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Nowhere to go

posted Sep 13, 2010, 10:58 AM by Caribusiness Admin   [ updated Sep 13, 2010, 11:00 AM ]


Chapter one

Nowhere to go - Adult Disclosure is a hydro-monster to a society guilty of emotional, mental, physical and sexual abuse.

The scars of child abuse can be lived with but as an adult, when we look for acknowledgement of that abuse to satisfy the heart, denial and rejection can be fatal. There is an advertisement, which talks about a child’s rights to be a child and many adults hear that but did not know that they had rights when they were children.

CHERYL: (45 years old, black) My mother never ever said sorry to us. Far from being sorry I cannot get it out to her face to face because she screams if I mention these things, it is: “You lie! You Lie! You do not like me! I got high blood pressure and you trying to kill me!” She will not listen and I come away frustrated that I did not get to say what I wanted to say. After she did to me whatever she had to do to me and because I say it now she abuses me again by telling me that I must not say these things because I lie on her.

AGENT X: (45 years old, white). The amount of things I wasted in thinking life outside was a heaven, when it was dangerous. It is like being an animal - when parent rats leave a young rat a wild cat soon catches it. Through a lot of battles and fight I survived and became old and will die of old age but I was luckily that I did not get my head eaten off or fell into one of the traps.

Somewhere to Go serves to highlight and address problems of Adult Disclosure - some place, where the best counsellors listens genuinely, with out friction, to those who have been there to help rebuild psychological and financial, that collects and collates, interprets and disseminates aspects that are not much brought to the fore and not dealt with and to proceed towards legislation, which makes guardians responsible to protect the rights of a child and with no statue of limitations.

Any society, and it does not matter what it looks like, especially a small one like ours, that has so many children to disclose tells that the moral codes of those, who rule are defiled and not good. The risks associated with Adult Disclosure are deep in our psycho-socio and we do not want to acknowledge. It is not a matter of locking up anyone but about justice and making amends. It is awkward for organisations, politicians and rulers, financers, the ruling blood lines and elite media controllers to address Adult Disclosure because, through the years - statistics must be about eight out of ten - inside organizations are products of abuse: victims or perpetrators and as such will only be criticizing, exposing and pulling down themselves. It does not matter position or status; it is what is and too many hide it.

Impression is given that hands are tied. Nothing has been done. It is a huge public health problem, human resource and thus an economic problem. It can be taken to hand and solved but so far for all intents and purposes there is a veil of pretence at protest and the silence wanted by abusers, wherever and whenever, puts Adult Disclosures in positions that are not good.

So many everywhere sacrificed - dehumanized, thrown into the garbage and, in the end, when old enough to see through the human waste and degradation for whom there is nowhere to go.

The society needs re-transforming; it needs a change in thinking.

CHERYL:I need amends, it is not a want; it is a need. What was taken away from me as a child and at this age right now I am struggling with persons that do not know my story, want to tell me what to feel like and expect me to behaviour “normal.” For instance they do not understand what it does to me, when a man crooks his finger to call me.

They do not see my stepfather sit at the edge of a table and crook his index finger. So all like now I cannot take a man calling me like that; it does something to me seriously. They do not know or understand that when they do this to me I have to respond to them: ‘Please do not call me like that.’ My stepfather crooked his finger to call me and my brother and when we inched and got close enough he down in us with a dog hunter so I’d pee myself - one time. And then he would call us again: ‘Come I not done with you.’ And we inched again and when we get close enough another dog hunter lash and when it was not the dog hunter it was a black electric wire, as fat as my finger. Our house was full of this and persons say to you “Look past and through it. It is time you get over it.” They do not want to see because it would have to be dealt with.

I never discussed this with any organisation not even the church. I discuss it with God a lot. The Church is one of the foremost things that Satan uses the Catholic Church molested children and they molested their parents before them. There was no way to go because people just talked a lot of hype.

You hear these things on television and you figure there is some place for me. I went to the Child Care Board after I became and adult, last year. I waited and waited for the person to come but I had to go back to work. I do not have help: when my marriage broke down, I went through a divorce - alone and unloved and all of that. I was in shamble, I felt I was going off the top of my head but I remembered my sister’s uncle said to me: ‘You see you; you going end up in the mental!’

I did not want to prove him right, so I caught myself and went and sat under psychologists but things they asked and stuff like that I found it a waste of time. I decided no more when a psychologist said to me, after hearing my story: ‘We cannot do anything for you. You know what you need, you need God!’

I walked out of the office, sucked my teeth and said to myself: ‘If that is what it is and this person is a psychologist and this person cannot help me and they say go to God well then I will go there.’ God can because, when he tells you that your mother and father is going to forsake you he did not tell you that they are going to die; he said they are going to forsake you; so they are going to be living still. They do not want anything to do with me none of them care anything about me.

My upbringing has killed me financially, up until now I am shot. I came along with a mother with a belief that because her mother left her very young, when she was thirteen she was stopped from going to school to stay home and look after the rest and cook; it meant nothing for my mother, when she did the same thing to me at thirteen. I am financially crippled too. I went to a car dealership the other day trying to get from one place to the next because of medical reasons I cannot hop around and run around as I would like. I would love to have a little vehicle to go to the supermarket to buy some fish and those kinds of things. I went and the people told me I would need another job.”


Adults of troubled families, who never had experience of a family, never had experiential knowledge or love, or wholesome family principles or ethics: in marriage and parenthood cannot implement these things in their lives. In a youthful state this cannot be overcome and once a certain age is reached and there is no link up with other families, who are wholesome the unfortunate is left in a situation to be taken advantage of - looking for the love that was not got from mother, a child is usually always on the outside, like a step child.

Some too old, even though subjected to knowledge; it is too late. Negative and harsh experiences are perpetuated and that breaks everything: home and business. The result is chaos.

A comparison between ideal families and impaired and troubled families and watch their progress based on performance. In the ideal family progeny are allowed experience of love, sound family principles and good values and invariable they do not depart from them and they carry it on. With family support everything goes better. They have gained their ideal knowledge experientially and as a result are able to implement it in their adult lives, when the mantle of marriage, fatherhood and motherhood is entrusted upon them through nature.

Impaired families with their inabilities, insecurities and incapacities kill, not in physical ways but in spiritual and emotional ways. A state of existence in which there is perpetual suffering and degradation; the purpose of, which is to cover sins and put a veil over evil.

CHERYL’S STORY continued

To look at me I am not a child but mentally, although I have passed the stage of looking for a mother. I always had a mouth thanks to my grandmother but back then I did not have enough sense. I cannot tell what happened. I was a child trying to figure out. I just knew I did what I did but now I can look back and what happened i like footprints of that times in the sand. At ten I told a cousin but we were not suppose to tell. I came to realization that my mother and father were interested in sex and when my mother told my father that she was pregnant I could imagine him saying Ooops!’ And moving on to the next short woman because he loved short women.

My father was already involved with a woman, who was pregnant. I know this because the woman’s daughter, my sister, after we grew up, we met and she told me things, which her mother told her. My mother used to cuss her mother, go to her work place and abuse her and things of that kind. My mother never told those stories. Later, when I asked her about these things, things between us got really vicious.

I was sent to my grandmother, my father’s mother, to push out the other woman and her child so they would not have an opportunity to get in there. My mother and her child was the one with his mother. My mother made my clothes because she was a needle worker and she sent them.

I lived between my grandmother and a lady next door who was not a relative. There I had everything. I used to go to school barefoot but that was not because I did not have shoes that was because my cousins were going to school barefoot. I felt comfortable I was well looked after I had plenty to eat not that I ate because I did not have appetite but there was always something to eat. We were poor but this lady used to sell biscuits and kerosene oil from her house. So there was always something. She had two daughters that I used to play with.

I am so thankful to my mother for giving me away. My six years with my grandmother is what saved me. A psychiatrist said: ‘Is there not a place you can go back to that you felt loved?’ And it was my grandmother’s house.

My mother was the woman in my father’s life but a new man came and she had no reason for me to be at my grandmother’s house. She came for me and I arrived back with this man when my mother was seeing him. They married. The man was way younger than her, about twelve years. He was not a Bajan so in marriage all he wanted was to stay in the island. After I grew to an adult I found out all of these things. He did not want a woman with five children and this young man treated us like I do not know what.

I am the middle child, two before me and two after me. When I first came to live with them and my sisters and brothers, when they did things for which they knew they would be lashed used to say for me to tell mummy it is me because I was like a favourite. Tell mummy is you and when I tell mummy it is me I would not get licks - until that wore out. Telling mummy and not getting licks wore out. Then is when chaos started.

I began to get licks and it came to a point I started to run away from the licks, the abuse, from everything else and from this life that I did not know. I did not like and I could not get accustomed. I was accustom to love and to people that talked to me. I do not like this woman that is my mother. I had to fight to love her.

I was living with my grandmother and a next door neighbour who was so nice to me. I had two parents and elderly. I raise with the elderly and I love the elderly. Now, with my mother, it is licks; it is beating; it is bad words for nothing at all: eating the sugar, drinking milk, running around outside: I was about nine years old I cleaned off the table and the motion of cleaning the table, for some reason looked to my mother as if I was wucking-up.

My mother jumps on me and starts putting a fist in me. ‘I tell you clean off the table I did not tell you wuck-up in here.’ Sounds on the radio I could not sing, especially if they had anything to do with love that was licks. She was protecting herself from her husband for at that time my stepfather was sexually molesting my older sister so then I was next in line.

She wore a duster with pockets and she put five dollars in one pocket and forgot; she took off the duster and forgot, where she had put the money: “You all are getting nothing to eat today if I do not find that money.’ We had no tea, no bread, nothing to eat because five dollars gone and we have to bring it back. Dust time when she put on the duster she found the money. She did not say sorry, she went and made some sugar water and gave us to drink and we went into our bed like that. It was not easy.

School was a double whammy. I walked through the school gate late and the headmaster does not know about me, he did not ask any questions but said:All the late one let me get your names down in this book. You all have to go in detention in the evening.’

He did not understand that I cannot go into detention in the evening because my school finishes at three and according to my parents I have to be home by three thirty. They worked out the amount of time to get from there to home and when I get home I have all kinds of thing to do. I did not go to the detention, I went home.

Next morning I made certain that I awoke extra early; did what I had to do: fed what I had to feed, carried out who and what I had to carry out, cleaned up what I had to clean up, picked rice and what I had to pick and walked a good way to school. I got to school early and into the hall and felt smart. At the end of prays the headmaster spoke about children that did not go to detention the previous evening and he called out names to come on to the platform to be flogged with a bamboo.

The treble whammy is my poxy feet. ‘You bony, big-eye, bad-looking, poxy-foot bitch.’ Those were the five lovely words my mother called me. She cussed me everyday about it and children scorned my eczema. I walked on top of that platform and got my behind cut with a bamboo in front of the entire school.

The next time I was ever late for school I did not go to school that day. That is how my little mind reasoned but for adults that was truant. So it is in my life today. I missed out a lot in my life but adults still want to come in my life to tell me foolishness. I live in an old abandon house, slept on the beach, under dinghies - from seven years to ten to eleven. My mother did not care. I was lucky if I got sweet water and a bread. She did not come looking for me. I heard stories that she was up and down with the police but I never felt like she came to look for me because every time that I go back home it was blows. I run away from home and made her look shame.

People do not know or understand: a policeman found me on a beach as I crawled under a dinghy to go to sleep. I was between nine and ten years old. My period came at twelve and by then I had stop running away.

On Pebbles Beach, I do not know if he was a policeman but he said he was a policeman. ‘Where you live? I am a police I carrying you home.’ He held my hand and walked me across a road to the Garrison pasture, when we got to near to or the middle of the pasture he pushed me down and told me to take off my clothes and as he went to unbuckle his pants cars lights appeared from across the pasture.

"What you doing?’ It was a taxi, he ran and left me there with the taxi man.

I see you all walking across the pasture and I knew something was wrong. Where you live? Get in here. I and carrying you home.’

Second man for that night to carry me home. By that time I really wanted to go home. I got into the car and told him, where I lived. He sped up and drove someplace far. He pulled in between two cane fields and parked. I am thankful again.

Get out and go in the back.’ He said. He could not have told me something better. I jumped out and ran through the canes. I remembered my brother said if lost look for bus to city stops. I found my way back to town. Ten years old I was.

ME: That is traumatic.

CHERYL: “I know so! The only help that I have to get through this is my God because I have found him”.

ME: But you had to find God you did not have a choice. When you run away where would you go?

CHERYL: “I knew that I was not going to be sexually molested by my stepfather and what ever it took I was going to do and if that meant running away at age of eight and nine that is what I did and did it without animosity. I was just a frightened child I was born in 1964 and by the 1970’s, at eight I walked streets at night with two men, my elder brother and a homeless man that is still on the streets. He was homeless and nasty but he protected me and my brother. We took food from garbage cans of Kentucky Fried Chicken in Hastings. We watched to see, what people left back from their meals and where they threw and hoped we got it.

Wicked and hard-ears the society said but they did not see from what we ran.” \

EDITORAL: The child that has to fend for itself will steal; it will lie; it will do a lot of things not because it is a bad child but because those are the things it has to do in order to survive.

CHERYL: We were taken to the Probation Office because we ran away - me and my eldest brother. We were questions with our parents there. The probation officer searched our bodies but my mother had already groomed us: ‘When they ask you about the marks on your body.’ I still have a long one on my back. ‘You say that you all fall out of a donce tree.’ Not that we were brutalized and that we were beaten with electric wires, pieces of wood, tamarind rods, anything and everything, what ever my mother and step father would get their hands on. Some times my mother beat us down on the ground and she kicked us and do all those kinds of things.

We had to lie and say we fell out of the dunce tree. In a room, in front of our parents, we could not say anything different but the lie. They brought us in with our parents and we left with our parents. We were put in a position where we had to lie because you are going back home with these two brutal people. That implausible explanation was accepted. No one said come let me take you somewhere safe. We were abused horrifying and they got away with it. Nobody followed up or visited our house.

When we get home we going cut wunnah asses.’ She warned and so said so done.

My sister ignored it. I was seventeen years and tried to alert her to, who mummy was. We talked superficially. ‘Mummy is no good she does not really like you.’ She said that is the past, forget it, and she did not want to here anything about it. ‘One of us got to say sane and that is me’ She said. By then her sexual molestation was finished. Wunna always bringing that up.’ She said.

In adulthood Mummy lived overseas and every time she telephoned everything was about her; her aches and pains and at the end of the conversations she said: ‘Love you!’ and I found myself saying; ‘Love you too!’ I felt awful because that is not truth; she does not care about me and I do not love her but I say it because that is mother. I and my sister discussed it and decided we were not going to respond.

When my mother returned recently to the family house, where my eldest sister was alone and who my mother treated as she like and was always able to get over. Up until then, last year, when she slapped her in her face and said to me: ‘If you did not just have an operation I would slap you too.’ My sister said: ‘You cannot hit her.’ My mother slapped me and I slapped her back. Since then my sister has not awoken from that slap and said: ‘I did not expect Mummy to come back here now and disrespect me so.’ It has made her see different towards to mother since then.

Everyday to get up and face the world when things cannot get done sometimes it is impossible to sweep and clean because mother is in my head. I dealt with her in my thoughts - In my head I put her in her seat to sit down and as much as she wanted to scream and shout and tell me I lie that is what it is and she is in her seat. I told her: ‘You are no good; your are an evil, wicked woman that has been really awful to me.’

What I learnt from a child observing from invisibility left me wise to people’s behaviour. I can see, hear and understand innuendoes so come to me again with foolishness. That gives an added problem in a society that requires you to bow and I cannot bend.

I know how I felt when it was done to me and it does not feel good so when I see someone going through it I know how they feel and I would do anything to help them?

Persons sitting in positions want to tell me: ‘She is your mother you have to humble under her and do not answer her back.’ I have to take all the bull that was and is put in front of me and do not say anything about it. I had to come to God and since I came to know my God he help me through this and is still helping. Scriptures and other publications told me that I was suppose to work on the fruitage of my spirit but people use the bible to say: ‘honour thy father and mother that thy days may be long in the land’ , when they hold that scripture. My bible also reads: ‘Parents do not be acerbate your children.’ My mother had something to do too. She cared nothing about me, did nothing about my eczema and in my life for me. Everything she did was to tear me down. Do not just point the finger at me.

I had to leave home very early. I did not know that I was pregnant until I was four months because of irregular periods. I started going to doctors myself. My son spent a month in an incubator because he was born premature weighing three pounds eleven ounces and when I took him from the hospital after a week in my mother’s house sleeping two bedrooms away from her with a little lamp that I hung on the wall she came to me one morning.

Cheryl, you are going to have to look for some place to go because he say that the light that you burn in your bedroom keeps him from sleeping.’

It did not keep him from sleeping, when he used to get up from next to her and come into our room and take up my sister and from out of our bed an carry outside and have sex with her. That did not keep him up. She was two years older than I was. My mother knew I could tell you that she knew.

I had to leave and live away from home with my son’s father and his brother in the heart of the City. I do not want to say Nelson Street so I will say in the heart of the city. Apart from that I was not working because of no education.”

CHERYL: Ronald was quiet and he spoke softly and hardly used to talk. He was getting beat from the on set. I always remember him being beaten and very badly. They beat him with a dog hunter. I lived it and I saw it. He was wickedly abused for no reason at all. They beat him so much that his mental, physical and spiritual development was impaired. We use to run away together Ronald.

He walked the streets and picked up bottle his nickname was ‘Bottle Man.’ What I know about Ronald is that my mother had five of us and if there is one that my God is going to say come, it is Ronald. Ronald never did anybody anything. Some people pointed their finger at him became he ran away from home and he stole but they were reason. He stole to eat and stuff like that. But he was a shy person.

Ronald’s father was my mother’s father – incest - and my mother knew. He found out, when he was in his late twenties, “Now, I know why mummy never loved me.” Ronald said. He killed himself a while after that. He lived in a little old house in Bay Land. He was thirty in 1999, when he committed suicide.

I worked in the Virgin Island in an art gallery. The telephone rang for me and Margaret, my sister, told me that Ronald passed away. That was horrible. I could not believe it. She did not tell me suicide. Seeing the way that she treated him told me that there was no other treatment from her. My brother kill himself and my mother does not connect that he kill himself because of her treatment and that he was living under those condition because of her.

She came for his funeral. She stepped in his house and said: “This is how he did living.” He had the smallest wrought iron bed, which I have ever seen and a nice dog. He did not have a fridge; he used to keep his biscuit and milk in a bucket.

My mother walked with four suits of clothes, four pairs of shoes and four pairs of eyeshades for his funeral and. She lined them out on a bed and asked me, which one I thought she should wear. I have not got over my brother‘s death as yet. I am not dealing with that I push it back every time it comes up. I cannot deal with the way that my mother treated him. I had to deal with my mother knowing that my sister was being sexually abused and molested by my stepfather and she left Barbados and went to St. Lucia with my father’s family and left me alone with this man. I was fourteen.

The next thing - one time my stepfather used to make me dial a number and ask for a certain woman. I told my mother and one day they had a noise and my mother told him that I told her. He turned to me and said: They going find you somewhere dead.” My mother started to get on like a fowl. “Cheryl, he threatening you. He treating you. Call the police. I was a child.

My sister, Margaret, had moved out because they chased her out. Basically I have to say she is alright because everybody every individual have to do whatever pleases them and if they want to hide it and feel safe then go ahead and hide it. I realize what happen to my sister she did not have my grandmother. Margaret had no did not see any alternative. She was sneaking away from home to go see her boyfriend and when she got pregnant I wrote a note telling mummy and threw it through mummy’s bedroom window. My mother and my stepfather thought it was his child.

Margaret was shut out, when they left for work in the evening she had to leave, walk the street and stay at people. Her boyfriend would buy her stuff and she could not put groceries in the kitchen cupboards, she had to keep them in a box under the bed. She had to keep her stuff separate from ours even though she said nothing and accepted everything. When the child born my mother had love the child she thought it was her husband’s who went around the neighbour and told persons that the child was his. Margaret never confronted her or him. She never spoke about her abuse. She never said a word. Margaret is not normal she is looking for love and she is accustom to being abuse. She had a husband that gave her hell and beat her up. While in New York she had a friend living there and she would leave work and go an eat there. Margaret friend knew her history so when Margaret’s new boy fiend started the friend toldl mummy: “I hope that Margaret is going to find some kind of peace and love in her life instead of one beating after the next and the molestation of her step father and all of that.

Who tell her tell my mother that from that day my mother did not want anything to do with that woman. “How dare this woman, what she know about Margaret to say them kinds of things.” Margaret made dozens of roti skins and my mother and when she was returning to Barbados she asked my mother to take back a dress for this friend daughter’s. “Me I aint carrying no dress for nobody.” She never liked Margaret’s children. She said that my sister was getting big-head, short-me-crutch children for the man that she had and that she married. She sat on the phone and bad talk Margaret and me and all the children.

She did not like my sister’s children she said my sister was getting big- head, short-me-crutch children for the man that she had that she was married to so she never like Margaret children and she would come home from work and sit on the phone and bad talk Margaret on the phone and me and all the children. She does that with everybody.

The reason that I can articulate this thing so well in coming through life is because I got my foot in St. Andrew with my grandmother and the lady. I knew something wrong but everybody behaved normal.

My mother is a nasty evil woman - mother or not. after I had my son I realized that my mother did not love us because with my child I ran to him at every beck and call. I love, I would have taking off anybody head for him.. I thought I could manage without her but I have caused my son a lot of harm for which I am sorry.

After my mother said I cannot stay in the house. I left home to live with my son’s father in the City. I missed my mother. I would call her at work and she would not want to talk to me. One day I was so lonely that I caught the bus and I got off in Ford’s Road - my child on my hip. I saw her in on the machine in the window and before I get to the door my mother ran to the back gate and she said: “Go long go long, he home.” I was eighteen and I walked every step down to the City with Ryan on my hip because I figured that anyone, who saw my face would have seen what just happen to me because I felt so bad.

She packed boxes with underwear for her husband’s family and nothing for her grandchildren. I told her you do not like your grandchildren and when I told her that. My son was wearing one of two suits that I had given her money to buy for him. She grabbed my child in the chest and had him pushing back and froth and I had her across the room. I said: “Do not ever do that to my child.”

She is my mother spelt madder. But that is my son. She telephone my father, who had nothing to do in my life except producing the sperm.

She ignored my child except when he got married. I was married in1993 to the assistant superintendent of the prison and living in the British Virgin Islands. She wanted to be the mother hen and send everything and we allowed to. She had to pretend because she was going to retire in the Virgin Island on my ass and in my house.

You know you are very beautiful with your big eye.” She said and I thought, poxy-foot bitch an all I could say was: “Yes.” When my marriage broke up she came to my house and told my husband all sorts of fart although she was in no position to tell him anything. He was a mistake in my life for if he was my husband I would have been able to explain to him what I went through in my life. He would have been able to listen to me and understand. I was married to him for nine years and together for fifteen.

I walked around with eczema for all my life and I got no kind of help. I got no help. We slept on old clothes. I am not complaining about living in a poor house; I could lay in any poor house with love. It does not matter if you do not have a stove and got to cook on three rocks in the yard. I have done that. That is how I lived with my grandmother. Three rocks in the yard and we cooked. I used ate out of the saucepan cover and slept on grass beds with chinks so anybody, who hears me and do not think that I complain; as a child I had work to do that is not it.

There is nothing wrong with a child having work but there is something wrong with my mother, who was building a house and instead of going and buying marl to fill in you make your children walk around the neighbourhood with buckets and pick up every rock that they could find. Something wrong with that. This is the thing that gets me upset with many adults they do not see that as abuse.

EDITOR: All the misery society built on cruelty it is no measure of health to be profoundly sick society.

AGENT X: My mother is in the same category as Cheryl’s parents but she is sophisticated. In Cheryl’s situations, it is more seeable. The relationship to my mother and me and the form it takes is the ideal of what Cheryl’s mother would like it to be, that is to be totally divorced from her children. That is what my mother wanted. She is out of the country having a life of her own and doing her own thing.

Ours was not a situation, where we did not have money. My father is Portuguese and my mother French and English. My father’s family had much money and were controllers and influence in Guyana and Trinidad, not here in Barbados. My father was a pilot flying for the British Airways and he met my mother as an airhostess.

The relationship was accidental. I get the impression that he was just lusting after her because she was an attractive and very beautiful girl. She was pregnant and in those days and those circumstances she had to get married. I am a bastard in the family and the reason why they married, outside of that they would not have. When she got married she had to quit her job because married women could not fly. Some years later she divorced and went back to be an air hostess.

The importance of being an air hostess was to get to America. She wanted a better opportunity. In Trinidad in those days it was fashionable to go to night clubs and mix with American men and the goal was to get to the States - the big apple My mother was going on in family life and was more or less a controlled person and my uncle; her half brother, the undermining factor, took her to night clubs while he womanized.

My mother divorced my father when I was seven or eight years. We lived in Trinidad and the sexual abuse of me and my brother started there and ended there but it started really young, we were about five or six years old. Both my uncle and father used to put us to suck their private parts. I do not think my father was too right in his head because of family history, it was disclosed late in the 90s, back home in Guyana, that he used to take speed, LSD and drugs in the 60s. This was not a known or a well-publicized thing back then. My mother does not know up to now about my sexual abuse. I never told her.

It was my maternal great grandmother, who brought us up and, who stopped the abuse. She was in the house and she did not know. When I told her and she stopped it instantly. She marched into my uncle’s bedroom and then marched into my father’s bedroom and quarrelled with them. My uncle came out, afterwards and asked me if our father was putting us to do that and he was putting us to do it too.

