 
He had offered the business to his former employee who declined.  Dear came to the island around 1982/1983 and ran the water sports at Sandy Lane, 
which did not last as we the old timers removed ourselves from her behaviour and operation. 
Next she hooked up with one of Merle’s ex-beach boyfriends. He was never on Sandy Lane
 beach, his behaviour was bad mannered, unpleasant and atrocious. 
Merle does not want to remember these times.  Next she was on television as representative of the water sports boys,
 then she married the beach boy. How she got in the Nation is puzzling 
for she has never written any serious comments.  “My wife writes Owen Arthur’s speeches.” The beach boy husband 
said as he sat at the entrance of the careenage waiting  for tourist to 
book a boat to go cruising.  I am just polite for he is now around in civilized places 
and makes sure that he greets everyone.
He has not changed his behaviour, under the bonavis vine 
it is still there but he forces himself and it is not necessary to
 inflict a scene on oneself. He informs that he was invited and attended
 the opening of the new Sandy Lane. He said that when in Canada 
they stay with the first and former head of the Central Bank and to be 
sure one day I turned the corner and he was in conversation with him.  Our to-be very pleasant, I liked him, first Governor of the Central Bank, 
which was established under Errol Barrow in the 70s, Barrow and I were 
in a small club at either the Trinidad Hilton or the Holiday Inn at the same time.
 I was on a routine visit to the Port of Spain office and Barrow to watch test cricket.
 I would have stayed at the newly built Holiday Inn. Trinidad was a business 
place and the Holiday Inn’s location was more practical. Barrow would have
stayed at the Hilton. When we were alone the not-yet but to-be governor 
said that he wanted me to “put in a word for him with Errol.” I did not and 
would not even, if I thought I could, compromise; I had valued him too 
highly and seen through those disenchanted youthful eyes his career has been unimpressive. 
End of excerpt 

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