Throughout the years coming up as a younger man he never abuse me like that again, what he did they were times, in my teens, when he seemed to go off the edge but he never went, where he should not have gone. He would lie in his bed and tell me to come and stand up over him, just stand over him. I do not know if somehow he found me lustful and appealing. When a man is sexually perverted anything could happen, he finds pleasure in insanity.

My father is mad and senile now. I do not believe he was abused as a child. His abuse to us was not violent; I was not traumatized. In our society, it is taught to accept it as normal. No body talked about it. Nobody cared. I felt annoyed and disgusted; it should not have been done.

My brother became homosexual. I believe prompted from my uncle. We were still in Trinidad and my uncle used to put us to caress each other and feel up each other like man and woman. It caught on in my brother but not in me. He told us to go and urinate and he watched.

We arrived in Barbados and found that our mother’s family did not embrace outsiders, did not mix, they had peculiar ways and were scornful, even amongst their own. They do not associate with some of their own. The richer family members looked down on the less fortunate. Our mother’s side were basically rivals with our father’s side. It was a clash of cultures and since our father never took responsibility or was capable of taking responsibility for us and left us in their care, deserted us, even though they had a lot of money, my mother’s family got back at them by abusing us. We were in their way plus they figured that we could inherited some of my father’s family’s money and we would be richer than them.

They were their own self-proclaimed gods; had their own self-proclaimed empire and they did not want anybody to come in and infringe on them. It was a type of cover-up. They believed that everybody outside was below them.

We did not have material deprivation only, when I got older and we came to Barbados. It was torture. We were forced to suffer deprivation while my mother’s side of our family though we were living around them and they had money and stuff we had nothing. They pushed us to a side. We were given no food nothing. We were skin and bones. My great grandmother was ostracized and victimized for helping us out. I get the impression that my mother’s side of the family, left unchecked, would have killed us.

I started to walk the street from my teenage high school years in Barbados. I was not homeless; I just could not stay home. I became very restless. At home was so much negativity, arguments, quarreling, criticism, pulling down and nothing to do. I never stayed at home. I walked.

My upbringing has affected my whole life. It has me in a way of life right now where I am not married, I have no children, I have no property. I was thrown out there to perpetuate the rat race or the cat race. Our mental and social development was seriously impaired.

I walked all over Barbados barefooted with tattered clothes. Growing up was a disaster, a nightmare. I feel embarrassed. It is not a case of pride that I compare myself with other people. I wanted to identify with other people put the damage was done to me: physically, mentally and emotionally. Socially I was a misfit: not educated or groomed and no match to people I met. Everything I did they were always ahead of me.

As a young man in my early twenties, out for the first time people on the outside seemed better. It was a mistaken concept to believe that outside would be better and good. At that vulnerable stage if I had met right people, who felt good about me and they had taken an interest in me, brought me to a seasoned stage, married me to their daughter, I would have been in very different circumstances.

We were not taught to steal or misbehave in public; that came mostly from the white element of the family. We come up pretty moral and we would not trouble children we would not get into much sexual mischievous - if there was anything good about my family that was it.

I was not trained in being careful, who I accepted as friends. I had no perception of mixing up with the wrong people. I met life and death situations with a wrong clique. I mixed with the worst Indian Muslims, when it came to racism and meanness. They were sorrow and if I had stayed with them I would have drowned in distress.

I took twenty years to save one hundred and thirty thousand dollars; the last half of that money came along in the last half of the years yet these people had $200,000.00 BMWs, big mansions, big hotels, when they were poorer than us, when they came. They did not do that by selling clothes in suitcases, that was a front. They dealt with Colombians. The government and police were on their payroll and every year they threw parties for politicians and police.

I learnt what not to do from them. I should have divorced myself, when I understood but I kept on because I had nothing better with which to replace them. People said: “Man leave from around those crazy people. They do not like you.” I kept stubbornly behind them like an idiot.

These people could have seriously marred me psychologically and emotionally and hampered my development.

I do not blame my mother for my neglect because she was a victim of circumstances. My mother’s family was the real abusers, she was dragged in and she escaped but how she escaped was not principled for she was not principled, there is a warp in her thinking. She used to drink a lot of alcohol, habits that are not healthy. She said that my maternal great grandmother and her grandmother, the one that stopped the abuse, was the closet thing she had to a mother.

Her grandmother was high class, used to run guest house and hotel and yet used to sleep with everybody: taxi driver and the sweeper. She was one of those white women, who gravitated towards black men because she believed that they have big penises. It was said she went around Indian people and, when she came back she had adopted a real sprit of insatiable greed: very cheap, miserly, counted everything. She slept with her own mother’s boy friends, had numerous abortions and got my mother from her mother’s boy friend, a French man. They were drunken and they did not get married. He was a cricketer, not for the West Indies team. Cricketers were given high respect and high attention; it was a big thing.

My uncle’s mother, the one that abused me was a phenomena and possessed. She was into witchcraft, went to obeah men and her rivals, some Chinese people, she claimed that one did not like her so they sent her bed sheets flying all over the place and started to burn.

My great grandmother was bitter because she did not like her husband, who used to abuse her. He came home and raised her skirt, pulled down her panties and inspected her for a man’s semen. Children were in the house and having seeing this they tended to disrespect her. She walked out on him after twenty-five years.

My great grandmother was morally sound but a victim of circumstances, likewise her off spring, through out their lives, were in relationships that were not healthy; they became corrupt, evil-minded, opportunistic and greedy. she told me that her father was in a deal with black slaves, he doubled crossed them in some way, they put a curse on him and told him that no relationship would last and from my great grandmother’s father side down to the present no relationship lasted.

The problem has its roots in the cruelty and oppression of slavery, where family life is comedy. A man sees a woman and he lusts. There is no education of what family life is about and it cannot be described as matriarchal and fatherhood anything patriarchal, people just move on in the scene and they are no good to themselves or anybody.

I was never bitter to my mother. She is guilt of abandonment but she was a child when she had me. She could not have been an air hostess at fifteen now that I am thinking unless they told me lies. Another version my mother tells me is that before my father’s family allowed her to marry my father they checked out her family’s social background, to see what, where and who they came from.

My mother was opportunist; she wanted opportunity. She was in a marriage with children at a young age and controlled by a society, where the wrong priorities are taught: get a big job, get a big name. Careerism is an aspect of life, an essential thing; it can be pursued and used wholesomely but it should not take precedent.

The last contact I had with my mother was this year. I met her with a friendly smile land said “Hi!” to make friends.

Oh! Your hair is not cut. Oh! You look so dirty. You need to cleanup yourself.” She was scornful as usual.

Had I been allowed to live in a normal family life I would be recognized but nobody recognizes my knowledge. The knowledge I have overwhelms me. I do not believe there is anything I can do with it other than take it, assess it, assimilate it and categorize it. All I did was build a reputation based on my good works throughout the island and I try to keep a good relation.

EDITORIAL: You are one of the few people, in the area of mathematics of calculations and computing that main street academics and scientists do not know and who knows what goes on in the world and you are up to date. How are we going to pass on your knowledge? You can write a book.

AGENT X: I have discovered alternative ways. One American scientist, who worked for the navy was so impressed that he took some of my discoveries back. Nobody here would understand. It would not make any sense to them. The mainstream world teaches that all scientific discoveries are to be given over to the mainstream over lords to be exploited by the Ruling Elite of the World. You are recognized by what they can exploit form you but you, the discoverer, are given very little recognition for your contribution but for me I am different I use my discoveries to benefit me and my immediate associates to fight the World Order people and use my discovery to fight them. I do not join hands with the World Order. I find ways to work without and around them because they are just mind controllers.

I am capable to write a cure to all those ills and problems. I would go about it in a spiritual way. The problem lies in the fact that this society does not know what love is; they have never experienced it as it should be and far less have never been taught how to handle it or how to implement it. They are not trained as parents – mothers and fathers – they came up in a crude way without education in a wholesome way to rear up families. In other words it is a fated way. This country has gone; it is possessed. The book could be called THE CURE. The definition of love is the cure that fully in its entirety is the solution to all those problems.

I have no one so the society has lost because of how I was pushed down; if I had been allowed to live in a normal family life I would be recognized. Nobody recognizes me but in Barbados everybody looks up at a white man and say: “bow down to the white man and get position and money and a lot of them are brainless. Black people either think I am an Indian or white and Indian but they do not normally see me as white in the sense of white; they do not recognize the Portuguese skin but although I have nothing they think that I am superior to them, see me as an overlord but I do not pay them any mind and white people tend to embrace me. All I did was built a reputation based on my good works throughout the island and I try to keep a good relations with everybody.


GLENN: Both my mother and her husband (my Daddy) have gotten away; they used me to legitimise one another and made it clear that no one was to interfere. I was made to call my mother’s husband daddy but he has never called me son. He has only ever spoken to me in functional ways – pass the salt. He calls me “the other one” or “your son” or “somebody out there to you” or anything so. I am ashamed of it. It is the worst life.

I will never call him anything but Daddy. That is what she and he told me to call him, Daddy. Last Christmas day I knocked at my mother’s front door, the door bell was not working and Mr. Man (Daddy) looked outside and said to her: “Somebody out there to you.” She came and let me in and I said: “Happy Christmas Daddy!” He did not greet me. The only time he said any thing to me was when he wanted to change the channel.

When I was fifteen or sixteen years old, I caught a bus, first time on my own, I got off at a stop and walked through a track across a field and ended up at a place called Pegwell. I took a right turn and walked up a hill. I looked for a house that I knew was there but it was not there anymore. There was a house nearby and I sat on the step. The reason I was there was to find out what it was about the house that I needed to know. I waited and around dust a tall woman came and when the woman got in the middle of the hill she stopped, she looked, she started to walk again and she stopped. By the time she got to me they were tears running down he eyes and she said: “Peter how long you was here.”

The name Peter freaked me out because no body calls me Peter that does not know me very well.

Your mother told you.” She said.

What do you mean?” I asked. And that is the day I knew who my father was. I did not know the connection to that house that was no longer there. I just went. It turned out to be my grandmother’s house and the one on which steps I sat was this woman, who was my aunt my real father’s sister. My mother had introduced me to my father as my uncle. How he got to be my uncle I do not know. I do not even know if she told that to me in front of him. I was to call him uncle.

I was walking through Pegwell one day and somebody said: “That is Wilton son!” Awhile after that I talked to my mother and mentioned the name Pegwell and my mother swore that she did not know where Pegwell is.

I had lived at my grandmother, my real father’s mother right there in Pegwell at the spot where I had been drawn. My mother had dumped me there at my grandmother’s my father’s mother and never came to visit. When I was three she married and never came to visit. I do not remember any of it. My mother came and got me, when I was six and had introduced him to me as my Daddy. He took me to St. Vincent to his mother. So I have a fake grandmother - a grand mummy – then he brought me back and then totally ignored me.

My mother has me living two different lives with two different families. She will not tell me the truth. I have two fathers there is daddy and father. My father is my father but my daddy is not my daddy and she is driving my daddy crazy; the man hates me because he knows that sometime I am going to remember.

My real father’s family have never denied me. It is the worst life. My aunt has spoken to her. I live in my aunt’s – my father’s sister’s house, when my mother threw me out. My real father’s side of my family cannot do anything about it, they have spoken to her and they say: “Leave her.” My mother does not own my baby pictures my real father’s family own them.

My maternal aunt also told me the story about Wilton, my father. I was about sixteen and in Winnipeg and a cousin there, Tony, called me Breeze and kept on. It meant nothing to me, when he was tired he laughed and made some other comment When I came home I asked her about why Tony jeered me with the name Breeze and she told me that my father worked on a Breeze truck.

I have questioned my mother smartly.

I had just come to live with my mother and her new husband, who conveniently was a seaman, when I told my new Daddy that I met Uncle Wilton. I was terrified to walk across the Swing Bridge because it moved Uncle Wilton took us home that night and on the way we had to cross that bridge and I pulled back I do not remember the words he used but whatever he told me I was fully confident that nothing was gong to happen to me I walked across the bridge.

I was excited that I had done this. Uncle Wilton stayed the night with my mother and when my “daddy” came back from sea I was still excited and I told him about my uncle and crossing the bridge. She started to beat me from that moment. She used to beat me with sticks. One time she beat me and I ran under the bed and one of my feet was not far enough under. She picked up a hot iron, grabbed my foot pulled it and stamped my thigh with the iron. Look, the mark is still there. She beat me for any and everything. I guess the two of them could not stand the sight of me.

And one night I came home from a debating society meeting about quarter to seven and she hit me in the head with a Baygon can. I said: “I do not understand why you treat me like this all this time and you never tell me that that man ain’t my father.” These two people did not want me and I wonder why they did not leave me with my grandmother in my happy and loving circumstances. My mother must have told him that I was his child. It would have been easy for her, his being a seaman.

My problem in my life is my penis. One time I used to wear all sorts of baggy jeans and now I say I wearing skinny jeans like everybody else. My mother touched my penis all the time.

She used to adjust my penis in my pants on morning when I dressed. She used to put it in the middle and touched it all the time, up to the age of sixteen. Some morning I would be all right and she would look and say it is right.

EDITOR: She feels his penis and then beats him. He is a child he cannot get excited by being beaten. To get someone from one state of mind or passion into another usually involves some type of trauma and physically is usually a good ways. This turning on and then beating him was to train him for later life. Maybe it did not take. It has happened; mothers beat and forced sons to have sex with them.

She is married to and the man, whom she makes me call Daddy goes crazy because the man hears that I am going to St. Vincent, to see his mother, my supposed grandmother, he does not say hello to his mother and they do not to ask me anything about him.

She dumped me in somebody house for six years. Later on, when my mother threw me out of her house and I went to live with her she told me that told me that, when my father was in England my daddy sent a letter to my father telling him that he was to give up all rights to me now that he is married to her and he is going to adopt me. I kept this in my heart and never let my mother know. The only time we had an intimate conversation was when she told me she had diabetes.

Once I got a little reconciliation but my mother had a scheme. Said: ‘Some days I feel like divorcing him.’ I did not acknowledge that I heard. She wanted support but then the man was never there. After he retired that was the hardest point of her life.

(To be continued next week)

Vagabonds in control in Barbados.....

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Part One

 “I will give them up to a reprobate mind.” The Bible.

 A story of blood money

And shame it brought on our society.

 In the old days, a century ago, decent middle-class - coloured, black or white - did not marry the inheritors of blood money, which is why one male artery met with refusal, when he sought the hand in marriage of the daughter of the Attorney General and then Chief Justice of Barbados, a coloured in an all white House, at that time.   Twenty years later the granddaughter of a Carib Chief refused to use the blood bank or take its name.

 Even amongst their own there was rejection:  “I could never forgive them I was in love withStonewall Payne’s daughter.  They locked her up and she never married and became mental.” 

 Charles Duncan O’Nealegot a transfusion.  He is  our national hero, an uncle of the “Father of our Nation” Errol Barrow. It paid for his university education in Edinburgh, where there were so many goldsmiths.    Every year there was a trip to that city.  The plumb plantation bought in 1933 was bought, while its new owner was in that city.   He took his daughter and most of the family, who went to university studied there.  O’Neale wanted to marry one of their daughters; they refused.

 When grandfather Barrow went out the St. John’s children looked after his shop but they could not marry into the family. 

 Any demonstrable attempt by the brigands to bring out booty from the boat the “Helena,” Sir Conrad Reeves when he was the first coloured Attorney General and Chief Justice in the British Commonwealth and the first to be knighted, would have brought them before his bench. Found blameworthy they would have been hanged in Barbados, South America or Spain.  The law was that any country could pick up pirates and hang them. This fear had to be holisticand that refined the lies and brought denial and antagonism, which overpowered and controls our societyeven now.

 Blood money took control on the basis of other people’s needs.  Many took the first taste of a way of life that measured human emotions and values by moneyanditsliced through like cane held in the middle to a slant and chopped off with a bill at the top and the bottom.  Money bought honour, respect and loyalty – ask no questions hear no lies, put down molasses and catch no flies. Come under the umbrella and do everything by a lie until everything is a lie.

 Many signed on and many were bought, spouses and children included even though they may not have known it.  It was a life sentence; silence was their weapon of mass destruction and death, physical or spiritual, the only way out.

 And the society turns to “faith.”  Faithdoes not bear the costs of public good but benefits just the same.   It is an excuse to hang on for money asbeauty, decency, justice, education, morals and our children were/are sacrificed. 

 Every act of man is faith!   Faith comes out of Greek, the word is a verbal-noun “piesto” and, when it came over into English it was brought as a noun “belief,” which is only a state of mind.  Faith is based and sustained by the confidence to continue to act on something that, that belief results.  It is not a natural order of creation it is just actions performed: for instance the doctor says terminally ill, have an operation and prolong life for two years.  Take the word of the doctor or say God’s word is real, trust him to heal and not have the operation.

 If there were more people in our society that did not care whether personal advantage is derived from their actions “faith” would be hauled up; it would become  disadvantageous and ‘faith’ would begin to imitate selfless behavior.  Damaging behaviour would stop and our society wouldpreserve and prosper.  A nation united in righteous deeds cannot be rocked. 

 To self-preserve isto obtain things wanted on merit.  It comes down to morals and not why worry and eat cake!  Nature and culture intertwines and interacts in the formation of genetics and cultural characterizes so the fight has to continue for our grands and great-grands so that they be not trapped, like lab rats, in the same monotonous way of white rum bottles, stiltmen, mother-sallies, crop-over, karaoke and wuking-up – all for a tourist dollar - children embracing and performing for white tourist like obedient dolls while one look from a local and they turn arrogant and going tell their father, who is a policeman and he could make you get lock up.  

 Greater wisdom is needed; so many went to school and university and are not educated.


Part Two


 After one hundred and forty years, one hundred years after Reeves’ death, a combination of the traditional and genetic middle classes are a stumbling block again for it is impossible for us that grew-up with social confidence and a sense of privilege that comes from knowing ones heritage on this dot of an island to severe a birthright connected to its history just because social history must be taken away so that way our society has nothing with which to refute or fight and must, therefore, take safety from certain alliancesbut righteousness is like iron against stony hearts and sealed minds.  There is no middle ground like good-in-the-company-of-evil. This is middle earth the battleground; either good or evil. 

 We have come into the kadooment just as the emerging middle-money materialist  - in the media, the university, the political elite and their “running dogs” have been bought out to record a glorious twist of their tale.

 It is important for our society to be made aware of the ruthlessness committed in the last century for itbuilds-up asingle-mindedness of purpose so that, when anxiety comes,we know that we do not have authority over evil but are not afraid.

  “I will visit the iniquities of your father upon the children to third and fourth generation.”  Just as the most of the families have passed into grace, two-and-a-half, present generations have reverted to their ancestors’ vagabondage.

 In a new thrust for respectability, the great-great-great grand son ofJoseph Onnesius Goddard, now presiding over Goddards Enterprises has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to the university and thereby, an institution of learning, rewrites howJosephmade money and decades of contraband.  Young Goddard’s contempt and racism comes out, when the question is raised, six weeks ago, across the Caribbean at an institutional conference for our great historians: “Why have black people not arisen to great economic heights as have poor whites of the Caribbean” and the cow-at-a-time tale is used, by a Jewish lecturer at the Cave Hill campus, Karsch-Brathwaithe, as a good Barbadian example thatblacks never did anything; all development was from whites.

 The blacks present at the forum fore-parents accustomed to walking cows to market.  That is all they knew and were required to know, while whites intrigued and conspired.   Positions and affluence gained by dubious methods can be maintained only on the backs of the lesser fortunate and thus the carry-the-cow-to-market fantasy. 

 Karsch-Brathwaithecan play this because she has a colour that black Barbadians have been conditioned to respect automatically and are in awe of even if they do not know, what she is.  

 Q.E.D.  An old woman remembers the principle of our camps, when as a young boy, he used to steal two green bananas and a breadfruit and roast them.  A success story but in his great battle with white business society one Goddard suggested that they called him and tell him to go to one of their companies and choose a car.   That was the plan whether it was implemented or not is not known.

  “Continue as a slave but you going get rich.”  Everybody keeps everybody else in line.

 And across another family atCable and Wireless, nowLIME, really the British government, a combination of double-edged genes of the great-great-great grand son of Philip Brown - with the chest-of-gold-floating-in-the-sea story and the great-great-great off spring of the Austin family, with a-chest-of-gold-in-a cave -  devised the methods and turned Chief Justices,  Chairman of Boards,  judges and politicians in the English speaking Caribbean, into imperial pimps.  A Digicel’s spokesman said that the last court case brought by them against LIME and won by LIME was because legislation in Trinidad and Turks and Caicos was biased in LIME’s favour and almost illegal (seeThe Donald).  Young Brown/Austin is right there as legal advisorfor the coming monopolization of the Caribbean by the new imperialism with advance legislation, so designed to accommodate our communications and:- 



 A new satellite EPT – Earth Penetration Tomography, designed from HAARP technology in Alaska, can see into the crust of the earth and detect oil at far greater depths – beyond 20,000 feet - discovered more oil in the Caribbean than the now-being-depleted Middle East.  So if we do not mind ourselves money derived from this oil will be pillaged.  We are too small for a disaster and we must take no movement that could destroy life on a grand scale here. 

 Cuba announced that it is sitting on 200 billion barrels of oil beneath its territorial waters and America cannot go there.   Venezuela, Russia, China, Norway, Spain along with three other countries have joined hands with Cuba to develop their own oil drilling capacity to access this oil.  This would eradicated poverty, clear Cuba’s debts and make it free from America’s and Europe’s dominance and economic control and manipulations. 

 This is not in the best interest of America, Britain or any of the ruling factions of the world and therefore it follows that they should take measures to confiscate it.  The idea is to control/occupy other Caribbean countries and, they believe, overwhelm Cuba with their oil production so as to make Cuba’s ineffectual in world economic power.

 Cuba is seventy miles away from Jamaica and as a follow on to Cuba’s oil find American seismologists went to Jamaica in March and April and located an ocean of oil under Jamaica at 30-35 thousand feet.   One went to London and conferred with major oil executives about this find.  It was brought also to the attention of the American government and its oil producing factions centred around Texas. 

One week after, America wants: 



 “You are too unstable to govern yourselves, so you must be protected and your oil stolen.”  Golding was forced to declare a state of emergency under the Coke pretence.  The object is to occupy.  On the day of the violence and fighting in Tivoli Gardens American armed forces, soldiers, including military personal were at Norman Manley airport.

 Dudus Coke cannot be ranked or classified as the most dangerous drug lord.  Coke combined with all the drug lords and drug factions in Jamaica does not rank in the top 200 of the world’s most powerful and dangerous. The world’s drug economy is about US$450 billion, Jamaica accounts for US$2.5 billion, less than1/2%.

 America has its feet in two Caribbean countries, Haiti and Jamaica.  Its governmental machinery – the CIA, NSA are stirring up trouble in Jamaica.  It is succeeding because one gang is against the other.   Jamaica, racked with poverty, with no real government, a US$1.27 billion debt and no real way to pay it back, a drug economy and a government held in place by eighty drug posses -  twenty aligned with the present ruling party, thirty aligned with the  opposition, PNP, thirty renegade not aligned to any party in particular but for hire and the island the debtor of America.

 If Jamaicans want to end occupation they have to stop fighting one another and take control of their own oil but there is too much illiteracy and clan violence which is drug related among other things.

 An impediment is the oil disaster in the Gulf.  It is a damper and could damage plans. A can of worm is open because technology to manage and keep it in check was grossly mis-calculated. 


 Part Three

RESPECTABILITY in BARBADOS- from 1902 to the present

 Through the analysis of our social psychology – human behavior under actual-conditions - things cannot stay hidden any longer. 

 “The only reason you understand is that your grandfather disappeared.”  I said toNewland, psychologist and past head of a psychiatric hospital. 

 “It does not appear that that is the only reason because the rest,”   he said, “cannot see truth from the position that we see it because they have clouded their whole vision – subconsciously.   The truth is evaded by camouflaging it with a lie.  This is done because they known the truth.  It is only, when things come to the fore that it is acknowledged and even, when this is done, after that, they slip back.   It has to be more to do with the phenomenon, (seeObituary for Sir John Goddard)  that lies have on the brain.” 

 Cut off the nose of the society rather than face accountability -  they do not want to be put their families/ benefactors on the spot.  

 Q.E.D.   While signing books one day, a brother of Wynter Crawford with his wife came up to me and said: “When we read your books we wondered if you were still alive.”

 Immediately we spoke about Errol Barrow’s manipulations of his brother and the need to further research those particular political shenanigans because facts known by the middle class are vastly different from official historyand the sort that Barrow’ss minions do not want remembered.  In a subsequent telephone conversation I continued to be frank and was met with:”Sssh, telephone may be taped.”  Puzzling behavior until a middle-class friend pointed out that blood being thicker than water.  The present Minister of Tourism, whose incompetence is exposed every time he opens his mouth, is his nephew, Wynter Crawford’s sister’s child.

 A book, called“Why Do We Lie”defines lies as an intent that we know something is true but we decide by action or words to say or demonstrate something else.  Lynda Milito wrote in her bookMafia Wifeof herself and her children as wife of close friend of and hit man for crime boss John Gotti. 

 “My daughter refuses to believe that her father did one bad thing in his life and my son can’t even admit that he was ever in jail more than once.  All three of us are hiding from the truth, we can’t face it.  I know that, and because we can’t deal with the truth we twist it and beat each other with our own versions of it.  Sometimes I think we have turned into monsters. Where did our closeness go? It’s like it was just squashed.  Or was it ever really there?”

 Truth is, what we see, feel, touch, smell and hear and it is stored in a certain part of our brains.  New magnetic imaging technology called FMRI, which reads soft tissue like brain and liver etc. shows this imaging in the brain.[Information from recent FORUM programme of the BBC radio – looks like they followed up on our“Obituary for Sir John Goddard”on lies.]

 The brain determines how we act, damage it and we loose ourselves.  When we lie we store these images on top of images, in our brains ,of the truth and the fantasies we create try to force themselves on realty.  This causes a neurological “fowl-up,” which can reach a point in wishing it is true and saying it is true that the brain’s connections get tied up in knots.  At a neurological level it“becomes scary”and a person can behave very differently.   FMRI has imaged this internal conflict and it shows that“holding secrets is directly correlated with stress.”

 Newland was named after newly-arrived and quickly-killed (four months he lasted with his socialist ideas) in 1933, forty-eight years old Governor Scott Newlands.  Goodman, his grandfather, who disappeared in 1935 was a man of integrity, who carried on a vitally important part of the economy of Barbados, a penny bank and in an area, where there would not have been many, St. Andrews.  A list of the bloodshed of that time do not appear to be mishmash, when looked at not as separate incidents but linked they could tell a lot about the hub of nasty, polluted and pollutable politicsafter Reeves death in 1902:-

    A particularly brutal murder in the late 1920s of a Dowding, great grandfather Dowding was amongst the old brigands.

 Newly–arrived Newlands in 1933.

Goodman’s disappearance in 1935.

 The disappearance of Charles Miller Austin’s son.  Miller Austin served in the vestry in St. Andrew at the time of Goodman’s disappearance and bought his plantations, from Chancery, through another old brigand off spring, Goddard. 

 Riots in 1937.

 The substantial rumours that Clennel Wickham, journalist and political activist’s whose family refuse to entertain that his sudden death in Grenada was due to poisoning.

 Chester Allan Brown, the current Godfather, killed in 1941.

 St. John, Lucy’s husband died an early death.   Her son, Noel, who “luckily died at 42,” is how the middle class people put it.  His death was a result of “a problem the St. John’s have,” the implication being he died like his dad but his father was not Lucy’s husband.

 Stories circulate like a plot to kill someone because “they were too black.”

 Ernest Deighton Mottley walked with a silver spoon to test his food.   Everything was underhand, the crude way of shooting people to kill them was not prudent or political.   Political power became a poison trap for people who wanted to change things – last meals was the preferred thing, invite you to a party and get rid of you. - “Poison be dammed.” 

 I met Newlands a decade ago at the Archives as he tried to solve the cold-case of, who made his grandfather disappear and I, to trace the tentacles of the brigands. 

 Slavery was bad but after the slavery, what has Barbadian black society become?  Literature on the subject says that society is like an onion and the onion rot at the core of our society is slavery.  The next layer of our society began early in the 19thCentury, when middle class society no longer concentrated on material and their thoughts turned to fundamental issues.  Unifying idealists in the society was mulatto Samuel Jackman Prescod.  Mulattoes obviously would be the people to start moving forward first because they had fathers that left them something or they were free or indigenous, four thousand of them, in Jackman’s day. 

 Even his “worst opponents” said that he was scrupulously honest.  Prescod’s honesty and influence came all the way down to the end of that century through Vallance Gale, of Carib descent, an admirer of Prescod, who founded the Advocate newspaper and Reeves who was Prescod’s protégé and editor of his newspaper. 

 Somewhere after Reeves death, justice faltered, when white Attorney Generals and Chief Justices took over and another layer, another era, where persons in powerallowed fiction to take claim, solicitors to transfer properties and businesses formedand after a whileall was seemingly forgotten.  They orchestrated itthat people other than choir boys could not get support from the electorate. 

 Continued next week


The Roman Catholic Church

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The Roman Catholic Church at last is treated to the much-needed intense heat and light that, the Bible said, would happen in the latter day, when governments and religions no longer would rule over man and the world and nothing shall be hidden: iniquities of rulers exposed, wickedness revealed and whatever was done in secret shall be shouted from roof tops.    

When people say I am a Christian they mean that they are a member of a religion, Christianity, concocted by Constantine of Rome.   He created both its ideology and dogma, and the church became politics.   

The sign of the early followers of Jesus - Y.......  in Hebrew because there is no “J” in Hebrew - were called “believers” and their sign was a fish.   Constantine said he saw a cross in his dreams so he changed the fish.  All the fancy crosses around necks are a symbol of Constantine not Yeshusa....

Believers, also called Nasserites, spread the Great Commission and practiced it as it should be:  They hid in catacombs, preached everywhere, were seen as oppressed people running to and fro hiding; they addressed one another: “Bartholomew my brother, my fellow prisoner and my much persecuted friend.”   People brought their money and wealth, put it at the feet of Peter and he gave it all to the poor.  “Master what shall I do to be like thee?”  “Go sell all and bring your burden on me.”  Believers spread love and are humble, meaning denounce pride.

Every successive kingdom that ruled the world is called a beast in the Bible - Ancient Babylon, the Persians and the Medes, described in the Bible as the bear with the claws in its mouth and right side up, Alexander the Great of Greece and the last the Roman Empire.  

Rome was called in the bible - the iron kingdom because it broke everything  - its weapons and architecture were iron.  In Alexander time, the brazen Kingdom of Greece made their weapons with brass.  Babylon was a golden kingdom because they adorned their buildings and monuments with it.  The Medes and the Persians was the silver kingdom.

Rome was like a little horn that grew up amongst beasts - a daughter of the Grecian Empire.   After the death of Alexander, four of his generals split up his empire into four parts - one in North Africa, one in Europe, one in Asia and one in the Middle East.  

These parts gained prestige and influence and  eventuality Lucius had to make concessions to them and Rome, when she got powerful, drew a circle around Lucius and made him promise that he would never resist Rome.  This horn took it upon themselves to change the times and the seasons.   Roman practices and government were rooted in cultures of its predecessors.  Venus derived from Eros, way back from the Babylon Goddess Easter, the Queen of Babylon, Queen Semaramis, the mother and incestuous wife of Nimrod.  The names changed but the influence is the same.

Peter and Paul fled the might of Rome, fought against her, called her mother of harlots and an abomination.  Rome’s wine, they said, was full of blood of believers and martyrs.  Rome crucified them up side down because they were a threat, they challenged Caesar’s claim to be God.  If he was not considered God, then Rome could not hold power over the people.  Early believers pulled down governments; they did not acknowledge them and therefore did not go to any for support.  

Believers were winning the battle against the Roman Empire.  Rome started to collapse and was burnt.  The Caesars, in order to dominate and, to maintain a hold on their power, dressed-up and changed their political role for a religious one; the Bible states that the beast of the world would sleep with the mother of harlots and all the kings of the world would be made drunken by her and drink of the cup of her blood - two pillars scarlet and purple; purple means royalty and scarlet means prostitution or religion.  

Rome amalgamated the Gods with their names and symbols and government and religious came together. – and Rome became even more powerful.  The Pope ruled the whole of Catholic Europe.  It did uncontrollable damage.  Start with the Inquisition, hordes of people in hoods passing judgement and saying that people going to hell, when it was the opposite; hundreds of thousands of people burnt at the stake and killed in the crusades and the genocide of the original people of the New World.  

To break away from a whore is to forsake all her ways and all her affiliates.  In marked contrast with early believers, the Protestant Church used governments to support their fight; they ran to crown princes of Europe and asked for their help in the fight against Romanism to establish their religious order.  Martin Luther and the Reformation, Islam, all daughters of Rome.  All modern Western governments in existence evolved from the Roman Empire. All Western religions: the Seven day Adventist, the Pentecostal, the Baptist Christians, separate groups all fighting one another.  All come from the Protestant Church and the Protestant Church came from the Roman Catholic Church and the perversity of Rome; therefore, it is impossible for them to be any better.  

Arabs used to worship like Jews did before the 600s, the same religion as Abraham.  Believers moved into Africa because they were supposed to spread the word to the whole world and the Roman Catholic Church followed them into Africa and, where ever a community was found, they  
set up monasteries

Khadijha gave her wealth to the Roman Catholic Church, became a nun and was absolved, under dispensation, of all sins.  When the Roman Catholic priests, because they were Gods, sent anyone to do a mission that involved evil they absolve them of all sins.  They could rape infidels and do whatever.  

Khadijha went to the Arab world with her cousin Waquarh/Warah.  She found a young, intelligent Arab trained, finance, built him up and taught him war, politics, ruler ship and they set the course for Mohammed to conquer and convert much of the African world, the Arab world and Constantinople and stamp out their religious competition in the name of the Koran, which is very much like two books, City of God and Confession.    

Ancient Babylon, where Iraq is now, came first.  The city that Nimrod and the survivors of the flood built was perverted.  Vestal virgins were temple prostitutes.  Temples were built in the mountains so that priest could bugger with men.  Nations that are that wicked do not know the difference between good and evil.  They did it with animals, beast and children; strangers were not safe.  This culminated in Sodom and Gomorrah; a civilization turned upside down and, when it fell it was a world catastrophe.  

The Medes and the Persians was the second they came after Babylon.  The three Emperors that ruled the Persian Empire at the time. Darius 1, II and II this was before Christ, 500-600 B.C. Persian was the empire that consisted of all of Asia and the Middle East and ruled by the enemy of Alexander.  

The Persian Empire did not fall because of homosexuality it fell because of Alexander of Greece, and 10,000 troops.  He conquered, millions, the whole world from the Middle East, all of Asia down to the Indus and Africa.  He did that in thirteen years with men on horses and long spears, flanges.   A leopard is very fast and the Hellene Empire, in the Bible the Grecian empire, was seen as a leopard with four wings.  No emperor conquered the known world in such a short time. Alexander  wanted to go beyond the pillar of Hercules, the straits of Gibraltar, into the Atlantic and when he had no more to conquer he cried.

Greece was known for homosexuality throughout its art and architecture - to bugger another man and little boys was considered a great honour.  Alexander was a notorious homosexual, he kept lovers amongst his generals and associates and when he conquered rulers he buggered them, made allegiance with them and gave them back their country.  When he conquered the Persian Empire, Darius’ own generals killed him and they left his body outside the City so that Alexander could not bugger him.  Alexander came upon the body, wept and gave him a stately funeral.   

Alexander conquered the world but not himself.  At every conquest he drank from the Herculean cup - supposed to be the cup of the Gods - a gallon size cup filled with wine and when they drank it all they were said to be one of the Gods.  Alexander drank from it twice and impressed everybody but, when he tried the third time it killed him.   A human body cannot take that much alcohol.

Rome had the same notorious homosexuality throughout its history and development - Caesars and politicians - Ovid wrote in his “Classical Erotology” that Cleopatra indulged Brutus and Caesar in anal intercourse and called receivers in homosexual acts, minions; exolete meant an old worn-out homosexual.

The Levite priest were mediators, they watched all these nations and adopted and incorporated every religion into their worship and did the homosexual things.  They chose an earthly king.  Even though they were warned:  “If you take an earthly king he will make soldiers of   your sons, concubines of your daughters and they will oppress you all much and they will do like the evil kings around you do.”  

Samuel brought a council of the elders of Jerusalem and they voted on who wanted to be ruled by God or man.  They found Saul to be a man of charisma and he became King Saul and he sent them to war.  That decision is, where a whole lot of trouble began.

Jesus told the Jews that he came for all people.  When he came to the house of Jewish people and they asked him if he was a descendent of the King of Jerusalem - in other words shall we now take up arms and fight Rome and lead us into battle to restore the ancient kingdom of Jerusalem to former powers and glories, He said:  “The kingdom you seek is not of this world.  I come not to rule over or overthrow Caesar with arms.”

There was an ancient kingdom of Jerusalem when Solomon ruled but this was not a divine kingdom of Israel.   David was supposed to be a representative of God but he did more evil than any body else and gave them much opportunity to laugh and mock him.   

Today it is the Kingdom of the United Nations - the Kingdom of the World Bank, the Kingdom of Globalization.  Churches pray for governments, governments use the Churches and religion is as an insurance policy.  Go to College, gain scholarship and address one another as: ‘Reverent so-and-so and Father this-and-that.’  The Bible said call no one reverent and no man father.  God has to come to them for reference and they are usually white and smiling Sunday mornings, singing hymns and stressing tithes to a congregation of unequal yoke and looking holy while they bed women and lust after backsides.

The End

LIKE MOTHER (adapted)

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The other side of current affairs and recent history, which our people need to and right to know in order to learn from the past, understand the present and see where our future is headed so that we can change it.


Important names in this article - Anna Adamira, Bjerkham

Bjorn Bjerkham

Johann Bjerkham



Excerpt from REFLECTIONS –Modern Politics, The Caribbean, Africa & Asia Minor by Angela and Gary Cole.


  LIKE MOTHER  (adapted)


              “So tractable, so peaceable are these people, that I swear to your Majesties there is not in the world a better nation.  They love their neighbours as themselves, and their discourse is ever sweet and gentle and accompanied with a smile, and though it is true that they are naked, yet their manners are decorous and praiseworthy.” 


... Description of the Tainos on the island of San Salvador by Christopher Columbus in a letter to the King and Queen of Spain. … Taken from Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee by Dee Brown


                People, no matter how rich they become, who put money and material over principled behaviour, are incapable of offering assistance or comfort to anyone who behaves with integrity.          

              “Why don’t you go and f…… yourself.”   Saffie said.  “You are a whore.”

              “Like mother?”   I asked.

              “When you want something from people you have to do what you have to do.”   Saffie’s wife said.

              “But that is whoring.”     

              “I prefer to whore.” She said,  “Anna left Assad, when I was out of the island, if I were here I would not have let her leave.  Syrian men are like that.”      

              “But I have self respect and my kids are happy and focused.”  The Anna referred to said.


Saffie’s older boy left school before he sat his ‘O’ levels.  He works in his father’s betting shop and is spoken of as a millionaire at nineteen.  The younger son is at an expensive school abroad and lives with his paternal aunts, who hate his mother.

              Assad was Anna’s live-in lover for many years.  She bore him two children.   

              “You will do no more shows.”  Assad said, as soon as their first child was born, to Anna, whom he met producing and directing shows.


Anna continued her shows.  Every one knew that she did shows but Assad did not.  She even did a Barclays Calypso World Contest and he did not know.  Cameramen were instructed not to capture her on film.  For years she did the main parade at the only horse racing club, where Assad’s family raced and she produced a bi-yearly pantomime for an exclusive girls’ school.  Assad, who has been described as being “as tight as a crab’s ass,” thought that the money, which he gave her bought all the things she provided for their children. 


“I used to tell him that I was only consulting on shows.” 

He told her to leave his house one time too many.  At the end of it all, Anna did a helpful and much-repeated television programme about abusive and controlling men. 

              “Every woman has a choice.  I stayed in the relationship and allowed the abuse due to the fact that Assad supported my two children, who were not his and whom the courts did not provide adequately for in my first divorce.”


[Ed. Note. One of those two children, a son is Johann Bjerkham and the father who Anna claims did not provide for his son adequately is construction magnet Bjorn Bjerkham].


On the programme Anna blamed herself.  “I try to show that self-worth is more important than the almighty dollar, that money does not give worth; principles are the things on which women should stand.  I stayed in the relationship because of the insecurities taught to me by my mother.  Even though she was straight she put up with my philandering father.  People stole from him and therefore he did not see why he should not be in debt.  He had no principles.”


Women can do as Anna did, or they can stay and when women stay with abusive husbands, there are four options.  Be like Shirley dead: [Shirley Juman wife of now deceased cocaine lord Harvey Juman] beaten to death by her husband.  Like Diane [Walcott Williams first wife of big man COW Williams] who stayed with an unfaithful husband until in her sixties, he left with a younger woman or like Saffie’s wife, driven senseless.  There is the last option, which the ex-wife  of a successful manufacturer[Marshall Oran] did; commit suicide.


“It is a flaw of weakness in the man’s character in that he feels he must control.  These men lack empathy and self-confidence, they feed off of the control they have of their women.  They say.  ‘I work for the money.  I have the money.’   Women are chattel, second-class citizens to them.  It is in their upbringing.”  Anna said.


“You came to this relationship seventeen years ago with only your good looks.  What do you expect to take out of it?”  Anna said the judge said as he awarded her $225,000.00 (US$112,500) .  “This is the most expensive piece of pussy you ever had.” She claims that Assad’s lawyer said.


She went through three lawyers and eight years - paid the first lawyer $5,000.00.  He wrote letters for three years, did not manage to reach a settlement and never returned the money.  The next lawyer did not reach a settlement for four years but with him she lost custody of her son - [this son is Ryan Haloute, now managing director of Chefette] - although the courts never proved that she was an unfit mother.  Anna refused to pay him and he put her before the court for $35,000.00 (US$17,500.00) in fees.               


The last lawyer, a female, after three months, reached the $225,000.00 settlement.  Against her advice, Anna settled.  People in relationship less than sixteen years whose husbands held ordinary jobs were awarded larger settlements, which included cars and houses.  


“If tears could make rivers, I would have two rivers running down my cheeks but today I am happy and my children are educated and well-adjusted.”  Anna said.


For eight years she fought and in the end she settled for less than offered in the beginning just to end it for it threatened to destroyed her four children.  She lost her son, for sometime, to Assad’s promises.  Meanwhile her new boyfriend, whom she met two years after she left Assad, had run his novel idea for twelve years in rented airport space.  One morning he opened a newspaper and found that his business was advertised for tender and a business he created was taken away.


I met Saffie’s wife in the mid seventies at horse riding; she arrived a few times dressed to ride in fine livery, was in great fear of horses and never returned.  We became friendly and just back from Antigua I rented a house next to her that had previously belonged to her plantation.  We shared an entrance and we wandered in and out of each other’s house through the side.  She arranged business meeting did not show up, did not call and dropped out of sight until the next day.  I accused her of bullshitting:


28th March 1989

Dear ........... (Saffie’s wife):


              … it [your lifestyle] has allowed you to live a life of conspicuous consumption while you produce nothing and you struggle not.  It dulls your sense of injustice - that wonderful thing that all human beings possess, no matter how oppressed, that drives to a higher level of freedom and conscious. … [your lifestyle] … makes uselessness and worthlessness a fashion.  It fools you and makes you feel that by showing largesse, it will not be recognised that all that is being done is the extraction of value from one source and the passing along of the occasional crumb to the suffering masses.


The god you worship is really called conspicuous consumption - he assists you in doing nothing but talk and fools you that you can hide the fact that you are not producing.  This god has placed you in a situation of a dog, where a leash is around your neck and you are let out at certain hours, but when the providing master returns you come to heel devoid of your mind and of any human feeling until the next time or day you are unleashed.  You need a real god that will give you the strength to struggle to make the world a better place for the next generation.


I keep learning while you stagnate with your golden collar and beautiful leash for the god you worship prevents you from listening…


Your friend


Article from the Investigator newspaper 04th October 1997 entitled St. James Job Joke.


              “Some strange things happen in the world of work; as one lady found out when she received a call in response to an advertisement she placed in the paper offering her services as a cook.  Last Sunday she got a telephone call from a ‘well-to-do-lady’ in Holders Hill, St. James and they agreed on $200.00 per week.

              “I went to the house on Monday morning along with two other women.  One of the women was to press and one was to clean.  Around 1:00 p.m. the house boy came to me, hand me $10.00 and said Mrs.  . . .  say that you can go now.”


“I did not go to work the Tuesday because of a previous engagement and this was made clear during the telephone conversation on Sunday.  On Wednesday I went to the house, she hustled us out again before 1:00 p.m.  The reason was that her husband did not know that she had recruited three women to work at the house and she did not want him to see us yet.”              “She added that the husband went away on Wednesday night and so the women were allowed to work.  On Friday she finished work at 3:00 p.m. and she and the other women were told to come to work the next day and they would be paid.“  niece come out of the bedroom with two sets of money in her hand and said to us.         


“I understand that my aunt paid one of you $10.  I told her that was I.  She gave me some money and said ‘This is for you.’   It was two $20-dollar bills and a10-dollar bill.  Is that what I left home for?”


The cook told the newspaper she thought the $10 was for bus fare.  I don’t understand how the lady could look at a big woman and give her $60.  The lady claims to have a history of “depression” she witnessed the appalling verbal abuse of the full-time maid where the lady screamed at her to “Get out  . . . come out of my house now or you will come out naked!”


She said she also witnessed ‘cuss-outs’ between the lady and her husband and her son, and that she feels angry and ashamed, but being a Christian all she can do is to pray for the lady.”


                The well-to-do woman is Saffie’s wife. “Do you believe that at forty-eight, I have been run out of my house.  I am too old for this.”   She said,  “He took me through terror for three hours.  Said he was like Donald Trump and could afford to import pussy.” 

              Saffie threatened to shoot her, kill her and set her afire.  “He is so violent now because he went cold-turkey with cigarettes. It must be tobacco withdrawal.”  Saffie gave up three packs of cigarettes a day. 

              Underneath, where it counts, when Saffie looks, as the maid wrote, his wife must be different and everything becomes a facade.

              “How can you spend $10,000.00 in mud?”   A visit to Rubber Maid for a small item ended up with $2,000.00 spent on garbage bins and rubber containers.


Saffie could not protect his wife from abuse by police.  Sixteen years of marriage and a policeman put black-and-blues on her ass and he could do nothing.  Saffie's wife videotaped the whole thing.  She was parked in front of a beach house on a deserted road by the sea.  Two tyres were on the road, not an unusual occurrence in those parts, when a drunken police officer drove up to the house; he called her out in front of her five-year-old son and her new found Christian friends and asked for her license and insurance.  New video camera in hand, she took some time to find her car keys in order that she could open the cubby-hole, where the documents were stored.


“You better be careful I don’t arrest you.”  From his comments, he had seen her before and may even have seen her drive past the nearby police station.

              “Arrest me for losing my keys?  Look, you been drinking, why don’t you let someone else write me up?”   


The policeman knocked her video camera out of her hand; undamaged it stuck on the top of the police jeep and continued to film.  He grabbed her, threw her on her ass into the back of his jeep and drove away.  No one objected.  The Christians said she should have used feminine guile.  One of them telephoned Saffie.


They drove her dressed in her swimsuit and a short shirt only, instead of to the nearest police station, across the island to another.  “Your ass looks real firm for a woman of forty.”  When Saffie’s lawyer called police lied and said she was not there.  They detained her at the station for eight hours and framed her like a common criminal.  They said that they had kept her because she was under investigation in another matter.


Saffie's wife could not stand the humiliation: the memory of how she crawled into a corner and begged them not to hurt her. She slid into a heavy depression: Miss Know-it-All, and loudmouthed with her Ivy league degree and mother, who was the highest paid female executive in America – Sarah Coventry - was abused by a low-class man, who just picked her up and mauled her. 


Just for good measure at the same time she found out that Saffie had been unfaithful with little things all along, all the time, and all around: right in front of her face, right inside the house and like all the other wealth Syrian men he kept an apartment.  So too did Assad.  The lady of the house did not feel like a lady anymore.

              “That policeman is the same one that tried to framed me.  He is one of the boys.  With the large amount of resources you have you must pursue this matter.”  I said.

              She took the videotape to one policeman in charge after the other.  They toyed with her.  Her lawyer fiddled with her: told her that videotaped evidence was not allowed in court so we made still shots from the footage to show that her hands never left her sides and therefore she could not have assaulted anyone. 

              We journeyed many times to court, photographs in hand, while neither her lawyer nor the policeman showed up.  The night before each appearance her son, who had been present broke out in fever and the doctor had to be called.  Each time the case was adjourned and Saffie never went to court. 

              Magistrates insulted her in every way they could find - by tone of voice, silence and by threats. She went to pieces.      


“Mummy took daddy’s gun and drove off.”  Their two sons ran over to my house and said. 

              “She has a gun down at Bamboo Beach Bar, come quick.”  A mutual acquaintance drove into my front yard an hour later.

              “Do not give her anymore to drink.”  Saffie’s wife was drunk and sat in the middle of the bar and the patrons tried to get a drink and a gun out of her hand.

              “I am going to kill myself; shoot me.”   

              One good drink and she is half under the table.  I fed her two rum-and-cokes.  She soon fell asleep, and I took the gun from her hand and telephoned for help.

              “The scandal.”  Saffie said. 


She was eventually found not guilty and she did not sue the Attorney General.  “I cannot go through anymore.  I cannot go through, what you and Anna are going through.”   She was sedated for months on Prozac and then shipped to her mother in Arizona.  On her return to the island, she was placed on Ativan.  The tiny, innocuous-looking pills are extremely addictive.  Side effects are mood swings and unstable behaviour.  Withdrawal symptoms are anxiety attacks, depression, a racing heart and sweating.  Ativan is banned in Britain, and several other countries.  Saffie takes four to sleep.  Assad never smoked but he also took Ativan.


Camacho Avenue

St. Johns



An Open Letter To Miss Jerri Fay Hall

Dear Ms. Hall


              I wish to apologise for the treatment meted out to you by the Barbados Police Force.  Your observation that you were victimised because you were American, female, white and rich was correct.  The main motivating force was the fact that you were female.  No woman will be surprised or aggrieved if you take some action to recover compensatory satisfaction.  I would like you to know that the silent majority of women are in sympathy with you in this foul and unpleasant incident.  I ask you not to let this put you off of the other Caribbean islands. 

              Barbados is unique in its bullying attitude to women.  Barbadian men must be made aware of their responsibility to esteem and respect their women if they want the outside world to respect them.  At the moment it seems that legislation to enforce laws for the protection and safety of women and children should be instituted immediately. 

Black Barbadian men place severe physical, emotional and social restrictions on females - a large number of our sisters have silently accepted though not agreed with these restrictions.  Your case is symptomatic of the intimidating action taken against any woman that these men perceive as a threat to their total domination.  Women, who behave in a strong, independent and disciplined manner suffer the fate of male persecution.  Please take comfort in the fact that you have many people in your corner.  For most of our sisters have not heard voices yet raised in their defence. 

              The hundreds of less fortunate girl children, who are being sexually molested  - to the extent that the Chairperson of the Child Care Board in an interview, not so long ago, said that there is cause for grave concern.   Numbers of our sisters have been driven to the point that they are unable to function as whole independent human beings.

              I am reminded of an acquaintance of mine, who was arrested by the police, beaten and thrown in jail for three months away from her four children - the youngest being three years, only to have charges dropped when she agreed to cut her dreadlocks and stop being a Rastafarian.  With the last ember of passion in her breast, she cried, “I almost am glad when they do something like this to me and they get away with it for I know they will do it again and again and one day they will do something far worse to the wrong person - a person who has someone on their side and they will get what they deserve”

              Miss Hall could you be that person?   Could your action against them be a vindication of that poor Rastafarian woman, the young girl children and the forsaken women of Barbados?


Angela Cole


              Police officers forced a bag on Hall at our airport that was not hers; they arrested her for marijuana, said that they found in the bag although an airline clerk said that Hall had protested from the beginning that the bag did not belong to her.   Hall claimed that they molested her, made her walk in front of a light source, while clothed in a dress of thin material. After months, the courts found her not guilt of the charge but she was pillared on the call-in programmes as rich Mick Jagger’s piece of tail.


“Don’t go to Barbados.”  She said on the “Max Talking Headroom Show” but she did not sue them for false arrest and another woman hit the dust.


Nor did Stella the wife of the ex-Prime Minister sue the Attorney General, when the police set her up.   She was arrested and charged with assaulting a police officer out side the gates of the Houses of Parliament.


“Stella did not assault anyone.  I was there and I saw.”  Said a leader of the government-sponsored Pan African Movement.  He said that it was usual for police to ill-treat blacks, who stood around that gate; Stella arrived, questioned their bad behaviour, opened the gate and as she walked through one police man, who did not recognize her, told her in the nastiest of vernacular to close  the gate, in retaliation she said: “That is your job,” and for this he arrested her.  


A police woman later gave evidence that she saw Stella, now Lady St. John, since her husband was knighted, raise her hand to assault the policeman but she did not see, when she hit the policeman.  She lied.   The magistrate verbally abused Stella found her guilty and she accepted the favour of not having it recorded on her criminal record and there she let the matter drop.


“You think I will let people think that I am on a rich woman side against poor black people.” The Pan Africnaist said, when told that it was his duty to tell what he saw.  He never did.


              Saffie and Assad families are of two main Syrian families resident in the island.  They are Trinidadian and intermarried.  The Syrian/Lebanese community try to live larger than life.  A gambler-minister in the Democratic government allowed in Saffie’s father, who was said to be the first illiterate millionaire in Trinidad, to settle a gambling debt.  His businesses of gambling and prostitution needed no education,  He is patriarch of both families.  Assad is his wife’s brother from a poor family from Syria. 

              The wife is one of seven children of which the eldest sister born in Syria still cannot read or write English.  Saffie’s father set his wife’s family up in a gambling business in Guyana and they made money. The wife’s family brought this money to the island and opened a betting shop.  Saffie’s father beat and abused his wife because he could and all along he kept mistresses; one for a lifetime.  Saffie is a son of this unhappy marriage.  The stories of the formative years of these two families are of sexual escapades and a lack of manners - home training - and self-discipline.  They did as they pleased.  They took advantage of their punters and manipulated government’s hierarchy.


Assad and Saffie were the two most eligible bachelors of the families.  At seventeen Saffie could not take the life of abuse to which he and his mother were subjected.  He borrowed $20,000.00 of his father’s money from her and set up a betting house for English racing across a street from his father’s, in a urine-smelling alley.  He prospered. 


Assad, when his sister was being beaten with a horsewhip jumped on her husband’s back.  The husband drew a gun and pulled the trigger.  The shot missed and ever since there has been a rift between the families nevertheless no matter they stand united against the rest of the island’s community.  The two families compete to see which one can make more money and the faster. 


Saffie accused one of his uncles of using water trucks to wet the race-track the night before the most prestigious horse race, which caused his horse, called Peace Envoy to lose because it did not like a soft track.   Peace Envoy came back the next year with the same jockey and won and Saffie insisted, in public that it was the soft track of the year before. 


Rivalry came out of the success of a fast food restaurant chain started by Assad’s family.  They made a lot of money and opened branch after branch and from there they branched out into the one-armed bandit business.  They have made a fortune aided by government protection. 


The two families wheeled and dealt their way into power.  They sat on fences and greased their way with whichever party was in government then did everything to keep that party in power.  They pull purse strings of politicians of both parties.  Things changed, when the Democrats lost and Labour came in. 


Casino gambling was illegal but the families were so sure that it would be legalised that they brought in gambling tables and foreign croupiers to train local girls.  Tables were housed in a basement of a family’s hotel.  When Dean of the Anglican Cathedral organised against casinos and crashed that idea the tables were sold and taken out to sea and transferred to another ship.  The Labour Prime Minister was involved but his murder forced them to change their tactics.  Hence they courted the brother of the deputy Prime Minister and weaved him into their web of deals.  The Labour government recently sold them government land under market value because, as a higher-up and close-up government ally suggested, they financed the last elections for Labour.

              The Labour Attorney General, as the poor people, who sold food in the nearby bus stand next to head office of their business, testify spent most mornings upstairs there and he and his wife, a judge, are entertained on weekends regularly at Assad’s beach house.


Saffie married a brunette now blonde, mixture of German Jew and Cherokee Indian, from Michigan with a BA degree in English Literature from Michigan State University.  When Saffie comes home he wanted his wife to be there.  If he arrives unexpectedly she must come to immediately.  She is allowed no friends to the house and he dislikes her to talk on the telephone. 


Unlike Anna, who was in a more forceful and prominent position in the community - she taught at an elite school and therefore Assad could not afford to rub parents or children a wrong way and had to confine his abuse to certain perimeters.  Saffie degrades his wife any which way and everywhere and is no respecter of person, place or time.


Anna was born in Trinidad and lived in Jamaica.  Her father’s mother, Anastasia Gallovea, was Czechoslovakian.  Anastasia was part of the Barusch movement, which started in Czechoslovakia.  It was the first resistance to Hitler’s Third Reich.  Chamberlain sacrificed the movement in his appeasement of Hitler.  Anastasia was not a Jew but was thrown into the Auschwitz concentration camp for her involvement in the movement.  She was scheduled for the ovens but the Germans pulled her out because she was a surgical nurse  to tend to their wounded soldiers. 


She saved the lives of her daughter and a Jewish friend,who were also at Auschwitz.  She threw them naked onto a truck filled with dead bodies, hid clothes between corpses for them, instructed them that the truck would dump its load at a location that night but bulldozers would not arrive to bury the bodies until the next morning.  The girls played dead until they were dumped and the truck left; they picked themselves up and escaped into the forest. 


The war ended but Anastasia remained in Prague to continue the fight, when her son and other family immigrated to the Caribbean.  Anna ended up in Jamaica, where she married Bjorn Bjerkham. They had two children. There she worked for Metro Goldwyn Meyer (MGM) as Yvette Mineux’s, the actress, stand-in and appeared in the movie “The Mercenaries” starring Rod Taylor and Jim Brown; she was the Silver Top Gin Girl; advertised dairy products and was the Lipton’s Tea Girl.  She came to Barbados.  Her husband was unfaithful; the marriage broke and she found herself in Assad’s arms.


Saffie’s wife, like Anna, is good-looking. She was intrigued by Saffie’s lifestyle - the bodyguard and the briefcase chained to the hand.  Soon both young women discovered about these two young men’s need to make them feel small, turn then into nothing; dominate them and make them useless.


In my case it was about:




              “You have to stop writing your books. You see they nearly kill your son this time.  If you do not stop writing they are going to kill him.” Said my lawyer, who has obviously no feelings.  A Queen’s Council, who is also a Dr. not of law but West Indian history, caused and allowed the brutality, which my son and I received, when he took seven years to get my case before the courts.   He created the impression of a woman, who stands alone and is therefore outside of the law and so in reaction to the words in my books, blood ran from my son’s nose, his cheek broken in three places, from a blow to the face with a brick by a low class black man whom Zionist used.


“Let us win one case first then we will find conspiracy charges against the Attorney General.”  He had persuaded and then he held me to ransom.  My Q.C. is also a disgraced Labour ex-minister, a pawn to them and part of their travelling road show.   They look for more avenues to amass more money and have shown that they have not a clue about the principles a government must adhere to if it is to avoid at least the perception of corruption.  They are unable to deal with the present political crisis.


“What about freedom and liberty?” My middle class friend, Tito, asked him.

              “Nobody in Barbados interested in freedom and liberty.”


He has a mouth, he can say anything he feels but if it were him, then he would believe in justice.  He has never been put under fire but, when he receives the end of the stick it will be seen if he believes in justice or not. The plaintiff is the person, who believes in justice not the defendant.  He is of course, concerned about his own freedom and liberty.   Freedom, in some cases, is a matter of knowing a good lawyer and the whole bunch of politicians are lawyers; fail as a lawyer then go into politics.


They do not give a fart in a hurricane about the island and are there to line their pockets and to provide government contracts, jobs and houses for their supporters.  Make your packet and when the time comes escape off the island; live off dividends with your wife and, of course, hope that, where they go will be freedom,  liberty and justice.   

He could afford to reign back and puts his feet on his desk and say: “There ain’t no middle class anymore everybody middle class now.  We take care of that.” 

              “He should be given a tin desk.”  I thought of his desk carved from a beautiful mahogany tree.   


I was brought up and trained in an era, where we accepted and believed that if some one had not broken any written law they were safe and the government - the only one, who can arrest being roughly called the government - would detain accused and put them before the court.


Fear comes from an era, where everything an individual does or says is criticised in some way and governments try to show that the system cannot be beaten.   They believe that they can exhaust me but I went on to win my first case; that was once - and I will beat them twice and again and again. 


“I want that.”  Adrian Lovell, the marshal in charge admitted, a marshal said in front of him, and pointed to my son’s boxing bag.  When they left they took my son’s complete gym with them - weights, punching bag everything disappeared.


“Blacks carrying it,” a female marshal said.  “We cannot afford people like you to suppress we.”

              “If you barely miss and touch me, I am going kill you.”  Said another larded female marshal.  “You was somebody but you ain’t nobody now.  You ain’t got any money.  We got you now.”  Chorused  male and female.


Ioka, a Rastafarian acquaintance, said that, when police arrested her she mouthed off and one ran towards her and, she said, she thought that he would stamp on the wall next to her to scare her but instead he landed his two feet into her abdomen.  They did the same to me only in a different way, these men and women, who derive enjoyment from inflicting pain. 


My Q.C has not brought a case against the Attorney General as yet although he has a certificate from a prison doctor that I was beaten.   He told me that he had lost it at one time without a thought of what that reaction would have to me, my son and my family. 


These things take place because most women are like Saffie’s wife, weak-willed, will crack, and will say anything under pressure otherwise she would have beaten Saffie long ago. 


They are not exposed because the editors of newspapers, who should do their jobs and write about these mistakes take favours from the rich and forceful, who step in with their money and what should be reported is not.               


The state of freedom and democracy is immature and  editors and  journalists have no moral restrains -  publishers bedded several woman on staff;  journalist accused of rape and publishers paying out victims.   An editor, Roxanne Gibbs, born in Guyana, and the sister-in-law of her husband’s brother mother-in-law, the wife of a permanent secretary involved with the disappearance in 1973, of a friend of the sister-in-law; when one columnist reviewed our book “Boys in the Band” that dealt with the matter told the writer that if she had realised that the journalist had written about the book she would have pulled the column even though she acknowledge that the column was not libellous.  Amazingly the journalist did nothing.  Gibbs started life as a secretary and moved ahead with speed and alacrity.  Her writing demonstrates what is obvious.


              My Q.C has done most of a handful of constitutional cases since independence so there is no choice for lawyers, who by their own admission are fearful of constitutional matters because they are semi-political and have to be by virtue that politicians are people that frame a constitution and change it. 


              There is no justice without discipline.  There are no standards or procedures adhered to by the High Court for behaviour and conduct of its officers.  Thirty people including ten lawyers waited for two hours for a judge, who hid in his chambers announced through his clerk that he had tripled booked and we, including Queen’s Counsels, would have to return to the registry for new dates.  These people can afford to sit oblivious of mankind for they produce nothing and work is undone.  They take eighteen years to give deeds; take  money first and it is impossible to get them to start. 


My QC destroyed justice, when he allowed a  case, which I finally won, against the Attorney General for a breech of  constitutional rights to take seven years to be heard.  A case so important that it was reported in the Caribbean Law Review and was about courts being used for political ends; it is about men, who shrink from no crime by which they can gain wealth and position.   These forces are burnt on the spit, when ground is stood an integrity and dignity is maintained.




              In 1973 police took over control and post independent corruption began in earnest under the Democrats with a disappearance of a young homosexual socialite and slaughter weeks later of a police station sergeant, who was in charge of the investigation and cracked this case.   The story goes that the morning that the sergeant requested arrest warrants and men and cars to execute those warrants, he was relieved of his duty and forthwith sent home.  What is certain is that soon after police officers with rifles led by a deputy commissioner of police arrived outside his home; shot and killed a bystander, one of his children, wounded another and executed him.  (See Boys in the Band by Tatanka Yotanka 1998)


The disappeared man was a lighting man for a large charity show, which included several models, dancers, Anna was a co-producer, and I was a model.  Many knew nothing of the behind-the-scenes, wild, private parties with homosexual members of the political establishment, lawyers, and lesbians.


Another producer of the show was my roommate and had recently returned from holiday.  When she recovered belongings, which she had left in the disappeared man’s home, she discovered there video recordings of the then Chief Justice, now recently deceased, in bed with little boys and the in-law of Gibbs, the aforementioned editor.  While others have kept quiet and were provided with irresistible contracts of mutual dependence this began the first grounds for years of harassment. 


My QC professed to know nothing of the Chief Justice’s predicament, nevertheless he, then a young lawyer and in the opposition Labour party was first to break the news, when he telephone another long time lover of the wife with the Chief Justice and told him that the man had disappeared and movies he had taken had been found.


The long time lover and the wife were young lovers before he had left to study abroad.   He had in the first place taken her away from the boyfriend, who would become  Chief Justice.  She wrote to him in England to say that she had taken up with a new man and that he had proposed marriage and asked what to do.  The angry answer was to do what she wanted and she married the man but on his return they continued to be intimate and so too did her earlier boyfriend, the Chief Justice and others. 


The wife had told the long time lover previously about the recordings and that the now-disappeared man had taken them to the Commissioner of Police and tried to use them as leverage to gain residency in the island for his Trinidadian lover, who had been refused previously.


After the conversation, the long time lover telephoned the wife and found her in a state of anxiety and in need of advice because police had questioned her three or four times while at her mother’s house.  He advised her to tell her husband and whatever her husband said she was to feign anger and cut him short.  She had some leverage in that he had taken her and showed her her husband’s love nest, which he built with the same house plans as his and his wife’s so that, when he was in either house he was, for all intents and purposes, in the same space.  Her husband, she reported back, said that if her name did not make it on the street then he would maintain the status quo but if her name became public he would kill her and shoot himself. 


The Solicitor General had telephoned an in-law of the wife’s and informed him of her appearance on tapes and  the longtime lover  also told her that she must tell her daughter and her son; to find any excuse to say that she and her husband had not been getting on from the inception of the marriage and that she had to look elsewhere for sex. 

              “They told lies on me.”  She told them.




                  In the late 70’s the Labour Prime Minister wanted to pretend that an international small arms broker and MI6 agent, Sydney Burnett-Alleyne, planned to invade the country and my QC brought up a bill in parliament to try Burnett-Alleyne for treason.  The number of weapons, which the Martinique government listed in whose waters Alleyne was arrested could not have taken over a well-armed house so Labour lied.  They did not think that they would win another election and had to have some one to oppose so they built the Alleyne story with the intention to declare a state of emergency. 


It is a technique -  if there is a menace or threat then “vote for me,” who will protect from all these ills and woes or else the threat will burst open.   Lots of governments have done and do the same thing.  Bush, the son, is doing it.  Everybody threatens the United States of America and he has succeeded because people have turned away from a real issues and will vote for him. 


In later years, when questioned for a book about the issue, my Q.C. claimed that he did not know any details of the matter but that the Prime Minister told him to table the motion and he did so with no accompanying information for a crime that would bring a death sentence.   That behaviour is lackey, a running dog that will do what it is told to do. 


Our parliament cannot operate without these kinds of people: the Labour Prime Minister was a master at that far better than his father, the first black Premier, who was simple and had he not been black man would not have made it to Premier.   The father became Prime Minister of the West Indies Federation and succeeded in destroying it. 




              There are two kinds of lawyers in the island: one is a cowboy; cowboy because he knows, who the good guy is and who is the bad guy, so he does not have to hear any evidence.  They are usually trained at the University of the West Indies.  The others are trained at the Inns of Court in London and do not know, who is the bad boy and have to listen to evidence. 


This natural justice is pooh-poohed:  get in power and you can say anything - you pass a Bill and in that bill you say that Angela Cole is guilty and she is automatically convicted.  The Bill is called a Bill of Attender.  


The rule at Common law in England was that the king could do no wrong - the king cannot be guilty of treason because the king cannot be disloyal to the king but Oliver Cromwell brought Charles I into the House of Commons to have a trial and Charles  said:

              “I am the King I can do no wrong;” Cromwell brought in a Bill of Attender, which said that Charles I was guilty of treason and Charles was convicted.  Cromwell said he was guilty and so he was beheaded. 


Very few lawyers in the island know legal history; they do not read but find questions and ready answers.  Those, who went to law school have pre-digested notes made up from previous examination, taken the last ten years questions, got answers, read them, went into and passed their exams.  They know not about the Court of Pie Powder (a corruption of the French word for foot and a special court created for merchandising)


When she could not get at me she harassed my son:  “You are your mother’s caretaker.”  She put my son in docks and told him that he was responsible for me because he signed a BDS$700.00 bail.  For the third time she sent her thieving marshals for whom she signed an illegal warrant.   Leader of this gang, the Chief Marshall, has been subsequently held on charges of theft for other instances to other people during the execution of his duties.


“Why can’t you send the marshal to his home?” My son’s head master said.  A third time they came for him.  “You are harassing this young man and you are harassing the children and the school.”

              “You are not fulfilling your responsibility.  What is wrong with your mother?” She continued.

              “I am not going to talk about my mother in open court.” My son said.  


Once again my QC had waited until the evening before to tell me through his secretary after I called that he would not be in court.  There was no excuse and he had no arrangements for a junior to attend court nor had they notified the court. 


“When I leave the island, I organized for my clients to see another doctor.  I have a responsibility to my clients.”   A doctor said.  I had shown him my wounds, which her marshals had inflicted on me and he gave me a certificate for stress that I could not attend court until my lawyer could attend court.  For this the magistrate sent the marshals for my son.


So many times did he disappear mysteriously and not turn up to court that the police did not believed that he was my lawyer. “He sick.” They said with a knowing laugh as my QC lost pounds rapidly, looked haggard and ill and was constantly out of the island, disappeared suddenly without explanation and was hospitalised with respiratory ailments. 


It is reasonable to ask what sickness my QC has since he gets worst and from all the drugs he would have to have pumped into him the side effects will make him less accurate.   The statements he has made e.g.  “It is only the middle class that interested in the drug trade.”   “If you have slot machines you may as well have casino gambling,” have been referred to by columnists in the context of AIDS: one wrote that what he said was the equivalent of someone with Herpes being told by a doctor to have unprotected sex with someone, who is HIV positive.  


              The female magistrate has signs of childhood malnourishment: emaciation, bony calves and narrow shoulders. She sucked her teeth and began her morning session late as she always did.  Her voice was most upsetting: nasal tone, grammatical syntax, rhythm and vernacular.   

              “Send he up fuh three weeks.”  She grunted.    “Wuh yu got?  Yu can’t pay wid a house.  Wuh you got dat wurth dat.”

              “Can you speak in a proper manner?”   I asked when my turn came.

              “I wud send you up to jail.”  She said. 

              “She suffers from asthma and you lucky she did not pick her nose in front of you.  Her voice is something else.”  Another police officer said.


She is a new West Indian campus lawyer that the politician promised, if elected, free education but did not care and in the name of egalitarianism let standards drop.  These new lawyers think: four years at the university, two years at the law school, sell yourself to the authorities and into the care of a political party, manage to get membership in a masonic lodge and get ahead: money, mortgage and an expensive car.  They are without knowledge of themselves; do not study the law of the island; do not search records; know nothing of local history; are ignorant, idle, lazy and shallow.  The lawyering class is an obstacle because they will not risk anything for themselves or anybody.


“There is a hierarchy.”  Said an old British trained lawyer.  He claimed that this  magistrate was his friend and that he telephoned her for bail for a Syrian drug dealer second time he was charged with running hundreds of thousands of dollars in cocaine and she gave him bail on the telephone.  That drug runner is now serving a life sentence for trafficking. 


This same woman signed an order in her court on a case that was brought already in the High Court. 




              There is a need to replace Plato not to copy him and as Augustus said:  “I am that which I am.”  We are that which is divine, poets and having climbed to the top of a mountain one does not jump off from where one walked up.  Our circumstances do not define us for :-


Before 1970, British Overseas Airways Corporation, (BOAC), was allowed to monopolize the Atlantic route to and from the entire Caribbean. The Barbados/London route was completely controlled.  BOAC charged twice the rate and sometimes three times the rate per mile that they charged on other international routes.  With high fares and mail carrying contracts they had no great desire to expand into a rapidly emerging mass tourism market.  Travel to London from Barbados was therefore limited to mainly the rich and a few reduced emigrant one-way fares, which they sold on some flights for locals, who wanted to emigrate.  International Caribbean Airways (ICA) would soon change all that.


I left school in 1965 and worked until 1970 with British West Indian Airways (BWIA), which handled BOAC and Leeward Island Air Transport (LIAT), in all aspects of the airline from reservations, controls, greeting and meeting VIPs at the airport and managing their offices at the Hilton Hotel and the West Coast.      


In December 1970 I stood at the arrival gates of Seawell International Airport and watched the first International Caribbean Airways (ICA) flight, a Boeing 707, from London and Luxembourg, land.  When the passengers disembarked the Prime Minister and also Minister of Civil Aviation, Errol Barrow, walked up the back steps of the aircraft and came down the front steps to flash bulbs of publicity and glory of hard work.  Thus a friendship began.   I had arrived to ICA months before the first flight and was given desks and a teleprinter and from that I organized marketing, sales, reservations and communications. 


A socialite from Bristol, main organizing power and  Managing Director, Major Norman Ricketts looked for someone, who understood all aspects of airline business.  Ricketts, with connection to the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg and the Bahamas, marketed the set up and persuaded the Grand Duchy to grant airline rights to land in Luxembourg on inexpensive fares just as they had done with International Air Bahamas a few years earlier.  He also convinced P.M. Errol Barrow to allow him landing rights.   Ricketts devised the image of the airline, and he loved a combination of beauty and brains.  It was in his genes. 


In the 18th Century, Governor Ricketts of Jamaica, Norman’s forefather, created a furore in the island, when he brought his mulatto mistress to live in a house at his offical residence at Government House, when he became Governor of Barbados.  Not only did Rickett treat her as his wife he gave dignity balls at Government House.  A dignity ball was an affair, which mulatto women threw and only white men could attend.  The society of planters complained bitterly of Ricketts but the people loved him.     


“This is the person I told you about.  She could set up your airline for you.”  The good looking manager of the Hilton, introduced me to Ricketts one day on the beach at his hotel, where my roommate and I spent most Saturday mornings before we moved to the west coast beaches.


The airline began as Caribbean International Airways but when it was realized that the acronym was CIA the name was changed.  After an interview the reservations and sales supervisor post was offered to me.  The other employee other than the manager, who had run Air Malta and myself, was a secretary, who had no airline experience. 


“Stop your checks behind me.  You hired me to do a job and if I do not perform properly then fire me but leave me alone.” 


An arms dealer, Geoffrey Edwards, provided start-up money, which was not a lot.  ICA would serve the Barbados/Luxembourg/London route fortnightly.  Along with Freddie Laker’s aeroplanes we set up a cost-saving structure that allowed bargain fares, at a profit, on the Barbados/Luxembourg/Barbados sector.  

Freddie Laker was a maverick, whose early career epitomised an entrepreneurial, buccaneering spirit, which the airline industry was rapidly losing to the international airline cartel, International Airline Transport Authority, (IATA).  Laker came from a working class background in Kent, and flew  as a pilot and engineer in World War II.  After the war he bought some old planes from BOAC, and used them in the 1948 Berlin airlift, a chance windfall for lone air operators.  His operation was eventually bought out, in 1960, by the new British United Airlines, which the Tory Government encouraged to compete with the state airlines.  Laker became chief executive of BUA, and there developed his style of raising money and bargaining with governments.  Half of BUA’s revenue was provided by troop transport contracts.  In 1965, at forty-three years old, he left BUA and set up his own Laker Airways to cater for the new package holiday market and used second hand planes to undercut prices of big airlines.  In 1969 he leased two Boeing 707s, and began flying charters across the North Atlantic.  A long and bitter war by the big airline cartel ensued as they tried to maintain their monopoly of exclusive routes and high fares. 


IATA, in 1953, stipulated that scheduled international flights, be run by airlines flying a national flag, and that all charters or non-schedule flights across the Atlantic could only be permitted for groups and clubs with an authentic “affinity.”  The rule was impossible to enforce but kept all scheduled cross Atlantic flights in the hands of the big airline cartel.  In the fifteen years after the enforcement of this rule, charter companies grew up outside the cartel, undercut scheduled airlines and usher in an age of a tourist market. 


Some “affinities” as they were called were genuine, reuniting immigrant families across the Atlantic, but a whole industry grew up to devise and advertise dubious clubs, which could qualify for cheaper charter fares.  The game reached a climax in 1971, when an American Group called The Left Hand Club was raided on their aircraft and a quarter of the passengers were ordered off for dubious affinities.  The travelling public insisted on trying every form of charter.  Eventually affinity rules were abandoned and scheduled airlines competed with charters, using an advanced purchased excursion fare call APEX.  In 1971 a bitter controversy  raged between charters and big airlines that decided the fate of international tourism.  


In order to qualify for scheduled Atlantic flights under IATA rules, ICA proposed a loose agreement with the Democratic government, to test the viability of the venture so as to allow the airline to go into a government majority share, after an initial run of private ownership.  Passengers were transferred on to a North East plane, which flew from Luxemburg to London.  The combined fares of the two flights were far below the Barbados to London IATA fare.


International Caribbean Airways wet leased - meaning all expenses were covered by Laker -  a flat price to operate each flight.  Under the terms of the wet lease, a Laker plane was painted and redesigned with the logo of ICA and was hosted up front by ICA staff, adorned in their Ricketts-designed uniforms.  Laker tried to schedule our flights on the aircraft painted with the ICA logo.  On the times that it was in use somewhere else another Laker plane, was used.  The use of our painted aircraft on his other routes was free publicity.  


We specialize in close personalized service, avoided the cost of buying and maintaining aircraft, yet operated under IATA rules as a scheduled flight.  We appointed general sales agents all over Europe, the Caribbean and South America.   Air Charter Market, and TransEuropa Germany’s largest tour companies soon began weekly block bookings; we arranged special fares based on these block bookings. 


I controlled everything except financing: how ticketing was done, how to outfox BOAC, whose intention was to stop us - established and managed reservations and sales, designed all necessary office documents, drawing heavily from my days at BWIA but with improved formats and methods, hired staff and coordinated the London and Luxembourg reservation offices, the effective running of our General Sales Agents in the islands and as far as Caracas, Guyana and Surinam and devised ways to send and keep tract of messages from Venezuela to Lebanon.                 When  flights had too few pasengers to make the flight economical, they were re-routed on BOAC and we paid the difference until after a few months the flights began to fill.


Soon we were up to three flights a week and wide-bodied aircraft.  Along with the emigrant community in London, the English were some of the first to take up our cheaper fares and it was not long before even Princess Margaret, known for her tightness and attracted by the fare, travelled to and from Barbados, when she had to pay her own fare.  She spent the lay-over time in Luxembourg with the Grand Duchy.  The British with houses in Barbados, like farmers from Kent, who built on the Holders Hill polo ridge, and others I  gave cheaper APEX fares from London even though the qualification was not met.  This I did as a marketing tactic. 


Germans used ICA to connect to South America, and the South Americans came to travel to Europe.  The people of the islands, Trinidad, Grenada, St. Vincent, St. Lucia made connections to our flight - all in order to use the inexpensive fare.  We had a flourishing trade through Paramaribo, Surinam to Holland. 


To be cost effective, there was no town office - it was less expensive to pay travel agents commissions.- only a small airport office with a small highly trained staff, able to be reservation and ticketing staff in the day and station assistants capable of checking in passengers when the flights arrived.  The configuration of the aircraft was changed:   first class was taken out and the maximum number of economy seats allowed by IATA installed.  The integrity of the image was maintained by having on-board literature printed with ICA’s logo and Laker Airways literature removed.  Four Barbadians girls were hired, beautiful white, beautiful black and beautiful oriental and mixed raced.  They were trained and placed up front to serve passengers and Laker hostesses, included in the wet lease, were placed in the backgroound.


I beat BOAC at their own game.I found ways to write the Luxemburg/London portion of the journey on North East Airlines on  an acceptable ticket.  At first I wrote the portion on BWIA and LIAT tickets and BOAC, who owned North East found a rule by IATA to stop the LIAT tickets.  Then they found another IATA rule to stop the BWIA ticketing.  Then I collected the BWIA ticket at the airport and wrote one Miscellaneous Charges Order to pay North East for all passenger tickets for the connecting flights and got the passengers ticketed on arrival in Luxembourg.  I kept one step ahead.  I sat in the North East office in Brussels apologised and took the blame for mistakes I deliberately made.


Later, an English ex-patriate, took over the sales department: reservations and operations were too vital to change me. The two of us arranged the first promotional tour ever of Europe in 1972 - Luxembourg, Munich, Frankfurt, Zurich, West Berlin, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Dusseldorf, and Brussels  - and took along the Tourist Board and the Hotel Association. 


There’s a brown girl in the ling

Tra la la la la

There’s a brown girl in the ling

Tra la la la la

There’s a brown girl in the ling

Tra la la la la

Tra la la la la

For she loves sugar and I love spice

Show me your motion

You think I making fun

Show me your motion

You thinking I making fun

For she loves sugar and I love spice


              “The things I do for my country.”  I said.  Complaints about there being prettier and younger girls than me to the director of the show were to no avail.  She took one look and consigned me to be the “Brown Girl in The Ling.”    That meant to parade in a bikini as centre attraction of the first number every other Saturday night at a Hilton hotel fashion show.


Sometimes ICA held important meetings of executives with tour operators and representatives from as far a field as Lebanon.  I attended those meeting, ran home, washed my hair, and became part of the fashion show at the Hilton, to which my bosses and agents were invited. 


The two lives met, mixed and intermingled very well.

 Under my stewardship the airline increased arrivals from Europe by 30 percent but I was fired, when a new black, Barbadian manager took over.  The major airline power and influence in the West Indies was British Overseas   Airways Cooperation (BOAC) now British Airways, (BA) and the British gosvernment was to all extents and purposes its owner.  The forces  that dominate had decided  that the Caribbean could only support one feeder airline, namely BOAC, and thereby decided to eliminate all others by foul means and they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. 


Later I discovered that BOAC had paid BWIA to not operate from the  Caribbean to London. The airline was destined to die..  The Labour government came to power and it was done on the cheap.  The best thing to do was to get a Zionist, who had been charged with trafficking marijuana, and my QC, the new chairman of the airline, when he was the government minister responsible for international travel to kill the airline.  Thirty years later the people, who have benefited from that work are the British, who pay half as much to holiday here as West Indians pay to holiday in Britain and everyone says:  “You cannot do anything about it.  That is how it is.”

What My QC did


“A bizarre Caribbean Airways financial scheme has been uncovered committing the Barbados Government to paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for empty seats flown to this island by Birgenair and a German tour operator.  However, as result of on-going investigations, the project appears to have been aborted before take-off.  Nevertheless, questions are being raised as to why this island’s representatives considered saddling Barbados with such a log-sided deal.   … The entire Caribbean Airways board resigned recently in the wake of allegations of inappropriate and excessive spending by the board.” The Barbados Advocate 15th June 1995.


              A point in assessment of people, not on basis of class but on the basis of development and culture.   It takes a lot more to be a lawyer than to pass an exam.  If people have not developed themselves to a certain level of understanding it does not matter if they have heaven and earth or did or did not get a law degree or pass a law   examination or did not study the whole course of thirteen subjects and did not get a LLB or a Doctor of Laws or did not qualified and eat his dinners.  It is about allowing oneself to be a slave and to make others slaves.  This is a very difficult position to sell to people like my QC, who not only was forced to resign as chairman of the board of the airline but was forced to resign in disgrace as a minister because of his lying over the airline.


              Board member Ms. Elaine Gooding who is also Dr. Cheltenham’s secretary was away on holiday when this newspaper tried to reach her … Apart from financial details published yesterday, our investigations also reveal that the identities of members of the airline’s full board of directors were not known by government until after the Advocate’s report was published.  These directors include the secretary in Dr. Cheltenham’s law office” … The Barbados Advocate June 1995


Miss Gooding could not have qualified to be a director and did not even have the qualifications of an employee.                Sexual intercourse to gain power goes back to  pre-Roman time of the Greeks when they did it to get to the top and had to learn to be a “good woman.”  The Greek Empire had artisan women, who worked by “do so an so for me and get a work out.”


A telephone call to my QC’s office found Miss Gooding at the other end of the line and no matter if it was me or another lawyer’s secretary or Saffie’s wife or a fellow journalist she abused.  


“They think they are lawyers.”  Said one top lawyer’s secretary who said she had long refused to speak with Miss Gooding who also was loosing weight and was very ill.  “Everybody knows I sick.” Gooding said.


“There are things that you do not like to do that you must.  Dr. Cheltenham cannot go to court tomorrow and I have not seen Mr. Scott so I do not know if he can come with you. You just go and I will call when you get there and get an adjournment.”  Said Sophie, my QC’s twenty-eight year old secretary the day before a scheduled court appearance when she tried to hide that her boss was ill again.

              “Sophie, I called to find out when is my next court date.”

              “Mrs Cole, I do not know what to tell you.  You did not go to court on Thursday like I told you.”

              “Why are you abusing me because I chose not to do something you told me to do.”


Greek whores were fighters and did not spare the sword, when they get to the top they try to get rid of more attractive, more intelligence women because they feared  men would want them. Individuality, audacity, courage and bravery, strong will, free speech such characteristics, they seek to destroy. 


It is a New World Order - a class war:  past-envy and resentment against the middle class.  In early days, when there was give and take and people were much closer to each other; they knew one another better; they knew how far they could go and only went that far.  Universal franchise meant that everybody had a vote and politicians tried to level down the classes, that are identified still by family, background and tradition  


They know their family’s history for generations and have connections to sustain them. They are not only known by money, houses and cars as so many blacks are - big car, big house to make a point; it means something to them - an achievement and to lose it is like some one, who has had his doctorate taken away. 


              “In order to achieve a totally predictable economy the low-class element of the society must be brought under total control, i.e., must be housebroken, trained, and assigned a yoke and long-term social duties from a very early age, before they have an opportunity to question the propriety of the matter.  In order to achieve such conformity, the lower-class family unit must be disintegrated by a process of increasing preoccupation of the parents and the establishment of government-operated day-care centres for the occupationally orphaned children.  The quality of education given to the lower classes must be of the poorest sort, so that the mote of ignorance isolating the inferior class from the superior class is and remains incomprehensible to the inferior class.  With such an initial handicap, even brighter lower class individuals have little if any hope of extricating themselves from their assigned lot in life.  This form of slavery is essential to maintaining some measure of social order, peace and tranquillity for the ruling upper class.”   …Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper.


              This excerpt is from a secret document of the New World Order.  It is classified as Top Secret and titled Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, an introductory programming manual, Operations Research, Technical Manual TM-SW79061. 




              My QC turned out to be a good courtroom hack and very capable but what was seen of him in court was what was induced by this lawyer’s training for as soon as he took off his robes his behaviour changes.  In the court room he abused no one and called no one names.  He presented laws and precedents to support his arguments and was helpful to the judge. 


The lawyer from the Attorney General laughed at his presentation, could not find his documents and borrowed copies from us.  On the opening day he did not present a brief.  He took off his shoes and mashed the heel with his feet.  He gesticulated with opened hands continuously and sucked his teeth and questioned documents, which he himself prepared and signed.  With dyed hair falling into patches he muttered “foolishness” under his breath and rocked back and forth with phoney laughter.   At the end of the day the judge asked if he could expect his brief by the next day. 

                 “They concocted this affidavit.”  He charged.


The judge told him that he must be capable of more elegant language and pointed out that the affidavit was filed one year before the Attorney General filed theirs so that was not possible.  A marshal, who was present in the court that day, whose uniform made him look for something on which to feel superior.  He moved around the court in two-minute intervals, fidgeted; looked and scowled and came closer.  “I am in charge here.  If you want to do anything in this court you have to ask me.”


“Fuck off!”  I mouthed as he came close and the judge looked somewhere else. 


My Q.C. argued that natural justice was elementary decency and fairness, that a magistrate cannot look at someone; do not tell them a word or ask a question; do not ask the person for an explanation and decide that they are guilty.  The Attorney General argued that laws of natural justice were not universal and did not apply to me.  He argued that incarceration meant no loss of liberty, was a benefit and a magistrate has right to do as he pleased in his court.  The Attorney General clearly thinks that he has law and he can do with it as he wants and that included dragging me before a court in a night dress and barefooted - as a clerk of that court recorded in her affidavit and having his police officers comment on my breast and lack of panties.  They believe that women are their bitches, “beards” or high-class sluts. 


Saffie’s wife, Jerri Hall and Lady St. John and many other women have betrayed themselves in face of threats and allowed such behaviour to go unpunished. Anna was quiet because of her children and threats.  


These forces are difficult to go against because society is in a pursuit of a fast buck and full of uncaring people while ministers are increasingly under an illusion that parliamentary statue is the sole source of law, which means they believe they make law but behind statue is  precedent-based common law, which predates Parliament.  Behind common law are principles of natural justice, which are foundations of judicial review.  These are basic rules of fair play such as a requirement to hear both sides.  Since the origins of parliament, judges have used these principles to decide what they believe parliament has done and they are a real protection against arbitrary powers. 




              I was awarded a paltry $35,000.00.  The law in Barbados gave six weeks to appeal and no time limit to be paid by government and the then Attorney General telephone to say that he had approved my payment but he left on vacation for the month and filed an appeal before he left. 


I wanted to appeal the low sum but my Q.C. said that since the Attorney General had appealed that matter would be dealt with under this appeal.  After more than a year he then advised that the Attorney General was no longer going to appeal and that it was too late for me to put in my appeal.  He played me for an ass with theoretical babble.  He has not got police nor the Attorney General to look into the theft nor has he got them on police brutality.   It is his duties as a lawyer to report any criminal act of which he knows but he has accepted the selective justice meted out to me and my family.  He filed a case against the Attorney General for the theft but  not about my brutalization and the three years limit has passed he said he could file later and two years later has not. 


“The quickest way to get any Barbadian lawyer to work if you are a woman is to give him a piece of pussy.” Said Mr. Brown, the Attorney General’s lawyer, who defended the case. 


It is this obsession with sex that sees political elite bedding their friend’s women and wives.  One magistrate sat in court and sexually harassed witnesses.  He called them back and told them how lovely they looked and advised accused with whom they came to bring them back into court.

              “When these women let you get away with that behaviour I hope you do not bring it to me.”  I said.  He threatened to charge me with contempt to court.

              Compounding all of this is an attitude of males towards widespread lesbians, in parliament and a network of high profile lesbians.

              “I see how two women can get to like each other.”  Mr. Brown continued.


              She was a hairdresser and model whose theme song was Tom Jones’  “Daughter of Darkness..”   Her salon was just as her home.  She is still beautiful, dark-skinned with long and kinky hair, skinny, long legs and when she modelled shorts she always wore them over a pair of long pants; in later years she gained weight and was able to take off the pants.  She was darkly-attractive, always wore black and her home was decorated with prints of wild cats. In that free atmosphere of sex in the 70s she was freest and darkest.   She bedded men and women freely, equally and openly and usually lived with a man, who accepted her lifestyle.  There were a host of younger women, who were her girls.


“I used to ……. that, left right and centre.” She said as a female magistrate, who had introduced herself as: “I went to school with you; I was two years younger but you would not know me, I was not anybody then,”  left the salon.  Next time she saw me in her court  and she did not speak.  


“........  tell me to tell you that she sorry that she did not speak to you in court, but she say to say nothing and she will fix everything.”  The Daughter of Darkness telephoned to say hours later.

              “How dare she offer to corrupt the justice system.  Tell her to fuck herself.”  Later the same magistrate threatened to jail my innocent son.   It was another lesbian-behaving magistrate, who remanded me. 


Lesbians ganged up.  Bull-dyke women paraded me and at the prison everything was designed and done to demoralise.  I saw a woman’s flesh being eaten by worms and men making women live in hell.  Politicians should guard against such corruption in the judiciary but how can they when the Attorney General fosters corruption and torture.   The court has not protected its dignity. 


The Attorney General became Chief Justice and a new female Attorney General took over and refused to pay. Most lawyers receive awards in two months.  The only recourse was to take the government to the Privy Council in London at enormous expense.               


My Q.C got me out of jail but much to my annoyance, decided to go through the back door and speak to the new Attorney General and begged her to pay me. I wanted nothing to do with that.  A court has been used in a most undignified way.  If court fines and the fine is not paid then the court jails the guilty until the fine is paid because that is a direct challenge to the court’s authority; it is called contempt of court. 


The Supreme Court of Barbados made a decision and Attorney Generals should not be able to use the court because I write about them in my books.  The matter is between the court that is the crown and the person that has been told by a decision of a court that they have to do whatever a court decides.  The Attorney General should have been put away until she had purged her contempt.


My QC is not sincere - a hyena, which is family to the mongoose not as he looks family to the dog, is a coward.  Ha!  Ha!  Ha! - does not face a wildebeest alone; does not take that kind of chance but gangs-up.  The head hyena is always a female and it is difficult to trace a female line. The Attorney General, after my temper caused confrontations, paid. My Q.C.’s fees, paid for in the award, were more than my award. 




              The army’s flank had been destroyed and the fear was like Wellington’s.   My case is about a state’s right to look at somebody and tell without a word that they are guilty.


What my QC left out of the proceedings is that, out of an act of kindness, I inherited these thieving bailiffs and marshals who tried to steal a computer of Barbados’ greatest artist ever, Timothy Callender.  These men had gone into his house and stolen before and six weeks before his death he had come to my house on the compound, where he was in a process of obtaining assistance and in turn, after his death, Saffie’s wife and I would be raided by these men and women intent on thieving. 


Two days after Callender’s death a bailiff, who had been caught on a ladder outside Callender’s home in an attempt to steal, armed with a letter from a development Bank, a national organization, whose officer appears to have been in league with him, arrived at my house with no authority and I demanded he leave my fenced compound and did not run in a corner so he showed me what he could do through his police and magistrate buddies. 


His lodge buddies arrested me and his court buddy, a magistrate, said: “if you interfere with the sons you interfere with the father,” took away my rights.  Acting Magistrate Clyde Nichols’ decisions were wrong, “unreasonable, irregular, improper exercise of his power.  No magistrate could on the evidence reasonably or regularly or properly have formed such a decision.” His actions were unconstitutional. 


Over the years I have had cases brought against me and all have been dropped.  I have never been convicted.  Every lawyer that worked on my case refused to demand files, which Special Branch would have kept on me, which would have shown a conspiracy of many years. 


After the publication of The Boys in the Band -  members of the police entered bookstores and threatened proprietors to make them remove the book.  One bookstore owner capitulated because of a bank overdraft, one because his son was a closet homosexual another because she was a woman and was threatened with a visit to her home.  One told them to put it in writing and they never returned.


This is an infringement of constitutional rights to earn a living.  Books are my living  and are sought after not only in the island but overseas.  One person claimed to be a research officer of a big movie director and said that he would have been interested in making movies from my book.   There has been silence from that person.  


A lawyer overseas and former Solicitor General Woodbine Davis have ruled that the books are not libellous but are prima facie case of murder, which means that there is enough evidence that an Attorney General has to act to prove or disprove charges.  There is also the public right’s to know, instead Attorney Generals have devised all sorts of methods short of murder to destroy the writers.


These actions stem from those that evidence shows should be on trial for murders, conspiracy to murder and aiding and abetting.  There is no statue of limitation on murder so these matters remain justifiable and charges can be brought at any time. 


The Attorney General’s lawyer wore his lodge ring.  Every legal officer, except my Q.C. that dealt with my case was a member of a Masonic lodge.   One we had written about as the lawyer in the book, Farnum’s Land, under the pen name Tatanka Yotanka

My investigations revealed him to be a member of a lodge that murdered a niece of the main protagonist of the book so efficiently that there was no autopsy report and there remains no death certificate.  Magistrate Nicholls tried to bum him on to me but I refused.  A few months later I saw the lawyer in the street and said “Is your name ............?’    

              “You should have asked my name then.”  He said.


He has been appointed a judge and was pictured in a newspaper and reported as having reached a 32nd degree of Freemasonry.  This means that he has had a sword placed to his heart, was blindfolded and took a blood-curdling oath, which said that he was to be loyal to his fellow lodge members up to and including murder and treason under pain of horrible death.               


After five dates all of which Alleyne did not turn up and after Nicholls took away my freedom Alleyne turned up and said.

              “She had enough. Drop the case.”  He ordered his co-conspirator.

              “Only if I could sue him.”  I said to my lawyer, who was half way across the court.

              “She ain’t had enough yet.  Put the case back on.”  And Nicholls did as he was told.   After three more appearances and Alleyne did not turn up Nicholls adjourned my case sine die.  My lawyer meekly did nothing and at my insistence had to apply to have it put back.  After a few more time Nicholls lied that Alleyne was out of the island.                “I saw him two days ago.” I lied.


Finally after many more times Alleyne came stood in the middle of the court the day and announced that he was “done with that” and Nicholls did just that - dismissed the case with a smile, did not apologise to me, did not bring a charge against the complainant for being a public nuisance and wasting the court time and my lawyer never said a word.  




              “I went with you to court every day in your case.  You have to come with me I cannot take any more abuse.”

              “I cannot call any more because I do not want to give my name.  Saffie might find out.” 

              “Saffie, I went with your wife to court, she should reciprocate now.”

              “Go fuck yourself.  You are a whore.”   He said.

              “Like your mother?”   I asked.


On this issue we parted but she returned to my home, when the same court marshals decided to plunder her too.  They used the same device to arrive at her wrought iron door, which was heavier and so they could not hammer the lock off before she reached a lawyer on the telephone.  She had to pledge $5,000.00 and the lawyer dealt with the matter.    


She had had a botched job done on her teeth by a local dentist and a new dentist in Arizona told her that crowns that the first dentist had placed on her teeth, which had dropped off and left her mouth in a serious state and for which she had paid thousands of dollars were substandard and not the permanent ones, which he had pretended them to be.  


She had written letters and there had been a dispute over $20,000.00 of the sum he had charged her.  The balliff said that they had delivered her a summons and she had not turned up for court, a judgment was made and they came to loot her for the $20,000.00


The day they said that they gave her a summons she had gone to a hairdresser and spent the day at my house and to prove this we was able to present  photograph that she had taken of my bruises with a newspaper for that day held next to them.   We were able to blow up the photograph so that the date was readable.  She had them cold and she was able to go to the high court and a judge adjourned the case.




              With Richard the Lion Heart it was an eye for an eye that was when there was execution in England, before the Dark Age - kill and be killed - an injury for injury -  that was thought to breed respect.  Later an injury for injury was paid off in money that made things square - it was  called blood money and that became a basis for compensation in English law - the basic punishment in civil law - no imprisonment.  The use of the cat-o-nine-tail was abolished with Gladstone and the Victorians, which meant money was paid and that was the end of it.


Nicholls should have been fired  but he believes that he has paid me and he could drag me before him again in another charade.  He would have his way with me again and I would spend the next eight years of my life again trying to get justice.   I refused to appear in front of him and he refused to disqualify himself from the case as is legally required. It is called to recuse. 


My QC arranged to meet me outside the courtroom to have the case moved and never turned up.   He abused me on the telephone and put it down in my ear.  Finally I paid a man $1,000.00 to speak with him so I would have a witness.  My QC told the man it was unethical for Nicholls to deal with a case against me and he would go to court and fix it.   He lied and Nicholls as unbelievable as it seems issued a warrant to arrest me and my son for not appearing in front of him. 


STOP PRESS ... ... Nation Newspaper June 2007


EX- Chief Marshall Appealing


              “Former Chief Marshall Belfield McCollin is appealing his theft convictions and the fine, suspended sentence and community service he got for them.  Yesterday, the 55 year-old Mangrove Park, St. Philip, resident was in the Court of Appeal, where his attorney  *Sir Richard Cheltenham argued before Justice of Appeal Frederick Waterman, Justice of Appeal Peter Williams and Justice of Appeal John Connell.

              “Sir Richard put forward seven grounds of appeal including that the trial judge committed material irregularities in the course of his summation and that the judge erred in law when he omitted to assist the jury with the interpretation and analysis of McCollin’s unsworn statement.

              “Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Donna  Babb-Agard and Senior Crown Counsel Allison Seale are appearing for the Crown. “McCollin was given a three-year sentence suspended for three yeas after he was found guilty  of stealing $9,965.00 from Government on December 12, 1997.


“In addition, McCollin was fined $15,000.00 in nine months, with an alternative of three years in prison and given 240 hours of community service. The presiding judge, Justice Christopher Blackman convicted, reprimanded and discharged McCollin on six other theft chares that totalled more than$6,000.00 taken between August 1999 and August 2000.”


              *My Q.C. is representing the man, who used his office as Chief Marshall with help and assistance of other legal entities and the courts to create fictitious legal situations to steal millions of dollars in property from his two clients, me and my son, for whom he filed a lawsuit against the Attorney General because the Chief Marshall Belfield McCollin actions, whom he is now representing.  


Chief Marshall McCollin beat up his client - written evidence of which this QC has from the prison doctor, which states that my injuries were consistent with a moderate beating and with the connivance of a female magistrate threw his client in jail  


My Q.C. has failed to file the lawsuit that he said he would when he accepted the cases.   The judge in the case is the same one that awarded me the paltry settlement and the case is being heard under the Chief Justice that was Attorney General, who I sued and won and has been the fountain-head of my case.  


The End             




WHITE RACISM in Barbados PART III – Interview with SAM HEADLEY

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The denials about white racism at Lodge School orchestrated by Richard Hoad and people like A. White and other whites in the press, where Trevor Marshall and Peter Simmons were subject to “Liar! Liar!’ are hoaxes.  There are always whites, who are not like that. 

“The headmaster reverent Harry B. Gooding was a Christian-minded intellectual, who had been a lecturer at Oxford or Cambridge.  He was not a local narrow-minded white.  He evaluated the results of the exam and I ended up being nominated to the vestry by the staff at Lodge for a scholarship.   A black man was on the vestry but the vestry did not nominate me.”  Sam Headley - first black head boy of Lodge School. 

“Headley we ain’t see you cry today yet!” 

From 1st form to 3rd form some white boys at Lodge used young Sam as a rope.  Six grabbed one hand and more grabbed his other hand and pulled him – tug of war time!  He was nine-years old and there were too many so he learnt to relax his body, let go of all tension and as a limp rope prevented serious shoulder injuries.   

He winced and rubbed his shoulder as he related that experience.  To fall and break a hand is physical pain but spiritual pain can be far worst with which to deal.  He was alone,  outside of a father and a mother, who, when her husband came and put her son’s education to her, she, who had grown up in Panama - her father was a diggers of the canal - had witnessed segregation by “the American cracker and its effect,” and it highlighted the need for education to escape that kind of treatment.   

Sam told his mother, when things got too painful and she withheld most of the suffering from his father for fear he may have done something.  At a tender age of nine he rode a rage of racism from a lot of angles and loads of sides.  In general he was not wanted around - primitive whites could not tolerate an idea of a black being able to compete on equal terms in a classroom.  There were blacks at Lodge School before him, the influence of boys like Val McComie and the revolution that took place at that time, but Sam was different: he was the first“scrawny”– “he look too scrawny - bony hungry.”   While he may have looked scrawny he was not under-nourished. His parents had cows.   The five miles walk from Venture, his home, to Lodge was a torment.  Some black girls toyed and taunted him each time they meet him: “You ain’t had no right going to Lodge School; you come from St. Joseph and you ain’t had no right going to Lodge School.”   When his father eventually managed to get enough money to make a down-payment on a 26” frame Frederick bicycle from Harrison – the girls took it and pushed it from one to the other.  They frustrated him.  He tried to recover his bicycle and each time he grabbed to the left they pulled to the right until eventually they threw it at him, it fell on the white road and twisted the sprocket.  The bicycle was added to his school bag in that he had to carry both - bag in hand and bicycle on shoulder.   

Headley disclaims the family story that Charles Miller Austin went to his white friends and said:  “The same way you could give your poor white friend scholarships to Lodge School you can give my chauffeur’s son one.” 

HEADLEY:  Miller Austin was my father’s employee, he was Austin’s chauffer; he drove Miller Austin, came in close contact with him, learnt certain values and came to understandings by what he heard around Miller Austin.  This impressed on him to give his children education.  The ground had been set in various discussions.  My father overheard the existence of a vestry scholarship for St. John, at Lodge.  Bunkus Medford, whose father was an overseer and therefore a poor white at Hothersal plantation, was thirteen; he and I sat for entrance.  When the vestry did not recommend me, the headmaster was devastated.  The porter at Lodge School came and told my father, “Fields,’ (Headley’s father nickname) Rev. Gooding, the head master of Lodge School want you to come and see him about your son.’  My father was anxious to have a call like this.  He was driving omnibus, J33, belonging to the white people called Eckstein Bros. from Palmetto Square or Trafalgar Square to Martin’s Bay next to the route of the bus O28 to Bathsheba. 

MY NOTES:  Headley paints vividly word pictures despite his age.  These sequences would add to Kadooment.  They bring back memories of a father, who had vision and guts.  He remembers that conductors and drivers used to congregate at Barry Springer barbershop in Trafalgar shop.  Springer’s place was of politics.  Grantley Adams used to be there.  

HEADLEY: My father took the bus, for which he could have been fired and drove me to Lodge School.  ‘I will let him in as a boarder. Do you have $20.00 that you can pay his first term’s fees?”  Rev. Gooding asked my father.   

MY NOTES:   A chauffeur’s son becoming a boarder at Lodge School was averted, when Headley’s mother found it inconceivable that her child would have to sleep out of her home.  “He has to sleep home here.”  Miller Austin’s grand children, Bree St. John and Eric St. John were at Foundation School and the chauffeur’s son was at Lodge and they played cricket in the yard at Malvern with the Brown boys - Johnny Alexander and Philip, Ronnie and Oliver Browne, who all went to Harrisons College. 

HEADLEY: Dr. David Payne [Annie’s first son] grew up at Malvern with my father. He was David Stonewall Payne’s son and he used to hide away and not get ready and wait until the time for school passed.  One of my father’s jobs was to make sure he went to school.  My father got fired wherever he went until he went into government and he nearly got fired for my performance at Lodge school.  “Who he think he is a chauffer and his child going to Lodge.” The next job he had was with Miss Annie Sealy and Miss Polly Sealy, the aristocracy, from Easy Hall plantation owned by the Sealy, who spent their vacation in England.   

MY NOTES:  The difference between poor whites and the “aristocracy” – a misuse of the word  - is that the Sealys had a seemingly humane approached.   

HEADLEY: The Sealys liked my father and treated him better but fired him because one of the workers saw him talking with Grantley Adams, when Grantley campaigned quietly in St. Joseph for election to the House of Assembly.  As to why certain parish are more independent. The ones less so were mainly tenants on plantation land.  St. Joseph, St. Lucy and St. Philip have been parishes with independent-minded people and they elected to the House rugged individuals.  They were less cowed by whites. 

Wynter Crawford representative St. Philip for years and years.  St. Lucy is the parish, where people used to grow peanuts and corn and fed themselves and their children and gave them nutrient that were necessary.  St. Lucy had no bread fruit to speak of but St. Joseph had hawkers and vendors, independent people.  This was birth out of an ability to feed themselves from their own plot of land and from fishing - from their own efforts - in the sea.  St. Joseph in essence had no tennantry going down Horse Hill down to Jose’s River factory and then further down to the sea Jose river tennantry, near the woods.  To show the important of St. Joseph - on my way to Lodge School there was a lady called Miss Wenty with her tray full with breadfruits and other fruits walking to St. Philip to sell them to people, who did not have breadfruit trees.  We walked from that well know bridge, McCullock’s Bridge, near Blackman’s, between Easy Hall and Cotton Tower Hill, where there was a signal station.   

The Headley family - the Smalls and the Headley are long time dwellers in those areas even to today, where you can link COW Williams with the Smalls because, when Williams’ father took over Foster Hall those people the Small and the Headleys were ready and willing to work and accustomed to it and Mr. Williams approach differed significantly than the planters from long ago.   

I grew up hearing that Austin got him money from down in St. Andrew.  He found it on the beach.  My father in the early days was well treated by Miller Austin.  He used to drive Austin to Broad Street once a week, where the plantain managers used to go, the Bridgetown Club, where Austin gambled.  He also carried Miller Austin to my father’s cousin at the back of District A.   He had two children from her - Bridgeman by name.  They are Cowards. One of them went off to Trinidad, San Fernando.  He eventually became Dr. Eric Williams’ bodyguard then he qualified as a lawyer and the other son to my knowledge is alive still in Scotland.  He came back here.  Miller Austin is his father.  Skaggs land at the back of District A is managed by his lawyer.  On my father’s side, two cousins, two sisters had children for Miller Austin; it was called “hog and goat.” 

The social interaction of certain men like Miller Austin and like Cox in breeding women was that they went into families and took control of all females in them.  In Blackmans, George Hutson visited families and had a number of children.   

ME:      Back to Miller Austin and your father. 

HEADLEY: He fired my father. I do not know what happen with Austin and my father but it was a very bad break.  I was a little boy of nine and I would not have known why.  I remember my father taking my pregnant mother and me to Malvern to show Miss Lucy that my mother was pregnant.  I do not know the reason for I was a small child but I dare anybody to challenge me on facts.   

When Miss Lucy got married and was living in Maxwell my father was made to drive her home from Malvern to Oistins, leave the car overnight with her and walk back to Venture and back to Oistins the next morning.  That was the requirement.  Her husband was not in charge.  The vehicle belonged to Miller Austin.   

HEADLEY: That is Noel St. John there is no other child.    Is it possible to get DNA test to be done.  My father would not be shown on the birth certificate it would be her husband, St. John’s name would be on it.  She could not say that it was the chauffer’s son that is father to her child, when she had to get married to St. John.  Confirming evidence was one day I was in uniform as an officer and traveled to St. George and at the top of Bridge Cot, Cave, a respectable man, a boss mason and overseer at Andrews factory had a few drinks and told him about Noel being my father’s son.  I asked his mother and with tears in her eyes she acknowledged the fact.  She said: ‘your father was not always what he should have been.” 

ME:   Is this why Bree had this legendary hatred of you even, when you were his Chief of Security.   

HEADLEY: That was demonstrated in many things.  His Aunt Marie befriended me when, in 1953, I came back from England and the hurricane was approaching. I, having traveled, took the opportunity of moving out the home and went to Miss Marie and asked her to allow me to use the long house, which later was occupied by Jean.  She charged me $20 dollars a month and I never forget.  I was most grateful.   When the hurricane struck my family was able to come into a house that was secure for them all the shame they had heaped on me as a single man for I was not married and therefore not supposed to leave home.  It was felt that I went up there in order to have women.   In those days I had a number of young brothers and my friends went visiting and used to use all kind of language and in a small house it was not the best thing for my young brother to be exposed to.   I was able to work and pay the rent out of that and Eric was very helpful and very kind to me during that period and has never shown any hostility to me.  Oliver was always nice. 

HEADLEY: Let me tell you a more direct connection Leo Austin, who worked in the Ministry of Agriculture had a sister called Kay (Kay Howell nee Austin) is Leo Austin’s sister.  

MY NOTES:  The picture gets eerie for Kay Austin married a Howell and was the one that was on tapes with a Chief Justice.  Kay was also Eric’s girl friend. (See Boys in the Band by Tatanka Yotanka andReflections by Angela and Gary Cole.) 

Leo Austin was one brother and another brother wrote a fascinating book about his childhood.  He claimed that he saw his father tie his mother up and beat her and she ran away and then came back tamed and them he performed some kind of bondage sex on her.   The father ran a shop at the corner of Martindales Road before King James took over from him.  He was also a policeman.  The book ends with the birth of Kay, the first daughter, and seems to be headed to some strange relationship between father and daughter.  There was a drive on to discredit the book to the point of a telephoning call to the library to say that the book was un true.   

HEADLEY: I neither emigrated, married a white woman nor did I move to a different more “comfortable”area.   I over came all of those difficulties and brought along one or two people with me.   

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CABLE AND WIRELESS – The Slimey Limies!

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To Do With  People 

We live in a post colonial slave-minded society and we must get out.  We appear at least to be literate and if we say we can read, we can.  We can reason and if we cannot reason we can count the money in our pockets and if we do not have any we want to know why and it is because we are deprived of our natural right to earn a living.  Not many are barefooted nowadays but the barefooted must look on their feet and walk with dignity for we ask none for favours we demand our rights.  We know what our rights are and they know what our rights are.  

Roy Trotman did it right and Cable and Wireless got surprised.  He seems to have some guts but he is still Sir Roy.  He did not give himself that and some still want their stars and garters so he may not want to jump all the way.   He asked for public support to get meetings goings and said that he is not going take any union action but he is doing that because C&W want to hear that and they would do the same thing to him but that does not mean he would not, when he is ready, call a strike.  This is not a time for threats and Trotman cannot tell them.  It is a time that when Cable and Wireless get hit they should say: “Christ you all never tell me you going hit me.”   

Cable and Wireless do not recognize how many people would like to protest from Turks and Caicos, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Barbados and right through the English speaking Caribbean.  Doctors without Frontier and Cable and Wireless is Communications without Frontiers. They may be international but they make 50% of their worldwide profit out of the English speaking Caribbean and they quietly believe that they have clout because there is no voice in the House, no regular columnist that has tried to influence so: “Ha! Ha! They ain’t no point in protesting.”  

Something should have been done about Cable and Wireless long time ago but any one of our leader that would have stopped the monopoly would have properly found himself dead - a heart attack - something in the drinks.   

“White man can produce but he cannot distribute.” ... North American Indian as he watched the white man.  

The huge inequalities in lifestyles in this island needs to be turned upside down.  We must face reality, get in the mix, be an example, do not think that we can approach people like Cable and Wireless with less than clean hands and make sure that they stay clean for the whole system is corrupt and its hands are not encased in gloves before faeces is held.     

This time and in our case, reason cannot be reduced to just brute force:  “It is a mistake to believe that revolution must be violent.” …  Angela Davis  

“Once they got you violent they know how to handle you.” …  John Lennon. 

  Our Public Order Act of the 1960s restricted right of protest and assembly and Cable and Wireless thrived.  People can be wise now and can look at the history of democratic development in the Caribbean and find that every single regime has been flawed because we had no fearless leaders; there were powerful leaders in the Bajan sense like the little fellow: “he cannot hit me I going hit he back, even though he bigger and going knock me down.”   

Bustamante, Marryshow, Adams by two, Barrow, Manley all of them and the only leader, who had any guts or foresight was Fidel Castro and his men.  There are so many things that go back to that time:  look back to see what was right so that now - 2009 -  we can fight for “people power” and “direct democracy.” * [*from the Cuban Revolution ]  

Late 1950s and 60s Caribbean students in London very much interested in Che, Fidel, Camilio and the other revolutionaries as they fought in the mountains, followed and felt very much a minority in Britain. They studied hard, talked politics, wrote columns, worked at the BBC and one set had their meeting place at the Labour Party’s office in Fulham.  The Labour Party for that area lent them and they left the place tidy and gave the janitor a few bob.  CLR James came and talked with insight and one reporter, who had attended Combermere took short hand notes verbatim.  Some of them passed their exams, gained their degrees, left and were told:  “you go back home and wait for us for a few more overs.”  Even some people already had a PhD. 

Nobody at home really knew them; one or two had been to Harrisons College, one or two had been Barbados scholars, some that would have been consider barefooted black boys from Water Street and the standpipe and some that people would never believe had joined in London.   Those fellows came back quoted James, used their notes and memory, enter politics and pre-empted the plans.  Their policies were not watered down, sounded new because nobody in the Caribbean had heard these things, they words were published and in Barbados some formed the Under Forties.  

 “The Black Panthers were dangerous not because of guns but for its ability to stand up to power.”  Angela Davis. 

Our political directorate feared those returning because they could have been able to get votes so advice to:  “watch they getting affiliated with Stokely Carmichael,” was taken and our leaders looked good in Washington; it was the popular thing; the Americans did it and everybody did it, and across the Caribbean people like Stokely Carmichael and C.L.R. James were banned and the Public Order Act was passed by our government.      

BOLIVIA - October 9th 1967 “the blood drenched body [of Che Guevara] had been placed on a stretcher tied to the landing skids of a helicopter and flown over the black hills of Vallegrande. Wearing his Bolivian army captain uniform Felix Rodrigues accompanied it.  After touching down he melted into the waiting crowd and disappeared. Within a few days Rodriguez was back in the United States  with his CIA boss.” … CHE  GUEVARA – A Revolutinary Life by Jon Lee Anderson.. 

JAMAICA:    October 16th 1968:    A good day for a demonstration, red gowns everywhere. 

Fresh from North America, where Black Power was hot Dr. Walter Rodney, a Guyanese professor at Mona Campus and promoter and expounder of socialist views was banned from Jamaica.  “Everybody ready? Lewwe go!” From the time the students stepped out the university gate soldiers appear in riot gear: padded uniforms, visored helmets, gas-masks, shields, riot sticks and tear gas canisters hanging on their belt, some had big guns in their hand.  Tear gas and rock-steady reggae mingled with the sounds of the battle; police beat up people.  Eddie Kamau Brathwaite, the poet, was amongst those that had to run from the tear gas.   Three people were killed, hands and feet were broken, for weeks helicopters flew over the campus every day; soldiers surrounded the campus for weeks and the trigger-happy threatened to shoot if students walked outside the university gate.   Oppression, repression and suppression set in and the Daily Gleaner newspaper wrote that Prime Minister acted to save the nation.   The P.M. had a lot to say about Gonzy, Ralph Gonzales, Guild President now Prime Minister of St. Vincent.  He called him an Eastern Caribbean non-Jamaican student.  Nothing come out of it: Rodney remained banned, went to Tanzania, taught, wrote the book “How Europe Underdeveloped Africa”  and in the 1970s was assassinated in Guyana. 

  “Who will help?  What can I do about this mad priest Thomas Becket.”

“The king like he want Becket dead.”  So Beckett is killed; not that the king wanted Becket dead; he just wanted to get a bit of trouble out of the way.   

Old Barbadians recite an incident at Queen Elizabeth II coronation - about the queen of Tonga, a place in the Philippines.  She very tall and stately woman and in the procession going to Westminster Abbey for Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation she walked barefooted.  That was her tradition and the British and the Commonwealth public loved her.  She never worried but most would have bought shoes and the reason that people not bare foot anymore is because shoes are cheap. 

Our natural resources, our land, our blood, sweat and tears, that passed from our great grandfathers through inheritance and our investment are in hands of people overseas.  Never before has so much been owned by foreigners; we no long own our beach land, the West Coast and Northern Coast are owned by rich, white, foreigners.  Ours must be returned and any attempt to put an end to this will mean that we will have to protect our society with assiduousness from the enemies, within and without.  Anything that gets in their way, any attempt to take back our resources will be eliminate; they are many ways to expand so we have to take time to get it right. 

Cable and Wireless shows itself an example and comes up, at a time and where the whole world is watching Latin America’s new revolution and American, under black-white Obama, is again sending troops into Colombia.  The coca leaf does not travel well, it loses potency and that is why Morales held up a green cocaine leaf, which we have been chewing for millenniums and said, “It is green.  It is not white.”    Obama should keep those troops at home to seek out American chemicals, which turn our natural leaf into the white stuff for American consumers.   Solve his problems at home and there will be no pretext to prevent the indigenous people of Latin America from reclaiming their lands and heritage.    

EL SALVADOR; In 1933, when the peasant in El Salvador arose to take back their lands the landed elite - Coffee without Borders – controlled the military governments and committed “la matanza” - the slaughter of 30,000 peasants and eliminated nearly all Amerindian culture.  Strikes by university students that brought the nation to a standstill and caused a dictator to resign, revolts by young army officers,  reforms housing projects, collective bargaining rights benefited the middle class and not the poor majority.  In 1975 a dozen university students were shot to death while protesting. 

GUATEMALA: In 1954, when Guatemalan government under Jacobo Arbenz nationalized the economy and alienated the landowner, the United Fruit Company, “Bananas without Borders,” whose idle lands Arbenz tried to take and insisted that the company and other large landowners pay more taxes, he was forced to resign and went into exile and the next president went back to the same old, same old way of foreign concessions and ownership. 

CHILE:  In 1970’s, Salvador Allende had a democratic government with civil liberties and due process but he ordered wage increases and froze prices.  That would have stopped inflation.  He had the support of the workers and peasants yet he was shot and buried in an unmarked grave because he took over the U.S-owned copper companies, bought out private mining and manufacturing and large agricultural estates for use by peoples cooperatives.  

CUBA:  In the Bay of Pigs invasion, 1960, United Fruit Company lent their ships, which U.S. naval destroyers escorted, to transport 1,500 counter-revolutionaries.  

NICARAGUA: The vengeance against the Sandinista government in Nicaragua in 1979, was covert, economic and sheer harassment.   

Costa Rico, Panana and her Canal, Guatamala, Argentina were U.S dominions and in the Caribbean “a soup of imperial domino ruled by London, Paris and the Netherland.”  Most people do not want to die even in making it better. “What you complaining ‘bout you ain’t got a Mercedes?   You are a minister why don’t you have a Mercedes.”   

With understanding, hopefully, this time will not be a footnote in a dark history of imperials supporting the likes of  Somoza in Nicaragua and Odria in Peru and Jimenez in Venezuela.   Trujillo in Santo Domingo was very much favoured by the Americans people and admired by Franklyn Delano Roosevelt, Harry Truman and that lot.  Batista was one of the very best allies that the Americans had.   

During World War II the English and Europeans had to eat our West Indian bananas and preferred to pay a little more – a preferential price.  It was cultural but politically the America and Europe governments ensured inferior-tasting, bigger, more profitable Chiquita bananas is forced down our throats and the indigenous banana industry collapse.  

DOMINICA in the late 1960, Bobby Clarke, a Barbadian, one of those, who were in England that listened and talked returned home to Dominica and his wife, a Dominican, and children with a law degree, an understanding of Marxism.  He took on Geest’s profits, which were so much more than the banana growers - from transportation to marketing Geest owned nearly all the other aspects of the banana industry.  At one stage he could not leave Barbados for he had been deported or banned from nearly all pf the Caribbean except Cuba.  

1987 Antigua and Barbuda:  “The bottom in going to fall of the banana market and they [leaders of the banana republics of the Caribbean] are not doing anything about it.” …   V.C. Bird, Prime Minister of Antigua. 

It is the same old, same old by another name:  in thirty years, in the Caribbean islands, Central America, and Colombia starting in 1899 the Boston Fruit Company’s capital increased by US$203,777,000.00 from US$$11,230,000.   In Costa Rica they had full rights to hundred of miles of rail lines and 800,000 acres of virgin land, tax exemption for 20 years and the largest of private merchant navies.   This company “exploited labourers, bribed officials, influenced governments. United Brands still owns or leases extensive banana plantations in Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama, and Colombia.  It also has continued to produce for the U.S. government, Jamaican sugar; Costa Rican, Panamanian, and Ecuadorian cocoa; and abaca in Guatemala. Throughout Central America and northern South America, it has maintained holdings that produced tropical woods, quinine, essential oils, and rubber.”  … Britannica Encyclopedia. 

In the 1950s Barrow was labelled and banned from the USA as a communist; he said that a white German would get a job in the United States before him and he had been a navigator in World War II and fought along side them.    Being a communist is nothing to be held against any person – any normal definition of communism In Latin America and the Caribbean must begin with monopoly profits versus our people.  In the communist witch hunt one of the chief men that ran down people with McCarthy was Ronald Reagan, and he became President of the United States, twice and if he could he would have got in again. 

Our leaders went along with whatever the Americans did.   We had two Bushes for two terms each, eight years - the most powerful man in the world had been the first terrorist, when he headed the CIA, to blow-up an aeroplane in mid-air and our government covered for him CIA.  His son, of little ability, served for eight years.  They own and were owned by Oil with Borders and we went along with them. 

Loyalty to the people demands certain behaviour even if fiddlers only just joined the band wagon.  Charles I’s head was cut off for treason. Treason is to act, betrays or endanger a nation, make war against it and to give aid and comfort to the enemy and in Japan “acts designed to frustrate the country's alliances with other powers.”  Accusations are not to be made lightly nor is treason to be used just because someone wants to get rid of somebody. State is not just the political party in power but human beings living together with methods, law and enforcement and within geographic boundaries. 

We have, in this part of the world, a history of an American government being taken over and the British governments being used both by huge companies.  Under Einsenhower Allen Dulles was the head of the Central Intelligence Agency and his brother, John Foster Dulles, the Secretary of State.  The two were inter-connected through law firms and through the directorship of Allan at the Schroder Bank, which they used to launder funds for CIA covert operation - and when the people moved  Eisenhowers and Dulles sends in the CIA and between them they twisted the arms of our governments and got the OAS’ permission to invade Guatemala.   President Kennedy fired Allen Dulles after the Bay of Pigs.  

The owners of Cable and Wireless are not the people, who go up front so aim has to be easiest at our own, those, who share information, scheme, carry out and signed company orders.    

Clive of India was governor of Calcutta, the black hole of Calcutta, a massacre that happened when many people were crowded into one cell and they died of suffocation.  There was worldwide condemnation and accusations of British mal-administration.  Regardless of the power of the British Empire the Raj still had money and power, was untouchable and above all sorts of things, he was not approachable.  The House of Lords decided somebody has to be blame so they brought Clive back from India and impeached him.  He was lucky, he was proven innocent and  kept his peerage.  

Aristotle defined definition as analysis ad infinitum.  In other words chop it all down but everywhere it comes the definition stands.  Start with spying and economic crime and define  them, look to the Cuba revolution and the trials that Che conducted and  study them to build on what we already have.


A prima facie case: circumstantial evidence and documents, on what happened in the Turks and Cacois in 1993, would be as easy as a man caught with his hand in someone’s pocket to be charged for stealing.  More than one Chief Justice was forced to resign when their connections to Cable and Wireless and each other were disclosed.     

C &W will get some lawyer to jump up and say that it is not illegal to thief because they have clot but Franklyn Roosevelt said that nothing that is morally wrong can be legally right and the maxim that: he who seeks justice must do so with clean hands even the lawyers say so too; they all say justice must not only be done it must be seen to be done.  Proceeded on for the good of the society; bring every single shed of evidence and study it intimately and compassionately and make the punishment fit the crime. 



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In business, when right, ones do not take no for an answer but a regular Barbadian attitude was much prevalent in the situation recounted below.   Top men of the company Illuminat that used to be Geddes Grant, which is now owned by Neal and Massey, a Trinidadian company.  Trinidad has us; they have bought us over have merged and come under one heading.  The head here is  Michael Armstrong, the son of the first local chief of police.   The directors are: Anthony Yearwood, Keith Seale, Cherrie Ann Sealy Catwell, Anthony King, Keith Thomas and Senwick Reid and the salesmen involved are an Ince and a Lewis, two men.  A business call itself Illuminat, when the Illumatii consist of fascist ruling families or ruling royal blood of the European dynasty, who seek to take over the world’s economy.    

The directors and sales men follow through in the Barbadian internalisation of the ethics of the now exposed, degenerated, corrupt, greedy, destructive overdeveloped world   and can sell their soul but this does not gives them the right to mine or the whole island’s?  They do not understand that in business one does not give up.    The Japanese tell them something and they enforce it on this island.   There is not the gun but a matter of putting such men in a position and appeal to their lack of ethics. 

The Japanese control their own in not so democratic ways using education, economics and business and they intend to strangle the west, infiltrate and take over with by education and commercial technology.  Japanese are taken care of from the cradle to the grave by their employers and meanwhile their political dynasty oversaw, all the personal money that employees thought they had, disappear.  Japan is madly developing robots because soon, too many of their people are going to be so old.   

So well did salesmen, Ince and Lewis and director Anthony Yearwood and employees in New York internalise the Japanese ethic of built-in obsolescence - make something that is not lasting and according to the western world it done, buy a new one - that any question concerning the GR 1700 even an attempt to get left back spare parts or secondhand ones or information to repair or a manual was answered abruptly with:  “That machine is obsolete no more parts are made for it anymore.”  These people give up easily because some Japanese tell them something that does not make any sense.  

A common issue with technology now is that manufacturers determine how long they want to pursue their old technology (especially with soft-wear) when in the old days things lasted decades.  Now it is upgrade this and upgrade that and that puts finances in a spiral and creates challenge.  

In 1934, a friend’s father when he went to manage a plantation in the country there was no electricity from the power company but there was a diesel plant that could direct any amount of power; something broke and the people at the foundry said they could not make one and so his father  wrote the company in Bradford and said that he had one of their diesel engine and needed a part.   The company wrote back and said that they did not make those machines for a long time ago and that they were glad to know that one that old still worked and they sent the parts free on condition that they use the letter. 

Throw away items they are called. What is a throw away item? Throw away and we, the consumers pay for that.  Our government should not allow imports in unless we can get parts for a long time or a local supplier can make them. 

Illuminat is the sole agent for Risograph and in the Risograph GR 1700 is built-in obsolescence.  They are ten years old and least five people have the same problem - a cutter unit is broken and Illuminat says they cannot get any parts and are not prepared to solve the problem other than by buying a new machine from them.  It should be simple to get cutter units from another old machine, when the company is exposed to so many GR 1700 for they have a record of all the machines that they sold; they have a service contract on the machines all they have to do is go to a list on a computer.   

These machines are very popular so it is easy to imagine when a school decides to change a machine but Illumant wants me to do like the schools that waste our money:  use a machine for five years and the ministry will provide the money to buy another machine.  If the school does not request funds the next year funds are reduces and their budget is reduced so waste money.   

I have spent a lot of money buying ink and stencils over the years and somebody in Japan decides that it is time to spend money with “us” again.   A machine in pristine condition must be dumped in a landfill with an excuse from Mr. Ince, the salesman.  “We could not have known that after eight years Riso would do this to us.”  So why are they still dealing with the Japanese and why do they not feel responsible to find me a simple cutter unit? The Risograph replaced the old Gestetener machine, which lasted in schools for generations.    

Japan believes that by imposing their social structure business wise and economic wise on a society that society will fall in line.  They have embraced western forms of business and so forth but they made a big mistake, when they adopt the Malthusian system of society with its zero population growth for it has wiped them out - they are now a society of old people.  This came about in the 1800s in Europe.  Dr. Robert Thomas Malthus was one of the Illuminati; they can be called social engineers, and that  project  put forward  a programme in world education which  fosters zero population growth to control  the so-called over population of countries.  It is now out of control but they believe that they can take over the world, which is the purpose of their great advancement and pushing of robots.  If enough robots can be made to take over as much of the working force as possible and employ as little of the masses as possible, this will be cost efficient, which means more economic power and the world is based on economic power.  There is no need for robots but they believe that with greater control of people there will be segregation and along with deprivation wars will erupt and people will kill off themselves and they will end up winners in a society where they are gods but even those that control will be processed and they too will be destroyed and discarded just like the lower end of the society  -  get us to fight and destroy each other but with the present star wars mentality it is going to death of them too.   

What controls the company Illuminat in Barbados is ignorance.  Not ignorance of the - “I do not know” but the one that says - “I do not want to know.  Do not tell me that I do not want to know that.” 

Most so-called developed countries have scientific civil servants - people employed as civil servants, who are strictly scientist.  They may not be inventors or in the front of scientific research but they are there for the methodology, which means scientific methods and that scientific method could be applied to our economists our sociologists - all of them can use a scientist.   

“I done with that.” Mr. Chandler the head of the government’s Science and Technology said, he blamed people above him for what has to be part of his job.  He should  resign and let someone less cynical try. 

We have a few good scientists and we need a scientific civil service.  When banks had a system, where they could recognize cheques by magnetic numbers at the bottom they found a black lead pencil was rubbed lightly over the numbers and when the cheque was given to the bank in the area they accepted it but when it went into their machine, the machine did not recognize it and it went in with a bundle of cheques, which the bank sent to the Bank of Scotland to verify but by the time they were verified money was in the account.  That was a way.  With a system of punch holes just stick another hole with a pin.  There are always scientific ways.   

We are not technological minded.   Get a job in the Civil Service with five O’ Levels and they could be English, French and that lot.  While someone who has a good pass in physics has a job in the post office selling stamps. 

Henry Forde made so much money because he realized only a few people needed to be learned - that instead of one man making a whole car, he started a production line - let one man put on the left side wheel and the next a right wheel and let the car go along and someone else put on the fender and so on.  He sold a car for two hundred dollars.  Someone tightens a bolt on a back wheel but does not know how to make a uniform but he works at Ford for money.   

The benefits of technology have been suppressed, oppressed and not passed on to the people.  There is no smelting plant.  We can smelt and use for building.  Open a foundry for those with ideas – let them be heard - they could make part for all sorts of things. The new Halls of Justice has been built where was the foundry.    

There are so many other things - about 25 years ago there were experiments making board out of bagasse what have they done?  People must use locally what is available.  Children born after 1950 no longer know how to build trucks, rollers with polish tins and scooters with ball bearing.   We had the best metal work machine shop and made prototype shells that went everywhere in the world.  In 1930 most of the technology happened with the amateur radio men, who found them out first; there was nowhere to buy parts; they used telephone receivers from Cable and Wireless to make radios,  

Transistors - ultra high frequency and the first were at a special low frequency - VHF and ultra high frequency and cost four pound.  Hundreds of them were used and a man started a firm making his own transistors - two sizes - small and big.   They could oscillate beyond the frequency needed, they were like general-purpose transistors and he sold them for 2 shillings and six pence.  In 1976 there was a spring that cost a dollar to replace and a retired Civil Service scientist, he was 70 and went home, and he made these springs at home and the same spring cost him a penny to produce.  Integrated chips were just amplified and a Japanese fellow had a lot that were scrapped, junk because a firm made many and only used ones that pass a certain test and he found a way of getting inside of them with a microscope and fixing them.  George Payne was a leper and when he set up a phone patch to Vermont and he was sent to Vermont to show them what to do.  Barbados had more atmosphere probes over it than anywhere else in the world. A lot of information on the ionosphere and re-entry patterns that Cape Kennedy used was collected in Barbados. 

Those things are irretrievably lost for the moment.  All they can think of is tourist.   We do not produce because are not making use of our mass brainpower.  

When Intel was having their tax holiday here in the 70s, many were unaware of its importance to the computer industry.  They built a new place at Adams Castle and made spare parts that hundred of thousands of dollars worth of them fitted into a shoe box, a man carried them in a case in his hand.   They said that they were going to be here for a long time and the guy in charge said that he intended to have their own man do the job for the first ten years. 

That implication foretold the story.   They made spare parts because according to the American law a new product cannot go on the production line without providing spare parts for at least ten years.   Mohamed on a mountain did not say that change has to be that fast.  Ten years is not long enough.  Radio mechanical engineering changes all the time and with the change comes the need to replace but it does not make economic sense for the human being.  The sense it makes is to monopoly and they are gangsters.  

An example of this kind of genital politics is from The Economist June 06th 2009 on General Motors. 

“The problem in the 1970s was not really the arrival of better, smaller, lighter Japanese cars; it was GM’s failure to respond in kind.  Rather than hitting back with superior products, the company hid behind politicians who appeared to help it in the short term. Rules on fuel economy distorted the market because they had a loophole for pick-ups and other light trucks – a sop to farmers and tool-toting artisans.  The American carmakers exploited that by producing squadrons of SUVS, while the government restricted the import of small efficient Japanese cars. If Detroit had spent less time lobbying for government protection and more on improving its products it might have fared better.” 

There is no sentinel being called business.   Life is not industry these fast changes are to quick money not to find a fair way of making a living.  It was not always like that before a Gestetner lasted two and three generations.  Riso is the same copier it is only the model up from the Gestetner – clean and beautiful and works like a dream, dependable and a workhorse.   

We do not have trained computer specialist, we have very skilled information technology worker, who know how to access and use computers, which do what they are supposed to do but they cannot go outside of the handbook that comes with the computer.  Computers can do things for which they were not specifically designed but it takes a skill person to discover what it can do.   

When the Standard Vanguard first came out, it was one of the few post war cars with a gear stick in the handle.  It was not a mini car but not a big long car; it used to seat five and the speed dominator went up to 90, the handbook said so, but the car could do more than ninety - the same with computers. 

Japan continues to sell us cars, which they cannot sell most parts of the world, without pollution controls – no catalytic converters - along the chain of command from the white car dealers, to members of parliament and the prime minister.  Esther Byer-Suckoo was so disingenuous at a DLP lecture she gave early in their administration. She excused this situation with “we have just got in.”  Meaning we were born to all issues only yesterday day.  

Government taxes makes pollution control devices, which cost an extra $2,000.00 cost $6,000.00 more.  We are being taxed to the grave.  Dr. Joy St. John said that citizens are falling victim to more lung cancer, asthma and respiratory diseases.   The number of lung cancer victims that do not smoke is increasing and no one not even the science and technology department says it is polluted air.   

Worldwide there are more children steadily going into starvation not having anything to eat in the world than before and we got more billionaires walking around.  

A solution is needed, now. 



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– Guileful Women - Nothing to do with seemliness, Christianity or morality.    

White people!  What do you intend to do and how many years are you going to continue to allow actions set in place by your ancestors to destroy the inter-relationships and the potential of the human race?  It is incumbent on the white community in this country to change the paradigm by which black women are seen as a species of game animal with an inherent “dignity-ball” syndrome.  During the latter period of slavery, women of light complexion, not Caribs, held dignity balls, where only white men and no black man could attend.  It was a farce for dignity suggests, as Aretha Franklyn sang, R-E-S-P-E-C-T.  The dignity ball did not enhance the value of brown women or their daughters; it taught them that they were to wait on men. 

Commentators on racial sociology say the most lasting legacy of white racial bullying and supremacist practices has been a fawning subservient attitude of blacks in the commercial and tourism sectors, however, this is not the case, instead the most devastating results of two hundred and eleven years of chattel slavery and after has been the treatment of black women as bed wenches, women of easy virtue, as the South African Boers say they say they have to be forceful with “these people” and that they only respond to masterly force.   The concept of sexual baaskap – meaning boss - show them, who is boss.  Baaskap in Afrikkan language means an ideology of bossism - total fascist control, where not only the body but the mind is imprisoned - a plantation prison.   

People have to learn to respect black women; this is what they have never done.  White women here are super-ordinates; they are some of the most dominated, submissive and dependent.  Many people do not realize that many white men do not respect their own women and do not promote them to positions of power in their organizations.   

Once upon a time from the time of slavery it was an established practice that white men chose black enslaved women and this has remained a feature of male/female relationships and since then the only significant change has been, where in those days it was white men - the droit, the seigneur, the lord of the manor had carte blanche rights vouchsafed by God to spread the legs of every nubile female – now, in the modern era, there has been not much changed; there are men with cash in all ethnic groupings and they operate on the belief that as long as a female is not a relative it is open season, free access to black women based on an economic nexus.   

An aphorism with which these men operate is:  “She has a body to be serviced and I am performing social welfare.  I am going to tune up her body and do the 4 Fs:  find her, feed her, feel her and foop her,” like a Hollywood situation, where each producer can look at a Jennifer Lopez or a Paris Hilton and say: “do not mind she, I had her.”   

They must cut down each female and if they find one not like that and they can get someone near to her to do so then they feel that they have conquered the unattainable.    

Beware! the label of contents should be checked otherwise there is the risk of harm for all over the island there were great grandmothers and grandmothers, who were the most aristocratic persons that did not give an Adam; they knew, who they were and they got it across to their off spring white, black and brown.  They created formidable females with which nobody troubled. 

“Everybody” does get a rude awakening, when some female of a different set of standard and norms, who knows how to protect from those, who have no idea of what is immoral.   

Do For Do Ain’t no Obeah or One Smart Dead at Two Smart Door 

A……. has attained the answer to cut across all social barriers to make ‘all of we one.’  

Twenty years ago, he was a neighbour.  He is one of those people, with whom a relationship must be distant and subordinated.   His girl friend, who became his wife was too mocking, too smug and too worthless.  She quit work, went to the university and never worked during the marriage.  He lost access to big cars from his job, when he chose early retirement.   “I tired of the duty sex.”  His religion taught that he was first and no matter his wife was part of him so she had to be put before others.  That is schizophrenia: a split between feelings and thought, behaviour and action.  Finally she up and left him refused counselling and he admitted that she had been about what he had had.    

He came back again about a year ago for advice, counselling and health tips with another of the same. 

“Can’t you find a woman that is a finished product, one with manners, who can express regrets, who can see a point that is glaring her in the face and who can see why honesty is necessary, regardless of circumstances.”   As suggested he took a six-month break from this last woman and went out to say Hi! to a woman, who had some kind of interest. 

So many black mem do not benefit from and cannot form relationships and not many are successful.  They have been brought up not knowing what relationship is about; they do not understand and they destroy themselves in their interaction. 

So many of them sustain women with material things and too many women hold on to men for what they can get - economic dependence and they end up breaking each other’s spirit.  Some women stick in a relationship and only, when the man is dead they say:  “I never liked him.” 

It comes down to money.  Like an old lady at ninety-five years of age, who had seventeen children and, now unhinged, boasts that she never worked a day in her life.  The men from whom she had the children, mostly white, supported her.  She is ugly and had married but the husband - none of the children are for him - went off in three weeks.   

I carried out an informal survey of the middle class men around me and in nearly every case from town to country it was the female hired help – the maid, the field worker, older girls, who initiated their first sexual experience with boys as young as twelve and most likely it was to cement a future economic relationship.   

“I do not want any black women around me because as soon as you have something to do with them they want something.” 

And Women say: “Let me see what use I can get out of him.” “Oh! He got money!”  “Oh! he got a big car!”   It is culturalization and must be weeded from our children.  Too many are incapable of friendship without sex.  They heard and saw the white man foop a lot of black women and gave them some money.  It is handed down and almost natural, a cycle that is hard to escape for it is written that wherever the natural is oppressed the unnatural takes its place.  When it came to sexual thing the morays, the way of life was corrupt.   

Mis-education and class ignorance started, when white people did not need a big lot of sense or education to get rich and lived in big houses to which blacks did not have access but had to go in the fields and work and did not have money.  The worst manner of white man or brown-skinned man was called Sir!  Just because he had less colour and could buy people.   

Respectability was to wear proper clothes, go to church and sit up front in the pew.  Blacks were encouraged to breed; it was not until well into the 20th Century that they were encouraged to marry in the church and even then marriage had an economic base: a lot of blacks did not marry until they got a house.  One fellow would not marry until he got his own house; he married and his children were old people.   

The priests were very respectable too: they baptised legitimate children on the first Sunday of the month and the other Sundays were for the illegitimate children.  The only churches, which preached against sexual immorality were the Pentecost.   

Morality is dictatorial when it lumps natural feelings of life together with pornography.  In doing so, it perpetuates sexual smut and blights natural happiness whether this is what it intends to do or not.  It is necessary to raise a strong protest when those, who determine their social behaviour on the basis of inner laws instead of external compulsive behaviour codes are labelled immoral.   In the field of mental hygiene, the first and foremost task is to replace sexual chaos, prostitution, pornographic literature and sexual trafficking, with natural happiness in love secured by society.

… Erich Fromme 


The parallel in the whites is people like the Wards, in the 20th century.  The Wards are short people and Ward, a short white man, owned houses next door to where he lived at Maxwell House with a white English wife, with whom he never had children.  He had women in those houses, whom he supported and from whom he had children.  In all he had over one hundred children from many, many women – white, black and mulatto.  How was his wife comfortable with a husband having all those women and children?  

His brother did the same thing and they sent their children to good schools and universities and all the children were called Wards.  One called Deighton that lived in the area, at Deal became a judge and then Governor General.  Ward populated nearly the whole village of Nesfield in St. Lucy, where he kept a storeroom of yams and hungry females were fed and fooped.  He had scores of children there.   

Frank, one from that area, became a brilliant surgeon and when he was at Guy’s in London Mr. Ward told that “Frank up there studying and doing very well but the first time he fail an exam I done with that.”  But would he have felt so about a legitimate child?  Some white Wards do not recognise that the coloured ones are their first cousins after all they did not get their name by ownership. 

White man Cox from Castle Grant had about one hundred and fifty children.  He went blind and died of syphilis.  He looked after some of his children, not all. The Walkers are his off springs - Prince managed Castle Grant, Norman was a school teacher, Pop was editor at the Nation newspaper and Herbie Walker was an inspector in the police band years ago.  Mr. Webster had his quota of coloured children, about ten.    

This was never part of the routine for some, who were not exposed to that conduct, behaviour or mode and our great grandmothers’ told about Chrissie Brathwaite, a politician and man-about-town now regarded as an early radical.  His house was near Queens Park.   He wore his hair shoulder length and nobody talked about it. 

The Smiths, Sleepy Smith and his brothers went to school from Brathwaite’s house because their mother and their father, who was a school master lived in the country and during the week they stayed at his house.  Their grandmother was a domestic there.  It was not a class thing, they come along that way, she stayed working for him and earning a living and the children went to Combermere and then to Harrison and nobody knew what went between them.  He interfered with every woman yet he was a churchwarden.   

Ernest Deighton Mottley, whose son is Elliott Mottley and Elliott’s daughter is Mia Mottley was a sex fiend and paedophile.  He set up a soup kitchen in Queen Park, fed them, gave them clothing and bedded them and their girl children and every body knew but he was confirmed at St. Mary’s and had a front seat and the Church preached about illegitimate and threatened hell fire.   

Morals did not come in to it.  That was superficial.  Like respectability being a Christian was a commodity and some on the fringe were uncouth.  Older people could not forget Jube Reece, half brother to Ernest Mottley, when it came to sex he was called a madman; if that is called madness there are more people insane than is thought.  He was not accustomed to taking no!  Jube’s grandfather was a plantation owner, who had Jube’s father, Walter, from his maid.   Walter did not publicly acknowledge his black ancestors, became Solicitor General and he also had Mottley from his own maid.  

Many decades ago, an older middle class friend, when he was a young student at College, had a friend from his school days and he asked him to drop his girlfriend home one night and he raped her under the threat of a gun.  The girl had spent the whole weekend at the friend’s house, slept in the bedroom with his sister and he never touched her.  No legal action was taken, then, some people did not care much about that sort of thing and no one wanted a court case because certain people could not be put in court.  He carried a name - his father was white and owned a lot of property and he inherited money but his father was not going to spend any money sending a half-caste son to Harrisons College.  He was bright but he was sent him to Lynch’s school, called Green Lynch, and was friends with Harrison College poorer whites.  He became a magistrate.  

Then there was economic enfranchisement but the white companies are still run by whites.  All over now sex is the common currency and it is exploited by men lower down the social order, who have money to spend not to save.  It is contagious and not a natural evolution.  They feel that they have arrived and are independent and that is the way to show it and in the general atmosphere of cheap thrills, the more gross the more exciting.   

Black men brag that they are great at sex and that women like them more than any other man but a lot of it is: “Everybody has to put up with it.”    


There needs to be a campaign against such unnatural behaviour.  A……. found his favourite kind - one with a large behind.  She was his neighbour, Jamaican nearly-divorced and had spent more than a decade in the island with a husband from the lower middle income, whom she met at university and who became a doctor.     

He does not easily lend his car but he lent her within a few weeks. She told him in the sweetest of sweetie voices, in the softest of softie tones, the nicest of nicie ways with sexiest of sexy body language that she had a boyfriend overseas.   Since his intention was sex, after favours and a length of time he began to touch her; she asked of others what to do but she played softie-softie, sweetie-sweetie, nicie-nicey, sexie-sexy with him and continued to used his car and did not fill leave a spare gallon of gas.  Finally her nicie-nicie, sweetie-sweetie and softie-softie sexy-sexy approach had run its course.  He took away the loan of the car and expressed for the first time the irritation she had put him through:   

“She thinks that she is smart.  She should become independent; she had been taking advantage, always doing things and then  saying sorry like some damn little girl;  her priorities are  wrong.  She has a husband and it is his two children.   What about her boy friend in Jamaica?   She is living above both her means and mine too.  If she had to rent a car how much it would have cost her? He could not afford another monthly commitment.  He had to pay all the bills in his marriage and now it is he alone to support his son.   And the pants she wore to exercise is printing out ever inch of herself.  How disgusting!”


In spite she had given him a fortunate opportunity in a business one in which he could have come along at his own rate and in his own time because he is way down the brightness ladder but he is angry, slighted; pushed to the edge and no longer interested in a personal relationship but tried to continue the business arrangement.  In a business meeting, which she chaired he tried to look powerful and make an impression and the only way he could was to bully with jabs, indirect shots and innuendo.   No spoken agreement took place between the two but she did not correct his conduct – she protected his back; it was a mutual exchange for free Internet use in his house - the bedroom business transcended into the boardroom and all sincerity was thrown out the office window. 

Passive aggression is the way many exist in their daily lives; it falls into place like a predisposition for a particular type of behaviour.  They think that they will not be discovered especially, when their victim is of humble manner, treats every one with a certain amount of respect, does not have to assert authority, does not show off and all not because of stupidity.  They think that if they are treasured it is because better is not known.   

She knew all he said about her and she said nor asked him anything but continued to enter his house and use his Internet:  “I am vulnerable now.”  Even when she discovered other distressing personal details, which he should have revealed to her; she continued her silence and this allowed him to slip into a mode of annoyance - not understanding, misunderstanding and playing the idiot. She had overestimated her worth for he discovered his lust was based on lack of exercise and excess of fat from weight lost.   

  “If I tell you it would be my opinion you have to read it for yourself.”  He is a net-worker.  At fifty years of age and a committed, unmovable Bahai of over twenty years yet he cannot explain Bahai; he brings a piece of paper.   Bahai is a source of bewilderment and better left alone i.e. they have Christ in their ideology but the righteousness of their teachings is not convincing. 

It is a religion based on one man, who claims to be right and to “show them,” like the Mormons were revealed to - handed down to someone in a vision, they are fraternities and most turn out to be clubs, associations.  At a meeting there will be friends and a young doctor and some people like Cally Mottley, when he was alive, and an Indian or two - a nice social gathering and all speak in the same way with the same emphasis.  At Jesus’ mock trial a woman said to Peter that he was from Galilee and spoke like a Galilean, Peter had not realized that, when he spoke he would show up himself for there was no way of getting away from Galilee.   

With quickened seemingly upward mobility so many find neither chopsticks, roti, fingers, knives, forks and lack sensitivity for all what another stands.  They do not watch to see what others do.  African friends serve very hot dishes called soup with meat and gravy and eat with their hands but we call it stew and eat it with a knife and fork.  So many have “car first” but kitchen equipment non-existent.  So many eat their lunch on the street on the minibus in the car but then again they do not cook lunch anyway.   

Like a girl bought a shotted-taffeta dress to wear to a dance and when the dance was over she found that she had nothing to wear to work and she wore it in the field.  The fault is that we do not live in a fundamentally honest society, therefore it is difficult for an individual to help - it is wiser sometimes to stay at arms length 

Someone said that bad taste is better than no taste.  Ask A……. if he enjoyed a meal and his reply is: “It is food so I eat it.  I did not know what it was.”   

On top of never having a life he has become a patsy to a fly-by-night subversive piece of doctrine made to feel acceptable and normal, a course in the value of virtues, now doing the rounds like Total Quality Management (TQM) a few years ago.  A psuedo-morality with loose labels and words that people like conjured up and passed off in the public domain.  Shallow things given serious meaning to poor unfortunate teachers he recruits.  Wonder if the government pays for this - to listen, to repeat and regurgitate like birds  undigested food, unsophisticated  baloney made easier to swallow and passed on to the foolish with a piece of paper printed on a printer that says: “I am immune from any further knowledge.” After all a health certificate does not mean that a sore foot cannot be got.   

A……. has adapted this formula to his life.  The virtue he has picked up is what he calls assertiveness and his course tells him that all demanding people do not have contentment nor do they know how to cooperate and all stubborn people need respect, flexibility, obedience, detachment, moderation and forgiveness – and he is now equipped to look down upon anybody he sees lacking this long list of ignorance.   

He attended the Cave Hill Campus as an adult student and has a degree in Business Management and it would have been a surprise if he came out with knowledge.  He sees affluence as a fancy car, a big house, and friends that belonging to a big organization but he cannot see how to get there.   

The ordinary person is not going to understand dialectics but what every civilized human being does is use two forms of logic to come to a conclusion one is deductive reasoning and the other, inductive reasoning.  Deductive reasoning means more often than not from experience, if every time the rain falls the road is wet so even if someone is asleep and does not heard the sound of rain but the road is wet it is likely that rain fell but sometimes the sanitation truck washes down the streets. 

Inductive is more mathematical, more a process of thinking to find reason not because of any positive insights but gut feeling taken into refined reasoning, a kind of  inductive feeling.  The man, who discovered that the arrow of the sugar cane was a sugar cane seed not because he saw them spring up.  The way he did it was inductive reasoning - there has got to be a reason - they got to be seeds. 

This is the sort of reasoning you get that from the wise men (griot) of the tribe. 

She thinks that she is bright but she does not understand nor has she taken the time to think about others philosophy of life.  In blissful guilefulness so many younger people, especially young women, do not know that older people are wise to their conduct, are bearers of customs and are people of perspicacity – mental penetration and discernment - to see through things and with enough wisdom to perceive the possible outcome of an action and even knowing that go ahead.    

In her game she sees only herself in a mirror and sees only her own self-interest and does not take into account whether the opponent is more wicked or more witted than her and does not consider that she can lose.  She understands the male’s protective instinct and found that there are some men, who are prepared to sacrifice some of their aspirations for a comfortable life with a woman and children and whatever comfort there is, for a time.   

It is an old observation not a rule that says a man should leave his mother and cling to his wife but it is not a right philosophy.  It is a matter of making peace, men do not want to embarrass their women.  Delilah, even if you do not believe the story the moral is there, asked Sampson how he became so strong and what was more valuable to him was sleeping with her.    

Men have means and get trapped because of their children and too late men understand f that they have served a purpose - security and respect earned vicariously because he is well respected in the community.    

When challenged she spoke of resilience.  Resilience is the capacity to maintain ground and courage in adversity - survival and that means physical as well as spiritual which allows for a bounce back to the original.  What she did was not resilience but compromise “playing whory-whory”- “dry screwing”- the enemy.  Resilience is not only the ability to survive in adversity but in the same form.  There is no winning in a game with vice.  The bible tells not to have fellowship with it otherwise it grabs hold, catches and there is no getting away.   

“I think A…….. is looking at one aspect and other facets of whatever his own mental experimentation through inter reactions with people. And is trying to secure whatever that brings about a learning dynamic.”   

This statement is a petty way of getting out of responsibility and it has no face in reality. It is easier not to try to see, what in one form or the other everyone around has seen; easier not to believe, it is a form, a pattern of lies, that repeats itself and there is surprise at the outcome. 

What are the answers and how to save oneself from the personal suffering when setting a good example gives no hope.  This has to do first with training at home: creative thinking and problem solving in the house.  Women must be trained to not compromise, to be straight, to adopt a standard and stick with it.  To stand up in the truth.    

Achievement in life is not how much money or how much wealth or social esteem or social respect but real benefit is the love that a person is able to exercise and show to others and in the exercise of living that love and  allowing it to mature and blossom to the benefit of humanity and nature.    

Women can set the bar and can stop the foolishness of condescending to the whims and fantasies of men, like Lysistrata, a Greek drama by one of the Greek authors from ancient times, BC, where the women went on strike to end a war.   

It is called a Greek tragedy by literature scholars, who classify such things but that is from a man’s point of view.  What a tragedy or a tragic comedy to men to imagine that women could stop a war and by simple and non-violent means:-  that is the notion to end it all by withholding and refusing to do all that women usually do:- all household work and just stop from sleeping with their men.  With real women in power there stands a better chance to get a better government. 

Not women with sex problems.  With women like Billie (Miller)  and Mia (Mottley) there is no feminine allure.  Who wants to be with them?  Billie walks through the New Orleans slums with great ostentation, haute couture, a bag worth about $1,000.00 and she has not worn anything but silk for a long time.  Stupid style but same of the same people, who struggle for meagre means admire that and some will worship it with their:  “I cannot buy it.”   

They cannot admire her for her brains for she has never displayed any and even if she had a good ideas she is bland at pronouncing.  She opened a new bus stand and the only people, who listened were the conductors and those, who were working but she spoke any way because it would go down in history.  Her father, Freddie used to talk a lot but he had initiative.    

Men like to patronize women so the main thing is that women in power are not just figureheads - Mary Daly, the feminist writer, calls them femme-bots – mock-stick, robotized women, who behave like men and belongto men e.g.  Condolezza Rice, Indira Gandhi, Benazir Bhutto.    

All Eva Peron did was inherited from her husband and many Argentineans revered her even though she was no particular use to the people.  V.S. Naipaul in his book The Return of Evita Peron, said that she was great at fellatio.  



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By:-  A Gulf War Veteran 

Healing and cure of this most vicious of conditions is possible.  My case maybe unique but the process is possible and the results are real. 

I watched my commanding officer killed, when his Hummer ran over an anti-tank mine in the Kuwaiti desert; observed from a covert location the systematic slaughter of an entire Kuwaiti family of six by the Iraqi Republican Guard and witnessed the loss of two other members of our Force Recon Team. 

I am a veteran of the first Gulf War, Operation Desert Storm and I was shocked beyond words at how easily these events unfolded but the pain was shoved aside by the urgency of our operations within enemy-held territory and the constant fear of compromise and capture. 

Why did the circumstances then not cause the reaction that I experience after my wife died?  The brain interprets situations and responses differently.   I registered the losses in a different way:  in Kuwait I had been in the midst of a high stress, confusing theatre of operations and reinforced by intensive pre-operational training; grief turned into a focused attention on killing anything that flinched. 

The debilitating pain and introspection that followed the loss of my wife, the sudden mood swings and unstable reactions to simple occurrences was frightening but the degradation of my ability to function was the worst.   

I did not understand the grieving process and what would take years to come to grips with.  I could not cry my heart out for weeks and be over.  I saw her – every time I closed my eyes - she was alive - smiling and laughing. The telephone rang and I panicked, burst into tears because it might be her, who called to say she was O.K. and would be home soon. I looked normal on the outside but the battle was within.  I could not accept that she was gone and that prolonged the healing. 

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a serious injury and it can lead to prolonged issues with everything that was once normal in one’s life and it is a narrow-minded view and a fallacy that it cannot be cured.  My experience has shown that one has to endure throughout the distressing onset, progression and healing process. 

Diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after her death in 1993, I was put in the care of a primary physician, who was convinced that I was beyond recall and suicidal.  He was right.  On the evening of 20th of October 1993 I was found on the kitchen floor fast asleep with my finger on the trigger of my service issue 9 mm Beretta M9, one round of hollow point ammunition in the chamber, safety catch off and it was lodged beneath my chin.  I had been too drunk to pull the trigger. 

I was placed in observation on 24-hour watch at a hospital.  In this time away I realized that the memories were too vivid and real and that I could not return to my home.  

This is a normal emotional reaction to an abnormal situation. 

In my further work in Africa traumatic experiences that I had to deal with only served to reinforce the symptoms - my survival instinct reacted and put me in a state of denial.  I was numb, immersed in my work and sleep was unnecessary. I was obnoxious in handling simple problems, had a reactionary attitude and challenged any thing or anyone that tried to subvert my wall of thought process and was on the wrong side of those, who suggested that I seek help and professional advise.  I knew what was happening to me but could not stop.  On more than one occasion I was asked to take a leave of absence.   

Dr. Claudia Baker, MSW, MPH of the National Veterans Center, a PTSD specialist, has outlined clearly three categories of this condition.  These are:  1).  re-experiencing.  2). avoidance/numbing and 3). increased arousal.   The symptoms vary in cause, intensity, distress and impairment in social occupational and other functions. 

Was my condition recognized as PTSD?  I have no idea.   

The healing began, in a small village in Somalia; when I saw a rebel militia group repeatedly rape several women for over six hours.  I had to be forcibly restrained from causing additional casualties.  I ran out of ammunition and was then set upon by other members of my team, who dragged me back to safety. 

My mind snapped and for the first time in months I was exhausted, unable to awake even for brief period.   I was med-evacuated out via Cape Town and put in the permanent care of a psychologist, who resembled my wife so closely as to bring fear of her not being within sight. 

She was the beginning of the healing.  I identified with her, she refreshed my mental stimulus database of happy memories and my brain began to rejuvenate.  I cannot place an exact description of the process but I suddenly realized that I was happy and was able to function normally and on a continuing basis.   

Client relationships are frowned upon by the professional practice but my overwhelming feeling of love and affection for Marcelle, my psychologist, released a vice grip in my heart and a flood of affection. 

I began to face the truth and life and eventually worked normally, traveled extensively and pursued my dreams and education.  

Unconditional Positive Regard is a factor; I found the simple human touch most comforting.  Marcelle’s hours of affection and just talking to me about my experiences and holding me lovingly was a factor in my recovery.   

Natural affection was so important in my case.    She said I suffered from an officially recognized illness a form of Complex PTSD in which the sufferer has experienced a combination of stressors and actions that lead to a unique combination of symptoms.   In my case she concentrated on one specific type of treatment among four possible alternatives.  Her self-styled approach to Anxiety Management led me to where I recovered from a bout of tearful remonstrations to a calm and relaxed individual in about 4-5 hours. 

Her unashamed and caring approach was crucial benefit to the day when I was more like my normal self.  My strength retuned, my appetite improved and above all I felt alive and well. I still have bad days but my energy and focus returns and this allows me to come from beyond the darkness and the pain.  


ISSUE:- George Lamming and St. Andrew’s primary school girls simulate sex to vulgar songs with vulgar lyrics on a Harbour Master primary school cruise on 18th April 2009. The D.J. was a George Lamming teacher.

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“If Miss D. Alleyne  was still headmistress that could not happen.”  Said one of the George Lamming students, who was on the cruise.  “If she heard that music she would have gone and made them turn if off and the students could not have behaved like this but our headmistress and our deputy are Seven Day Adventist and they do not come out on a Saturday.” 

“You must not do this for this invites all sorts of wrong things and you are too young to handle the consequences.  Look at the men how they look at you.”    I went over and spoke to two groups of children.  One stopped but one set moved to the front of the boat and continued.   

No other adult intervened.

“I ain’t got no girl children.”

“Dem ain’t mine.”

“Dey is do it all the time.”

“If you ever come to the secondary school cruises on the later cruises you would go mad.  You should see them.” 

“Bare foolishness.’  I said. “You all are going to be sorry one day.  This behaviour is like cholera it does not stay in one section of the community; all will suffer the consequences later.”

I saw the Captain, my relative:  “This is why I do not do these 10 o’clock cruises the primary school children behave too badly.  It is disgusting.”

A teacher from Harrison’s College expressed disgust. “Do you realize some would call us old fogies.”  He said. 

“I am a Seventh Day Adventist and I do not go to those things on a Saturday.”  I telephoned the headmistress of George Lamming the next week and told her about the behaviour.

“Were they any of your teachers on the cruise?” I asked.  I knew they was because one played the raucous sexy music.

“Are you a parent?’

“You have answered my question with a question.” 

She complained about parents of the children.

“I have not called to chastise I called to help.” 

“On Monday I asked my teachers that went how was the cruise and they said fine.  If there was that kind of bad behaviour the teachers would have told me. They did not say anything  about vulgarity.  I am very surprised at what you are saying.  Are you a parent?” 


“Every child there had a parent.”  That is a lie.  “So if the parent did not say anything.”

“Parents bring their children for 10 o’clock to the ship buy a ticket, put $10.00 in their hand and come back for them at 4 o’clock.”  Billy, the captain, had said.   

She spoke about the woes of an amalgamation of a lesser school, Carrington school into Erdiston.

“I am going to write your responses.”  I said and she put the telephone down in my ear. 

Does she know any better.  She has a problem with conflict resolution.  She does not want to know because she would have to do something and she does not want to so she  absolves herself and takes the line of least resistance.  How can such behaviour make it to the top but then again it is so common nowadays for many to coil their way up. If they cannot be beat then join them.  This behaviour is not suited for a head for it is not known what other attitudes lurk.  

There needs to be moral fibre to manage and managing is not about managing people but  it is about managing.  Any normal thinking person would regard such behaviour as uncouth.  I upset her because most probably she had more than one complaint.  Even though she treated me this way she will still have to ask at a meeting, even if it is private, what happened.  She has to do that.  

On the cruise for about half and hour the music changed to Michael Jackson and even a religious song and the behaviour of these children changed drastically – the wuking-up stopped but started again when the filth began to be played. 

Recently there was a repeat interview of Tom Clarke with Carol Roberts and he talked about his being victor ludorum at interschool sports. He said that he became an athlete not because he was inherently an athlete but in his day he had to be ambitious to get from the bottom and he wanted to do something and not be where he was.   School let out at 3 o'clock and his mother expected him to be home by 4:15 p.m. and if that time passed and he was walking someone his mother appeared and said: "Is this what you are doing?'  She was probably too strict but she cared. 

Carol asked Tom if he always wanted to be a writer and he said that when he was at school he thought that when he grew up he wanted to be a teacher or a priest because he had an English priest at St. Matthias and  the priest language was of a different kind like a foreign language although he was speaking English.   One thing he wanted, not to grew up to hang around the corner.  There were some bright boys in the St. Matthias, Harts Gap, Dayrells Road area and they had something they wanted to be.  They may not have known how to achieve their ambition but it was not to be a bartender or a porter. 

Back 60 years ago tourism – the new kind of slavery - was not our business. Lamming early in the year said some hard things: he said tourism replace agricultural slavery and   there is the tourist dollar but tourism is the most insidious weapon and a spanner in the works of progress. 

Preach against tourism and get lick down with a big rock not by the white man he going pay some body to pelt at you but white advice could be white or brown skinned or the socialist that sent his children to school at St. Winifred. 

“Eleven and ready;

Twelve is lunch.” 

This is what young men, some in their twenties, say when asked, what are they doing hanging around primary schools.  They took the slogan of the common entrance exam “eleven and ready,” and turned it into a sexual saying. 


The powers-that-be built a school and to accommodate some idea and to get political mileage out of it they called it George Lamming Primary because it is across the road from Carrington Village were George Lamming was born and bred in Alkins Road, Carrington Village.  Lammings were town people.   His maternal aunt as well as his mother lived there.  When his mother married a policeman, they moved to St. Davids.  George got a scholarship very early and he ran for Combermere in the under tens. 

Wuk-up is Barbados’ signature and the behaviour at schools is ghettoized.  Culture, generally speaking, focuses on the wild and the wassy.  Wassy means shockingly worthless, visibly shocking and shockingly loose, bad behaved, loud and crude. The behaviour in public activity is without inhibition.   

Tiny girls showing themselves as sexual beings long before society says that they should and then there is wonderment at why men pursue them. All this is child abuse in the open.   Society must expect some sexual boldness to be exhibited especially by fifteen-year old teenyboppers with hormones kicking in and now smelling themselves but not at nine-years to eleven years old. 

I would like to think that I am wrong and blame it on chicken with hormones but there were no boys to speak of doing it and the way these girl children wuked-up they had to know about sex.  These pre-teens had all the movements.   Are they having sex at eight years old?  If so it would be an old man interferes with them and when they get by themselves they do it to themselves. They see these things in the house and they do it.   

Licentious Wuk-up Schools from where has all of this come?  Was it going on in our day?  It is a ghettoization of values.   Urban ghetto behaviour has been allowed to happen and the ghetto argumentation says “wuk-up is we culture.” 

There was always a: “Johnny belly man come go down to low down, low down.” People wuked-up but those were games played in the moonlight and played when adults were not looking.    

Now, that kind of behaviour is considered high level folk culture and anyone who cannot or does not wuk-up cannot represent school or community and only when some big issue is made only then does the ghetto argumentation come down a bit. 

Wuking-up is not a typical African dance.  In some African dances the ground is hit - the Spanish took over that.  The land ship dances are the over hand simulating African.  There is limbo, a dance of skill and the donkey dances of the tuk band and break dancing on the head and simulated animals movements: the bird, the snake, the monkey, the lion.  

There is calypso dance, which is wine and chip and the only dance that Barbadians have taken as their signature of African dancing is fertility dancing - in which sex is simulated.  That is the only movement taken over.  Wuk-up and say that that is African dance. 

Exhibiting sexuality is cool amongst girls.  Boys  do not develop as early as girls and do not tend to go that way but if they do they will be punished by their parents and they will know quite early it is taboo.  Another worst thing has happened is that cheer-leading has been introduced in schools.  Girl children are cheerleading and dividing and competing with themselves.  This year classes were supposed to be from nine o’clock to noon, then lunch time and then off to sports.  Most students did not go to school until noon and they went to sports and watched more cheerleading than sports.   

Cheerleading is girls wuking-up and skinning-out.  Skin-out is showing panties - inviting a male:  "Here are the goods; here is how I could wuk up!”  When this is done at the sixteen-year old level; she practices in the house and her nine-year-old sister or niece see, they think that what she is doing is cool.  So it becomes cool to skin-out and then the older one in the house, sixty-one and sixty-two, say nothing. 

The urban ghetto culture has reached even St. Winifred; every year in their pantomime they have an obligation dance: it starts out as a ballet-type dance and ends up with a rousing dance. 

Vigorous, urban, American and raunchy, hip-hop with lurid lyrics and the technology of the music video at the snap of a finger for our eight year-olds.  Cue in and see anything: blues and adult and emphasis is on individual pursuit – hedonism – “I have a body and I going satisfy my body and I do not care.”   

The American set the standard with the cheerleading thing decades ago - add pace, skimpier and skin-out in a new shockingly slack culture. 

The music of the generation, which sees itself as part of the cultural empire of the USA is sexually oriented.  This kind must look American hip-hop.  They would love to be the fifty-first State of America.  Everything must be copied from America.  America’s Top Model/Amateur Model Search – cooking shows - mimics, monkey see monkey do.   

It is hard put to recognize this culture, the emphasis on American has wiped out to the point, where Barbadian cannot be seen and what is not American is Trinidadian: instead of J’ouvert morning  Barbados has Foreday Jump and Crop Over is no longer Barbadian but Trinidadian. Little that is Barbadian speaks out and unlike other Caribbean people, Barbadians have become exactly what they wanted to be - like the Americans - and worst, not even Jamaicans, who are supposed to be arrogant - when a Jamaica is in an argument he is in it in a very Caribbean way.  American is part of Barbadian culture it is obligatory to have an American or Jamaican accent.  Trinidad and Jamaica have some self-respect.   

Everybody and some on earth can wuk-up.  In the black Caribbean it is part militaristic - one, two, three, four – ten-cent dollar - and part procreation. They are masters at the art of wuking-up.  Middle Eastern women can do the same but there men cannot juke-juke- for-juke.   

Girls did that but not in public.  Showing to the world a pussy is American. 

Wuk-up even in middle and upper classes: if asked to do something creative too many children will choose modeling.  The emphasis in modeling is breaking up bones - females learning to juke out their hips – and walking with the hip-jerk walk that again emphasizes sexuality.  

Bands come down from Crop Over parading and men sit on a wall watching. The mostly white Blue Box Cart band came down and a white girl about fifteen years-old holds on to an older man and wuks-up on him.  She has to be a St Gabriel’s or Queen’s College and everybody cheers and he is embarrassed but he cannot push her off in front of his friends to look like an idiot.    

People who represent the old (said applauding) when there was a gentility of manners and mannered ways and when Barbadians went overseas they were known as a mannerly persons and to be English in a palatable way – formal, prim and proper, stiff people, who knew their place and did not embarrass.  Yet there was something about our creativity that was Bajan; they took the best of England and made their own.    

No longer is there grace -  the eldest sons – now in their 80s - when their sisters reached a certain age took them dancing to certain places.  Most of these dances were invitation only and their male friends, like Lamming, said something about their sisters like she is so sophisticated.  He hit the nail on the head because of the way they behaved -  they did not put on anything. 

The habits of that generation that went to Spartan Club dances, and these were blacks and coloureds that always had a pretension to be snobbish, by invitation or had to dress a certain way - formal for men, black and white.  Percy Greene or Arnold Meanwell played.  Meanwell was a regular white man and some wondered if he was really white.  He was from St. Matthias and went to bed smoking a cigarette and he got burnt. 

The girls had programmes: when the lady paid or was paid for she received a programme, on which was written the songs and/or the combination of medley to be played.  The men asked and booked a dance.  She looked at her programme card and gave them number two or three out of the dances.   The young ladies were escorted on to and off of the dance floor and they did not go to the bar, the males fetched drinks and relied on their natural instincts to appeal to a woman. 

Those girls come out looking as if their parents looked after them and were let out by their parent for the parents knew that they would meet Harrison College boys  and Spartan men at places like the Aquatic Club.   

There is a joke about Joe Tudor from that time.  Joe went to this girl and asked:  “May I have this dance.”  She declined and Joe, who was known for his common jokes, said “But look at you, you so great, you do not want to dance with me.”    

Her lips pursed. 

Joe said: “You better laugh because if you do not laugh you will poop.  You could laugh in public but you cannot poop in public.”   

If parents and grands have decent morals and good values but this is a different set of rules all together: children do what they see and they have the wrong role models.  A real issue is not showing disapproval.  Those who know better and do better are supposed to say something.  It is not old fashioned to object, children themselves do not realize what  is normal behaviour and when disciplined and even if there was a desire to follow they would not.  

A hardworking woman in her thirty told how she used to go and buy crack for her uncle’s woman and he had sex with her from eight-years old, when she attended St. Mary Primary School.  She ended up with four children all of them in homes.   

So many mother are mothers only because they have reproductive organs.  Some of these girls look like concentration camp house lizards; some mothers do not cook they get Kentucky.  Kentucky is so expensive, so that means that each child will not get one - buy a box at $11.99 and let the children share.  School meals are relatively free, but the problem is that many of these children do not eat vegetables they want macaroni.  Children get accustomed and they think it is normal.  

Everyday macaroni, rice and English potato is the easiest things put it in the pot and leave it sometimes it gets soggy sometimes it burns.  Everyday is eaten one, two, three - macaroni corn beef and English potatoes and cheap and easy and chow mien.  

When we grew up and Sunday was not Sunday without chicken and peas and rice at the table and sometimes a spoon full of macaroni and cheese.  This was not about culture.  “You do not eat macaroni pie?  You not a Bajan?” Macaroni and cheese is now called pie and it is cheap.  Acclimatizing is why certain people do not get out.  They are trapped in a class.   

Trapped like a thirty-four year old general worker with no certificate because she bred very early. The first one she “get catch.”  He is eighteen-years old, and uses all the holes to curse all day, does not work and is in the background shouting that when her elderly, sick, lover, who is in his 80s dies she will have no money and will have to “sweep for a living.”  

She prays hard but it has not worked.  Her five-year old girl went to school at three years old because she needed to have something to do but the baby has no role model to follow.  Her big brother is jackass and the mother is not equipped either.  The child needs to be taken out of that environment. 

A child had children - that is multiplied by 50,000 times across the island. 

Some girls, who do not fall in the trap and speak out have to endure because senior relatives will not listen or say:  “You cannot lock up your uncle look how it would look?”  

These sores fetter and will bubble over.  The sad part is when nothing shocks at all.   

Like putting bleach on a spot and all the spots cannot be removed.” 

“Weeding a patch in a garden and the next door person growing weeds and you cannot go tell them weed their patch.”

“Morals what you talking to about morals.  You are their brother or sister?” 

Big brother must be interested in little sister.  That was the norm.  Most of our children are lucky, so far they have not killed but the sexual thing should be surprising, shocking, disappointing and then there is a chance.   

Once upon a time adults in the family could go to town on Saturdays and leave teenagers in the front gallery and they would kiss and grope but the thought of having sex was frightening. Nowadays leave a girl alone for three four hours and by that time they have been bred – “Not me cannot happen to me; it happen to someone else,” and there is nobody to tell them. 

There are a lot of people, who have a good sense of what is right.  It has a lot to do with the quality of expectation.  Recently at Lester Vaughn the girls sang songs and that sort of thing; a lot of them seemed committed and nobody beat them to make them so, they follow one another.  Certain schools are like that.   

The Seven Day Adventist School although there is some bad behavior by them on the bus a big Seven Day girl gets on the bus and all the bad behaviour stops. 

Structure, gentility, or poor-great, they were our own standards before the last twenty years.  A campaign with missionary zeal by those, who will measure success by what is achieved, with vigorous arguments buoyed by optimism, influence and spirits that will not be dampened can win.   Move ahead and see how far can be got.  

Change ways, change yourself, change attitudes. 

The End

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